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Because fashion condemns an offender, but style breaks the rules and embraces the felony.

be used sparingly or otherwise. But what’s important about style is that the voice that says “Get this!” and “Wear that!” doesn’t have to come from the shiny magazine spreads; it can come from what you have in your closet and what your mirror thinks is good for you, even if the rest of the house thinks otherwise. And you’re perfectly alright with that. Being stylish is more a recognition of your own criteria, rather than the world’s. And isn’t that we all want? To become our own icon of style? To shatter the illusion of rules and commit our own “crimes,” all in the name of Style? Because fashion condemns an offender, but style breaks the rules and embraces the felony. Accepting the trends is not a necessity, but accepting your own style is probably indispensable. It is in recognizing your personal preferences when it comes to your sense of style that helps you break the rules—to actually make your own.


society by the media, who likewise take their cue from culture and society. How many times have we seen fashion designers find inspiration for their collections in the most ordinary things found in our normal, everyday consciousness? And how many times have we seen shows, and songs, and movies inspired by these very creations? It’s a vicious cycle. It’s a dog running after its own tail. The catwalk thinks this is trendy, because the sidewalks think this is trendy, because the catwalk thinks this is trendy. It’s a myth. But what I think is real, however, is the fact that in many ways, the way we dress really is an extension of how we see ourselves. And this is where style comes in. Fashion is rendered useless without the individual’s application—and this is hugely dependent on the one’s own flair, and taste. Style is an expression, a medium. Fashion is the pen, style is the calligraphy. Whereas the rules and the trends seem like the law, style is the jurisprudence—it is the careful study of what the material is out there, and understanding what it means to accept or reject them. However, style doesn’t necessarily preclude following the trends. It can mean recognizing them or not, it can


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