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Melbourne–a city known for having “four seasons in one day” due to its erratic weather–holds many wonders and little treasures in its nooks and crannies. From a quirky prints store in Degraves Street, to the graffitied walls of Hosier Lane, Melbourne has quickly made its way to the top of my list of favorite places in the world. My most recent trip to Melbourne spanned from the 2nd of October to the 18th, but it wasn’t my first time there. It was my third. My first trip to Melbourne and Australia in general was a family vacation; we went to Gold Coast, Sydney, and then ultimately, Melbourne. By the time we got to the final leg of our trip, we were far too tired to go around the city and stayed within the area of our hotel. My second time, we went for one sole reason–to see Birdy live. I went with my mother, my best friend, and my sisterin-law, and this time, we were determined to explore the city. We stayed with my s their beautiful home, and we went out of town to Dalesford and the picturesque Lavandula farm for a picnic. Finally, on my third and most recent visit, I actually got to truly explore the city. My mother and I spent the first few days hotel-hopping on our feet, save for the occasional tram and City Circle rides. Getting lost in a city unknown to me has al-

ways been one of my greatest fears, but if the said city would be Melbourne, then I honestly don’t mind. Every street, alleyway, and corner held a hidden gem, may it be a quaint café or a brick wall with a peculiar artwork painted over it. The city’s noise–the bustling streets, the honking of cars, the chatter of people–is the heartbeat of the city. It is proof that it is alive, and to be a part of all of that was such a thrill; it was all too refreshing. This trip had actually been planned for over a year, when my mom purchased tickets to the October 3rd concert of One Direction at the Rod Laver Arena early on in 2012. Immediately after the concert, I was gifted with a sound check package ticket to the concert on the 17th, by the same uncles I stayed with the last time. To say that I was excited would be an understatement. In the middle of my entire trip, between the first concert and the second, we drove to Mt. Olinda and stayed in a bed and breakfast for four days. We visited a tulip farm, a dairy farm, and two different wineries, all of which are pictured in the following pages. Calling the view my eyes beheld simply as ‘beautiful’ would do it no justice. It was a sight I never wanted to forget, and it honestly filled up my inspiration meter.

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