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Hahana Beach Cincinnati, OH Junior Year First Semester

The location of Hahana Beach would connect a proposed six mile bike trail to the existing Little Miami Bike Trail.

To develop the ribbon curves that are integrated into the pathway, I overlapped the graphes from the Geometry of Human Movement.

North Elevation The elevations and the perspective demonstrate how the ribbon curves interact with the pathway.

East Elevation

South Elevation

The human movement on the volleyball courts is expressed in the forms of the ribbons, which is intertwined with the people moving on the trail.

Clifton Library Clifton, Ohio

Plans L4





Sophomore Year

L5 9


8B 1



Second Semester


1 7A


11 12









7B-2 9


Keeping with the overall appearance of Clifton, the exterior cladding of the library is stucco and copper. The lines of extension from the adjacent building are continued on the facade of the library.






Process Model

Process Sketches In the section, a double facade rain screen on the west side would provide ventilation and would allow sunlight to penetrate to the east wall.

East-West Section

0’ 1’ 2’ 4’



American Clay Plaster, which has the lowest carbon footprint of any interior finish, would be used on the interior walls. Globus Cork Flooring would be used for the flooring. Made from the waste of cork wine stoppers, cork flooring is a recycled product.

East-West Section In the design, I have also incorporated a double facade rain screen that will allow for ventilation in the atrium and throughout the library. With the free flowing air, moisture can easily escape the building and water will stay out of the structure.

To heat and cool the building, I incorporated geothermal into the library by using vertical loops with circulation of the air through ductworks.

For the wall finishing, I chose to use American Clay Plaster, which is the lowest embodied energy choice when used with the Mud Glue. The clay plaster is distributed by Greener Stock, which is located only fifteen minutes from the building.

For the flooring, I chose to use cork flooring. Made from the waste of cork wine stoppers, the flooring is a recycled product.

On the roof, I combined single axis solar panels and a green roof. By combining the two systems, the green roof cools temperatures around the solar panels allowing them to function at a higher efficiency.

I have also used the slight angles of the roof to collect rainwater, which will travel down a pipe on the east side of the building and be stored in an undergound tank.

For the solar panels, I chose the Linak Solar Tracking Green Roof Loan Program, which provides grants to install green vegetative roofs.

A House, Cityscape, and Tree Freshman Year Second Semester

Through this project, I designed interlocking spaces for a model of the Michaels/Sisson House, the painting, Cityscape, by Richard Diebenkorn, and a lemon tree.

Process Model Space

Painting Space

Lemon Tree Space

Studying and modeling the Michaels/Sisson House, I was able to learn about the gidded detail on the exterior and show the positive and negative space inside the house.

In my final project, the space for the lemon tree is located within the canopy, allowing people to navigate through the top. As the tree grows, the branches will extend around the structure and the two will become intertwined.

For the painting space, I used numerous blocks varying in volume to represent the farmland and city. In the model space, individuals use a beam of sunlight streaming into the space to navigate toward the model of the house.

Peace Pavilion Dayton, Ohio

Peace Park and Pavilion

Sophomore Year

Dayton, Ohio Stacy Kotula

First Semester

Like the Great Miami and Mad Rivers coming together, the Peace Pavilion would become a place where two coflicting nations could come together and settle their differences.

Site Analysis

The plan shows the

First Floor Plan

three living quarters for the three nations along with rooms for the media. A large presentation area is located on the lower story allowing the


delegates to have a constant view of

Second Floor Plan

their end goal.


0’1’ 4’




The sections show

North-South Cross Section

the transition from the conference room to the presentation area and from the outdoor courtyard up to the second level of the Peace Park.

East-West Longitudinal Section

This perspective demonstrates how delegates would be able to look down into the presentation area, where the agreements would be announced to the public.

Process Peace Park and Pavilion Bridge Dayton, Ohio Sophomore Year First Semester

Correlating with the Peace Pavilion, the bridge has arched bases that support the pathway.

The pathway is hung from the arches with cables. This connection is highlighted with a change of materials on the pathway from concrete to metal.

Sun Protection for First Year Stduio, Miami University Senior Year


First Semester Studio Project Section

In the first round of design, the concept of my design was for the circular shading to be suspended from the I-beams as if they were floating.

First Round Individual Design

Second Round Group Design

Connection Metal Frame Wire connected to I-beams


After several iterations of concepts, my group developed a design that used strips of banners woven into netting. Both the banners and netting were donated from Miami University and local organizations.


sun protection for first--year--studio

set-up G






Team 1 Team 2 G



Freshman and Sophomores, please sign up for a time slot to help construct the sun shade!





Team 3

Team 5

Team 4

Team 6

Wednesday 1:00-2:30 NORTH

Team 1

Team 4

Wednesday 2:30-4:00 Team 1

Team 4

Friday 1:00-2:30 Team 1

Team 4

Friday 2:30-4:00 Team 1

Team 4





Team 6

Team 3

Team 5

Team 6

Team 2

Team 3




1 Team 2

Team 5


Team 5


Team 3



2 Team 6

Team 2


Team 3

Team 5


Please DO NOT trade your strips of banner with other teams!



Develop a composition not only within your team, but also within your group.


Weave around white rib strips


Team 2

team bag





To prepare for construction, we designed a poster for instructions, a sign up sheet, and cut and organized the number of strips needed. Freshman and sophomore students were incorporated into the design by weaving the strips of banners into the netting.

Team 6

After students wove the nets on wooden frames, the swoops were hung between I-beams using nylon straps, carabiners, and eyebolts.


The Butterfly House at Talawanda High School Natural Area Junior Year Second Semester

To address the drainage from the baseball and soccer fields, I adjusted the topography to create a bioswale to control the runoff.

Site Plan


The design incorporates a classroom that can be used by both the high school and the community. The outdoor gardens can be rented by local community groups including, 4-H clubs, the FFA chapter, gardening clubs, and families.

Interior Perspective Details For the exterior cladding, ETFE, which are plastic pillows, are used to provide a light feeling. Fan shading is attached to the cross bracing on the interior of the glulam beams. Lighting is incorporated into the pergola, benches, and in the butterfly house to allow for evening events and security.






North-South Section

Water Collection

Ventilation and Water Collection


Water is collected from the roof and piped to cisterns. The stored water is then used to water the butterfly house and outdoor gardens. Horizontal air flow fans provide a gentle air pattern in the butterfly house. Earth Heat Exchangers draw in outside air, which is cooled by soil and directed into the space.

The Wave Chair Competition

the wave Front Elevation

for Battery Park, NYC Senior Year First Semester Group Project

With Battery Park’s strong history, the design of The Wave was influenced by the sails of ships that brought immigrants to the United States in the mid 19th century.

Chair Positions


Process Sketches

The chair can be used in a lounging position where the user has direct contact with the grass as well as in a upright seated position, small table or footstool, or combined into multiple group arrangement.


the wave

the wave

The unique designs showcased on the fabric backrests provide an excellent opportunity for community involvement and participation. Our fabric design is featured on the brochure and on the chair renderings.

The Wave takes on many important roles in Battery Park. Functioning as a chair, the form also serves as an interactive sculpture. It maintains the personal connection that people have always had with the park, incorporating ways to use the chair while showcasing the connection between the chair and the user. With Battery Park始s strong history, the design of The Wave was influenced by the sails of ships that brought immigrants to the United States in the mid 19th century. When the chairs are not in use, they will still function as civic art and will be able to be seen from the surrounding skyscrapers. The unique designs showcased on the fabric backrests provide an excellent opportunity for community involvement and participation. Diverse groups, individuals, organizations and companies around New York City would be able to design hydrochromatic ink patterns on the fabric, showcasing their creativity. When the Battery Conservancy requests new chairs, the fabric on The Wave can be auctioned off in the community and displayed at companies and organizations in NYC. Zippers on these covers would essentially allow for rotation of these covers to showcase multiple iterations. Not only would these chairs act a conglomerate art gallery, reflecting the unique culture of the area, but it would also function as a showcase of civic artwork when stacked and docked in the locked position.

the wave For more information about The Wave, please contact

The Battery Conservancy 1 New York Plaza, Concourse New York, NY 10004 email: website:

Hydrochromic Ink Pattern


Diverse groups, individuals, and organizations around New York City would be able to design hydro-chromic ink patterns on the fabric, showcasing their creativity.

Plate-mount Retractable Spring Plungers Duck Cloth Cast Aluminum

Hydrochromic Ink

Polycarbonate Panels

Hydrochromic Ink Pattern in the Rain


Sage Restaurant Senior Year Second Semester Interdisciplinary Studio


With a team of graphic designers, interior designers, and architects, we were able to develop a holistic design of a chain restaurant. West Elevation

The perspectives reinforce the concept of the greenhouse structure. At night the light from the restaurant illuminates the greenhouse structure, a feature that would be repeated at other Sage locations.

Through the irrigation system, water is collected on the roof and is transportated to holding tanks. One of the tanks provides water to the vertical

Irrigation System

gardens and the other feeds the

Interior Perspective

Glass Wall Section

water wall at the entrance to the restaurant.

Metal Parapet Cap Origin Falls Upper Basin

Rigid Insulation I-Beam Structure

Drop Ceiling


Sage Logo

Origin Falls Lower Basin

Graphics To bring the community influence into the restaurant, photos from local artists would be displayed throughout the space. Drink coasters would educate customers about sustainable features within Sage along with the vegetative logo found on the water wall.

Portfolio Website Senior Year Second Semester

Homepage When hovering over the menu bar, a red box protrudes to the left displaying the navagation bar that is found on each page.

About The About page provides a short biography along with links to my resume and portfolio.

Architecture When hovering over the images of my architectural projects, the name of the project appears.

Architecture As one clicks on an architectural project, a new page displays the final design, process work, and brief descriptions of the project.

Architecture The architectural projects are displayed on white and black backgrounds that correlate to the design of the printed portfolio.

Photography To display my photographs, they are arranged in the six groups by theme.

Photography When clicking on a photograph, a lightbox appears for easy navagation through the photos.

Contact The contact page displays my primary contact information with additional information found at the bottom of each page.

The Beach Bar and Grill Website Senior Year Second Semester

Homepage When designing a website for The Beach Bar and Grill, my goal was to implement a mature beach theme. A sand background with a stained cherry wood border.

Menu Page By clicking on the menu selections on the left, the page will scroll to the desired place on the menu.

Events Page When clicking on the main headings under the volleyball leagues, a new tab will open showing details of the league.

Photos Page By clicking on the displayed photos or the list of events, an album will open showing photos of that particular event.

Contact Page On the contact page, the facebook icon will link to The Beach’s facebook page and the map will link to Google Maps providing directions.

Personal Skills

With my passion for sewing, I have been able to design quilts. The puzzle quilt, like my life is comprised of various pieces that all fit together. I designed the second quilt for a high school graduate by piecing together her t-shirts.

Freshman year I completed a Graphite

series of projects that focused around a sea shell. From working with graphite, photos, a compass, and colored pencils, I learned about


both the outside and inside of the shell.


Colored Pencils

The first project of sophomore year was to construct a storage unit at our desks using two design principles. My group and I chose symmetry and division.

We constructed the frames and attached them to the vertical members at each end. I was able to sew and attach the red fabric to each of the sides.

Stacy Kotula's Portfolio  
Stacy Kotula's Portfolio  

Architecture and Design Portfolio