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5th Grade Open House y y y


Parents and students, please have a seat together. You may sit in either the bleachers or the chairs. We look forward to a wonderful evening! Tours will begin at 6:00pm. We will begin the presentation at 6:30pm.

Home of the

“ Building a Tradition of Excellence…One Student at a Time”

Parent Night Registration and Program Information Mission and Vision ™ Required classes ™ Elective classes ™ Honors Program ™ Clubs/Activities ™ Outdoor Education ™ Washington D.C. Trip ™

Mission and Vision Statement Silver Hills Middle School is a Professional Learning Community that is committed to excellence. The students of Silver Hills Middle School will have the skills and knowledge to be successful and confident members of the community

Administration Principal:

Tracy Webber

Assistant Principal:

Glenda Bates

Assistant Principal:

Julie Evans

Dean of Students:

Jennifer Oldweiler

Counseling Staff Registrar:

Julie Smith


Kemme Buckner-Lukes Veronica Martin Karen Smith

Sixth Grade Teachers Chinook Core Teachers

™ Doug

Kekkonen ™ Dawn Peterson ™ Heather Ray ™ Shannon Wilson


Science/Math Language Arts Math Social Studies Language Arts

Subject to change for the 2009-2010 school year

Sixth Grade Teachers Vortex Core Teachers ™ Michelle Filsinger ™ Jason Gooding ™ Courtney Kahl ™ Jennae Schlener ™ Ridgley Straka ™ Stephanie Wood


Math Social Studies Math Language Arts Science Language Arts

Subject to change for the 2008-2009 school year

Silver Hills Middle School Fall Schedule y

Wednesday/Thursday August 12-13, 2009 Schedule pick-up


Friday, August 14, 2009 6th grade orientation


Wednesday, August 19, 2009 Student’s first day


School day begins at 8:30 am and ends at 3:45 pm


On Wednesdays’, students are dismissed at 2:15 pm due to early release

August 12 & 13, 2009 Parents will receive a packet during the summer with information regarding schedule pick up. During schedule pick up parents will: ™bring completed health, email and demographic updates. ™receive information on school lunches and transportation. ™be able to purchase PE uniforms, yearbooks, school pictures merchandise, etc. During schedule pick up students will: ™have their school pictures and IDs taken. ™receive their schedules and school planners.

Where Everybody Belongs

6th Grade Orientation y y y y y y

Friday, August 14, 2009 8:30am-11:30am Regular bus schedule Get to know 8th grade buddies Get to know other 6th grade students Activities, tours, fun and more!

Transitions to Middle School Elementary School

Middle School

Students have 1 primary teacher and 3 elective teachers that rotate days

Students see 5-7 teachers a day

All academic subjects taught by one teacher

Each academic subject taught by a different teacher

All materials kept in one room/desk

Materials kept in lockers and carried to different classrooms

At least two recesses a day

One recess during lunch

2-3 elective classes a year

8 elective classes a year

Students are “escorted” to elective classes by a teacher

All students have a 4 minute passing period to move between classes while teachers monitor the hallways

Students wear street clothes for P.E. class

Students change into gym clothes for P.E. Class and use gym lockers

Each academic teacher is responsible for 30 students

Each academic teacher is responsible for up to 180 students

A teacher schedules conferences for the parents of his/her 30 students

Teachers schedule approximately 15 parent conferences and invite the other 165 parents for “Drop-In” conferences

Required Academic Courses Language Arts Math Science Social Studies

Semester Classes Physical Education and Music will each be for half of a year.


Students choose one music: ÌBeginning Band ÌChoir ÌOrchestra


Physical Education

Six Week Electives

Ô Art Ô Computers Ô Consumer and

Family Science Ô Exploration in Foreign Language (Spanish or French) Ô Technology Ô Study Skills

Advanced Opportunities Await in Language Arts and Math

In Honors classes students will: ¾ think

deeply about texts and concepts. ¾ apply knowledge to new situations. ¾ analyze components of each subject area. ¾ demonstrate communication skills. ¾ move through curriculum at a faster pace.

Students will qualify for Honors classes based on ALL of the following: •CoGat Ability Test (April 4, April 18 details to follow) •Grade Point Average •Level/Achievement tests (to be given in the spring at the elementary schools) •4th and 5th Grade CSAP test results •Teacher recommendations ( for testing only) •Parent recommendations (for testing only)

For Additional Information If you have additional questions regarding Honors classes (Language Arts or Math) at Silver Hills Middle School, please feel free to contact our Honors Coordinators. E-Mail is preferred. Glenda Bates Telephone: 720-972-5004 E-Mail: Donna Stumpp Telephone: 720-972-6296 E-Mail:

Special Education Silver Hills’ Special Education program meets the needs of students of all ability levels through inclusion in core and elective classes, with multiple levels of support and resource services.

Special Education Teachers Provide: „



IEP – based services through collaboration with the general education teacher. Co-teaching with general education teachers. Individual and small group support during core class instruction.

Special Education „


Teachers, Counselors, Administrators, General and Special Education Teachers, and parents all help students transition from one grade level to the next. The focus is to facilitate a gentle introduction to the middle school experience that gradually enables students to increase self-esteem and self-responsibility, helping students become more successful through each stage of their development.

Special Education „



We encourage families to communicate any questions or concerns they have about our Special Education Program. We are hosting an OPEN HOUSE on Thursday, May 21, 2009 from 5:00pm-7:00pm. During this time students and their families can meet the Special Education staff and each other.

Outdoor Education

All Sixth Grade Students in Adams Twelve School district will be given the opportunity to attend the Outdoor Education Program. We strongly encourage all students to attend The Outdoor Education Program.

Outdoor Education provides sixth grade students the opportunity to learn experientially several concepts, skills, and behaviors in an outdoor setting that corresponds to classroom goals in district standards. The outdoor education experience can be divided roughly into four categories: •Outdoor survival skills •Adventure and confidence building •Science education and environmental issues •Personal growth and responsibility training

Outdoor Education y

Students will be lodged in small cabins.


Meals will be provided.


There will be a charge for each child to pay for room and board and some program and material costs.


Students will have a chance to participate in a fundraiser to help defer the cost. Outdoor Education will take place at YMCA Camp of the Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado. For Additional Questions Please Contact Jennae Schlener or Stephanie Wood SHMS Outdoor Education Coordinators 720-972-5000


RESOURCES Book check out (3 weeks) Magazine check out (1 week) AlphaSmarts (1 day) Databases Reference books and maps Interlibrary Loans (ILL)

† † † † † † † †

ACTIVITIES Lunch time book clubs Coffee houses Writing Contests Research Battle of the Books Trivia Book Fairs Replacement ID’s

LIBRARY VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES † Routine tasks: book processing, shelving, assist students with research † Special events: Book Fairs, Coffee Houses † Call, email or stop by to sign up.

Suzanne Libra SHMS Media Specialist (720-972-5017)

The Cafeteria/ Lunch Time y y y y y y y y

Lunches are by grade level and are 30 minutes long Students are provided with the opportunity to purchase a hot lunch and various snacks. Student may also pack their lunches. Hot water is always available for various instant lunches. Microwaves are available to all students. The cost of a daily lunch is currently $2.25 to $3.00 Students will go outside the last 10-15 minutes of the lunch period, weather permitting. Many sixth grade teachers provide a working lunch time for students. A pass is required.

Activities Offered to Sixth Grade Students ™ Art Club ™ Break Dancing Club ™ CSI ™ Drama Club ™ Food Club ™ Music Clubs ™ Newspaper Club ™ Photography Club ™ Spelling Bee ™ Ski Club ™ Yearbook Club ™ Weightlifting Club ™ Outdoor Club ™ M.E.S.A. (Math, Engineering and Science Achievement) Subject to change for the 2009-2010 school year

The Sixth Grade

Washington, D.C. and various side trips y

Katie DiDonato will be hosting an outstanding educational opportunity for the sixth grade students.


This trip happens each June.


Fundraising and trip preparation begins September 2008.


This trip will give your student a first hand experience of our nation’s history during some of the most important times of our lives.

The Sixth Grade Washington D.C. and various side trips y y y y

This experience is worry free for parents. The tour is school affiliated and sponsored. Chaperons are Silver Hills staff members. Trip is sponsored by School Tours of America.

Surviving the Storm Staff/Community Partnership

Committed to making Silver Hills Middle School an integral part of the community.

Surviving the Storm y y

Monthly Design Team Meetings--open to everyone Scheduled monthly activities that bring the community into the school ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦

Technology Night Sports Night Book Studies Winter Wonderland Celebrations of Learning Taking the Night by Storm

Volunteers Needed at Silver Hills Middle School Volunteers are needed for the following: ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™

Library help Classroom assistance Lunch Room supervision Food donations Fundraiser assistance Clerical work in the main and counseling offices. Field Trip chaperones

Sign Up to be a Volunteer at SHMS y y

Volunteer Sign-up forms are available by the Main Office. The forms will also be in the fall packet sent home to each student.

Help make a difference at Silver Hills Middle School and Volunteer.

12400 Huron Street Westminster, CO. 80234 Telephone: 720-972-5000 Fax: 720-972-5039 Web Page:

Incoming 6th Graders  
Incoming 6th Graders  

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