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Experience Transformation Life Coach on Location Dr. Stacia getting photographed for her cover shoot.


hange has come for us all and in these times it’s smart to search for new beginnings. During the last two years I have experienced a tremendous amount of personal transformation, inside and out, which has led to a much satisfied end. I’ve discovered what real success requires and am living out my biggest dream. I want the same for you! Therefore, this year I have taken my own two-year process and transposed it into a three day, fail-proof program for your total success. Your three day life coaching sessions also includes best-selling author Lynette Lewis, “Dr. Increase” Bob Harrison, and Grammy award winner CeCe Winans. All will contribute to your outstanding experience alongside myself and the Transformation 2010 team. The morning life-coaching sessions, top notch networking opportunities and overflow of inspiration will make The Experience Transformation 2010 the “don’t miss event of the year!” On Friday the Enterprising Luncheon will help you become a more productive, solution-oriented superstar in all areas of your life! I realize that some think fashion is frivolous and weight issues aren’t heavy; however I’ve learned better. Image has the ability to transform your life from one level to the next. Therefore, I have created several experiences that will teach you over-the-top image tips from top stylists, and help you create a look that will boost your confidence and your bank account. If you want to become a brand new, unstoppable you, come spend three days with me. Your presence and participation will send you full speed ahead to a life unlimited. Get your tickets today. I am personally awaiting your arrival!

Dr. Stacia Pierce

BOLD & BEAUTIFUL Accessories from rock Dr. Stacia’s new Look

The Party’s Poppin! Superstar Nail Lacquer ($10.00) in Party Purple made Dr. Stacia’s Nails Pop!

Coaching in Couture Hot off the runway designer pieces for Dr. Stacia’s photos.


Stacia: My Life In Style is the new best-seller which chronicles the fabulous life of America’s #1 Lifestyle & Success Coach

FLASH FORWARD Final touches before getting in front of the camera!

Conference Agenda May 27th thru May 29th, 2010 All conference sessions held at The Lansing Center unless otherwise noted. Maximize your experience by arriving Wednesday. If you are a first-time attendee, please join us for a reception in your honor Wednesday evening at 8:00pm at the Radisson Hotel.

Wednesday, May 26 Special reception for first time attendees Wednesday 8:00pm

3:00-6:00pm Early Bird Registration (Radisson Hotel) 8:00-9:00pm First-Timers Reception (Radisson Hotel first floor lobby)

Thursday, May 27 8:30am – Registration 9:30am – In your seat for live music and important information 10:00am – Session 1 – Makeover to a Brand New You 11:00am – Session 2 – Girls Gone Global: Sync your Style with Today’s Technology 12:00 noon – Session 3 – Style Your Life On Purpose with Lynette Lewis Break 6:30pm – In your seat for live music and important information

7:00pm – Main Event with Dr. Stacia Pierce 10:00pm – Girls Night Out Beauty & Shopping Event

Friday, May 28 8:30am – Registration 9:30am – In your seat for live music and important information Morning BONUS - Learn important information about the upcoming “How to Write a Book Workshop” 10:00am – Session 1 Design Your Dream Life: Dr. Stacia Pierce 11:00am – Session 2 The Glamour of Health & Wealth 12:00pm – Session 3 LIFE COACHING LIVE with Dr. Stacia Pierce 1:00-3:00pm The Art of Enterprise Luncheon hosted by Dr. Stacia’s Enterprising Network Break 6:30pm –In your seat for live music and important information

7:00pm - Main Event with Dr. Stacia Pierce Launch Party – Immediately following Main Event

Saturday, May 29 9:30am Registration 10:00am–2:00pm Fashion Event (Complimentary with purchase of your conference ticket) Featuring a fashion show and live performances.

Sunday, May 30 Bonus Session Held at Life Changers, 3000 West Miller Road 10:00am–Keynote Session – Special Guest BOB HARRISON

ARIANA PIERCE will simultaneously host The Encounter conference for young adults 13-21 (teens and college students). Morning sessions begin at 10:00am in The Lansing Center Ballrooms.

The Experience

Thursday, May 27th T


Pierce Life Coach Dr. Stacia shares how to make immediate and lasting change.

Kickstart Your Morning with America’s #1 Lifestyle & Success Coach!

MORNING WORKSHOPS BEGIN AT 10:00am with Dr. Stacia

Join Dr. Stacia and experience life coaching lessons that will lead to your total success. Her unique perpective and valuable insight will help you advance faster, higher and create a better life.

9:30 am in your seat for live music and important information 10:00 am Session 1: Makeover to a Brand New You Upgrade yourself and revolutionize your life

11:00 am Session 2: Girls Gone Global Sync your style with today’s technology Best-Selling author and branding expert Lynette Lewis

12:00 pm Session 3: Style Your Life On Purpose Special Guest: Best-Selling Author Lynette Lewis Discover purpose, develop passion and live your dreams

EVENING SESSION BEGINS AT 7:00pm Keynote Speaker: Dr. Stacia Pierce Musical Guest: CeCe Winans Enjoy an evening with Dr. Stacia and experience a revolution of sight, sound and life solutions. Come early to secure your seat. You won’t want to miss a minute of this opening night celebration!

Girls Night Out: Beauty & Shopping Event begins at 10:00pm Shop like a mega-star at minimum prices. Style Shoppe’s exclusive on-site boutique, filled with runway-worthy clothes, accessories and beauty products, is your chance to gain rich girl’s beauty on a real girls budget. Register to be eligible to win a Style Shoppe swag bag filled with glamour goodies!

The Experience Friday, May 28th

Wake Up To Success! MORNING WORKSHOPS BEGIN AT 10:00am with Dr. Stacia

Don’t miss day two of your personal life coaching sessions with America’s #1 Life Coach!

9:30 am in your seat for live music and important information 10:00 am Session 1: Design Your Dream Life Envision the best you, live your best life

11:00 am Session 2: The Glamour of Health & Wealth Increase your energy, improve your health and prosper

12:00 pm Session 3: Life Coaching LIVE w/ Dr. Stacia

1:00pm-3:00pm The Art of Enterprise Network Luncheon with Dr. Stacia Pierce The Girl’s Guide to Getting What You Want: Get creative, produce more, achieve your goals and enjoy life. Attend this top-notch networking opportunity to gain valuable insight and practical ideas for personal and professional growth. TICKETS $35.00

EVENING SESSION BEGINS AT 7:00pm Keynote Speaker: Dr. Stacia Pierce

Experience an evening with Dr. Stacia full of mind-expanding experiences and live performances that will launch your life to the next level. Come early to keep your seat. Stylish Duo Join Dr. Stacia (shown with daughter Ariana) for an incredible evening in celebration of beautiful living.

My Life In Style Party 10:00pm til 12 midnight

Come join Dr. Stacia and enjoy an unforgettable evening of celebration, culture and couture.

$35 Party Ticket includes: Live performances and a light meal.

The Experience Saturday, May 29th

Rock the Runway

fashion extravaganza


Saturday 10am -12 noon People rate you within the first five seconds of being in your presence. Come enjoy our runway presentation that will help create a winning image that will open the door for you to succeed in all you do. Don’t cut your experience short. Be here and enjoy a fashion extravaganza that will transform your look and your life! Live performances * Fashion Show This event is free with your conference ticket, while seats are available. Please indicate on your registration form if you plan to attend in order to reserve your seat.

What’s New

Come prepared to gather new tools from Dr. Stacia Pierce to help you transform your life. NEW RELEASES!

30 Days To A Brand New You! In this Do-it-Yourself 4 CD life coaching kit, you’ll discover how to heighten your strengths and rid yourself of weak areas. Recreate your brand, produce more and become your creative best as Dr. Stacia walks you through this incredible daily program.

Inspired to Succeed Soon to be a classic, this book will train and inspire you to stay on the success track and make daily progress.

Stacia: My Life In Style Get an inside look into the glamorous life of Life Coach, Dr. Stacia Pierce and discover the secrets to her expertise. You’ll be intrigued, inspired and entertained as she reveals all of the components that create her fabulous and fashionable lifestyle.


Ariana Pierce

Teens and college students: join Ariana Pierce: 4.0 student, million-dollar CEO, fashionista, success coach for Generation Next and host of Encounter 2010 for a 72-hour experience that will transform your world!

The only place on the planet where swag and good success collide! Encounter success you can duplicate! You’ll Learn How to: Find Friends That Lift your Life Make Money and Maintain your Morals Get Clarity and Direction for your Life Make Your Life Matter


twitter@aritheheiress ENCOUNTER Sessions 10am-12noon Evening Events begin at 7:00pm Fashion Event & Concert Saturday at 10:00am TICKETS $25.00

Special Guest Star of hit television series:

Everybody Hates Chris

Register now at:

Inside Look

Ask Dr. Stacia

You asked and America’s #1 Life & Style Coach answered all the buzz about becoming your best!


How do you get so much done?

Dr. Stacia: Well, you definitely must

come to the conference; where I will expose all of my productivity secrets. However, it all starts with my Purpose Portfolio. It’s my foundational tool to help you visualize your goals, stay on track and get your dreams done daily.


Fashion & Fragrance Loves: I’m Loving...

Louis Vuitton. Marc Jacobs is a genius! Also I’m having a Balmain moment and love Gucci for wardrobe staples. Totally love YSL, Louboutin, and Giuseppe Zanotti shoes! For fragrance, I love my own: Inspire. I wear it daily. I created something I could live with long term.

How did your style evolve?

Dr. Stacia: Being a student of fashion. That’s why I’m so proud I created The Image Course. The currriculum teaches you to transform your image from the inside out. Over the years, exposure to image experts inspired me to master my style and dress for my dreams. Now, I’m able to inspire others with my brand new blog, Any Given Sunday. It’s a photo journal of my Sunday morning style choices and chic life coaching notes.

Q. What are you obsessed with right now?

Dr. Stacia: New projects! Superstar Nail Lacquer, which I created with

Must Have:

My Purpose Portfolio

I can plan and visualize my future daily. Every successful person uses this process, so I’ve packaged it for easy daily use. It’s my number one tool for success.

my daughter, is making its way into mass-market retail stores. My new clothing line, Superstar Couture, is launching at the conference. I’m also in the midst of releasing a line of do-it-yourself Life Coaching kits on CD. The newest is 30 Days to a Brand New You.


What are you writing right now?

Dr. Stacia: I’m wrapping up my next book- Stacia, My Life in Style. In

this book, I share the secrets to my creativity and coaching skills. I reveal how my methods and motivation have been cultivated over time through my travels, family rituals and life experiences. You’ll learn a lot and be inspired.


Why do you think your last book The Weight is Over did so well?

Dr. Stacia: It’s about truth. I dropped from a size 16 to a 4/6 and conquered the one thing that used to hold me back. I then discovered the truth: everything that you desire is on the other side of what you won’t do. This book helps you to do a serious evaluation of what you need to change.

Pet Project:

My Dream Weight

My program helps thousands of women succeed in weight loss and wellness.


How has your transformation improved your life’s work? Dr. Stacia: I am able to produce much more! I have TV and film projects in the works. My Life Coaching

Retreat starts this year. I’m taking 25 people away with me to an exclusive, personal coaching camp. So many things are progressing simultaneously-- whew! (laughs) Before I transformed myself, I couldn’t have done what I’m doing now!


Who needs a Life Coach?

Dr. Stacia: Every person who’s in any sort of transformation or reinvention process can benefit from a life

coach. If you want expert advice to help you go to a new level in a short period of time, then be at the conference and let me coach you to success!

The Experience

10:00am Sunday, May 30th Super Sunday with Drs. James & Stacia Pierce and special guest “Increase Activist” Bob Harrison

Join Drs. James & Stacia Pierce for Super Sunday as they welcome special guest Bob Harrison.

Best-selling author and noted seminar/conference speaker, Bob Harrison speaks to audiences of up to 20,000 people and more. He has sold over one million teaching tapes/CDs on “Increase Thinking.” Mr. Harrison is also well-known for his “Increase Events” held in Florida, California and Hawaii each year that attract leaders and achievers from across the globe. Come and conclude your experience by learning how to increase in every area of your life.

Held at Life Changers Christian Center 3000 West Miller Road * Lansing, MI 48911

2010 REGISTRATION * Deadline May 1st

One form per person please all ticket prices increase by $10 after the registration date

To Register: Call, Fax or Mail this form with payment to: The Experience 2010 3000 West Miller Rd. Lansing, MI 48911 * Fax 517-393-8236 Name: _____________________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________________ City: ____________________________________ State: _______________ Zip:__________ Phone (day): ______________________ Email: ___________________________________ Payment Method: Credit Card:



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Yes I am attending the Saturday Fashion Event

Card Holder’s Signature:______________________________________________________________ Card Holder’s Phone #: ______________________________________________________________ Name as it appears on Card:___________________________________________________________

I am a 1st time attendee and will be attending the welcome reception held Wednesday 8-9pm at the Radisson

$65 Conference $25 Young Adults Conference $35 Friday Enterprising Network Luncheon

$35 My Life In Style Party Ticket

For office use only: Date: ___________ C#_____ P#_____ L#_____ YC#_____ Total Amount Paid: $ _________ Ticket Host:____________________________ Conference held at: The Lansing Center 333 E. Michigan Ave. Lansing, MI 48933

Accomodations Radisson Hotel Lansing 111 N. Grand Avenue, Lansing, Michigan 48933 Reservations: (888) 201-1718

For Group Sales call: 517-393-9860 To register online log on to:

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May 27-29. 2010