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“In 2011 I studied one trimester in Edinburgh and even before I went there I just knew it would be the type of place I would love; the feeling of a second home and somewhere you would always want to come back to, visit over and over again and just discover as much as possible of it! And I was right. Edinburgh is just as magical as you might imagine, with all the old buildings and hidden alleys and the constant presence of the sound of bagpipes (and somehow, always the scent of popcorn in the air). You can clearly see where the inspiration for the Harry Potter books came from - it’s like being in one of them. The surrounding mountains (and extinct volcanoes), always visible in the horizon, is probably a contributor to the overall magical feeling of the city too. Not to mention the castle, high up on it’s old volcano in the middle of the city.”



Stache October 2013  

Fashion issue with fashion illustrator Daryl Feril on the cover. Also featuring Sunny Gu, Karolina Debosz, articles on routines, introspecti...