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A passion for pets propels a corporate executive to take the plunge.

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Atlanta Pet Life is a quarterly magazine published by Mercury Gold Studio LLC, in Cumming GA, and distributed through out counties of the Metro Atlanta Area. APL provides content focused on local animal welfare, pet lifestyles, health and local small businesses in the pet industry. The opinions expressed by contributing writers and advertisers are not necessarily those of the publisher. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without prior consent of the publisher. Advertising/Marketing/Social Media Services Bill Garst | 941.702.0155 Advertising North Georgia Mountains Jackie Treneer | 706. 878.8887 Circulation Coordinator Andrea Getty | Webmaster Amy Looby | Graphics and Layout Stacy Wright | Contributing Editors Katharine Schlien Cella Nelson Jan S. Granai Stacy Wright

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Atlanta Pet Life


It’s about time!

Look out Atlanta here comes the best pet magazine for your pet’s lifestyle. Welcome to the inaugural edition of Atlanta Pet Life (APL). As you flip through the pages that follow, you will notice our commitment to the pet community. Everything from pet health, fashion, nutrition, and human-pet connections. Each edition will feature Trending Products, Pet Events, and interviews with inspiring business owners to see “Why they do what they do”. This spring issue has a focus on pet fashion and who doesn’t want to look their best in couture hats and outfits by RaggDog Duds? We spoke with Robin Crawford of Dogma to see how she was inspired to change her career and follow her dreams in a Leap of Faith. In our Community Hero article, we highlight Fran Jackson who founded PAWSitive Supporters to make a difference helping Cobb County’s Homeless Pets and Shelter animals. APL is geared to the unique lifestyle of our great pet city. The magazine is a quarterly publication and available through subscriptions and local pet businesses. As four pawed members of this household, we hope you enjoy the publication! Editors - Tango, Hallie & Lilly Let us hear from you! Join the Atlanta Pet Life Community

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Cover Photography by Tomas Espinoza Photographed at The Shops at Buckhead Atlanta

E, Vincent Martinez

with his seven year old standard poodle , Simone, which was gifted to him by a student.

Martinez is publisher of " fashionado" an Atlanta based fashion blog, where readers can experience social soirées including fashion shows, boutique grand openings, fund raisers, product launches and a myriad of other stylish special events. He is also the founder of the Annual Doggies on the Catwalk fashion show fund raiser, that raises monies for local animal welfare. Past beneficiaries includes The Atlanta Humane Society and Atlanta Pet Adoption and Rescue. Doggies on the Catwalk is hosting it's ninth year on June 4th, 2016. Held at the city’s trend setting Buckhead Atlanta, the event includes high fashion and celebrity models.

Photos by Cindy Frezon

However, the real stars of the evening are the doggies for adoption, which are carried and strutted down the catwalk for a fab-fun evening. Born in Havana, Cuba, Martinez came to the United States where he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Barry University. Later he received a fellowship to spend two years at the Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina. He received his MFA in photography in Rochester, NY at Rochester Institute of Technology. After earning his teaching certification at Georgia State University, Martinez joined Atlanta's Grady High School faculty in 2002 and was named Grady’s 2007 Teacher of the Year. In 2010, Martinez received the prestigious Atlanta Families Award for Excellence in Education, the district’s highest award.

Atlanta Pet Life is published 4 times a year in March, June, September, and December by Mercury Gold Studio, LLC. Executive, publishing, editorial and advertising offices: 5140 Chippewa Ct., Cumming, GA 30040, (770) 888-9300. POSTMASTER: Send all remittances, subscriptions and address changes to Atlanta Pet Life, 5140 Chippewa Ct., Cumming, GA 30040. Single copy price is $5.99 in U.S.A. Responsibility for advertised products lies with the advertisers. Atlanta Pet Life will not knowingly publish fraudulent materials and is not liable for any damages arising from the purchase or use of any products. If you have any consumer complaints concerning goods purchased from our advertisers, please send us written notification to aid our screening process.

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Leap of Faith

Why They Do What They Do

Contributed by Cella Nelson

“Most people that speak about winning the lottery claim that the first thing they would do is to quit their job. If I won the jackpot, I wouldn’t do that. I love my job!” enthused Robin Crawford, Owner of Dogma Dog Care in Smyrna, Georgia. Robin then goes onto describe how if she snared the latest $1.5 billion jackpot, she would in fact expand her job, quadruple the size of Dogma’s property, and turn the doggie day care into a rescue for homeless animals. In short, she would keep running her business, but she would do it on a grander scale. “Plus, day care clients would not have to pay!” says Robin. This energy, enthusiasm, and pledge to care for animals is what has propelled Robin to move from her corporate executive positions at Coca-Cola, WellPoint and IBM (where she worked for 21 years), to realize her dream. “After 30 years working for these fortune 50 companies as well as suffering through various layoffs, my ailing father made a point of telling me to do what makes me happy. He knew I was not happy with my work. Animals made me happy.” As a direct result, Robin explains that she ‘stepped out on faith’ and made the decision to start Dogma Dog Care and has not looked back. The decision to start this business was a natural one as Robin has always loved animals and has been rescuing and caring for them since she was six years old. An animal owner herself (her family includes three dogs, two horses and a cockatoo) Robin had always struggled with finding the best care for her animals when she traveled. Now she is in the position to provide a service to others that she always wished she could find for herself.

What makes Dogma unique?

“What makes Dogma different from all other companies is the people. I am passionate about animals and I hire people that share that same warmth, passion, and genuine love of animals. Dogma wants to be part of our client’s extended family and support system – we just support their dogs. My employees (Robin has a staff of 20) genuinely love the dogs.” Housed in a newly renovated 10,000 square foot facility, Dogma Dog Care provides clients with every aspect of pet care under one roof including boarding, daycare, groomAtlanta Pet Life

"My ailing father made a point of telling me to do what makes me happy... Animals made me happy.” ing, training, transportation, seminars & certifications, and natural and organic foods and products. They just added an in-home pet sitting service where attendants will walk your dog, stay overnight, feed your fish, change your litter box, take your dogs for shots or anything else that they need. “We are trying to anticipate clients’ needs. It’s hard to come up with something that we can’t do here,” says Robin.

Is day care appropriate for all dogs? “No”, says Robin. “We can’t take animals that are people aggressive. That would be unsafe for my staff. But as long as your pet is up to date with their shots we can work with them.” Robin goes on to explain that not all dogs want to play with other dogs and that is ok at Dogma. Many of them like to play with people and Dogma has many willing staff members that are eager to satisfy. Dogma accepts other animals as well such as cats and birds, and they have even boarded a chinchilla in the past. Additionally, Dogma is one of the only kennels that will take all breeds of dogs (including pit bulls). Robin does not believe in bad dogs – only bad people. They also welcome dogs of all 8

A True passion for animals propels a senior corporate executive to take the plunge.

ages including ones that need to convalesce – offering them quiet time and quiet space. Dogma gives back to the community by working with local rescues and helps by offering boarding space for their overflow.

What should you ask when visiting a dog day care provider, such as Dogma? • Make sure that they are licensed, insured, bonded and regulated by the Department of Agriculture. • Do the sniff test when you walk in the door. A kennel does not have to smell like roses but should not smell foul. • Ask to see where your pet will be sleep-

ing and where they will be playing. • Ask how long your dog will play. At Dogma, barring any physical limitations, your dog will be playing until it’s time to eat or go to sleep. • Dogma provides clients with an extra piece of mind by providing access to webcams where clients can see their pets playing. • All of Dogma’s employees that go into clients’ homes have a criminal background check.

Aarf! Aarf!

All Better Now

The Total Wellness Pet Co.

What can customers expect when they leave their pet for the first time?

All better now!

First customers fill out a thorough questionnaire about the dog including pet peeves, emergency contacts, vet info and shot records. Then customers are asked to leave their pet for 5 hours whereupon Dogma does a very extensive Temperament Test. The test is intended to help dogs to get acclimated to daycare. A handler will gradually introduce your dog to a small group of guests of different gender and sizes to assess their interaction with their new playmates and different situations. Once the handler gives their ok - your dog will be ready to be introduced to the rest of the guests and can roam free with their new friends. The results of the test will give Dogma all the information they need to provide the best possible care and play environment for your pet.

Specializing in •

Hard to treat skin issues and Allergies

Cancer Care

Joint and Mobility Issues

All natural prevention for heart-worm, fleas & ticks.

Homeopathic treatment of heart-worm (safe - no side effects)

Also: •

Nutritional Cooking Classes - Learn how to make your own Dog Food at a fraction of the cost of conventional pet food.

Learn how to make Bone Broth - A true healing elixir.

Tailored supplementation and nutrition for your dog.

Prevention is the key to wellness Holistic Groomer on Staff

Robin, what is the secret to your success?

Aarf! Aarf! All Better Now

“I gave myself the freedom to fail. If it does not work at least I tried. Having never tried would be a major regret.”

is in the business of WELLNESS not SICKNESS.

Consults start at $75.00 Next cooking class is in April - Enroll now! Contact Elizabeth Ingram - 770 687 5196 e mail

Cella Nelson is the owner of Georgia Horseback ( and a Marketing/Volunteer Coordinator at


Atlanta Pet Life


ne of the biggest complaints I hear from people who are considering adopting a pet instead of buying one from a pet store or buying from a breeder is that the adoption process is a hassle. From vet and personal references to a home visit and a detailed application process, adoption often takes longer than other outlets for getting a new dog.

But don't despair, future pet owners! Here's why the pet adoption process is such a hassle, and why that's a good thing. #1: The application process allows rescues to say 'no'. Sometimes, good people may fall through the cracks of the adoption process. But most times, red flags become apparent during application processing or the home visit. These are tried and true methods for preventing a dog from going into a home that may not be the best fit for the dog, or for the family. #2: Many rescue dogs have prior medical problems, and vet reference checks ensure that their vet care will not be neglected again. If an owner's prior pets weren't kept up to date on vaccinations or heartworm preventative, there's a strong chance that future pets won't be either. While some pet parents choose not to vaccinate annually and use titer testing instead, and some dogs cannot be vaccinated for health reasons, sometimes rescues will come across owners that just didn't take the time to keep up with their pets' health. #3: The application process helps the rescue match you with a dog that will be a good fit. While the application may feel like an in-depth screening to Atlanta Pet Life


see if you're a good match for one of the rescue group's dogs, it's actually also used to help the rescue match you with the right dog. Applications often ask about your lifestyle and family members so that they can find a dog with the right temperament to fit into your life. #4: Home visits protect both you and your potential new pet. Home visits are critical in ensuring that your potential pet is a good fit for your living situation. A home check volunteer will be able to look at your living space, your fence, and other factors to make sure your dog will be safe there. Imagine if you adopted a dog that was known for jumping fences, but the rescue never disclosed this or examined your fence. Then you may find yourself with a lost dog, wishing that the rescue had done a better job matching you with a dog and helping you prepare your home and yard for them. Be glad that they take the time that they do! #5: The process assures that a dog will never go back to the neglectful or abusive conditions from where it may have come. This is probably the most important reason for stringent adoption rules. A rescuer's worst nightmare is rescuing a dog from a terrible situation, and then adopting them out into a similar home. The process is put in place to ensure that a dog will never become a victim of abuse or neglect in the future. Most responsible rescues also require that adopters returning a dog must return them to the rescue. This is required so that the same screening process can be conducted on the next future owner.

Pooch N Paws Suwanee Town Ctr

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The Budwig Protocol: Alternative cancer treatment for dogs


Around Christmas 2005, my husband noticed a lump behind his left ear and we immediately assumed it was a swollen gland. But after several months it remained. After a biopsy, x-rays, CT & PET scans, he received the diagnosis: non-hodgekins lymphoma, which was determined to be malignant and incurable. Tests also revealed a second, larger growth on the other side. By January 2006, his first oncologist prescribed chemotherapy and radiation. The prospect of such a debilitating treatment with little promise of cure seemed counter-intuitive to us. We eventually found a doctor who supported a “watchful-waiting” approach. The reason being that aggressive medical treatment should only be used as a “last line of defense” due to its severe toxicity and negligible efficacy. In addition Robert had a consultation at the Hippocrates Institute and began a raw foods diet. The tumors almost completely disappeared, until April 2012. After over five years, the tumors returned, even more aggressively. We panicked! All the doctors were now insisting on Chemotherapy, etc.

t This is just my basic description of the Budwig Protocol tha life. worked so beautifully for the two most important loves in my I hope your results will be equally fantastic. Contributed by Katharine Schlien


It all began in 1931 when Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Peace prize with his discovery that cancer can be created when cells can no longer absorb oxygen. Dr. Johanna Budwig expanded upon this breakthrough to create a protocol that restores all cells to normal function. Dr. Budwig was a top European cancer researcher, scientist, biochemist, blood specialist, pharmacologist and physicist. She also was a six time Nobel Prize nominee. In 1952 she was Germany’s Central Government Senior expert on fats and pharmaceuticals. Her success rate was over 90%, even when treating patients considered terminal with little time left. And though Dr. Budwig worked primarily with humans, she also recommended the protocol to treat dogs with cancer.


When our golden retriever, Jesse, was diagnosed with mammary cancer, we immediately initiated this program. Dr. Budwig wrote that this protocal is also effective in helping dogs with cancer for the same reasons. As current cancer treatments for dogs are devastatingly painful, ineffective and costly, the Budwig protocol makes absolute sense when trying to Serendipity struck, and changed help an animal with this disease. It is his life and health, when out of simply a more kind and harmless treatthe blue he encountered a ranment. It proved very successful , and dom acquaintance who knew his predicament. He suggested Robert Jesse was able to avoid further treatment for many years. Based on our own exexplore Dr. Johanna Budwig and the Budwig Protocol. It is a simple periences, we strongly encourage those program that he followed diligently with sick pets to investigate further and utilize this life saving program. There is and now his cancer is considered “non-detectable”. Robert’s experi- virtually nothing to lose. ence and consequent healing was miraculous.

The ratio of flax oil to cottage cheese is 1:2, so 1 tablespoon oil to 2 tablespoons cheese. For a large dog (100+ lbs) your goal should be 6 tablespoons of oil daily. Start small to avoid diarrhea. 3 tablespoons for the first few weeks, then increase slowly till you reach 6 tablespoons. For a 50lb. dog, cut the dose in half and for the little ones, cut ½ again. For Jesse, I would divide her daily portion and give her half for breakfast and dinner. There are many excellent demonstrations for the preparation of the custard on the inter net. I like the tutorials on


For dogs, I have culled through many websites. Below are the ones I recommend you start with. They seem to have the most accurate information on the Budwig Protocol: has excellent instructions and many helpful testimonials. excellent article “Budwig Diet Plan for Dogs” by Barbara Bouyet, with step by step instructions, including dosage calculator. search “Budwig”. Provides a plethora of testimonials pertaining to both dogs and cats. 13


One of the main components of the Budwig diet is oxygen. As Dr. Budwig learned from Dr. Warburg, when cells can’t absorb oxygen, cancer can develop. Therefore it is essential to consume foods that offer nutrients that help cells absorb oxygen. The Budwig diet begins with organic cold pressed, liquid flax seed oil, blended with organic cottage cheese or “quark”. She found that blending these together causes certain protein components, like cysteine, to bond with the oil. This makes it more water soluble and easier to digest and metabolize. More essential fatty acids and electrons in the oil reach the cells. This in turn heals the cell membrane, where carcinogens attach. One very important aspect of this program is the preparation. You must blend the proper oil with a high quality dairy product for maximum absorption. Dr. Budwig recommends Barleans non-lignan organic Flax oil and organic cottage cheese. I use a hand held, immersible blender and mix till the oil doesn’t rise, sort of like a custard. If your dog won’t eat it, try adding a tiny portion of smelly sausage or anchovies, salmon, and blend in already made custard. Jesse loved it when I added a little grated cheddar or American cheese.

This program is much more involved for humans than I have explained here. There is much information on the internet regarding the Budwig Protocol. Some is more accurate than others. My husband, Robert, is happy to help any humans navigate Budwig further. ( Atlanta Pet Life


Dogmatic Style

Anthony Rubio fashion show during Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week at Gotham Hall on September 12, 2015 in New York City. — Photo by fashionstock

Haven’t you heard? Buying a designer dog is so passé.

Haute couture dress for your rescue pup that’s HOT.


et fashion is a huge part of the booming pet industry and it makes sense, fashion sense that is. Dressing companion animals goes as far back as 1423 when Louis XI of France dressed his favorite greyhound in a collar of scarlet velvet decorated with pearls and rubies, but no longer are pampered pets afforded to royalty alone. Pooches all over the world adore the attention when doting masters gift them with stylish accessories. Whether it’s an old t-shirt, a leather studded harness or a sock with holes for his head and legs. When we put clothes on our pet we give them something more than a garment, we elevate their status in society. They become a little more human. Dressing them can also be an expression of our love and an extension of our own style. Dogs are stepping out on the cat walks. Acclaimed designer Issac Mizrahi strutted colorful poodles to the NY fashion week in 2011 and then went on to host a dog fashion challenge on project runway. Mizrahi will tell you that his rescued dog Harry is the most stylish part of his life. Pet fashion designer

Anthony Rubio was the first ever canine designer to be featured in New York’s Fashion Week in 2012. His passion for pet design is fueled by his adorable chihuahuas Bogie and Kimba. Rubio is an alumni of The NYC Fashion Institute of Technology. F.I.T., saw the demand for skilled fashion designers who can create for four legs and a tail, and began offering a certification to designers specializing in canine couture about 12 years ago. Leading experts in the industry say that pet fashion is not all about “cute” any more it’s come full circle-- it’s highly functional. Designers are accentuating functionality using fabrics that are light and breathable, and can keep the pet cool or warm. They are using non-chemical fabrics that repel bugs, fleas, and ticks as well as natural and organic materials.

“ In dog fashion

You are either in or you have to go out”

Even better news about pet fashion Fashion designers are not only passionate about clothes but about their pets. Both Mizrahi and Rubio have adopted rescue dogs that are the inspiration for their work. These famous designers provide donations, create awareness and spearhead organizations that benefit animal welfare. Pet fashion shows have become a fun and successful way to raise money for animal welfare organizations.

Heidi Klum

Pet Fashion Tips



Dress your dog for their personality. Get the color right. Know what color Show off who your pet is by selecting looks good on your pet. Some pets accessories that fit who they are. can only pull off black and white. Dress appropriately for the occasion Be wary of prints. Not all prints or stripes work well on all dogs. and the season. Be sure that what you dress your pet in projects a positive image. If your pet loves to dress then they will love the attention. Atlanta Pet Life



Make sure the outfit is well tailored to your pet and that it is the right length. Your pet should look stylish but should still be comfortable and be able to move freely in what ever they are wearing.

Local Designer Alison Lanier of Ragg Dog Duds loves piecing colors & textures together in a way to surely get your baby positively noticed. Recycling love is what she does. Plus a portion of every purchase made by you goes back into the community to assist and rescue homeless animals. So please, shop, enjoy, recycle and know with every purchase you make, you've made a communal difference. More designs by Lanier at

Local Fashion Shows Marietta Muttropolitan Pet Fashion Show Featuring

designs from local pet fashion designers Ragg Dog Duds, Peanut Butter & Bellie and Mister Migs. Benefiting local animal welfare Happens in February and auditions are in September. Denim Dogs Fashion Blast

2015 was the first year for the denim fashion show featuring designs from Mister Migs. Benefits WOW Insync Usually happens in November.

Atlanta Canine Fashionado Alison Lanier

Doggies on the Catwalk

Features human designs, pairing local celebrities with rescue pups on the catwalk to raise funds for local Atlanta Animal Welfare. Last year proceeds went to Atlanta Pet Rescue and Adoption. Happens in June. Keep up on local pet events at written by Stacy Wright Photos by Cindy Frezon


Atlanta Pet Life


Fran Jackson

Contributed by Cella Nelson owner of Georgia Horseback ( and a Marketing/Volunteer Coordinator at

“I wanted to make a difference in the lives of dogs and cats in some way. We formed the non-profit with a donation from a friend’s estate. The proceeds from our first fundraiser enabled us to refurbish the outdoor runs at Cobb County Animal Control. Our next project was to work with a transport group that shuttled dogs (and sometimes cats) to non-kill rescues or shelters in other states that have stricter spay/neuter laws where animals get fixed!” says Fran.

What’s next for PAWSitive?


ran Jackson just wanted to make a difference. Who would guess that her adoption of her first rescue dog back in 2000 would lead her down the path of saving the lives of countless animals to eventually forming her own non-profit called PAWSitive Supporters.

Fran Jackson and Detective Steve Hammond (Animal Cruelty Officer, Cobb County)

Atlanta Pet Life

PAWSitive Supporters is an all volunteer organization created to support homeless and shelter animals in Cobb County.

Project most proud of… Last summer PAWSitive Supporters raised money to purchase 100 heat sensor devices that when aimed inside a vehicle, can register its interior heat. This June, the new Cobb County Animal Cruelty Officer, Detective Steve Hammond, will be using these devices to create procedures and to train all Cobb County police. As a result, officers can now respond quicker to save the lives of pets (and children) left in hot cars.

Heat Seeker Infrared thermal thermometer

Fran’s non-profit donated enough sensors for Cobb County and very shortly they will be campaigning again for 50 sensors (a total of $1,000 is needed) for officers based within the five cities in the county. 16

Back in 2014, Fran found out that the largest number of strays and litters collected by Cobb County Animal Control came from a local mobile home community. Fran leaped into action and mobilized her troop of volunteers to launch a Fix’em Free Program. With the help of the Lifeline Animal Project, pets were taken to their facility to be spayed and neutered and returned home the same afternoon. In addition to the altering, the animals received vaccines, rabies shots, deworming, micro-chipping and even a mani pedi! PAWSitive Supporters also provided food, toys and leashes. “We were able to alter a total of 149 animals last year. With continued support from our donors, a grant we are fortunate to receive from Second Life Atlanta, and fundraising events, we hope to improve our numbers this year. It really does take a village to care for the animals that are abandoned and homeless and we are very proud to be a part of that community.”

Animal welfare concerns Fran feels that the public needs to step up and consider adopting from a rescue or shelter before purchasing an animal at a pet store or online. “Pet stores keep puppy mills in business” says Fran. “And the only way to shut down the mills is to end the demand for designer puppies. It will take a generation of re-education but it can start today!!” Fran Jackson is the President and Founder of PAWSitive Supporters and lives in West Cobb with her husband, Mikal of 38 years. They have 6 dogs and 2 cats, 1 foster cat, and tropical fish! Their dogs are all rescues and three of them are puppy mill moms from a large Jackson County puppy mill bust in 2008.

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Murphy's Success

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Includes the full Spa Bath treatment along with touch up trim of face and paws.

Photo By Chuck Murphy

"We live in the country outside

of Athens Georgia where stray and dumped dogs are a real problem." Says Suzanne Murphy. "I find homes for dogs that I find wandering around and I work hard to find a rescue group to accept them so that they can get adopted." Suzanne did not seek out the dog rescue business, it kind of found her. It all started in 2014 when four puppies found their way to Suzanne's garage. She was concerned about their safety and crafted a makeshift leash for them out of rope whereby they happily trailed after her around the property. Luckily Suzanne was able to Pup and Cat Co., a no-kill humane society out of Winder Georgia that agreed to take the puppies. Suzanne agreed to foster the four puppies until homes could be secured for them. And on her way home that afternoon her husband called to say that a neighbor found a fifth puppy in the Murphy's driveway. "My husband asked if I wanted to take on a fifth puppy that day, and I thought he was kidding. When I realized he wasn't, I groaned and said ok. How much more work could one more puppy be? " The fifth puppy was a little older than the litter of four, so she didn't fit in very well with them. After keeping her for one night,

it was decided that Pup and Cat Co. would try to find a new foster home for her. This fifth puppy, who was named Murphy, turned out to be an extraordinary dog. She didn't get adopted right away so Ursula Miller (Director of Pup and Cat Co.), and her group got to know her and introduced her to Operation Atlas, a group out of Auburn, GA that connects veterans with service dogs. Murphy turned out to be an excellent candidate, as a service dog helping veterans with PTSD. She is now happily helping her veteran Faith Tyler. This goes to show that you never know what amazing things that rescues can accomplish with a little, love, attention and care. Directed by Ursula Miller, Pup and Cat Co. holds adoptions each Saturday at the Mall of Georgia PetSmart and every other weekend at Unleashed in Buford.

Spa Bath

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Story about Operation Atlas published in the Barrow Journal on January 13, 2016

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Atlanta Pet Life

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Blooming Dog

In the spring of 2014 my precious rescue dog Rocky passed away…and just two weeks later my darling Gibson followed him. It was the same spring, just one day after Rocky left, my African violet bloomed again for the first time in close to 20 years. It made me stop, think, look up, ask and listen! The loss of one beloved pet is unbearable but losing two was almost more than I could begin to wrap my head around. My heart was broken…my spirit was broken…I was at a complete loss, and I knew my life was changed forever. What now? Walking around in circles before laying down became all too familiar, until one of those circles walked me past my violet that presented with not one but now two perfect blooms. This was by far no coincidence in my mind. It was a message…it had to be! A plant I had dragged around with me for 20 years and had not bloomed in as long is now blooming? Why now? Without hesitation I started talking to my dog…my dog who was no longer by my side…my dog who made it a point to make sure for 12 years I was always in his sight… my dog who let me know every day he was grateful I saved him from a life of neglect… my dog who gave his endless love and devotion while on this earth and my dog who was about to be the facilitator of putting me back on my yellow brick road. In my sadness I instinctively reached for my grown up box of crayons and sparkly baubles. Being creative always eased my mind in the past so it seemed like the place to go for at least a momentary reprieve of the heartache. I started to draw…I can’t draw! I doodled a few flowers and I even doodled my Rocky’s big ole’ head…it worked and made me smile. At some point over the next few days I decided to pick up a paint brush…I can’t paint! I had no canvas so I used paper. The only thing I seemed able to produce was a silhouette of Rocky’s head and flowers…and it still made me smile. I talked to Rocky a lot during those moments… and this is what I heard…

Where W h e Good r e G Health o o d Dcomes o g s g...o Naturally Green

Welcome to Our Awesomeness! Locally Owned • USA Friendly • Committed to our Customers and their Humans since 2010

Specializing in All-Natural Dog and Cat Nutrition and Wellness I know you miss me but I am still your dog and by your side. I will always be your dog who is grateful you saved me from a life of neglect. I am your dog who loves that you embraced my journey on earth. I am your dog who will always live in your heart. I am your dog who is here with Gibson who can see and hear again. I am your dog who took your love with me to a new address and I am your dog telling you to paint…because it’s what you are supposed to be doing and because you can!

Hocus Ap proved

Rocky’s gift to me from heaven was sending me the inspiration for Bloomin’ Dog Studio. I discovered through this experience and I honestly believe as connected as we are to our pets on earth…they remain connected when they leave. It is our duty to listen…even if it’s a language not understood by some. It is our duty to love them while they are on their journey with us. It is our duty to learn the lessons they bring with them...especially the ones we can’t see. It is our duty not to hold on when it’s their time to go…because they have more work to do and they never really leave us…they just have that new address.

One of the Largest Bulk Chews and Specialty Treat Stations in Atlanta

Endorsed by Local Veterinarians for our Nutritional Advice Premium Foods • Local Raw • Supplements Bulk Organic Herbs • Pet Essentials Over 25 years combined experience in practical nutrition, pet wellness and behavior

We help those hard to feed and special needs pets!

Caring for Animals is Who We Are Hours:

Special Thanks to my dear friend Jill for her insight and wise words…she is always an inspiration! Like Us on Facebook at Bloomin’ Dog Studio

Tuesday - Saturday • 10am–7pm OPEN Sunday • 11am–5pm


Wade Green Crossing • 4200 Wade Green Rd NW • Kennesaw

Regina Ryan Owner of The Good Dog Co. Atl • 21

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What's Up Doc? It's Spring and it's time to have the talk. The talk about bunnies, and I think you know why.

Bringing home a chocolate bunny for Easter is a must, but bringing home a live hare is a choice that should take some research and evaluation. So, before you go down that hole, here are some things you should know. Handle with care Rabbits are fragile, they are very skittish and not prone to cuddling. In order to bond with a bunny you need to have a patient noninvasive personality. When bringing bunny home, let bunny chill before trying to make a connection. Spend some time sitting near She's high Maintenance but not interacting. When he is feeling safe, approach from the side pause and if the bunny doesn't pull Rabbits require much more nurturing and care than away then pet him. Trying to approach a bunny that cats and dogs. A very fragile immune and respiratory pulls away will only train him to withdraw when he is system requires daily cleaning. However, if properly approached. Bunnies should not be picked up by the maintained and potty trained, rabbits leave no odors. ears or the nape of the neck. They should be scooped Rabbits even though they tend to be small house-pets up and nuzzled like a football. require quite a bit of space to exercise their powerful legs. House rabbits should be kept indoors with a good amount of space secured for them to roam without encountering any hazards. Regular visits to a veterinary that specializes in rabbits is necessary. You may end up spending more money for a misdiagnoses if you see a veterinarian that is not familiar with rabbits. Rabbits can live 10-12 years.

Eats like a Rabbit. Rabbits should get lots of clean grassy fiber. Supply fresh clean grass; eating grass from outside could cause parasites and disease. Always have fresh hay available for them to chew. Hay is the staple of a rabbit's diet. Use 1/4 cup for every 5 lbs when feeding pellets, and allow small treats of carrots, raisins or papaya, but keep sugary food to a minimum.

Rascally rabbit proofing When you're a rabbit you chew everything. In order to rabbit proof an area, get down to their level to see what they see. Be sure to secure electrical wires. Rabbits will chew right through to expose live wires and may end up burning their mouths. Place cotton non skid rugs down so they can get traction, this will also protect the carpet from being chewed. Cages should be 4x the rabbit's body size, and remember a bunny will grow. Keep houseplants way from them, they could be toxic to your rabbit. Make sure that you have your landlords approval and that you have no allergies before you acquire your rabbit.

Yes You have spent some time thinking this through carefully and have deiced that this is the relationship for you. You are in luck. There are many rabbits looking for someone like you who is willing and able to take care of them. Adoption should be your foremost choice. The biggest advantages of picking your rabbit from the Georgia House Rabbit Society shelter is that you can spend time learning about the personalities of the bunnies before you make your match. Plus the Georgia House Rabbit Society offers a great deal of support and education to help give your rabbit and you the best chance at a happily ever after ending. Atlanta Pet Life

No Whoa Nelly a rabbit's life is not for me. However, there are other ways you can celebrate the iconic bunny of Easter goodness. Make a donation to the Georgia House Rabbit Society, volunteer, or take a bunny 101 class and be a foster bunny home. Do these things and you're sure you will get a wonderful treat from the Easter Bunny. Written by Stacy Wright 22

You don't say! Carrots are not the best thing to feed your rabbit. Carrots should be only given as small treats if your bunny likes them, because they contain a large amount of sugar. Stick with leafy dark greens and lots of hay.

Bunny 101 Classes Classes are held on Wednesday evenings and Saturday & Sunday afternoons at the Georgia House Rabbit Society’s Rabbit Center in Marietta. March Sunday, 6 Saturday, 12 Saturday, 19 Saturday, 26 April Sunday, 3 May Sunday, 1 Please call 770-826-2732 to reserve your spot.

Life just keeps getting better ! Pet Health, Lifestyle & Events For family pets & Pets that Are family...

“Because Your Pet Is a Member of the Family” Georgia’s Only Accredited State Certified Crematory, Preferred by Veterinarians for 44 years Subscribe. $24.99 for the year

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3 Beautiful chapels 3 Urns, paw print impressions, and memorial jewelry

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Pet Products The CleverPet Hub

The CleverPet Hub delivers the possibility of mental engagement and learning opportunities to dogs through adaptive, anytime play­­automatically, whether owners are home or away. It uses a dog’s daily food to reward her for solving puzzles through lights, sounds, and touch pads. The WiFi­ connected Hub adapts game complexity and style in real ­time to match each dog’s unique responses and progress, so there’s always something new to learn.

Lose a Finger BBQ Dog Treats Made locally here in the Atlanta area by competitive BBQ chef Bob Ottis these bits put the "treat" back in dog treats. A variety of fun flavors that are healthy, homemade, all natural dog treats, loaded with choice meat and only the best ingredients. The small sizes make them great for training too! Gluten and Grain Free flavors available. No preservatives, salt, sugar, or colorings added. Flavors include Slow Smoked Brisket, Slow Smoked Pork Balls, Slow Smoked Turkey Balls, Cheddar Cheese Bacon Balls, Crunchy Peanut Butter Balls, and Funky Monkey Balls. Find them at many small locally owned pet supply stores, or order on line.

Utilizes structural components from Ikea's popular "Stolmen" closet system, along with their custom built wooden platforms, to create stunning contemporary cat towers!

Bubblin Bones Locally made by Happy Tailwaggers this shampoo bar is especially for dogs that have dry flaky skin. It is packed with moisturizing oils, oatmeal, honey, and other all natural products that are great for Fido's skin and coat. Check out more pet products like the Soft Paws foot rub that helps soften paw pads and prevent drying and cracking.

* Ikea Parts not included

ContempoCat makes the wooden platforms for this system in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and options.

NiteWalkers LED Designed to keep you and your pets safe after dark. Leashes and collars have an On/Off option as well as a 'blink' mode to keep you visible from cars or other pedestrians. They are made of heavy nylon and have a dual edge fluorescent stitching making them durable for pulling and chewing. Collars have an easy clip on design to put on your pet.

Atlanta Pet Life

The Elevation Modular Cat Tower


Cat Tree also from ContempoCat

The Original

Main Location

Airport Park’N Bark

Pet Boarding

Doggy Day Care

2800 E. Ponce de Leon • Decatur, GA 30030

404.370.6000 Faithful Friends Campus

1591 Access Rd. • Covington, GA 30016

Open 24/7


The Last Decision You Make for Your Pet is Just as Important as the First Same day service.

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Our individual cremation means that each pet is cremated ALONE . Our exclusive PetTracker 360 System ensures that you receive your pet's ashes every time.

Airport Parking *Ask for details

State-of-the-Art facility where families can plan, grieve, and commemorate their pets. 404-762-5050

“Family” Owned & Operated 404.370.6000

Conveniently located near the Atlanta Airport at

3872 College St. in College Park

Problem Solved! Pet Spa Boutique

All Spa Grooms ALL NEW GUESTS: include a Receive $5.00 OFF your fur baby’s first spa groom Massage, appointment. Facial, Mud bath, 1016 Howell Mill Rd NW suite 1202 Atlanta GA 30318 & Much more!

Wiki Wags brand Disposable Male Wraps r

Solve the problem of marking, excitable tinkling, travel or incontinence issues - safe and convenient for today’s busy lifestyles. Won’t cause rash or irritations. They “Wick” urine away and keep the body and hair dry. 4 Sizes


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Jazzy Pawz By Andrea LLC "Where Your Pet Is Treated Like Family" 25

Atlanta Pet Life

Rescue Dog Olympics, March 26, 11 am - 4 pm, Brook Run Park, North Peachtree Rd. Interactive, fun field day of silly and competitive games for rescue dogs and their forever families, dog related vendors, dog training sessions, music, food, a beer garden and Rescue Dog People! Partnered with Daffy’s Pet Soup Kitchen.


March Luck-o-the-Weim, March 12, noon - 1:30 pm Atlanta St. Patrick’s Day Parade Peachtree Street – Midtown, starting at 15th Street and ending at 5th Street. This is a weimie and family event and we invite all our weimie families to join us in the parade! We’d like to try to get 100 weims to walk with us! This is a great way to spread awareness of our rescue for both adoptions and donations!

April Bark for Life, April 2, 1pm 4 pm, 4770 N Peachtree Rd, Dunwoody. The American Cancer Society Bark for Life is a fundraising event honoring the life-long contributions of our Canine Caregivers. Participants, along with their canine companions, celebrate cancer survivorship, honor people lost to cancer and fundraise in support of the American Cancer Society’s mission of eliminating cancer though research, education, advocacy and service. Canine companions give unconditional love, joy, security, and compassion without judgments of cancer survivors’ ability or appearance.

Atlanta Bully Fest, March 19, 9:30 am - 5 pm, 4951 Camp Creek Parkway, College Park. BTK- ABKC with senior judge Rolando Mata caters to serious and casual bully owners. Wine & Brews for Rescues, March 23, 6 pm - 8:30pm, 835 Lawrenceville-Suwanee Rd. Lawrenceville. Gwinnett Humane Society is excited to announce their Wine Tasting Event. Come join them at Olde Towne Tavern in Lawrenceville Sample a variety of wines and craft beers. Enjoy hors d’oeuvres prepared by Olde Towne Tavern. All proceeds benefit Gwinnett Humane Society.

Brookhaven Cheery Festival, April 2 & 3, 10 am - 6 pm, 3493 Ashford Dunwoody Rd, Atlanta. The Second Annual Brookhaven Cherry Blossom Festival will take place in beautiful Blackburn Park. Pet Parade and Costume Contest starts at Pet World in the park on April 3 at 2 pm., cost is $10 per pet and registration is required. Food Trucks & Vendors, 5K Run and 1K Walk on April 2 at 7 am.

6th Annual Georgia SPCA Run for the Rescues 5K, March 26, 8 am - 4 pm, Town Center Avenue Northwest, Suwanee. Enjoy food and beverage, arts and crafts, inflatables for the kids and treats for dogs, cats and runners alike.

Pooch N’ Paws Grand Opening Celebration, April 16, noon - 6 pm, 5155 Peachtree Parkway, Norcross. Carrying a full line of pet accessories also stocking a large variety of natural and holistic dog food and cat food. First Annual Bow Wow Brunch, April 17, 12:30 pm - 3 pm, The Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead, Peachtree Road, The First Annual Bow Wow Brunch benefiting the Atlanta Humane Society. The gala is an elegant, fun event designed for the entire family. Ahimsa House Gala Joining Hands & Paws, April 22, 7:30 pm - 11 pm, Venetian Room, Hurt Plaza Southeast, Atlanta. This black tie optional event will feature an open bar, buffet dinner, live entertainment, raffles, live auction & silent auction. Canine-ival Daze Animal Fundraiser, April 22, 6 pm - 9 pm, Carl House, Auburn. Live & silent auctions carnival games gourmet carnival food stations, cash bar. Tickets $25. Benefits Pup and Cat Co Humane society. RSVP Spring Fling, April 23, 12 pm - 4 pm, 165 Doug Smith Ln, Canton. Dock Diving! Agility! Lure Course! Food & Fun! Silent Auction! Come out and Celebrate Spring with German Shepherd Dog Rescue of GA. APRA Fashion Show, April 30. for more information.

BARK FOR LIFE OF DEKALB COUNTY Saturday • April 2, 2016 • Brook Run Park Pavilion Registration 1 pm • Events & Activities 2:00 - 4:00 pm REGISTER: EMAIL: VISIT:

Atlanta Pet Life


6th Annual

Run for the Rescues 5K & Festival GEORGIA SPCA

fun field day for Rescue Dogs & their forever families Saturday, 3.26.16 11 am - 4 pm Brook Run Park Dunwoody

Certified Course USATF #GA12061WC – 2017 Peachtree Qualifier

Suwanee Town Center Park

March 26 2016

Trophies * Food * Prizes * T-Shirts * Runners Bags * Vendors 5K Race 9:15am Fun Run 8:30am

Festival 8:00am – 3:00pm

Many local rescues will be there with dogs for adoption. Enjoy demonstrations and pet contests - biggest, smallest, pet trick, etc. Win prizes throughout the day.


Bring/Run with your Dogs Pets available for adoption Dog Trainers Micro Chipping ($25.00) Dogs receive a bandanna Lots and Lots of Vendors Pet Contests & Much More! B98.5 onsite all day! Low cost vaccines

Joining Hands



A h i m s a Ho u se 2 0 1 6 G a l a

April 22, 2016, 7:30pm • The Venetian Room • 50 Hurt Plaza in Downtown Atlanta

On April 22, 2016 Ahimsa House will host its 12th Anniversary Gala, "Joining Hands & Paws." We invite you to join us to celebrate 12 years of helping people and pets who are victims of domestic violence reach safety together.

Fe at ur i ng : Open bar (beer, wine, signature cocktails & soft drinks) Mac & cheese bar, vegan & vegetarian dishes by Plum Café, and food from Halperns Steak & Seafood Music • Photo Booth • Exciting silent and live auction Emcee Tim Link • Mobile Bidding • Raffles T ic k e t s : $75 per person • $90 at the door

T h a n k yo u to o ur g en ero u s sp on s ors .

Timber & Tilly

Anne Bowen-Long

For more information, tickets, donating an auction item, or sponsorship contact Shannon Oxford at 404-496-4038 or


Atlanta Pet Life

for one fab-fun evening at the city’s trendsetting Buckhead Atlanta. Ticket price includes cocktails, appetizers, a silent auction and the fashion show. Benefiting Canine Assistance. Please no dogs, per Buckhead Atlanta property, except those in the show! Cocktail attire. 5th annual Bikes and Barks, June 4, 8am - 2:30pm, 2900 University Parkway, Lawrenceville. Canine Pet Rescue 2016 Charity Motorcycle Ride and BBQ. The Lawrenceville Police Motorcycle Squad will escort this ride from The Gwinnett County Detention Center 2900 University Parkway, Lawrenceville, GA and ending at Big Sky Farm / Canine Pet Rescue. May

Cinco de Weimo, May 1, 3 pm - 6 pm, Los Bravos, Powers Ferry Road Southeast, Marietta This event will be the 3rd annual fundraiser for Atlanta Weimaraner Club Rescue. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon with your best friend, enjoying the food, drink and meeting new people. Lots of door prizes and fun games. Bring the kids! Woof Stock 2016, May 7, Town Center Avenue, Suwanee. Pet Party In The Park May 2016 The 11th annual Woofstock, Frisbee Dog Demo, Dock Diving, LIVE Music, Hundreds of Pet Vendors, Pet Adoptions, Pet Contests, Inflatables for the Kids, Food Trucks, Fun For the Whole Family, FREE! Atlanta Pet Life

Taking Action for Animals, June 17, 9am - 7pm, Hyatt Regency-Crystal City, 2799 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Arlington, Virginia. ​​TAFA i​ s ​the ​premier ​ conference ​for ​animal ​advocacy. ​ ​ ​ From ​seasoned ​activists ​to ​newcomers, ​TAFA ​has ​something ​for ​ everyone!

FURever Fest Spring, May 14, 10 am - 4 pm, 1060 Al Bishop Dr, Marietta. A fun, free, family event features vendors with animal related businesses, services, and organizations that provide education and information on responsible pet ownership A K-9 officer and the handler will demonstrate the skills these dogs provide as a member of the police force. A DJ and hot dog vendor will round out the event. Benefiting Cobb County Animal Control. PAWfest, May 14, 10 am - 4 pm, 2500 Sawyer Pkwy SW, Snellville. For information on PAWfest sponsorship or vendor opportunities, please email For The Love of Bulldogs, May 14, 4790 Wright Drive Southeast, Smyrna. Presented by Dogma Dog Care. June Doggies on the Catwalk, June 4, 7pm - 10 pm, 3035 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta. The event includes high fashion, celebrity models but the real stars of the evening are the doggies for adoption, carried and strutted down the catwalk, all together 28

5th Annual ART, BARKS & PURRS, June 25, 10 am 4pm, 1060 Al Bishop Drive, Marietta. Animal related crafts made by local arts and crafts vendors. Benefiting the Cobb County Animal Control. The Best Friends National Conference, July 14 - July 17, Salt Palace Convention Center, West Temple, Salt Lake City, UT. An animal-focused gathering like no other. Where animal welfare leaders and learners from across the country and beyond come together to connect and create meaningful change on behalf of homeless pets. Innovative fundraising and marketing strategies to the latest and greatest efforts in animal care and behavior, each session & discussion will leave you inspired and armed with the information and resources you need to save lives in your community.

Over 1/2 million dollars donated to animal charities ! TWO UPSCALE THRIFT STORES BENEFITING HOMELESS PETS

Celebrating 5 years!

Clothing, furniture, housewares, & more! 1 N. & 89 N. Clarendon Ave. Avondale Estates


Open Tuesday - Sunday Donate. Volunteer. Shop.

The Georgia SPCA

(Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

• Low Cost Spay & Neuter • Low Cost Vaccinations • Affordable Microchip • Pet Education • Adoptions • Volunteer Opportunities • Many Ways to Give 1175 Hwy 23 (Buford Hwy) Suite 109 in Suwanee, Georgia 30024. Visit our Adoption Center, 7 days a week! M,W,Th,Fri-11-7 Tue 2-7 Sat,Sun 11-5 678-765-2726.

Atlanta’s Premier Pet Hotel 707 Edgehill Ave NW • Atlanta, GA 30318 •

Call 404-900-7577 today to schedule an appointment!



Voted “Best of the City” • Featured on Animal Planet, CBS, ABC’s 20/20, The Anderson Cooper Show

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Atlanta Pet Life

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Feathered Friends?

Thanks to social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube, it seems most people have seen cute videos of talking, singing and dancing parrots. These videos lead many to think that a parrot or other companion bird is just the kind of pet they would like to add to their home. Are you one of them? You might be BUT the realities of life with a companion bird are far different from what you see in those video clips and, given the long life span of most parrots, careful thought and research should be involved before a decision is made.

Birds are messy. Birds are designed, by nature, to scatter seeds and they do so not only through their droppings but with their beaks when they are eating. Even though your home most likely doesn't have a dirt floor where the scattered seeds will germinate and grow in to new plants, food will still be flung, wiped and “discharged”. I feed my own birds mostly a pelleted diet but add some seed and a lot of fresh fruit, veggies and cooked whole grains to their diet. As a result, I have found butternut squash on my ceiling, pomegranate and blueberry spatter on my walls and discarded seeds in my window sills. Even the tiniest finches can seem like they would make World Series Champs when it comes to “throwing” food. Birds also moult (replace old feathers with new) several times a year and some birds such as Cockatoos and African Greys give off a tremendous amount of feather dust. With three African Greys in my home, if I miss a day or two of dusting, it looks as if there has been a talcum powder explosion on every surface. But that is okay with me. It’s not for everyone though.

Birds need space.

You can walk in to your local pet supply store and, usually, find a supply of cages that are labeled as “suitable” for a particular species or size bird. Most of those cages though are far too small for a bird to be kept in a way that allows them to be happy and healthy. The tiny finches need room to be able to fly from perch to perch. Parakeets need plenty of room for climbing, perhaps flying and for a variety of perches and toys. The same for the big parrots. Think of the typical pet store cage as being the equivalent of your walk-in closet or your bathroom. You COULD live in either one if you had to but your mental and physical health would suffer. Do you have the space and the budget for a roomy cage? Do you know how to choose the proper cage for your bird?

Birds make noise. I cannot count how many times I have been told by people that they would like a bird that talks or sings or whistles but that does not make “annoying noises” and does not scream. My advice to them is visit a toy store to find a toy parrot with an on/off switch. I have several talkers in my house and they can be counted on to talk while I am on the phone or trying to listen to the television (my solution to that problem is to use closed captioning). And they don’t just talk. Depending on their mood, the weather, the season or the time of day they may scream or screech or let out ear piercing whistles. Sometimes they are trying to let you know they need something or are not comfortable and sometimes they vocalize just because they are birds. And while we are on the subject of talking, be aware birds are like people in that regard. Some have a LOT to say while others, even some which are of the species known to be good talkers, are more the silent type. Don’t get a bird because you want a talker, get a bird because you want a bird and look at the talking or singing as a bonus if it happens. Even those that don’t talk will find other ways to communicate with you that are just as endearing. A companion bird can be a wonderful addition to your family but please take time to really do some research before you make the decision to bring one in to your home. There are websites, magazines, forums and more that are devoted to the care of birds and even some that will help you to learn what type of bird might best fit your family and your lifestyle. If you decide that a bird is right for you PLEASE consider adopting rather than purchasing. There are thousands of birds all over the US in rescues, refuges and on waiting lists in need of new, loving forever homes. The rescue organizations are always happy to answer questions, and, when possible to assist in matching a feathered friend with a human one.

Jan S. Granai “Parront” to: Alice, Tex, Hershel, YoYo, Peep, Willie and Oliver and two dogs too! Jan lives in Kennesaw and has shared her life with birds ranging from finches to macaws for the past 26 years. She served as President of a companion bird club in Kentucky in the late 90’s, was a #1 ranked “expert” on bird care on an international website in 2001 and has done numerous educational outreach programs with her birds. 30

Meet Louie, who is 3 and is just the most AWESOME fellow. He is just loving life after he was abandoned and left to starve and freeze in his pen. Louie was skin and bone living in the most horrendous conditions imaginable. Louie had heartworm and was not expected to live. Today Louie is cured and is now a happy, healthy well adjusted boy. It has been a long road to recovery for Louie but you would never know it as he is just a big baby who would give you the world. Louie should be an only dog/ companion pet. Louie’s favorite pastime is to ride on the golf cart or car and get his cheese burger/hold the onions/ no fries from the lady at the drive thru. He actually speaks when he sees you and will pin you down at bedtime because he does not want to be left, he will then fall asleep knowing you are there. Please call Liz at 404-274-0378 or e-mail

Meet Batman!

I was rescued by Georgia Pet Tails, Inc from a hoarding situation in Kingston, GA. There were over 100 of us. I was so skinny, had barely any hair and my skin was so tough and infected. As you can see, I have put on some weight, have all my hair back and my skin is healed. I have great fosters and I finally got to be a real dog and get treats, chew bones, play with toys and I have my own place to sleep that's nice and clean. I'm potty trained and am looking for my furever family. I never knew what love was or what it was like to have food everyday. I slept in a dark cold garage or in the rain. I'm learning more about people and love but desperately need a loving family to call my own - Will you be mine?. I'm still working on trusting but I'm working real hard. I'm really gentle and I know I can be your best pet ever! Contact Georgia Pet Tails, Inc. via our website at or email . Georgia Pet Tails, Inc is always looking for fosters to save dogs like me. You can donate or apply to foster on our website or Facebook. We are a 501c3 licensed rescue in Georgia. All donations are tax deductible! Atlanta Pet Life

Atlanta Pet Life



Great Health Starts with Great Nutrition

What you choose to feed your pet can be the singlemost important decision you make for your pet.

Feeding a high-quality diet can help you avoid painful and costly diseases later in your pet’s life. Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine” and we view it as both preventative and curative. Armed with some basic information, you will be able to make great choices. There are 4 main choices in commercially available types of food for your dog and cat: raw, dehydrated & freeze-dried, canned/wet, and kibble/dry. Once you’ve decided what type of food(s) you’re going to use, underRaw food Canned/wet food standing what’s actually in them is is the most species-appropriate for your Fido is a convenient option, and is available in a vakey. Quality can vary dramatically and Fluffy. It has come a long way in recent riety of consistencies. You can find everything from brand to brand, and even years in terms of convenience. You can now from human-grade shredded meats to chunky among the same brand. easily feed a diet that is most similar to the stews and even pate. They are a great option way he would choose if he could; the way he to ensure your pet is getting more moisture Look for named sources of animal was intended to eat. You no longer have to be in their diet. Canned foods are also great for protein (chicken, beef, salmon, etc.) concerned with proper balance of vitamins and picky eaters or as an appetite stimulant. as opposed to unnamed sources minerals; it’s premixed and premade for you. (poultry, meat, fish) or vegetable sources (soy, peas, etc.) at the begin- Raw comes in pre-sized bulk blocks, patties and Kibble/dry food bite-sized nibbles. Just defrost it and feed. ning of the ingredient list. The first is the most convenient, but the least species-apfive ingredients in the list comprise propriate. There are a lot of choices— some about 80-90% of what’s in the food Dehydrated and freeze-dried foods very good, some not so good and some just so you want to pay close attention are excellent choices to ensure your pet is getdownright shameful. to those. Also watch for “ingredient ting the most nutrients out of what he’s eating. splitting” – this is where a manufac- These are often still considered raw foods, but turer has broken the same ingrediare also available as foods that are cooked prior ent into multiple components (e.g., to dehydrating/freeze-drying. They are so corn, corn meal, corn flour). Avoid simple to feed and make a great addition to any low quality fillers (corn, wheat, soy, diet. Just add water and watch your pet drool. by-products, etc.), chemical preservatives (BHA, BHT, Propylene get different nutrients from different foods, Glycol and Ethoxyquin are known carcinso do our pets. Feeding the same food (even ogens), artificial colors & flavors, and high carbohydrates (dogs have no biological need if it’s high-quality) day in, day out, year after year can lead to problems. Find a few for carbohydrates!). options that work for your pet and rotate them. Know the source. It’s not enough to know the food has chicken instead of byproducts. The benefits of a proper diet are almost endWhere and how was it raised and processed less. We have witnessed some of the most also has an impact on the quality of the amazing changes in pet’s health simply by food. Avoid ingredients that are pumped improving their diet. Remember, there is no with antibiotics and hormones as these will pass through the food into your pet. Watch one “right” pet food for every pet. You have to sift through the marketing gimmicks and out for tricks where items say “Made in the hype to find what is right for your pet. At US” but in reality, the ingredients come Fido’s Market, we take the health of your from another country and are added to the Provided by Fido’s Market, Alpharetta, GA final product that is made in the US. Tricky, pet seriously and are here to help you dig in and find the best diet for your pet. 678-240-0440 but true. Diet rotation is also important. Just as we Atlanta Pet Life



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