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First of all, hello! How are you guys doing? We’re doing fine, thank you. Before we begin, I, and the rest of the team, want to know: what do they feed you in Sweden? There are so many great musical acts from Sweden that we are beginning to wonder. We usually drink a lot of white wine and eat avocados with cottage cheese and do pushups. It works very well for us. Okay, so tell us who Karl X Johan is, and what “Karl X Johan” means exactly? Karl X Johan is just a fancy way of saying Karl Jönsson and Johan Tuvesson. How did the duo come to be, and what were you guys doing before making music more or less professionally? We bumped into each other in 2006 while touring with [music] other projects. Over the years we slowly started hanging out and decided to form the in 2010. By then we’d already worked on Flames for over a year. The rest is history. Your music has a very distinct hip-hop feel to it, and yet it is still an altogether different sound. How would you guys describe your music? Well, of the modern contemporary music out there, we mostly get inspired by hiphop and RnB. But we also have a deep knowledge of pop music history, from which we also draw inspiration.


Who are you guys’ biggest musical influences? We aren’t aware of who we’re trying to imitate anymore. We just ride along with spirit of music.

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Did you guys always want to be musicians, even when you were younger? Yes.

Tell us about your creative process. Do you have any rituals or routines to get you “into the zone,” or is it a spontaneous thing? It’s a slow process of spontaneous moments in which we gradually build the songs. What’s the experience like being under “Emotion?” Everyone at the label is an old friend of ours, from before Karl X Johan and Emotion, so it’s all very natural. There is a gap of more or less a year between singles. What is the reason behind this? We set out to make classics every single time with every single song. That is what we want to do. When you think of it that way time is not important. You guys won a Swedish Grammy for the music video of “Flames” in 2012. Can you tell us the story behind it? Did you guys have a hand in the process of making it? The director, Gustav, heard the song at a night club here in Stockholm. He contacted us the same night and said that he just had to make a video for the song and that he didn’t care about money. It’s his idea and we didn’t have a hand in making it. We’re just glad he did. What do you guys do on your spare time? The music always finds a way into all aspects of our daily lives, so we don’t really see it as work and spare time. Anything you can share with us about Karl X Johan’s future? New music videos? Tours? A full-length album? We’re currently working on our debut album, so that is our main focus. But we will release other things beside that project. We’ve got exciting times ahead!

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