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Probably the most valued aspect of living here is having freedom of speech which is highly manifested in the metal music genre. Although Norway is quite invisible to the outside world, in the underground metal society it’s greatly known for producing great music from the late 80s and the early 90s, leading to most of the youth having some sort of relationship to the metal genre. To sum up a country in just a few words is close to impossible. Norway is as diverse as any other country, with its own culture, climate and nature. Being a citizen of this country consists of being closely knit to other parts of Europe, having our own bond with the other Scandinavian countries, while ultimately being exclusively Norwegians and proud of it.


Stache October 2013  

Fashion issue with fashion illustrator Daryl Feril on the cover. Also featuring Sunny Gu, Karolina Debosz, articles on routines, introspecti...