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a whole through the ice on a lake. Although this is the stereotype of Norwegian cabin life, most people now enjoy all the luxuries they’ve got at home in their cabins. Additionally, we share many similarities with our neighbours in Denmark and Sweden, as we can understand their language. A Swede once characterized us as being “the last soviet state”, while most Americans would surely characterize Norway as communistic. Although we are a socialist country, we are greatly influenced by American culture as well.


a “vorspiel” (a party before the party), then you head out to a club or a bar which closes at 3 in the morning, which leads to a lot of people going to a so-called “nachspiel”, or an afterparty. We’re said to be born with skis on our feet. Although it’s a bit overstated, it is quite true for me. A lot of Norwegians have cabins in the mountains, often shared with the extended family. My family’s cabin is situated in Middle Norway, far up in the mountains, a nine-hour drive north from Oslo followed by two hours of skiing up hill. The cabin has no power, and drinking water has to be retrieved by drilling


Stache October 2013  
Stache October 2013  

Fashion issue with fashion illustrator Daryl Feril on the cover. Also featuring Sunny Gu, Karolina Debosz, articles on routines, introspecti...