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November 2012

Thanksgiving is a breeze

All it takes is a guest list, a game plan, and your incredible sense of style!

WM looking for roommate/houseboy and personal assistant to share three bed, two bath El Reno home. Homeowner is 48 y.o, blind & insulin dependent who - by Scotty Irani has a paid part time position with income Gayly Food Columnist available to cover rent and utilities includGuest List: Do not forget the blood ing cable and internet. Must pass OSBI relatives. Look, they love us. Even check, have FT day job and own auto. No though Aunt Sissy may not understand smoking drugs or drag. Prefer non-heavy why she and your mother are the only drinker. Call Kent at (405) 295-2115. Help Wanted LCDA (Latino Agency) has a JOB OPPENING for a Bilingual (Spanish/ English) Outreach Worker for the HIV/ AIDS prevention program. Administer outreach, education and testing to Hispanic youth, LGBT community and people at high risk of HIV infection. Fulltime, flexible to work some evenings, Saturdays or Sundays. Send resume to T-Girls Night Out

females at the table, they love you, and should be included. Also, if your bestie Tyler starts to hit on your mother’s second husband, probably better to switch to water instead of spirits. Importantly, this year whatever you do, do not bring up politics. However the Presidential election goes November 6, chances are Mamaw and Papaw are not going to want to see President Obama’s face on the bottom of their dinner plate. Change the subject. Food is less likely to digest properly when angry. Gravy always goes better going down, instead of up.

Transgender support group meets the 2nd Saturday of each month at the Ledo Game Plan: Plan your menu ahead Lounge, Habana Inn, 2200 NW 40th St. of time. With a house full of people, OKC. Everyone from the tri-state Gayly now is not the time to try smoked readership is invited. Call John at (405) oyster dressing with roasted chest525-0730 for inquiries.

nuts. Ask mamaw for her cornbread dressing recipe, or better yet, ask her to make it. There is nothing wrong in delegating menu items. Stick to what

you know, and what you and your family likes. Thanksgiving is basically one protein, and all carbs. Yes, the French fried onions on Green Bean Casserole is a carb. Go shopping NOW! Stock up on Butter, Chicken Stock, anything cranberry, onions, and sweet potatoes/canned yams. The day before Thanksgiving, grocery stores are packed, and sparse on those items. Some items like dressing, stuffing, gravy, and mashed potatoes can be made ahead of time and frozen. THAW YOUR TURKEY SLOWLY; in the fridge is ideal at least four days before cooking. Do not leave it out all day on the counter, and do not think you can pop it in the microwave to defrost. You will end up sending your best friend’s new boyfriend to the hospital. Your Sense of Style: Keep it simple, Mary. Handmade Cornucopia with seasonal hand glittered, LED lit, bounty flowing out on the dining-room table looks good, but it gets in the way. Go for a simple flower arrangement. Do your

favorite florist a favor: Call at least a week before with your floral needs. Chances are they are already in full swing of Christmas and swamped. Speaking of, if your tradition states that you MUST put the Christmas tree up on Thanksgiving, do not wait until after the meal. Carbs and L-Tryptophan from the turkey will be kicking in, and you will not get that sucker up. Especially if you are counting on your best friend and your mother’s second husband to help... who have mysteriously disappeared. Happy Thanksgiving, friends. Much love to you and yours.

Chef Scotty holds degrees in both Hotel Restaurant Administration & Culinary Arts. Scotty consults on menus and designs, and also owns a Personal Chef business. Additionally, he works as a consultant for restaurant openings in Oklahoma City, San Francisco, and Boston.

State questions for Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas on Nov.6 - By Ken Townsend Listed below are the state questions that will be on the November 6th ballot in the Gayly readership area of Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas. These questions will be worded on the ballot in a manner meant to the influence the vote of the uninformed. So, we urge you to go to the Gayly website and read the full text of each question and follow the links to sites that will argue the pros and cons of each question. Some of these questions probably should be passed, but, as always there will be some that are just scary. We urge you to vote, but vote informed. For more information go to

the Gayly website at OKLAHOMA SQ 758: Reduces Property Tax Valuation Cap

KANSAS LRCA Boat Property Tax Amendment ARKANSAS

SQ 759: Bans Affirmative Action

Issue 1: Authorizes a half-cent sales tax in the state

SQ 762: Removes the governor from the parole process for nonviolent offenses

Issue 2: Authorizes cities and counties to develop districts for redevelopment projects

SQ 764: $300M bonding authority in case of water and sewage treatment loan defaults

Issue 3: Authorizes casinos for the state

SQ 765: Eliminates the Oklahoma Human Services Commission SQ 766: Exempts intangible property from property taxes

Issue 4: Authorizes a casino in seven state counties Issue 5: Allows for the use of medical marijuana

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