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REASONS WHY SELENIUM HAD BEEN SO POPULAR Software Testing is a must in the IT sector. Selenium is one of the highest tools used for that purpose and it offers a multitude of advantages to the customer. The testing performed with this tool is known as selenium testing and there are various reasons why you should decide on a course on Selenium Online Training.

The Various elements of Selenium are: · Selenium IDE, that lets you to make use of the selenium core whilst not having copied it in your own web server. The terminology used is Sienese, a unique language of this tool. · Selenium RC, which takes commands through HTTP from the server. You can use this to write evaluations of software without even knowing a programming language. · Selenium Web Driver, a cross platform frame. You can send commands to it, which will then be sent to a browser and outcomes will be recovered from the application. · Selenium Grid, which allows applications tests to use browsers which operate on remote systems. Here Are several reasons why selenium is so popular: · Selenium Internet Driver interacts with your own browser directly. Additionally, it has quite a rapid execution time. · Selenium RC (Remote Control) supports various new plugins and plugins of a completely developed API.

· Selenium Grid, which places to use the hub-and-nodes concept, can simultaneously examine run software’s in different browsers and surroundings. · The autocomplete feature that Selenium IDE boasts of helps complete tasks in a hassle-free manner. · Selenium, very importantly, supports a massive number of programming languages like Python and Java. This also helps the tool attain a larger range of audiences. · Among the major aspects which work in favor of selenium is the fact that it is a completely free tool and also has an open source. By doing The course on Selenium Online Training, you Will obtain knowledge which will assist you in many forthcoming ventures. The need for professionals who have knowledge about Selenium is rising day by day in The IT sector. For being a topnotch executive in the software area, understanding This tool is quite important. To carry on an effective career in testing, it is Advisable that you know Selenium well.

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