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Dimensions Of A Woman

Poems & Prose by

Stacy J.

Woman with REGRETS Painfully tragic occurrences can be unforgettable pillars for triumphs.

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Woman & Her Music Swing your hips to the sound of music No, not age nor disgrace can stall you For your youth is not in days But in the swing and sway of your movement You move and grove like light ripples on blue seas on a Sunday stroll You glide like breeze through coconut trees high atop green mountains You hit the notes and sometimes float away, away you go To somewhere other than these golden years that people wish you would embrace Oh fifty is so very near but far from me today Says her turns and twirls and step, step, stepping To the beat, discreet and sleek tender, sexy movements still escape From within the depths of her musical regrets So she dances, one more time for her divine Chances have been lost long ago, but not her rhythm Such sounds that draws her near, nearer still to what could have been A dancers triumph won today for years lost and untold Stories of creative pieces, concerts and trophies Won a million minutes and intervals ago Curtains close, as she collects final blows Of those who hear but do not share the sound of music But still she dances, until her heart bleeds like her feet She feels the pain of every beat and subtle defeat But happiness plays on in the Music for a Woman and A Woman & her Music

Chance Shaking, pulsating, sweet, nervousness of chance Such a dark place defined by flickers of maybe and streaks of effort Risk painted walkway where strides of conquest looked attainable Falter before reaching, stumbled, fallen Motionless, never to try again Right there, in reach but invisible Twin mirrored mystery of perhaps Weakened, another step, life changing Concealed in the corridors of mishaps Barred behind brass egressesof dreams not lived If only it had been taken But if, a relative of chance

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Outside Myself Outside Myself I am a famous painter of life Living each day in the colours of the rainbow Each brush stroke a plethora of happy But each piece a master of disguise Staring at me I’m a poet whose words are a mystery I live in a world of reveries With fear of living I dream I share feelings but cannot feel Through my eyes I’m a musician of love My words, an addiction, my pen the needle But I write songs that never play for me And melodies that die daily But that’s just life outside me A mirror of actuality Within I’m empty waiting to be filled For my own music to find me, and my soul to sing Outside myself, I’m inside, yet outside looking in

Woman in LOVE It’s better to have felt the warmth of love and lose it than to miss the moment

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Guarded Love When no one else can, I find you Hidden behind bars that divide you from the world And threaten your salvation Icall out to you with a familiar voice that beckons to your soul Through pointed thorns and soaring flames I press your fingers against my breast To release the love that frees you from captivity I’m tired, bruised and thirsty, but happy, now love is free

The Gamble A game of chance, ecstasy for a moment Yearning, hunger, wanting, scared to try But to know, that’s the push The secret, kept, never told The risk greater than the gratification But still the urge to try, egged us on We decide, full deck exposed No one has to know First move is yours; the space between us is closed Gently we play enjoying each other and the moment It was just a game played once, let’s forget But the thrill and excitement won’t let us Same place, same time, same partner But there’s no winning tonight We both know we’ve lost to the game of life Addicted, to you, your moves, your clues And you, your walls have fallen No longer fun, this is serious The stakes are high and the feelings intensify Now you want to play for keeps But you can’t have what was never yours And I can’t take what was never mine We’re two culprits caught in a cheat One last game played so long and lingering I bare all, you show your hand I make the painful final move You sit there, alone, same place, same time But no partner, understand, it was a gamble We were never meant to fall in love So for me, the game is over

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Courtly Love Is it wrongnot to want it? The kind shared by Kings & Queens, Dukes & Duchesses Primly hidden underneath corsets and suits Practiced and perfected like a girl’s curtsey Languished over days on end Whimsical, fickle, shallow at best Trivial but richly adorned with noble speech Reeks of chivalry and charm But should I hate it? Hidden erotic desires The kind that causes women to gape at Men of Valour Expecting to be swept off their feet And bed only after being wed The adoration of many men Whofight to the death to protect a lady’s honour Afternoon teas, and lavish brunches Gossipsof birthright,and provinces Stolen kisses in dark corridors Secret rendezvous’ and playful romps in meadows Surreptitious notes and gifts Courtly Love, is it Love?

Scarlet Reverie She lies still, silent Head on her pillow with eyes tightly closed Thinking that it’s almost night She dare not open her eyes for fear of losing a moment’s thought She inhales deeply then does something mimicking a sigh And in that instant her exhale forms a silhouette of him She takes it in A perfect picture in her mind’s eye She draws closer, reaches over and rests her head on his chest She curls into his neck as he hugs her close She whispers “welcome back” He says “hi” She settles her beating heart anxious to hear everything But he is gone Behind heavy lids, she feels like a blind person whose staff is lost She tries to hold on, Now empty space feels caressed by eager fingers She reluctantly and gently opens her eyes to look at a blank wall The familiarity of her surroundings slowly sinking in She closes her eyes once more willing the feeling, the image to reappear Anything that would make her feelthat he is still there Nothing But his scent still lingers feeding air to her lungs and she is content knowing he’s home

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Woman in PAIN & SILENCE If you listen you can hear the loudest screams echoed in the stillness of words not uttered.

Clumsy Heart Clumsy heart Who fooled you so? To fall in love over yourself You tripped and tumbled, bumbled still All because of his devilish grin It was not to be but still you pressed Now your beating pain strains my chest With every pump, with every thud I pray for death to soothe neglect Awkward heart Oh how he sucked the joy right from your blood That keeps me warm and gives me life Freedom here is done In anguish now my body reels, No one knows the turmoil I feel Oh Inept heart what have you done You’ve cried away my hope In bondage veins I’m wrapped with strife Extend now your sting to my mind The same that told you not to fall Now begs for release to peaceful sleep Goodnight you pump no more

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Missionary Slave Is this the way you like it No struggle, no movement No rhythm, no writhe A follower I’ve become To your four post throne Doing what I am told Work, Work, Work Harder, Faster I’ve grown to accept the pounding Yet being on my back brings no comfort still Oh yes Master, are those the right words? Or do I defy with a No? Or Not There? Would you hear? Would you care? And what should happen If one day I protest And with womanly guile Suddenly become obsessed And switch roles of dominance In the midst of the set Would it hasten your soldiers to rush to their death? Is that the sad reason why you keep me in check? Back to reality with your scream of triumph As you roll to your corner a true victor, a ruler Wrapped in silk linen, but still I’m no queen You’ve punished the most intimate part of my being Paralyzed I lay with my back to your pain As I stare at the darkness, searching for cause I hear your snoring; it’s you who’ve lost Free from the pain, free till tomorrow Will some sweet prince rescue me from sorrow?

Tears in the Rain As I silently said goodbye And closed the pathway to my heart, it rained Warm, salty, sad showers A pouring out of daydreams An embrace of what is And so it rained Torrents of hurt, mingled with fear For I shall never feel this way again Life clouds appear blackened with qualm They cover hopeful skies, reminiscent of night It’s steady now A constant dripping making a mockery of music It stops only for me to remember happy spells Then returns with flowing beats Backed by darkness, soaking out the light I drift now to a place no mortal should venture Dark, wet, melancholy, settling Standing on the bridge of ultimate sacrifice Watching myself being washed away Swallowed up by reality and choices My anguished stained cheeks left glowingly numb I looked to the sun to dry its pain But the sun won’t come Since it’s through you that it shone Forever it will rain, hiding my pain

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