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Wichita Pride 2012

November 2012


Novacayne DeMornay (l) & Victoria Harris of El Dorado.

Barbara Smith of Wichita with her cool gold hat and pride scarf.

Donna Di Trani (l) & wife, Kerry Wilkes. The two were recently married at MCC church in Wichita.

Marty Cherry & Mishell Cranmer – volunteer for Wichita Pride.

Wichita Pride is sponsored in part by

Music Review

Debut CD:The Movement

From the Wichita Prime Timers; John Whitlock, Secretary and Rollin Dillinger, Treasurer.

‘Young Hungry Musicians’ hit the Wichita music scene - by Robin Dorner Editor in Chief The Movement: it did cause me to move. From the outset of the album, YHM spits with a combination of power and fi nesse. The passionate opener, “The Movement,” pours out something like an overture for equality, and in the background, Dr. Martin Luther King. This sets the concept for the project. The album punches into life with a series of sparky tracks. The brash and liberal voice of each of these five rising stars has carried me through traffic jams, highway and byways and has made me smile, sigh, laugh, rap, slap, dance and jam; right there in my car. The beat is hot, it’s rad, and it’s cool. You’ll love it. From the YHM FB page: ‘Young Hungry Musicians’ is a Music group/ YouTube Series about young talented singer/songwriters making a name for themselves and making good music

and covers on a budget! Episodes will show the struggles and the process it takes to record music from the ground level. 90% of YHM members have a dance background and have been vocally trained. YHM is not defined by a specific genre. The talent in the group can reach people from all walks of life. Whether you’re into Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, or Dance music you will find a member of the group that you can identify with. ‘Young Hungry Musicians’ has

Young Hungry Musicians: (l to r) Morgan McCray, Jordan Randall, Taylor Hass, Sandy Paylor and Alexis Unruh.)

been active since July 2012 and have plans to join the Wichita music scene and create something different that can appeal to all audiences. Look out, there’s a great future in store for this young talent from

Wichita. YHM is what’s fly in that Air Capitol City. For booking infor mation or to purchase CD’s, please e-mail YoungHungryMusicians@gmail. com.

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