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A1. What is the purpose of this drawing/information? It’s a window schedule, intended for the builders if I’m not mistaken of a potential factory in Phillipi.


Who are the people for whom you have prepared this drawing/information?

Not sure about the intricate details, but it’s going to be for the service of making electrical pieces for.


Are there any other ways to provide the same drawing/information?

Yes via other types of programmes, such as Revit; Sketchup; Caddie; Photoshop or (old school) by hand.


Explain the purpose of every component of the drawing/information mean (for example, why do you put certain dimensions on a specific drawing?)

Every dimension has to be placed on the drawing so that the builders can see what type of windows and doors need to be placed in as well as how big the openings have to be.


How does the project and drawing reference system work in your office? Explain this diagrammatically.


How does your office find work on a sustainable basis?

Since Mr Joshua has been in the industry for more than 40yrs, he’s well-known in the community so there’s always work (just sometimes not as much as one would like=economy). Since he’s flexible he can go from a factory industrial structure to a residential and thankfully even sustainable building.-But mostly through word-of –mouth!


Analyse your office environment

It’s a standard ‘office environment’, lots of hardworking people BEHIND their computers!!!


How many people work there? Six people who occupy the office, including myself.


What are their respective responsibilities? Mr Joshua is the only architect in the office who oversees everything as well as does most of the designing, there are two senior technologists and then there’s ME the inexperienced intern, as well as a very loyal ‘supervisor’ and secretary.


How does the communication work in the office – who reports to whom etc.? Mr Joshua tells the supervisor what needs to be completed throughout the day, and then the supervisor(Dana) informs everybody what they are supposed to.

d. How are new projects tackled – who gets involved in which stages of the project? Mr Joshua does a quick design, and then each technologist does the refiner version of what he has laid out.

Revisionof work-window schedule  
Revisionof work-window schedule  

revision of work, window schedule of electro inductive industries