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Before taking a break, 18year old Robyn embodies a tamed down “grunge” taking the messy button downs tied around the waist to a modern look but still looking effortlessly cool.

Upon the release of a new album and a label she founded, Konichiwa, Robyn keeps a cozy wardrobe featuring neutral palettes and relaxed pieces. 2008 serves as the “bridge” before her risk taking adventures.

By 2010, Robyn’s style recalls the fashion of the late 1980’s to 1990’s that features cropped bomber jackets, Doc Martens and graphic t-shirts. Capturing inspiration from her personal style hero—Neneh Cherry— she starts lifting inspiration from old school rave culture and vintage London street wear.

With the revival of 90’s style, Robyn remains loyal to her original flair but keeps the balance by adding feminine delicate pieces to her everyday wardrobe.



Stache October 2013  

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