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IN BROAD STROKES Twenty-three-year-old fashion illustrator Kornia Debosz tells us what being a fashion illustrator is like. S TO R Y BY J A R E D C A R L M I L L A N

At first glance one would probably see the intricate details with which each of her artworks are highlighted, the elaborate details which fills the paper. On closer inspection one would probably take notice of the broad, bold strokes with which the details are framed. As a result, her artworks, although inherently minimalistic, pop out of the page. Kornelia Debosz is a twenty-three-year-old Polish fashion illustrator, and despite that title, we found out, being in fashion isn’t synonymous to fast-paced and glamorous and hustle and bustle like we have been lead by the media to believe. Hi, Kornelia! How are you? Hi! I am really good. Thank you! Just finding [a way to exprerss] myself. I hope I do it well. Where are you right now, and what were you doing? Waiting for you to bother me.


Who is Kornelia Debosz? I am a polish fashion illustrator. I live in a pretty place called Kraków in the south of Poland. I am turning 24 soon, and I am passionate about art and fashion together.


Stache October 2013  

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