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The Kickstarter for wanderlusts, Trevolta is a newly launched website that aims to make a traveller’s extraordinary ideas for expeditions to come true. How, you ask? Well, Trevolta projects can be backed up by other people (like you and I) who are inspired by the proposal, or sponsors that are looking for marketing opportunities and/or brand awareness. According to their website, ‘all trips will be covered in Trevolta blogs, where the travelling team will be posting photos, notes and videos on the go, preserving the attention of the crowd and allowing sponsors to leverage from that attention.’ So if any of our readers have been itching to go on one of the trips on their bucket lists or are looking for something new and exciting to follow – Trevolta is for you!

The road Miley Cyrus’s life had recently taken makes us question if there is a fixed path for young women in Hollywood to take. It started with her video for “We Can’t Stop,” where we saw a more mature, more provocative Miley. She pushed the envelope even further during her performance at the VMAs where she twerked her way through. But when one thinks about it, before there was Miley, there was Amanda. Before Amanda, there was Lindsay, and even before that was Britney. This turn of events shouldn’t be that surprising if you’re well acquainted with the machinations of young Hollywood. However, it still is uncomfortable to see someone we practically grew up watching and was shoved into our faces as a role model become someone we don’t want to see.

Stache October 2013  
Stache October 2013  

Fashion issue with fashion illustrator Daryl Feril on the cover. Also featuring Sunny Gu, Karolina Debosz, articles on routines, introspecti...