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“We fought the good fight, we just didn’t win,” said Boehner. But he also promised, “Our drive to stop the train wreck that is Obama’s health care law will continue.”

Ten minutes before midnight — As September 30, 2013 came to a close, the heated legislative ping pong between the Republican-dominated Congress and the Democrat-held Senate of the United States of America did not.

Obama’s health care plan which requires health insurance for all citizens. Opponents have slammed the plan as harmful for employers, while Democrats argue that it would save a lot of health care trouble and expenses.

Both bodies could not agree on a spending bill allotting government expenses for the new financial year, which begins annually on October 1st. At a stalemate and way past their deadline, funds could not be released — forcing government offices to close, thousands of workers to stay home, and a shutdown of the state.

Today’s holdup closed down government agencies and some public services. The military, security personnel, and other workers deemed “essential” by the state stayed on the job; officials in the House and Senate continued to receive their wages as well. Among the 800 000 Americans who woke up to an unpaid and indefinite leave from work were a projected 400 000 Pentagon workers, 18 000 NASA employees, and the managers, rangers, and workers of museums, parks, and libraries.


This came to an end on October 16, a day before the deadline to raise the debt ceiling, when the Congress agreed to a Senate deal at a 285-144 vote. But why couldn’t the government agree on something before, and what happened during the sixteen day in-between?


Costs and losses The dispute traces back to Obamacare, President Barack

The shutdown cost the government $24 billion, said financial hunting company Standard and Poor’s. TIME reported $152 million and $76 million lost daily in travel spending and the shutting down of National Parks respectively.

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