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At the start of The Killer’s career, Brandon Flowers was known for his excessive use of eyeliner and jewel toned blazers. He experimented throughout the years wearing jackets from the runway of Dior Homme when it was still under Hedi Slimane.

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With the utilization of more bling in his wardrobe and more Sgt. Pepper blazers, Flowers’ style was said to be a result of a subconscious need to make an extra effort to never go unnoticed.

Upon releasing Flamingo, he exposed a simple, honest side to his fashion. Sporting a bit more scruff, simple buttondowns and suspenders; almost a boy-next-door look but still keeping that standard Flowersglam.

After the release of Battle Born, The Killers’ new album, Brandon Flowers kept the flair of simplicity adding minimal pieces of bold-colored blazers and corduroy jeans finishing it with bootlace ties.

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