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so here it is again! The time of the year when the worl gets divided smoothly as if Moses touched his magical stick on the ground. On the red corner, we have the romantically happy couples that feed on each other’s coupley coupleness. And on the bluer-than-blue corner, the single people who may or may not treat the said singleness as an ongoing burden. Whichever category you belong to, we’re sure you will appreciate what we have in store for you! Despite the whole awkwardness during the ‘love month’ that is February, we can all agree that we all love great photography and art so what more can we give you than our wonderful cover couple, Ryan and Garovs from Everywhere We Shoot. The ecclectic couple has more than love to bind them together, but the gods of art also agreed that they should combing their prowess and make wonderful artwork. The whole shoot was a wonderful experience with Garovs’ bringing her amazing collection of clothes and Ryan’s camera and ideas. Their website recently undergone reconstruction and you can check it out now at For this issue, we also have different looks for certain date nights with a wonderful make-up regimen that can go all year long. Leave it to our fashion section to keep you up-to-date with what’s hot in the industry. Our first fashion semi-editorial (shot by the fabulous Pat Nabong) is also a hit with pieces from Fifth Code and Pirouette. We could also get a little bit nostalgic with the cheesiness of the boy bands of the 90s. Just a quick reminder, analogue is not yet dead and for those of you who haven’t worked with film photography yet, we think you should start not to avoid feeling left out and/or ignorant. To cap it all off, art contributions from Shintaro Lopez and Abigail Sy have graced our February issue. We hope you guys had an awesome February and received any kind of red, even if it means your period. If not, you have Garovs’ hair to compensate for that.

EDITOR IN CHIEF: Maine Manalansan ART EDITOR: Elisa Aquino FASHION EDITOR: Ecks Abitona LIFESTYLE EDITOR: Mare Collantes MUSIC EDITOR: Maan Bermudez WEBMASTER: Mary Silvestre SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHER: Pat Nabong CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Rosette Adel, Milenette Uy, Esme Palaganas, Janine Salvatierra, Erin Emocling, Tatie Aquino, Leanne Sagun, Mikee Lim

Contributors Abby Sy

This wonderchild from De La Salle UniversityManila can work magic on simple pen and paper. Her floral and feminine style can satisfy anyone’s artistic appetite. She also owns an online shop called H.E.A.R.T. which sells handpainted bags and shirts. Her talent didn’t go unnoticed considering a relatively high fanbase on Facebook and Tumblr. At the age of 18, she already achieved a lot and we are still expecting more from her. For the Februrary issue of Stache, she made a 5-piece set on her take on love.

Shintaro Lopez is currently taking Multimedia Arts but is planning to shift to filmmaking in Asia Pacific College (he does not need it anyway). His near death experience during a mugging accident influenced him to share his art online. His art is heavily influenced by shintaro kago and takeshi murakami and french graffiti, psychology and art films. His talent and dedication in his work is making him get a relatively larger audience. He compares his art to the awkwardness of Michael Cera, but I have to tell you now, it is much more special than that.

Ino Lopez

Homepage Pretty in Plump

By Mare Collantes Photos from the Plump Pinay

“I used to think there was just fat and skinny. But apparently there are lots of things that can be wrong on your body. – Cady, Mean Girls

Insecurity has its sneaky way of crawling into your head and sticking its sharp and gnarly claws in. Especially with the media’s skinnyis-sexy ideals, it’s becoming harder and harder to attain that to-die-for body. Girls diet, work out, exercise or even go through extreme measures just to lose the extra weight. Twin sisters Stacy and Danah Gutierrez don’t agree with these twisted ideals and decided to take a stand. So in November 2009, was born. The sisters coined the term “Plump Pinay” for the sexy big-framed Filipinas out there. Being former victims of this sexy-is-skinny mindset (Stacy fell into bulimia while Danah turned to obsessive calorie counting), the two know how hard it is to come to terms with one’s own body and realizing the beauty in it – skinny or not. They set up the website to share their story and encourage girls to share their own thoughts and experiences as well. Ever since its beginning, has been receiving such warm responses. “It feels so overwhelming, really,” say the twins, “And that’s an understatement! We really feel like what we have created is finally taking a toll in our readers’ lives, and it feels so worth it to share our stories, to fight the good fight of bodyappreciation, and to be real life body image warriors!” Stacy and Danah’s message is actually very simple yet it seems to be constantly forgotten by women. It can be summed up in a six of their own words: “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. We mean that.” It’s true – and all girls should know it!

“We really feel like what we have created is finally taking a toll in our readers’ lives, and it feels so worth it to share our stories, to fight the good fight of bodyappreciation, and to be real life body image warriors!

Manilascope My Sweet, sweet Valentine

Never mind the fact that you don’t have a date this Valentine’s day, instead treat yourself in on of these dessert places that will definitely satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth! Whether you want to be healthy with yogurt or indulge in belgian chocolate ice cream, you will still have that sense of gratification. by Mare Collantes

Gelatissimo If you like ice cream, then you will definitely love gelato. I certainly do. Gelatissimo is one of the best gelato parlors that I’ve ever eaten in. I discovered it in Cebu three years ago, and I’ve been waiting for it to open here ever since. My dream finally came true late last year. Gelatissimo offers a wide range of flavors - from Chocolate Truffle to Pineapple, Pistachio to Green Mango. Like other gelato places, they allow you to taste their flavors. Unlike other gelato places, they don’t have a limit on how many you can taste before you finally make your order. The price per serving ranges from Php 110 to 190, depending on the number of scoops. But the best part about Gelatissimo is that their gelatos are packed with flavor. It seems to seep into your taste buds and makes you crave for more. And more. And more. Their shops are certainly worth the addiction – I mean, the visit. Store Locations: Serendra, Greenbelt 5, Trinoma

I Heart Froyo I Heart Froyo in Katipunan is located in a seemingly hidden little nook. It’s not too eye-catching from the outside, so I was quite surprised at how cute and inviting it was inside. There are shelves with little books, jars with paper cranes and shhets of paper where you can write shoutouts on the walls. It’s a perfect place for studying, reading a good book or a relaxed afternoon with friends. I Heart Froyo’s menu offers ice cream, frozen yogurt and twist – their version of frozen yogurt and ice cream put together. One order comes with your choice of toppings and syrup (you put your own syrup so you can drown your ice cream/ froyo with as much of it as you want!). A small order costs Php 30 while the large on is Php 50. It’s very affordable and satisfying to the palette as well! Store Locations: Katipunan (beside Cannan) and Tahanan Village


Heima, sweet, Heima by Mare Collantes

Stepping into Heima’s branch in Cubao X is like stepping into my dream home. The details are amazing: L-O-V-E letter cutouts in floral vintage print, framed print tiles on the walls, wonderfully printed throw pillows, beautiful vintage chairs and sofas and great music. Everything’s so perfect that it’s like magic. The best part? All of it’s for sale. Heima specializes in making high quality and great looking furniture. In fact, they say that “if it isn’t pretty, then it isn’t Heima”. Their trademark is their clever way of mixing the classic look with the modern and trendy. Of course, functionality is on the top of the list of the designers, but they’ve made a way for it to go hand-in-hand with great aes-

thetic features. All of the Heima has two collections out and Bayo recently featured the second one in their newest set of ads with Tricia Gosingtian ( Some of the furniture that Heima carries are chairs, sofas, dressers, tables and pillows. But aside from these, they also have other interesting surprises in their shelves. There are some records (a few are even in vinyl!), cameras from lomomanila several lomography cameras and a few of their own Heima scented candles. The Heima experience satisfies your eyes, your ears and even your sense of smell. You have to drop by one of their branches now and experience to Heima magic for yourself! *If you’re interested in having a complete make-over of your room by Heima, check out Heim Interiors!



A Dime in a Dozen by Maan Bermudez

We’ve heard them all—mainstream music that begins to be overrated after just one hit. They begin to lose their touch and stop offering something fresh on the table. Has been, as they will soon be, their future seemed bright but unfortunately, the light just ran out. What I’m trying to say is that the music industry is a tough business. It’s not all guitar strings and free picks and straps; getting the freebies also require actually giving the audience something to watch with awe and look forward to—something new and unique. Bethany, a local alternative rock band based in Cebu, is just that. It had its beginnings a few years back and here they are playing euphonious music that even people would say they’re more awesome live (You’ll just know that it’s a good band if their sound equates to or is even greater than their single).

Bethany is making its mark in the music scene with its cool and rocking sound, amazingly poetic lyrics, and awesome possum look. They are guys definitely worth hearing, better yet, watching. Their hit, Waiting is a crucial must listen and has been enjoyed and loved by fans all over the universe and galaxies far and wide. As such, Stache grabbed the chance to interview the band and ask a few questions that people who make FAQs would most definitely include. The members, Luis Quibranza III, Angelo Quibranza, Jan Osbert Dela Cerna, and Paolo Quibranza answered the questions giving you the primo opportunity to get to know them more. So keep an eye—no, keep two, on Bethany since it is a dime in a dozen, awesome music that just keeps getting better.

1. What’s the story behind your band? How was Bethany conceived? Luis: Bethany started out as three brothers who wanted to think of an easy and not-so-costly way to give gifts to all their friends during Christmas. In December of 2008, they released a “full-length demo” online for free, for everyone to download. They dedicated all 10 tracks to their family and friends. The tracks slowly gained recognition around the city and in August of 2009, the band was invited to perform at the annual students’ Cookout at the University of the Philippines-Cebu. We invited our longtime friend Jan to play bass for us. From then on, word spread around and we got invited to gigs. Now we are, where we are today—a tiny speck on the music industry’s vast radar. *Note: The band is currently under the SonicBoom Music and Events Management

Artists Roster. 2. So how is it working with each other (being brothers and all)? Luis: It’s basically the same as with any other band out there. There are good times, and not so good times. Of course having siblings in the band has its advantages and disadvantages… Paolo: It feels great to work with my bros since we can easily agree on things that we have to agree on in our band and that we can be frank to each other when needed. Jan: (On being the only non-sibling in the group) It’s such a great privilege to do something that you love and do it with your closest friends. I feel like an adopted brother now (laughs). 3. Who instigates the creative songwriting process? Angelo: Basically, Luis and myself create Bethany songs. I take charge of

looking for the direction of each song we make, through the musical aspect and its progression. But Luis’ lyrics and melody is what makes the song complete. His lyrics and melodies are the “heart and soul” of the song and the musical ideas I present is the “mind.” Luis: Jan and Paolo are also a very important factor in the group. A tight, fierce yet steady rhythm section is always a good thing. 4. What is your inspiration and if there is one, what is the story behind your song, “Waiting”? Luis: Until this time it bothers and amazes me that I haven’t really fully grasped the meaning of what I actually wrote and meant in that song. But I guess it’s just a very complicated way of saying the line, “If you are the one, I’m waiting for you to come back.” *Note: Luis writes all the lyrics for the band. He works as a writer in one of the local dailies in Cebu City, as well as teaching part-time in a University. 5. Are you planning on starting an album since your fans have grown in size? Luis: Yes. The album that’s being mixed and mastered at 1318 Recording Studio here in Cebu City is over a year in the making. Produced by Brian Sacro (Cattski, The Line Divides, Pandora), it’s called “Fantasy Fool.” It contains 10 tracks and we’re proud of each and every track. The track listing is: War, An Anthem To Repeat, Waiting, Can’t Say, You, Reckless, Anywhere But Here, Isaac, We’re Not Going Down, and Sometimes We Can Go To War.

alternative rock. 6. Do you have any advice to aspiring playing in the garage type of bands going into the music business? Angelo: All I can say is that it’s important to have a goal and set of priorities as a band. So that when conflicts arise, you can all look back to your goals and priorities and set your acts straight. Luis: On the practical side, here are some suggestions. Write a bunch of songs; learn a few covers. Then record a decent demo of your best song. Post it online, and announce that you’re open to playing gigs. Be dedicated to practice and excelling in your craft. When the show invites come, enjoy and conquer. 7. Do you have any gigs coming up? (shameless plugging opportunity) Luis: For our gigs, please check out Everything you need to know is on that page for now. But basically, our primary goal this year is getting that album out by June, then promoting it after—maybe including a couple of shows in Manila. But also before that, we’re releasing our next single around March. It’s called “Anywhere But Here” and unlike our first single “Waiting” which we gave away completely free, guys can actually have a copy of our second single by buying our custom shirt. We tapped the services of local shirt designer Zerobriant for the design. He’s funky talented and you can find samples of his works at his website,

Paolo: Don’t forget to grab a copy!

Needless to say, we’re stoked. This year looks like it’s going to be a good one.

*Note: The genre of the band could be well described as under the umbrella of

For more details: http://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Bethany_%28band%29


Grunge’s Neglected Gay Brother by Maan Bermudez

Sociologists, Historians, Anthropologists, and other superior intellectuals confer that the decade of the 90’s is the time for grunge, punk rock, tattered pants, plaid shirts, long hair (for guys), and garageborne music. However, upon pondering on the generalities and stereotypes linked with the infamous decade, the dorks who were paid big money to make such general knowledge failed to include the phenomenon called the boy band. Yes, the grunge 90’s has a gay twin brother who enjoys head-bopping, highly-optimistic, choreographed dance moves, and sickeningly cheesy lyrics that after some time may be quoted for a pick-up line used by geeks who should have known better. Boy band music—the gay brother of Grunge. Whether you’re a die-hard Cobain fan or a Slapshock listening mosher, if you grew up in the 90’s, you’d most probably enjoyed a good boy band song or two. Be it you enjoyed publicly or hid inside a closet to hide the joy that song brought you, it cannot be denied that boy bands made a mark as a staple in the 90’s decade. So what does a boy band contain? *photos not ours, obviously

Classifications of a boy band: 1. A group of 3-6 all-male members Corollary: Must include a “Smart” one, “Badass” one, “Sporty” one, “Silent” one, and “Bubbly” one 2. Must practice and utilize choreographed dance moves while performing a song 3. Write lyrics that involves the topics of love and friendship with lyrics like “you are the sunshine after the rain” or “You drive me crazy” 4. Must don a preppy look, a school boy look, or a nice-guy-but-in-a-leather-jacket look 5. Has a throng of screaming high schoolers cutting out their bio, autographed mini posters, and likes and dislikes information from music magazines.

Given the knowledge of what it is, it is easy to distinguish why the whole concept caught on. Who wouldn’t love to have that one no-brainer song blasting on the stereo as you drive down the highway with your windows down and ray-bans on for full badass effect? Trick question. Everyone wants that, and that’s exactly what the Backstreet Boys, Westlife, BoyzIIMen, NSYNC, and even the Moffatts give us. Theirs is a music that makes one feel the need to get wild on that microphone during karaoke sessions with the gang. Comparing this pop and bubbly array of music to that of the dark and brooding feel that grunge gives, one can say that boy band music is just the perk one needs on a lazy Saturday morning, or a pump up for a crazy fun Friday night in the town with the boys. In short, Boy bands bring a light and carefree sort of fun that other kinds of music simply lack sometimes. Heck, even the serious philosophers need a

break from all the spiraling downward sort of everyday activity. So what can be said about boy bands and all their transparent fun? Well, for starters, having a boy band playlist in your ipod will automatically (after proving its worth to you) be the go-to playlist for sad times, bored times, and even I-justwant-to-let-my-day-be-in-song-form times. It’s true. Haven’t you ever wondered why a “90’s Playlist” is a part of the factory settings for any ipod? (Pauses for mind blown moment experienced by reader) Kudos to Steve for putting it there by the way. I suppose all that must be said in defense to those belittling the greatness that is that there’s more to it than meets the eye. It may be a bit douchey with its overly optimistic, mushy lyrics and always upbeat tempo; but, that’s just what makes it good—it’s being feel good. So, it’s all good.

Popcorn Bucket 10 movies you’ll love to watch this Valentine’s! By: Rosette S. Adel and Milenette Sarah A. Uy

February 14 is fast-approaching and yes, it is the season of love. But, it’s not just about giving flowers and chocolates nor is it searching for fancy restaurants where you can plan your candle-lit dinner because one can also celebrate V-day at home watching DVDs. We’ve listed the top ten movies you can choose from (in no particular order) as you spend quality time with your loved ones or as you celebrate your me-time on Hearts’ day.

50 First Dates If you’re looking for a movie that can make you laugh ‘til you cry this Valentines’ Day, 50 first dates is the perfect movie for you. This movie is about a guy who keeps on doing romantic things for the girl he loves will make you believe that love truly is patient. Recreating the day they met every single day is hard but that didn’t make Henry Roth (Adam Sandler) lose hope with his girlfriend Lucy Whitmore (Drew Barrymore) who has amnesia because he knew that it was true love. It was a case of short-term memory loss that makes Lucy forget the man she loves after a day. Let’s all fall in love as he makes the love of his life remember him every single day.

500 Days of Summer ‘This is a story of a boy meets girl, but you should know upfront that this is not a love story’, the tagline goes. This 2009 film directed by the genius Marc Webb was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival because of its unique and fresh story-line. The movie basically revolves on the 500 days pseudo-relationship of Tom Hansen (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Summer Finn (Zooey Deschanel). Watch how Tom struggles in fighting his expectations and reality as he loves a girl who does not want any commitment and as he found his new love by the name of ‘Autumn’.

A Walk to Remember This movie is just great if you are looking for a tearjerker flick. A walk to remember is about fate and faith based from a Nicholas Sparks’ novel. The girl here, Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore is about to die. She wants to fulfill all her dreams before God takes her breath away and along that path she met and fell in love with Landon Carter (Shane West). Join her as she battles out in her quest for love as she dreams, hopes and believes. Let us see how strong her love is and how can she make the man she loves change for the better. She’ll teach us about how to keep fighting and how to keep the faith burning in spite of illness.

Maid in Manhattan This romance film starred by Jennifer Lopez and Ralph Fiennes is a story which bloomed in Manhattan happens to be a case of a mistaken identity that turned into true love. A senatorial candidate fell in love with a hotel chamber maid thinking that she is one of the guests on that hotel. When the girl’s true identity was revealed, they found out that they are like heaven and earth. At first, they thought that their relationship wouldn’t work but love has its own ways of telling that they are meant to be together. This modern-day Cinderella story will prove that the difference between social statuses will never be enough to take love down.

My Best Friend’s Wedding Are you in love with your best friend? If yes, then this movie is perfect for you. You can definitely relate to the story. Julianne Porter (Julia Roberts) and Michael O’Neil (Dermot Mulroney) promised to marry each other if they’d still be single by the time they turn 28 only to find out that when that time comes, Michael was about to marry another girl and Julianne was asked to be their maid of honor. Problem is, Julienne’s still in love with Michael. Find out if love for an old friend will prevail or if new love will set them apart forever.

Notting Hill

Another Julia Roberts classic, Notting Hill is the movie where the line “I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love me” became famous. Julia’s character here, Anna Scott is a Hollywood actress who accidentally met William Will Thacker (Hugh Grant) at his travel book store and had mutual attraction from their first meeting. Their dilemma is Anna is in a relationship with Jeff King (Alec Baldwin). See how Anna and William fought for their love amid the scandals and controversies.


To all those die-hard romantic viewers who believe in fate, this movie is perfect for you. Serendipity is all about fate. It was all accidental, but who knew that this one little accident in the lives of Sara Thomas (Kate Beckinsale) and Jonathan Trager (John Cusack) will make them fall in love forever. They went on their separate ways and they let fate take its course. As they were about to get married to their respective partners, they wondered what if they are together now, will their love bloom? Both went on a search for each other just to make sure that it wasn’t real, so that they won’t regret it of they get married. Watch it and find out if they really are meant for

The Holiday

This 2005 feel –good movie although intended for the Yuletide season can also be your date movie this Valentine’s day. It is a story of two brokenhearted ladies who decided to take break and spend their holidays by exchanging their houses and later on found themselves fixing their broken hearts after finding their new love. The film is also starred by big time actors and actresses with the likes of Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jack Black and Jude Law no less enough for you to get engaged in watching. Check this out to find out how these characters lives were intertwined and feel the love on Christmas Day on a February.


When we talk about classic romantic movies we will never miss this 1997 awardwinning film, Titanic. It is a story of old Rose De-Witt Bukater (Kate Winslet) and Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) who fell in love with each other while on board the ship. Not only does this film depicts the strength of love but it also presents history as the setting was based on the 1912 RMS Titanic ship which sunk after crashing into an iceberg. Also, although the love story is pure-fiction the narrator in the film Rose is a real historical personality portrayed by Gloria Stuart. Watch to see if love can surpass tragedy and if love really knows no social class.

The Notebook


This romantic drama movie is from another Nicholas Sparks’ novel. It is a typical Romeo and Juliet story with a twist. The forbidden love which everybody thought would never have a happy ending prevailed. The guy, Noah (Ryan Gosling) did his best to make himself deserving of the love that the girl of her dreams, Allie (Rachel McAdams) has for him. Even if they were separated for years, still, their love remains. Allie’s mom who is against their love gave up on separating them because she knows that their love for each other is strong enough to go through any obstacles. As the characters grew old, disease and memory tried to separate them. Let us see how Noah can make Allie remember him and their love for each other by rereading their love story written by Allie on the notebook over and over. This movie tells us that even if memory forgets, still, the heart remembers. A soon-to-be-movie review by Mikee Lim

“Beauty is power the same way money is power the same way a gun is power.”

along the way. From a beautiful center of attention, to an “invisible monster”, our herione has to If I were to sum up learn Palahnkiuk’s book in one how to speak through pen and word, all I could ever think paper, narrating everything of is, wow. And without saying a word. that, my friend, could not even begin to describe how Witty, and comical, amazing Invisible Monsters Chuck Palahniuk has not really is.The antagonist, failed to deliver yet another being the beautiful fashion novel worth model that she was, had eve- every bookworm’s eyes. With rything: a career, a fiance, its odd and quirky characand a loyal best friend, ters, it will boggle your after a car accident leaves mind, her face disfigured and inca- make you laugh out loud , and pable of speech. Suddenly, wonder how he puts so much her life does a 180, and as reality and truth in fiction. she struggles with trying Invisible Monsters is actuto reinvent herself and ally more than amazing, specerasing her past, she distacular, fantastic, and surcovers some revelations real put

Style Guide

Maxi goes Sheer

by Ecks Abitona

Maxi skirts have made its comeback and flooded the runway and streets last Fall 2010 creating a more sleek and minimalist look also providing one a longer and more supple figure. This trend re-surfaced possibly in reaction to the popular skin tight miniskirts and body con dresses. This Spring 2011, however, the trend emerges on a fusion of maxi skirts and the sheer fashion trend. The sheer maxi has been in the limelight for quite some time now. It has gracefully worked its way through the fashion chain of command. Collections by Givenchy, Fendi and Dolce & Gabbana paraded the runway with sheer maxi skirts and dresses. Australian supermodel Abbey Lee Keershaw and trendsetters the Olsen twins are spotted flaunting their lust-worthy legs with this contradictory style. It’s modest yet sexy perfect for this season’s unpredictable weather. This romantic and feminine trend is also ideal for layering depending on your own style. From a walk in the park to a night out with friends, you can easily pair your maxi with a chunky sweater for a more laid back look or a boyfriend blazer to give you a more polished look. Strappy sandals or boots will look striking while rings and bracelets will add some glamour. This is a trend that allows greater self-expression due to its versatility making one easily shift from an easy outfit to something with sophistication.

by Fendi


Blazers! by Ecks Abitona Photos by Pat Nabong

There are a few basic items that a girl should always have in her closet and those include the little black dress, well-fitted jeans, white polo and of course the most essential wardrobe staple – blazer. Blazers are available in numerous of styles these days especially with it making a comeback on the trend scene last Fall 2009 fashion designers ruled the runway showing how this one-time boring staple can be an integral part of your everyday wardrobe. Blazers will never go out of style and being a very versatile item, it can transition for almost every facet of your life. The boyfriend blazer caught the attention of many celebrities and fashion icons making it a must-have item of many fashion-conscious women out there. Investing in a boyfriend blazer is a smart choice as it can be matched with absolutely anything from a laid back outfit to a more elegant or party ensemble. Wear it with a tank top and jeans plus your favorite pumps and with finesse, you’re good to go! The two basic elements of a boyfriend blazer will be its fit and the “rolling-up” of the sleeves. Although it is best worn loose or slouchy, you should be careful to try not to over-exaggerate it. To feminize the look, simply roll up the sleeves exposing the wrists. If you want to look chic effortlessly, wear it like Alexa Chung! Contributing editor of British Vogue has been spotted wearing this famous variety. Looks like this trend won’t be out of the fashion radar for quite some time!

Short but sweet, the cropped blazer trend has been loved by many fashion designers managed to preserve their esteemed position being an item you can easily pair with all clothing styles. These pieces due its eye-catching effect can complement all types of dresses – maxi or mini, regardless of its pattern or color. However, if one tries to achieve the grungy or rockchic style, they can opt for jeans and a statement shirt. Cropped blazers will always remain a simple and easy style statement but if worn fabulously you’ll definitely stand out from the colossal crowd! Who says vintage is out? From your mother’s closet to the nearest thrift shop and high fashion stores, this is one trend that dominated the fashion world. The padded shoulder trend adds a hint of glamour and sophistication to a very feminine apparel letting you have this very polished look. Shoulder pads

alone give you this certain sense of power and confidence drawing attention to many women out here. Although many tried experimenting with the color and pattern, not wanting to gravitate to the same old black blazer, this helped create a look so androgynous and edgy. This is one trend that will continue thronging the fashion arena.

The joy of thrifting by Esme Palaganas

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that not everyone is comfortable with the fact of buying second hand clothes, moreover wear one. But surprise, surprise, it’s the 21st century and our generation just made an interesting turn. Thrifting, lowbudget, rare-seeking, vintage hunting shopping, is interestingly our generations popular alternative shopping experience as of to going to malls. Blog-hopping from one fashion blog to another, such as http:// blog of locals Rosanna Aranaz and Hanna Choa Yu to California-based Minnie’s blog http://thestylishwanderer.blogspot. com , unearthing” vintage” items is now a fad for fashion enthusiasts and lovers. Fashion trends will al-

ways be about recycling. Who would believe that the leggings of the 80s fitness aerobic craze would come back on trend during the 2000s? Who would expect that the 70s working American sportswear trend will get back in fashion when Chloe revealed their Fall 2010 collection? No one did. Fashion is just a back and forth, back and forth story of trends, some trends will never ever be forgotten. And this is why thrift shops and vintage shops is one shopping haven. It’s one massive archive of fashion history. In the States, there is Goodwill, flea markets to bargain and hunt then there are U.K.s or ukay-ukays for the Philippines.

Let’s admit it, the thrift stores in the states or the other countries are far better than ours, so if you want to try thrift shopping you better go to the right ones filled with racks and racks of cheap and quality clothes. The best thrift or ukay stores in the Philippines are those at Cubao along the street of National Bookstore, on the left side of Farmers Market. There’s a wild selection of clothes, bags and shoes and every end of a shop is a start of another one, so it’s one labyrinth of clothes and bags! And the center of all ukay stores is Baguio City, you’ll find all your bargaining needs along Session Road, try to see every store because you might just find a store filled with old toys and another one with vintage jewelry, things and decorative pieces! Also be warned that some of the stores no longer sell just secondhand clothes, they also have brand new clothes on the rack. Ukay stores at the Bangbang Market area near the Bangbang LRT is also a great place to look for clothes, though most of them just offer clothing not much of accessories, bags and shoes, there are stores located near the shops that can alter your clothes

and also sells designer labels. But do have in mind that they offer it in a much higher price compared to your normal thrifted clothes. They know their labels and you should do too. Now, if you’re studying along the Taft Area, try to check out the ukay stores inside Harrison Plaza near SM (and you can try to go to Bangbang Market which is just a train away!). Obviously if there’s Taft there will always be Katipunan! There are great ukay stores near the LRT Katipunan station and along the street of Katipunan. Lastly, never underestimate ukay stores, you’ll never know if you’ll be able to find some trusty Doc Martens, a Gianni Versace leather jacket or a Marc Jacobs jacket. Trust me. Really. Here are some tips, tricks and reminders to bear in mind when you’re going thrift shopping! But then again, just follow what you believe in.

BUYING: 1. Avoid trying on the shoes. And clothes, too. Because hygiene always comes first! If you want to buy a pair of shoes, at least have some socks on or just look for the shoe size. 2. Plan what you want to buy. It’s better to have an item in mind or idea of what you want to have in the end of your shopping hunt. 3. Bring extra cash. You’ll never know, they don’t accept credit cards. 4. Buy bigger sizes than smaller ones. It’s easier to alter bigger clothes to make it smaller than smaller to bigger. 5. They don’t just sell clothes. Don’t focus all of your energy and money with clothes. Most ukay stores offer bags and shoes and sometimes jewelry. Try to check them out but still look throughly for quality and cheap pieces. 6. Never ever buy underwear. Enough said. 7. Think about the possibilities. Open your mind with what will you wear together with what you want to buy 8. When in terms to jewelry, look closely. You might pay a high price for a “vintage” jewelry and then by the time you see to it at home, you see some missing parts or design. 9. Know your labels. Most ukay stores might not know what Comme Des Garcon or other designer labels, know your labels to get them in a lower and unbelievable price. 10. Want costumes? Go for thrift shops. It’s the best way to look for costumes for plays and musicals, you can find a military suit, a 80s dress. Anything really goes! 11. Buy something you will actually wear. In the end, they just end up and gather behind your closet for a “we’d love to go back to the store” meeting.

WEARING: 1. Don’t be afraid with prints. Ukay stores are full of them, look for possibilities to tame these prints and make it into something wearable. 2. Mix it with the latest trends to make your look a bit modern. You don’t want to look like a grandma. 3. Find inspirations. There are a lot of blogs and some of them loves thrifting and wears a lot of vintage things. To jewelry, to shoes, to their bags! Check them out and find ways how to wear your newly found treasure. Online Muses: 4. Don’t follow these rules. Because your fashion instinct is better than anyone else. Don’t take “you” out of the equation. Own your look and have fun with it.

Fashion ate the world

by Tatie Aquino Photography by Elisa Aquino

The mastermind behind Fashion Ate the World talks about her personal style and the industry she’s participating in. With a degree in Clothing Technology in UP Diliman, it’s undeniable that she will go places girls can only dream about. A Philippine Fashion Week show and a gig in Tongue in Chic can only guarantee that she will reach that ‘place’ sooner than expected. 1. How would you define your style? My style is unpredictable, eccentric and moody. I’m pretty much adventurous when it comes to my style. I like mixing prints, textures, colors and eras. 2. What is your daily uniform? What do you usually wear, or does it vary? I wear mostly leggings, tights and skirts usually paired with blouses and nice shoes, in school. The pieces I wear vary a lot, but the overall style looks very “me.” 3. Where did “Fashion Ate The World” come from? I named my blog Fashion Ate the World because I got inspired by Coco Chanel’s quote, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” 4. How did your love affair with fashion begin? I have had a passion for the arts ever since I was young, not necessarily in fashion design/styling/illustration/ writing but just the general concept of art and the infinite creativity that exists within it. The passion just gradually built up as I continued learning in college. Reading different fashion

magazines have also interested me into purchasing different styles of clothing and trying them out. 5. What labels are hanging in your closet? H&M, Topshop, Zara, Mango, Forever 21, Cotton On, among others. 6. Where do you get your inspiration? I think everyday people on the streets motivate me more than anything; they can look incredible, get really stylish and creative without hiring a personal stylist or spending a thousand peso bankroll. Paintings, photographs, songs, catalogs of product shots (mainly everything that touches me) are good inspirations, too. 7. Who are your favorite designers? (local and international) It would have to be Riccardo Tisci and Christophe Decarnin for their sense of enthusiasm and boldness, Alexander Wang for his ability to mix opulence with edge, Vivienne Westwood and Jeremy Scott for their imaginative and eclectic pieces, and Karl Lagerfeld for his ability to produce such vast array of designs and structures, concept and grandeur year upon year. Locally, I like the design aesthetics of Kermit Tesoro, Mich Dulce, Norman Noriega, Ivarluski Aseron, Patrick Galang and Jerome Salaya Ang. 8. How long does it take you to get ready for a dress-up event? It takes me an hour to get ready. 9. Overdressed or underdressed? I would rather be overdressed since I really enjoy dressing up. It’s better to be thought of as enthusiastic than sloppy

10. What’s that one thing you wish you never wore in public? I wish that I had never worn loose-fitting jeans/elephant pants. I didn’t know back then how hideous and unflattering they are. 11. What do you collect? Shoes! I have so many pairs. I just can’t get enough! 12. What do you consider to be your professional trademark? I think it’s pretty hard for me to answer this question because I don’t really like to box myself in to one style. I usually don’t stray too far, but I do like to scout different styles sporadically. 13. What is your biggest break? I worked for Lee, an international retail brand, during the recent Philippine Fashion Week S/S 2011 as a student-designer/stylist.

14. What comprises a stylish woman for you? Being stylish doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. With some know-how and creativity, you can definitely be stylish woman. Also, it doesn’t just include how you dress-up, but it includes how you carry yourself and your attitude. 15. What do you think of the local fashion industry? I think the local fashion industry has come quite at par with international standards. There are a lot of good Filipino designers and stylists, they just need to be more exposed. 16. What do you want to tell to the young fashion enthusiasts? You have to be head-over-heels for fashion, never completely understanding it and always wanting to know more about it. Always remember to be yourself, stick to your own guns, have fun, be creative, inspire other people and be useful to them.

Fashion Focus Alexander Wang by Ecks Abitona

Sophisticated, androgynous and sexy defines the pure talent that is Alexander Wang. This exuberant & young New York-based designer who studied at Parson’s School of Design for a year has definitely come a long way from bravely launching his first line in 2004. At that time, he didn’t exactly get calls from designers and if you Google him, he’ll probably come next Alexander McQueen and not many people know him enough for them to have their picture taken with him. Although at that time not many fully accepted him as a designer, it didn’t hinder him from doing what he does best. He continually pursued this dream and finally earned the respect of being a fashion designer when he won the Council of Fashion designers of America/ Vogue fashion fund winner last 2008. ‘There are pros and cons to starting so young. In the beginning, people said, ‘I’ve never heard of this person, he’s what, 21?’ There are stereotypes, but the greatest satisfaction has been proving them wrong.’ Alexander stated.

Fall 2011

Spring 2011

Made -up

(Non) Date looks

by Janine Salvatierra

The time of the year wherein love takes over has come. It’s the season of making our loved ones feel extra special. But we love ourselves too, don’t we? So why not do ourselves a little favor and doll up? date your here rock

Whether you’re going out on a with your guy, hanging out with best friends or just riding solo, are three different looks you can this Valentine’s day.

Before we get started, prep up your face with a moisturizer and conceal your imperfections (dark under eyes, scars, etc.) Applying concealer will take out years of age from your face. Then apply a light-weight foundation that matches your skin tone, and don’t forget to apply primer on your eyelids so the eyeshadow will stay on place all day. You can choose to apply concealer and foundation after doing the eyes, it’s up to you. Applying it after will make it easier to clean up eyeshadow flakes. Products used: Garnier Skin Naturals Moisturizing Day Cream, Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer, Maybelline SuperStay 24H Foundation and e.l.f. Eyelid Primer.

Now that you’ve prepped your face, decide which look you’re going for. Cute, sexy or natural? CUTE IS WHAT YOU AIM FOR A lovely pink eye makeup for a doll look.

Eye: 1. Apply the pink shade all over your eyelid, just a little above the crease. 2. Apply the darkest shade on the corner of your eyes, creating a V-shape. 3. Highlight the middle of your lid and right below the arc of your brow with the lightest shade. To make your eyes look bigger and brighter, apply the highlighter on your tear duct as well, extending to the half of your lower lash line. 4. Line your lash line with a liquid eyeliner and wing it a few millimeters to elongate the eyes. 5. Curl lashes and apply mascara. What is should look like step-by-step:

First column: steps 1-3 Second column: steps 4-5

Cheeks: Apply a pink blush Product used: Etude House Duo Fresh Cherry Blusher (light shade) Lips: Smooth a pink lipstick and top with a lip gloss. Hair: Curl your hair and set up into a side ponytail. Accessorize with a bow or a flower. SEXY CHICK Face: Dark smokey eye makeup + bronze cheeks + nude lips

Eye: 1. Apply a grey eyeshadow on your eyelid, below the crease. 2. Contour your crease with a blending shade, a darker grey color. 3. Apply a black shade on the corner of your eyes, creating a V-shape. Blend the colors well for that smokey look. 4. Highlight the middle of your lid and right below the arc of your brow with the lightest shade. 5. Line your lash line with a liquid eyeliner and wing it upwards for a cateye look. 6. Curl lashes and apply mascara.

JUST THE WAY YOU ARE A very neutral eye makeup that looks natural. Eye: 1. Apply the base color on your eyelid, just a little above the crease. 2. Contour your crease with the blending shade. 3. Apply the darkest shade on the corner of your eyes, creating a V-shape. 4. Curl lashes and apply mascara. Product used: 4U2 Gemtone 4-color Eyeshadow in Amber, Lanc么me Hypnoese Drama Mascara

First column: steps 1-3 Second column: steps 4-6 Cheeks: Contour your cheeks with a bronzing powder. This gives the illusion of a slimmer face. Product used: IsaDora Bronzing Powder

First column: steps 1-3 Second column: steps 4-6

Lips: Go for a nude lipstick because your eye makeup is already intense. Opting for a bright shade will draw the attention away from your eyes. Hair: Go for a tousled wavy hair. Wash your hair the night before, section your hair into two, braid and sleep. In the morning, take out your braids and run your fingers through your hair. Flip your hair upside down and use hairspray to hold the waves.

Cheeks: Apply a subtle peachy blush for a natural glow. Product used: Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in Rose Cookie Hair: Wear your everyday hair.

{ THE RUNAWAYS } Photography by Pat Nabong Styling by Esme Palaganas Modelling by David Guison and Angela Muhlach

Owner Michele Achacoso came up with the name Pirouette from her friend who did an actual Pirouette when she wore one of her creations. ‘It also gives off a feeling of whimsy and playfulness, which embodies the pieces that I hand-pick, create and sell’, says Michele. When she started travelling in 2009, she decided to buy some clothing items overseas to sell here in the Philippines. Considering the Christmas season at that time, she participated in various bazaars in her village and Rockwell tent, among others. ‘Eventually, I found a capable “mananahi” and started creating more original designs’, she added. When asked about her special pieces, she answered ‘Frilly skirts are my specialty. Especially tutus. During the “early Pirouette days”, I even used to customize them according to my customer’s measurements! Now I sell them in standard small, medium and large sizes. I also have fun, puffy jumper dresses that I still make on a made-to-order basis. You can see pictures of those when I reveal my latest collection this April 2011.

What makes Pirouette stand out from all the other shops is the ‘the feeling the combination my clothes and personal creations give off. It’s fun and playful. I would hope that my shop makes my customers feel like they’re in a wonderland-playground-like room with a closet full of clothes that they can play dress up with’, says Michele. Her feminine and playful pieces can win any fashion-savvy individual over. She’s hoping to get her own store space in the future but until then, you can contact her through the store’s Multiply site, or you can email her at

‘Five is a number that stands out. In a group, how does one stand out? He should be wearing something not basic, like a blazer! Not just an ordianry blazer but one that sticks out when worn in a crowd -- That is a Fifth Code blazer’, says Lorenz Namalata, owner of Fifth Code. Lorenz bought fabrics in Divisoria on time for his use, but then he realized that there is a market for blazers. So far he only has six blazers on sale but he also does custom work which are not advertised online. His favorites are the twotoned grey blazer and the white military jacket he did for a client. Due to the large number of online shops for girls, Lorenz’s shop easily stands out because it’s one of the few shops that cater to men’s needs. His pieces easily gained popularity through word of mouth and the internet.

You can contact him via email at His collection can also be seen in http:// “When it is quite difficult to be noticed in a group of four, as there are 4 pillars in a building and 4 legs to a table or a chair, the fifth item, almost always makes one stand out.” -from the store’s website by Maine Manalansan Photography by Elisa Aquino

Analog! Film is in the air by Erin Emocling

Not all of us are material girls (and boys) but we cannot deny the world-wide fact that we are living in a digital planet – and it seems like it has already been forever. Don’t you just want to leave for a little time, escape for a wee moment? Wouldn’t it be fascinating if we can relive our rents’ era when all they had were retro clothes and vinyl records? Wouldn’t it be all the more fantabulous if we can rewind the times when we used to think that our mere plastic toys are already all sorts of fantastic? Wouldn’t it be grand to remember those times, evidently, through old film photographs? Fortunately, film is not (and was never ever) dead. Amidst the obvious reign of digital photography, a gen-

erous number of enthusiasts, such us yours truly, are still in love with the nostalgic feel of analogue photography because personally, taking film photographs is my form of escapism. With this, it is my pleasure to introduce to you, young individuals with infinite ideas, the magical clicks of what is certainly not digital – even just for a temporary while. True enough, if you Google the phrase film photography, you will acquire almost a hundred million results about it but simply put, film, or analogue, photography makes use of a film camera, a roll of film, and a queer eye for capturing the beauty of the world – even with its empty spaces.

Film camera. Unlike today’s digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras, you don’t need thousands of bucks to be able to yield the conceptual photographs of your dreams. Cheap, plastic ones (for as low as a few hundred pesos) may do if you just want to experience the thrill of it just for the first time. Additionally, international analogue photography companies, such as the lovely Lomography, offer a wide selection of vintage and vivid film cameras.

Hello LC+A!

Films. Before buying film cameras, though, it is essential to know which kind of film it makes use of. Basically, films are categorized into sizes. The most common which are still readily available in most photo-stores are the 35mm or 135 films. Some film cameras make use of 120 films while others (almost rarely) make use of 126 and 110 films. Instant films, oftentimes called Instax or Polaroid films, also belong to the analogue world.


35mm or 135mm

Eyes. Literally and metaphorically, you need eyes to visualize your fantasies. The fun and wondrous thing about film photography is that you can be as carefree or careful as you want to be. But just as broad as general photography is, you can experiment with the colours, the lighting, or the subjects or themes of your choice – all you need is a pair of adventurous eyes that constantly seek for anything and everything that is meaningful to be put into photographic imageries and everlasting memories.

However, kids these days are hyper-active and their minds, like their hands, hate to be idle. This is how film photography becomes more of a challenge since you will have to wait for your films to be processed and then scanned or even developed. But at the same time, this is the sole reason why it makes the entire thing so fulfilling and rewarding. It may sound like it requires too much effort and patience to indulge with such a hobby but I tell you, every frame will render you happy and every click will urge you to shoot some more.

A-Muse The art and faith of Sheenalovessunsets

by Leanne Sagun

Just one look at her works can bring back childhood memories with the style she puts on it. With bible passages and quotes on love, she won a huge fanbase on the internet. She also has an online shop selling customized merchandise such as mugs and coasters. 1. Tell us a little about yourself. Just who is Sheena Sy? Sheena is an illustrator, graphic designer, traveler, wanderer, dreamer, sunset lover but most of all, daughter of a King! 2. What first got you interested in drawing? I’ve always loved drawing since I was little, but I got discouraged early because I was never really known for being the artsy one. I was never one the ‘best artists’ in class and I never won any drawing awards or anything like that. So for a short while I gave up drawing and pursued other things like singing, dancing, playing the piano and the guitar and so many other things, all of which I failed at (haha!) until I decided to go back to drawing again. I’ve always been interested in drawing and I have no idea what started it, but I guess what kept me at it is knowing that I can always get better the more I practice.

3. You constantly create very inspirational drawings. What or who is your inspiration? God’s Word, definitely is my number one inspiration. It’s really amazing to see how many inspiring promises and messages God has for us if only we take the time to read it! Also, people I love and people who love me are another great inspiration. So are my experiences in life, the different places I’ve been to, the different things I see and all the songs and movies that I love. I guess everything can be an inspiration, in one way or another! 4. What keeps you motivated to draw? Knowing that I am blessed to be doing what I love for a living, knowing that God is allowing me to use this as a venue to share His Word and knowing that people are being inspired but what I do, keeps me motivated to do this every single day!

5. Aside from drawing, what do you do in your spare time? I read a lot, hang out with my family and friends and (almost everyone’s guilty pleasure) surf the net! Haha! I am actually just like every other average kid out there, I think. 6. You have already achieved so much! What achievement are you most proud of? I’m really happy and I feel really blessed with all the things I have in my life right now, but I know that without the opportunities and circumstances surrounding me, the resources, the people who helped me and most of all, without God’s leading, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything at all. Also, let’s not say I’ve achieved a lot just yet! There’s still so much more to do, so many more things to pursue! I’m just so excited to continue doing what I love and to continue exploring new things! As they say, “Adventure is out there!”

7. What else are you planning to pursue? Right now I don’t really have anything specific in mind yet except to improve in the things I’m doing already right now. I want to be able to draw better, explore new styles maybe or a different medium. I’d like to expand my product line, offer more items and make new designs. I want to finally finish illustrating and writing the book I’ve been wanting to finish for years now, and hopefully get it published! I’d also like to improve on photography (especially in travel photography!) and I’d like to be able to write better (perhaps travel writing also, in the future?) I’d like to be more knowledgeable about the Bible as well so that I can share God’s Word more effectively to more people! 8. So you love to travel. What made you do so? I don’t know what made me love travel so much, I just really really do. I love having my initial perceptions challenged. I love talking to people who are totally different, only to find out in the end that you are not much different after all. I love seeing new things and experiencing new things. I love getting lost and finding my way back. I love having new stories to tell when I get home. I love marveling at God’s amazing creations. I just really really feel passionately about travel because it is when I feel most alive. 9. Among the places you’ve been to, which is your favorite? It’s so hard to choose a favorite place. Quite impossible actually because each city has its own charm. But I could definitely say that my favorite trip so far has been the Holy Land Bible Study tour that I joined last 2010 (Egypt, Israel and Jordan). The experience was surreal; being in the actual places mentioned in the Bible gave me a whole new perspective! It was also so much fun doing things that people in the Bible did, like climbing Mt. Si-

nai and getting baptized at the Jordan River. And of course, I will never forget the feeling of seeing the pyramids for the first time from the bus window. I really thought I was dreaming! Seeing it in movies and books so many times, I couldn’t believe the real thing was actually there right in front of me! 10. What message do you have for your fans? - Thank you for all the support and love. I am truly overwhelmed. I really pray that all my works will continue to inspire you to love more, love life and love God. May it also inspire you to follow your dreams, as cliche as it may sound, because just as God placed this particular dream and passion in my heart, I know He placed something in yours as well. So follow that and let Him direct your path! 11. What are your favorite works?

With a typical love story prologue, Ryan and Garovs did not know each other existed. Their days were spent in the same section of libraries, magazine stalls in malls, and they even had common friend. A year before their graduation day, cupid finally did his job right and shot the two right in their creative hearts. From then on, they started doing freelance for newspapers and magazines and they immediately grabbed their clients’ attention through their going away to the typical high fashion editorial photos. “We decided we didn’t want to work in an office where we’d become slaves to money making”, the couple said, and true to that, they are making the best bucks while doing what they love. The name Everywhere We Shoot materialized through the actual frustration of thinking of a name. Ryan asked Garovs to think of a word, any word, to combine to his word in mind. Several combinations were made but none of them satisfied the couple, so they went for the blunt and obvious. They shoot everywhere, so Everywhere We Shoot it is. In addition, Ryan also mentioned, “I planned on becoming a freelance artist since high school. Garovs wanted to work in Rustan’s or any established fashion company as a merchandiser. Since we worked together a lot in school, we had photographer and stylist partnership and came up with an online portfolio we referred clients to, Everywhere We Shoot! then as we started getting freelance work as a team, Garovs stopped looking for a job after some prodding from me. it was relatively a new idea (to become freelance) in 2005, we wanted to be one of the short list of design studios in the Philippines. But now there are so many young design studios, haha”.

Endless projects and clients already came in their way and it’s pretty hard to get new ideas for new shoots. How do they get their inspiration? They go out, either in the mall or Highstreet, not do anything and ‘magpapahangin’ (their term). Somehow they will end up vocalizing their ideas and poof! They have their concept. There are, of course, minor misunderstandings during the conceptualizing but it’s as simple as choosing between minimalist or in-your-face type of design or photos but rest assured, they don’t let it affect their professional relationship. Ryan’s shooting and designing complimented Garovs’ directing and producing, and EWS success were their brainchild. They had “one vision and many goals” and their style is influenced by “how people think, and how we want everyone else to think like us”. Their dream for EWS was crystal clear and their determination and passion got them to where they are now.

Photoshoots, working with your special someone and making the whole process feel like a great date, they are living the dream. With the pool of clients and a fanbase, they still feel like they have yet to achieve more. Considering their major standout from the other photographers and stylist in the industry, it isn’t hard to imagine that they will go more than international. They wanted to work with Bjork, Michel Gondry, Jurgen Teller, i-D, and Andy Warhol, and it won’t be long before they get to that. It all started with a certain Philippine Star’s Ystyle section piece (it was their first commission) and everything skyrocketed from them. When asked what their vision was, they said that they want to a.) have a strong aesthetic and, b.) be known for that. It’s safe to say that they have achieved both and they have taken the world by storm.

“follow your dreams. do what you want because you want to, not because other factors are making you.”

by Ino Lopez

by Abby Sy

Credits STACHE Magazine Online does not claim ownership on any of the photos included in the magazine. They belong to their respective owners which is quite obvious by now. If ever you see anything left uncredited, don’t hesitate to email us at

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Stache February 2011 // Issue 02  

Featuring Everywhere We Shoot

Stache February 2011 // Issue 02  

Featuring Everywhere We Shoot