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November 2012


VOTE Nov. 6th! Vote like your future depends on it; it does! - by Rob Howard Gayly Political Columnist In the last four days for a variety of reasons, I’ve been on all three coasts (east, west, and gulf) and in western Canada.I’ve been in six of North America’s major cities. Everywhere I went I encountered normal people going about their business. They didn’t ask whether I am a Democrat or a Republican. They didn’t ask if I am an immigrant documented or not. They weren’t concerned that they were serving white, black or brown people, nor were the customers in line concerned that people of all races were serving them. Normal people going about their normal lives. But besides doing all these normal things people in both the US and Canada are transfixed by our Presidential election. As part of my travel saga, I

had an astonishing aerial view of Washington, D.C. There below me were the Capitol, the Washington monument, the White House, the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials and the Pentagon. All these buildings serve as both monuments to the revolutionary ideals of a democratic Republic, and to our astonishing power in the world. And yet the city that houses these buildings is paralyzed by partisan conflict that we may not have seen since our tragic Civil War 150 years ago. I blame the Republican Party for this sad state of affairs. Since 1994 they have labored to marginalize the Democratic Party. They fought President Clinton for eight years, defeating a well thought out national health care effort and finally impeaching the president in a craven political move that was doomed to failure from the start.

They stole the 2000 election by staging fake riots in Florida to stop vote recounts. In 2004, they conducted what up until then was the most dishonest campaign in our history against John Kerry.

hatred of President Obama.

When Barack Obama was elected in a landslide in 2008, their leaders met on the day he was inaugurated to consider how they could doom his presidency. They have fought every initiative the President has proposed, even though many of his proposals were originally Republican ideas.

Mitt Romney has lied about the President continuously starting with his first campaign ad. He has never taken a position on any issue that he can hold for more than a few days, sometimes a few hours. Paul Ryan, the Vice Presidential nominee, is the most radical candidate that the GOP has ever put forward to the electorate.

They have long ago abandoned the job they were elected to. That job is to work with the other party in Congress and with the President to govern our country. They were not elected to toe the party line. They were not elected to subvert the reasoned political process our founding fathers gave us. They were elected to govern and they have walked away from that job because they have an unreasoning

Their nominees for President and Vice President have conducted a campaign of lies that makes the 2004 election look like the most honest effort in our history.

I could fill this page with a list of the dangerous ideas Romney and Ryan represent but by now, you should know them all. I’ll just summarize by saying they want to destroy our social programs , set women’s and gay rights back 50 years , enrich the See VOTE, page 12

Rob Howard politically has been a conservative, liberal, independent, Democrat, moderate Republican, and most recently (since 1982), is now a very liberal Democrat. He has been an LGBT activist since 1984, and a senior activist since 2004. He has served organization such as Prime Timers Worldwide, it’s Central Oklahoma chapter, Cimarron Alliance, DBA Metro Business Assn, and Respect Diversity Foundation.

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