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When pork barrel queen Janet Napoles surrendered, everyone was relieved. Everyone wanted her at the stake, and as far as everyone is concerned, she was on her way there. But weeks and months have already passed, and nothing is yet to be done on the matter. She was first put under public scrutiny when her daughter, 21-year-old Jeane, regularly blogged about her lavish lifestyle in the US. So when Janet’s photos with Philippine senators made its rounds online, they were immediately involved in what seems to be the biggest political scam the country has ever seen since GMA’s sensationalized “Hello Garci” scandal. Napoles is currently under medical treatment for health issues, using a technique popular amongst Filipino politicians to escape certain national issues they’re faced with.

Rockstar has released, quite possibly, the most anticipated game of the year: Grand Theft Auto V. Earning a whopping $1 billion in its first three days, the game earned generally positive reviews from gamers and critics alike. Grand Theft Auto V continues the franchise’s reputation of providing reckless fun and sinful freedom. Introducing three new characters to vicariously live your life through, you can take part in elaborate heists and run over as many innocent bystanders as you like. A tried-and-tested formula, Rockstar has yet again succeeded in building a world that is a joy to explore. If you’re looking for a virtual cops-and-robbers game, GTA V will give you more than your money’s worth.



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