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Illuminating The Future of Entertainment L.E.D.

(Luminocity Entertainment Division)

is a dynamic, full-

service, strategy based event and entertainment production company that designs and produces entertainment-driven projects for corporations, associations, not-for-profits, public programs, and private individuals. L.E.D. also offers subcontracting services to a wide variety of communications, advertising & public relations firms as well as meeting & event producers worldwide. At L.E.D. all of our talent solutions are based on a strategic platform of purposeful design. We craft our solutions to reflect the positioning and messaging of our client’s unique brand attributes. We leverage engaging entertainment to speak a message to audiences, connect them emotionally with your brand and ultimately move them to a desired behavioral outcome.

Staging, Set Design and Special Effects Production Services The success of any entertainment program is largely driven by the setting in which it is presented. Innovative use of set and stage design is an important factor in establishing a powerful visual statement and maximizing the emotional resonance of an entertainment performance. At L.E.D. we work with our clients, leveraging our team of graphic design, decor, and scenic fabrication specialists to create truly innovative and impactful environments for entertainment. Additionally, L.E.D. also provides design and management of a host of production services including rigging, tenting, labor teams, and A/V Support.

Entertainment Design and Production Beyond simply just “booking talent” for your event, L.E.D. approaches each project as an opportunity to create something completely unique and perfectly suited to your objectives, audience(s) and budget. Applying our vast knowledge of the various forms of performing phenomena coupled with our broad portfolio of talent resources, we sculpt each program we create into just the right form. Instead of delivering any given talent act “as is”, we re-shape each performance to suit our clients goals, often mixing elements and acts together in new ways, reinventing costumes or creating unusual staging effects… the result of which is always something fresh, innovative. ----and spectacular.

Site Specific Architectural Mapping | Video | Lighting Projections At L.E.D. we leverage the most updated technologies and innovative design techniques to project lighting and video imagery utilizing buildings and other structures as our palette. These amazing visual works of art can serve as unique and awe inspiring branding initiatives or simply call broad attention to a certain building or city area to promote pedestrian traffic | tourism. Using a patented process to combine creative execution with proprietary technology, our team creates custom-made content that is specific to architectural spaces. Each projection is composed to correspond harmoniously with both the space and the needs of the client.

Costume & Props Design and Fabrication It is said that “clothes make the man� and in the case of costumes for entertainment, nothing could be more true. At L.E.D. we take great care in pairing extraordinary talent with extraordinary costumes and props to produce the most impact from a performance. Our talented costume and prop design and fabrication teams have contributed to award-winning shows on Broadway, National Act musician tours and well known cultural events and festivals around the world.

Performance Art and Music Light Parade Programs Luminocity is a unique light-based mobile performance art and music light procession that combines light, technology, dance, music of mixed genres, aerial, extreme sports stunts, and theatrical design in an explosion of breathtaking visuals and dynamic movement typically using an outdoor cityscape as a performance stage. The Luminocity project’s mission is to energize urban communities by creating public access, transformative, high profile, light-based cultural programs spanning all ethnicities, age groups and economic levels. We combine unique entertainment performances with strategic community vitalization programs that address five impact areas: Culture, Commerce, Community, Education, Environment. Because the Luminocity parade components (floats, costumes, performance vignettes, props, projection and audio) are modular and scale-able, we can custom design virtually any size of Luminocity performance from full-scale light parade to smaller “random acts of light” to suit the specific strategies of our clients.


L.E.D | Luminocity Entertainment Division  

L.E.D.(Luminocity Entertainment Division)“Illuminating The Future of Entertainment”L.E.D. (Luminocity Entertainment Division) is a dynamic,...

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