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Dear awesome you, Well first and foremost, belated happy merry Christmas to you and we hope that you had a great one! This is the whole Stache team’s progeny, our little baby we’ve been working on for the past month. From a little project to this huge x number of pages spread, we all present you our very first issue. Basically the whole idea is Stache will be the stage of young, frustrated (you get the point) artists to showcase their talents. For our first issue, we wanted our cover person to define what Stache is all about: art, dreams, love and of course, the internet (wherein its existence is also the reason why we do exist.) Our cover girl Afianne a.k.a. Fiamette, is one of the most amazing artists I’ve had the wonderful chance to meet and I am incredibly grateful to call her my art sister and muse. For years, I have seen her transform as a person and as an artist. Her art has been one of my biggest (and I’m sure a lot of others’) inspirations. The cover is as loud as it can get with the combination of my doodles and photography to metaphorically/visually scream out every artist’s frustration. We’re getting as modern as we can get here and I hope that’s alright, yes? The Christmas season isn’t over yet (why of course we are in the Philippines, it doesn’t end until January) so we have little Yuletide-related features such as the Starbucks Christmas Planner Mania and the ever so controversial P-pop boy band, 1:43. The fashion portion is still also in the Christmas spirit covering the collection of Zara and Topshop for ‘tis season (to be jolly). For the art contributors, we are lucky enough to have Big Bang Theory’s Christine and Camille Luang plus Patricia Nabong have their very special set of art works (created for us!) featured on our magazine. Our online shops’ editorial was also shot by a very young (17, okay) and talented photographer + a Flickr superstar, Merphi Panaguiton. It was also a blast interviewing one of our fashionable features, David Guison, since I’ve known him since I was in high school. You heard that right. We have so much in store for you and all y’all got to do is cliclkitty-click that mouse of yours. To you who have been frustrated, to you who have wanted but could not have, to you who have tried but couldn’t, to you who have believed, this is for you. Without you, we would have not done this.

EDITOR IN CHIEF: Maine Manalansan ART EDITOR: Elisa Aquino FASHION EDITOR: Ecks Abitona LIFESTYLE EDITOR: Mare Collantes MUSIC EDITOR: Maan Bermudez WEBMASTER: Mary Silvestre CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Karen dela Fuente, Gen Fernandez CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHER: Merphi Panaguiton, Pat Nabong Mail us at


Big Bangs Theory Art’s in the blood. For sisters Christine and Camille Luang, this is true. Christine is a 19-year old Multimedia Arts student from the De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde.and younger sister, Camille, is a 17-year old Journalism student from University of Santo Tomas. “We’re just two of the million girls in Manila who like art, fashion, music and a lot of other awesome things... and we’ve been planning to create this little blog since last year. We never really had the time and creativity to put it up sooner. We made this little space to document all the crazy stuff happening to us. :)” Their wonderful adventures together are captured on their blog through their visually enticing photos with glitters, fashion and everything else pretty that will make your eyes cry unicorns.

Pat Nabong This amazing 17-year old shutterbug from the University of the Philippines captures the beauty of the world through her photographs that have blown away our minds for its simplicity and splendor. She started her love for photography through learning from her father whose hobby is photography. Equipped with a Canon 60D, her imagination and her magical post-processing prowess, she will surely go places. For her set that she created especially for Stache, she entitled it “Parallel Universe” having the theme of two different worlds, that of reality and of make-believe.

Homepage Nuffnang: Filling Up Your Wallet While Blogging By Elisa Aquino Dearest blogger, ever wondered how blogging (and simply having a website) can benefit you when it comes to filling up your empty wallet? Well, say hello to Nuffnang! You might have seen these online advertisements when you check out random people’s blogs and wondered where they come from. These are from Asia’s first and leading blog advertising community, Nuffnang. In the Philippines alone, there are an estimate of 11, 000 blogs that Nuffnang handles. Nuffnang not only helps bloggers earn money by simply embedding their advertisements on blogs, they also provide a community for bloggers to interact, attend events, win prizes and get to know each other. We caught up with the fashionable and perky Trixie Esguerra of Nuffnang Philippines to know more about them. She is currently their Blogger Relations & Community Manager and also an Advertising Management alumni of the De La Salle University-Manila. She shares her experience working with Nuffnang and gives you a little peek inside the wonderful world of blog advertising.


Nuffnang is Asia-Pacific’s First Blog Advertising Community. Our advertisements are seen on 100,000 blogs by 3 million people every single day. Nuffnang has 4 offices across the globe: Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong, and Philippines. Other than serving ads to a truckload of blogs, we also take pride in being a community for bloggers by bloggers by having a lot of events like parties, movie screenings, and so much more.


Everyone is welcome to be part of the Nuffnang community! We don’t care about content. As long as you blog (and you looooove it), you are free to sign up your blog under our friendly network. Just so you have an idea, we currently have 20 basic blog categoriesand we are expanding!

3. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS THAT BLOGGERS CAN GET BY SIMPLY HAVING YOUR ADVERTISEMENTS EMBEDDED ON THEIR BLOGS? There are a lot of benefits! By being part of the Nuffnang community, bloggers can embed the Nuffnang ad units to their blogs which they can earn from. A lot of bloggers earn SO MUCH (with an exaggerated tone, I am not kidding!) from ads alone. Nuffnang bloggers, as we call them Nuffnangers, can also be part of our client campaigns (such as Neutrogena, Nike,

Pond’s, Hong Kong Disneyland to name a few) by writing sponsored posts.

4. WHAT KIND OF EVENTS AND FREEBIES CAN BLOGGERS LOOK FORWARD TO/ EXPERIENCE? Nuffnang events are pretty diverse. We have product launches, parties, movie screenings, blog awards, and a lot more coming up this 2011. For this year, we had 2 movie screenings and during that movie screening, we gave away modem units. We also had product launches and parties for different brands. This coming year, Nuffnang will be having a Blog Awards in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We have so much more events this coming 2011 but I can’t squeal! Surprise!

5. FOR YOU, HOW IS IT LIKE WORKING FOR NUFFNANG? AND PARTICULAR ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES? Working for Nuffnang is great x 9999! I can honestly say that it’s the most awesome tiring work I’ve had.


I get to meet bloggers, and be part of events at the same time! This is my true love.

7. A MESSAGE TO PEOPLE WHO WANT TO TRY BECOMING PART OF NUFFNANG? Guys join the Nuffnang community! Hurry hurry! We have so much in store for this coming year that I am sure you all will love!

the wonderful NUFFIES!

1st row: Carlos Palma (Country Manager), Dani Salasalan (Media Sales), Denise Cua (Media Sales). 2nd row: Marcelle Fabie (Media Sales), Patty Dayrit (Admin), Rendhl Escobin (Ad Operations). 3rd row: Trixie Esguerra (BR&Comm Manager. *Plus Judd Sta. Maria (Media Sales, not in photos) and Anne Franco (Media Sales, not in photos)

Drive-thru 1 7 days of Christmas by Mare Collantes

It’s here! The wonderful time of the year when high school and college students alike live on coffee for the whole month of November and December just to get ahold of Starbuck’s new addition to their annual Christmas planner collection. The roads are lit with lights and parols, the malls filled with giftshoppers, the flights jam-packed with people flying home and Starbucks is again teeming with sticker-collectors. It must certainly be Christmas! It’s been a yearly tradition for Starbucks to release a new planner. This tradition is avidly supported by people who take their yearly planners very seriously. In order to get one, you need to accumulate eight stickers for regular Starbucks drinks and nine stickers for their Christmas drinks. This year’s planner is available in three different colors and textures: Shiny silver, woody brown and red suede. It’s interesting to note that if you are lucky (or a very faithful Starbucks visitor), it is possible to get a sticker card that comes with a free sticker – but it’s only given away during the first few days of release. This year’s planner design includes a small bookmark that has a miniature copper Starbucks cup hanging at the end – a very nice touch. A picture of a Starbucks branch is featured at the beginning of each month, the most remarkable being in August: the Intramuros branch with its stonewalls and nostalgic Old Manila feel.

The space for appropri ated for each date is quite generous, allowing for drawings, art and the like (see, it’s really recommendable for people who love to customize their planners!). It also comes with a bunch of discount and freebie coupons that are valid throughout the year. Aside from the planner, Starbucks also offers a variation of items that can be given as gifts. Their tumblers come in cute Christmas designs – reindeers, snowflakes, Christmas trees and red glitters. The mugs are in Christmas print too. These drinking cups can be bought with a red felt bag, all set to be given as a gift! The new Starbucks Via Ready Brew Coffee is also sold in packages – 3 and 12. It comes in a readyto-give-away Christmas box. Oh and in relation to sticker-collecting, a pack of 3 Via Ready Brew Coffee will merit one sticker and a pack of 12, three. If you’re a Starbucks lover-slashaddict or if you have friends who are, do drop by so you can get gifts ideas – for yourself and for your friends. But even if you are not interested in buying anything, you should still go visit. Besides, Starbucks is never cozier than it is during this cold and merry season.

Gift ideas anyone?

Pack of 12 = 3 steps to planner!

Your new coffee buddy.

13/17? Close enough.

The product of your allowance.

Last step: fill with procrastination.


This is the epitome of instant gratification at everyone’s disposal, whether you’re in Diliman, Katipunan or Taft. If caffeine is not strong enough to boost anyone from the dismay of the crammed homework the night before, these little cafes also offer decadent treats that will satisfy anyone’s endorphine-deprived heart.

Chocolate Kiss (UP Diliman) by Mare Collantes

You know how Mrs. Darling had a hidden kiss on the right-hand corner from Peter Pan had a kiss on the right corner of her lip? No matter how much Mr. Darling, Wendy and her brother tried, they could never get a hold of it. That kiss was so sweet and so special, meant for one person only – Peter Pan. That’s what Chocolate Kiss reminds me of. I believe that we are all lucky though, because unlike Mrs. Darling’s, this sweet kiss is available to those who seek it. Nestled in the Bahay ng Alumni in UP Diliman, the first ever branch of Chocolate Kiss sets apar from its

aged environment with its cozy and homey ambiance. They offer a wide array of food – from salads, pastas, rice meals and, of course, desserts. I personally tried their Hainanese chicken, and it was quite satisfying to the palette and to the tummy. However, the most notable part of their menu are their desserts (as their restaurant name

suggests!). My friends and I ordered Carrot Cake, Kahlua Butter Cake, Chocolate Chip Cheesecake and Devil’s Food cake. The one that we liked best was the Devil’s Food Cake – moist chocolate chiffon with a layer of melted chocolate in the middle, topped with sweet white icing. I was happy with what I got, being the sweets-lover that I am.

The cost of eating in Chocolate Kiss will range from Php300600 per head, depending if you decide to get an appetizer or not. They are open from 7AM-10PM everyday, and they have special musical guests on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights. Aside from UP Diliman, they opened another branch in Roces Avenue, Quezon City. That branch is open Monday to Saturday, from 11AM-10PM. On Sundays, they are only open for brunch, from 9AM1PM. Well, it doesn’t really matter what time your drop by, what matters is you do. You’ll be missing out of a sweet-tooth indulging kiss if you don’t.

Cafe Noriter (DLSU-Taft) by Maine Manalansan

Apparently, the word Noriter is korean for ‘playground’, but its definition is not really in line what this unique little coffee shop is offering. Known for their unlimites paper cups that you can doodle on, it also serves amazing coffee at a very reasonable price. Yes, it is as expensive as that famed coffee shop from everywhere but the Noriter experience is very different from anywhere you have been or ever will be. Equipped with free wifi , this well-decorated shop (mini-photoshoot at your disposal and probably a short koreanovela-ish skit sans the dramatic ‘woe-isme-he-doesn’t-love-me’ act) is also recognized as the ‘cafe where you can take your shoes off and sit on the floor’. They have elevated, wooden floors where you can sit down, butt-flat, but beware of the recurring backaches.

Even though Noriter lets you express your creative hearts freely, they have their limits as well. Gone are the days when they ‘allowed’ people to write on their walls and here comes the 500-oeso fee for anyone who writes on anything wooden, concrete or plastic (basically anywhere but the cups). I’m not sure if they do impose that rule strictly, but let’s all just comply to the safety and benefit of our allowances.

They also offer the signature cof-

Xocolat (Ateneo)

by Maan Bermudez Xocolat is a restaurant that serves, you guessed it right, chocolates. They have various branches around Metro Manila and all give the same feeling of comfort that one searches for in the delightfully-dependable sweets. The ambiance differs from branch to branch but in general, the restaurant sends a very home-y vibe where creativity just flows and where you can actually materialize the happy hormones their dishes give off. The colorful wooden chairs, the art on the walls and on the tables and chairs (well, everything),

fee shop pastry: Blueberry Cheesecake. My tastebuds wouldn’t taste the difference but it still satisfied my mildy sweet tooth. The Honey Bread and the gigantic Halo-halo are must-tries! The next time you visit your Lasallian friends, don’t forget to force them to take you to Noriter or take them to the magical place where they have never been too. Located on top of Tapa King near Yellow Cab and Army Navy.

and the rustic feel of the restaurant can just make you feel right at home. The food does not wander off the motif the ambiance that the location gives. Their house specialty is the Taza de Xocolat that is a rich homemade chocolate drink that is served in a mug with milk on the side. Their Churros are delicious as well, a perfect match with the Taza. If you aren’t tired of the choclate goodness, their cakes are also a must to try. The That Red Cake is one for the books. It is moist and sweet and is big enough to share. But, if you are not in the mood to satisfy your sugar tooth, Xocolat also serves rice meals and other drinks to enjoy. For the health conscious and for the dietarily-challenged individuals, the restaurant serves desserts with no sugar and even has ones with no flour. But, contrary to popular belief, the taste does not wander far from the sugar loaded goodness of desserts they

serve. The gastronomic delight that the food gives, the home-y ambiance that would tempt you to put your feet up in public, and even the interesting music they play on the speakers bring a certain comfort to every person walking in a Xocolat shop. It is this comfort that makes one enter the restaurant and to make one stay for a cup of coffee or a slice of cake. And it is this comfort that people go back for more. Truly, Xocolat is the comfort that anyone needs when they are low on giving some for themselves or for others. It not merely characterizes comfort; but rather, it IS comfort. It is a place to be—a place for physical ease and freedom.


Reese & Vica by Mare Collantes

The partnership began when the Ateneo Musician’s Pool (AMP) had an Acoustic Soloist night in 2009. Paoie Minerales, the project head for the event, decided that it would be interesting to put the likes of soloists Reese Lansangan and Vica Hernandez for a set. Although the two met in their first year after they were accepted in the soloist roster of AMP, they were not really close. However, they were both good singers and songwriters – what could go wrong? So Paioe went on and gave them a set in the acoustic night. That was the first time Reese & Vica came together. They covered a few songs and wrote two original ones for that soloist night: “Open Your Eyes” and “Copycats”. Their performance was quite magical, and everybody knew at once that they were perfect for each other. This year, they were officially accepted into AMP’s band roster. It was also this year that their friends from Neon Soda Management offered to manage and help them release an EP for their thesis. This suggestion was welcomed by a huge amount of gratefulness and excitement. The offer was very timely since Reese & Vica were already thinking about recording an EP right before the offer came – it was like the universe was sending them a sign. After a month or so of endless writing, recording and packaging, Reese & Vica’s EP entitled Crossing Neverland was launched at Club Dredd on September 3, 2010. The EP contains eight tracks and is characterized by the flawless blending of their voices and melodic acoustic tunes. They produced 150 copies and all of them are now officially sold out!

Aside from their epic EP release, Reese & Vica also have other projects. They regularly do gigs in different events and even got to guest on NU 107.5 a few months back. But nothing prepared them for the shocking news that they got in November: They won the U-Rock College Band of the Year award! They said that it was so unexpected – they did not even know about the nomination until a friend tagged them on Facebook. When U-Rock Awards Night came and their names were called to receive the award, the two girls cried happy tears under the spotlight. “We were bandmates before we were really friends. I guess it worked out in the end anyway,” – Vica Hernandez had this on the Reese & Vica facebook page status a few weeks back. Yes, I believe it did – and it worked out wonderfully.


Teaching old dogs, new tricks. by Maan Bermudez

up the pop-ness of the song. They have brought an edge to an otherwise bubbly song but kept its upbeat feel. There is an old saying that goes, you can teach an old dog new tricks. But has anyone ever really wondered if you can teach a new dog old tricks? The saying does not literally apply to canines, but also includes the totality of anything old and new—much like music and all the new songs coming out every day like mating rabbits on steroids. In the booming of Christmas songs during the festive December, there comes a dilemma haunting the various households when it comes to holiday music used during parties, dinner, or even when decorating the tree. Which version to use? Did Jimmy Eat World deliver the song well? Or Do I use the classics instead? All these questions run through the minds of the people left with the important task of creating the very important and very crucial Christmas play list. However, fear no more because the great minds of the world have conspired to bring about three cases to which the battle between the old and the new can be resolved. CASE 1: CHRISTMAS WRAPPING The two contenders for this case are The Waitresses and The Donnas. The two have battled it out and the winner seems to be the Donnas with how they have cleaned

CASE 2: LAST CHRISTMAS As much as anyone tries, this song will have a tinge of mushiness that cannot be removed. The original version of The Wham! Have all the reason in the world to carry its mushy lyrics since it was the 80’s, but in this time of bluntness, the pop beat of the song and the lovey-dovey lyrics have found a difficult time finding a proper version. Savage Garden and Jimmy Eat World has tried but was only able to minimize the 80s-ness of it with their use of techno and feel good rhythms. In totality, the mushiness was still there. So in this case, a tie. CASE 3: JINGLE BELL ROCK Bobby Helms performed the original version of the song and he paints the picture of sitting near the fireplace enjoying smores as one hears him singing the song. Arcade Fire, on the other hand, renovated the fireplace into a grunge place and threw the smores out for some sloppy joe’s. In this case, the oldies take the win since the classic version carried with it the Christmas feel, but Arcade Fire seemed to lack the “at home” feel to their version, a deviance to the idea of Christmas. However, props to the band for giving the song some rock and making it a more definitive rock song.

Hitting Rock Bottom Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

by Maan Bermudez Kimchi, Koreanovelas, plaid scarves that wrap loosely around the neck, and those green or gray-colored seaweed face masks are only a few of the myriad of thins that mankind have acquired from their asian source we call the Koreans. They have been said to have invaded the country with their ultra long legs, Justin Bieber-inspired hairdo’s, and unusually high heels that they seem to use in an everyday basis like they were using the run on the mill beachwalks. They have influenced so much of people’s tastes in fashion, food, happy crushes, and now music. Kpop has been an emerging genre of music in the country and even has its own segment in music shows these days. Ever since this Korean invasion, everyone, and I mean everyone has been all about the Bieber hair, matching suits, and

Dance Revolution-looking choreography. This instant claim to fame has led to the emergence of various renditions of the genre. One of which is 1:43. 1:43 is a group that has embraced the Kpop feel so much that they have embraced the same concept as that of a typical Kpop band. They dub themselves, however, as Ppop or Pinoy pop. And for this joyous Christmas season, they give us “Merry Christmas Na”, a song that achieved fame on Youtube. Much like the showing of Harry Potter 7, three major reactions have come about: 1) they love it with the capital L and naked baby cherubs shooting arrows on hearts 2) Hate it to the extent of wanting to burn thousands of copies of the song (and not the saving in a CD kind) 3) They just don’t give a damn. The first two seem to feel the need to rec-

reate the battle scene in Star Wars that they bash on each other because of the song. So a person, most likely from the Idon’t-give-a-damn persuasion, would stop the important thing they’re doing, turn to the camera as it pans to zoom in on them, and ask “What the hell is up with the song that makes it so controversial?!” And in truth, it is an unsolved mystery that science cannot solve. A myth that is not busted by Mythbusters. Something so discombobulating that it makes Area 53 seem like a Kindergarten’s playroom. Until now.

In the heroic pursuit of understanding the psychology, philosophy, sociology, and Koreanology (Yes, in my dedication to this study, I have even successfully coined a term about Koreans) of it all, I have exposed myself to 24 hours of “Merry Christmas Na” with the full knowledge of its detrimental effects like unconsciously memorization of the lyrics and LSS. But I must say, I have made it out alive. The first that must be noticed about the song is the quality of its music video. It seems so HD that not even NBA HD can compete to the quality of the cinematography. The director knows his, well, directing. Moreover, the sets that they used were well-chosen to the point that one would want to hunt down the interior designer of the rooms they used. Video-wise, I commend them for a job well done. But then, after mesmerizing at the shots of various Christmas decors and Fairy lights, the music starts playing and the boys start singing. Their voices are good and I must say, their blending makes a pretty good voicing smoothie; but, at the beginning of the video, they looked like Filipino male versions of the ever so expressive Kristen Stewart. But worry (or any kind of facial expression that shows a slight hint of emotion) no more,

they soon start showing the same warmness of the lyrics they try to convey. They start smiling, and laughing, and singing some more—but wait! They start dancing! And just when you don’t think things wouldn’t get any better, they start rapping! Now, they have truly gone full circle on the whole Ppop as the local version of Kpop since they have completed the necessities for a Kpop-inspired music video. However, to their credit, the song attained fame with its catchiness (Obviously, I caught the Last Song Syndrome with this one). After listening to the song for n times raised to the power of ten multiplied by the summation of x subscript ab as x equals infinity, the beat of the song caught me and made me hum the song, and then singing the lyrics. Now I know how Emma Stone felt about Pocketful of Sunshine. In a nutshell, all I can say is that a song has its good and bad sides. It’s just up to the people to decide which to accept. “Merry Christmas Na” poses so much to be debated upon, but thinking about it, so what. The song is still a song—a work of art, whether some appreciate it or not. So, I guess the only thing left to do is to click that It’s Complicated icon on your and 1:43’s facebook (If it had one) and go your merry little way because no matter what, it’s still a merry Christmas…dahil love mo ko.


THE BEGINNING OF THE END Filmed with a touch of veracity and a certain bearing that would definitely make you think, oh crap we’re here already, the first fraction of the final installment unquestionably strikes that proper farewell the series surely deserves. It, being a very much cherished series, warrants an ending that has grown not only in terms of its key players but with its focus and centre as well that is a much stirring layer to the six other years of playfulness and innocence. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1) is incontestably one of the movies one would laugh & cry with (pretty much like with past six ones), only this time there is that awful lingering feeling that the end is, indeed, near.

Since 2001, we all have seen Harry, Ron, & Hermione being, well, Harry, Ron, & Hermione with the distinctive associations we have boxed them into. For ten years we have been accustomed to seeing them be themselves; the boy who lived, the one who provided the laughs, and the one who had the answers to everything. It is in this movie that they all broke away from these stereotypes and grew into developed and established characters but it was Ron who, as a character, excelled the most. The dynamics of their friendship were tested with Ron’s jealousy and frustration which led him to leave the other two behind. Harry & Hermione being left alone showed Ron’s place in the group they’ve established. It is also because of Ron, not being that funny subordinate of Harry but a hero in a sense that Harry’s life was spared and a Horcrux destroyed. It pretty much highlighted that not one of them would survive without the other; the genuineness of their friendship constructed a movie that reflects reality, one that reflects both the essence of friendship & the essence of being. This movie isn’t all laughs and battles; it is more about the self especially now that death is practically tangible. It shows how one conquers fears, experiences love, senses reality, and how one matures in faith – in oneself & in others.

THE DARK TIMES The film runs hours long of gloom and lethargy. I guess it could be said that it’s the start of the real thing. All those years at Hogwarts, learning about magic, playing quidditch - all those years portraying innocence and youth turns into dim and threatening days. The film itself had only a few comic scenes that weren’t that much polished; it was drama-heavy, and it somehow thrusts its more crucial and momentous function as a series. Part 1 was definitely pleasing, aesthetically as its plot complex and characters defined – not to mention the very much acclaimed actors & actresses in this movie – Rickman, Nighy, Bonham Carter, Griffith, Fiennes, and so on. Its special effects were decent and the entire movie itself is a battle cry to the next one.

I MUST BE THE ONE TO KILL HARRY POTTER In itself, the movie shows how hope is vital – which is one of the movie’s prevailing themes alongside sacrifice and, obviously, friendship. All are longing to witness the Potter-Voldermort fight, a battle between good and evil. A very uncertain fight it is, pretty much like in real life where certainty isn’t always a privilege. What makes this movie of the essence is its parallelism to reality; how even though we live in a muggle-ful world, magic isn’t at all non-existent. Although Hogwarts is a galaxy far beyond our imagination, we all fight our own battles like the wizards do, they may have extraordinary powers but it is the same courage and hope inside all of us that would impel us to prevail. As much as we all would like to sit in the theatres until July 2011 comes, I guess, there isn’t a thing to do but wait – or you know, read the book.


The Other Campbell by Ecks Abitona

For 10 years, the L.A based designer who manufactures in Spain first launched his first footwear collection last 2000 has now become an internationally recognized brand name. Jeffrey Campbell is much known for high creativity in small quantities because he produces in quantities of less than 100 pairs. With Jeffrey Campbell, you sure are getting a rare pair of shoes although his designs are one of the most copied in the industry. Believe it or not, Jeffrey Campbell started in his garage and now he is one of the most sought shoe designers in the world. Crazy and sexy, JC sure has earned a lot

of loyal customers like Lindsay Lohan, Emma Watson, Naomi Campbell and Chloe Sevingy who are very fashion forward celebrities. Women who wear Jeffrey Campbell are fun and free-spirited because it takes a lot of confidence for someone who wears shoes with funky patterns, vibrant colors and unconventional use of metal and chains. Jeffrey Campbell is very popular with his out-of-thisworld shoe styles (e.g.: the unicorn heel). His designs can also be more restrained but there will always be something about his shoes that makes it noticeable and very interesting an yet very affordable. ($100-$200)

Having been increasing their popularity all around the globe, Jeffrey Campbell now has more variety of attentiongrabbing shoes. Fashion bloggers worship him for his fabulous designs on wedge heels, clogs, booties, knee high boots, studs, masculine inspired brogues, loafers, and sandals. His very popular “LITA” shoes are all over the World Wide Web and owned by popular bloggers – Chictopians, Lookbook-ers, As for his Spring/Summer 2011 Collection (Small Town Hero), he managed to contrast classic designs with modern details making his designs a delight to watch.

FOREVER 21 TAKES OVER MANILA Forever 21 is an American chain of clothing retailers that was originally known as Fashion 21 founded in Los Angeles, California. Established in the year 1984, it is currently one of the fifty largest privately held companies in Los Angeles. From comfortable trends to chic street styles, Forever 21 is now a brand definitely familiar to all. This brand started with only women’s clothing but now has stretched out their products to lingerie, accessories, shoes, bags and even men’s clothing. With its very affordable prices, this store has been a favorite to all and now even Filipinos. It has now conquered the streets of Manila and definitely the hearts of young teenagers out there! For the holidays, Forever 21 Philippines not only introduced their gift checks but also their fashion-

able and beautiful five brand ambassadors Tricia Gosingtian for Forever 21, Patricia Prieto for Love 21, Lissa Kahayon for Twelve by Twelve, Dominique Tiu for Heritage 1981 and David Guison for 21 Men. We were lucky enough to have an interview with Forever 21’s only male ambassador, David Guison. At only 19, David not only can be considered a fashion icon to many but he is also a blogger, photographer and writer, to name a few. With an estimate of a thousand of fans on Lookbook, thousands more on his personal blog and to add to his resume, work in Preview Magazine and The Philippine Daily Inquirer, we all know this guy’s already established his name in the fashion and blogging scene. Let’s hear what he has to say about the brand and his experience as Forever 21’s ambassador.

By Elisa Aquino and Ecks Abitona

1) PLEASE DO COMPLETE THE SENTENCE: FASHION IS _____________________. Simply stating, fashion is art that we wear every day.

2) WHO ARE YOUR FASHION ICONS? (INTERNATIONAL, FROM LOOKBOOK, BLOGGERS, ETC. I look up to James Dean, Kanye West, Andreas Wijk, Adam Gallagher, Sacha Dumain, Pelayo Diaz, Carlos Concepcion and more!


Forever 21 fits anyone’s personal style. They have a wide selection of basic shirts, sweaters, graphic tees, jackets, jeans, button downs, accessories, etc. I always get lost when I’m in the store! It’s awesome and I love their clothes!



I was at the airport when I got a message from Forever 21’s brand manager and I seriously thought it was a joke! I follow Domz, Tricia and Patricia on Twitter and I saw their tweets about being a brand ambassador for Forever 21 and thought how cool that would be. I would have never thought that I would be one of the five hand-picked ambassadors for Forever 21. Being the only one representing their clothing line for men is such an honor! I am overwhelmed!


Basically I am an online endorser. I let my readers know what’s new in the store and what the current trends are and other things. Of course I incorporate my outfits to my personal style.


It has been a pretty awesome experience! I’ve been getting a lot of messages from readers telling me that they purchased something from the store because of me and other neat stuff like that. Plus, I also became good friends with my fellow brand ambassadors (who are all so pretty talented and nice too)

7.) WHAT ARE THE PERKS OF BEING AN AMBASSADOR? Well, other than having the title of ‘brand ambassador’ (which I hope I can put on my resume haha), I get to wear their clothes and get to keep some of them!

8.) ANY FASHION TIPS YOU CAN GIVE OUR READERS? Wear what you like and what you think looks good on you. Always present yourself well!

9.) BEING A FASHION BLOGGER AND AN ICON TO SOME, WHAT MESSAGE CAN YOU GIVE THEM? Keep on inspiring others. Every day, we create our history! So go, go, go and make it happen!

Style Guide by Ecks Abitona


Holiday collections

Popular because of its edge, sharpness, and sophistication, Zara continues to endow us with their collections. This holiday season, you can put together a chic and festive outfit with a hint of elegance. Zara provides us with real jewelry and feminine pieces for every style and taste that is very perfect for holiday parties. Dresses with perfect shapes and a romantic feel and skirts with Bohemian satin bows are key-pieces in the new Zara Evening Collection for 2010. The beautiful red dress gets a little sophistication and a higher neckline and the short tulle dress with the leather jacket paired with it will definitely catch other people’s attention. Zara’s latest collection also puts forward a new trend with its tuxedo-inspired outfit with hot leather pants, velvet blazers and bow ties matched with shimmery clutches and satin pumps that clearly states that dresses aren’t mandatory for upcoming holiday parties. The leopard print that we’re all oh-so-fond off is one chic and sophisticated element that if not worn properly will result to a total disaster. The leopard printed dress has a very sophisticated cut but it has a very sexy feel to it that you can wear to a night out with friends and you will definitely stand out!

TOPSHOP UK’s most beloved Topshop is flooding the streets with wearable and chic adaptation of catwalk styles that you can just easily put in your closet. From trends in the 60’s and 70’s, to sharp and feminine pieces, you will definitely enjoy Topshop’s versatility. Think of cocktail dresses and faux furs, Topshop brings back the 60’s and 70’s back to life, providing us with jumpsuits, fringes, belly-bottom jeans, patent Mary Janes, and dresses that are popping with candy colors. And oh, don’t forget the perfect blow-dry and you’re good to go! Bring out your feminine charm with sheer and shirt dresses, tulle gowns scattered with crystals and pierce it with feathery items to give you a more statement look. To give you a more laid back and country look, plaid will never fail you. Add it with knits cardigans, knee-high socks and sweater dresses – you’ll be the most fashionable girl in town. You will always turn to black and white if you want to play it safe. Revamp your whole outfit by adding a touch of red to it. Topshop’s red, white and black palette gives you a more striking and razor sharp look with its buttonup shirts, lean trousers and tuxedo jackets. This mix of minimalism and decadence will infuse high glamour in your whole wardrobe!

Season’s Special Lanvin for

H&M by Ecks Abitona

It started as rumors spreading widely over the internet like a deadly virus. A couple of months ago, those rumors turned out to be true as H&M finally announced that they will be teaming up with one of the most prestigious and sizzling hot Paris label, Lanvin for their newest collaboration: Lanvin for H&M. A state of high excitement pervaded the public as H&M whets our appetites with videos and photos of what their collaboration will look like and as soon as it was released last November 23, 2010, people went “bananas”. The long awaited collection by the famous Alber Elbaz, Lanvin’s artistic director, is definitely a collection worth getting up early for! “H&M approached us to collaborate, and see if we could translate the dream we created at Lanvin to a wider audience, not just a dress for less. I have said in the past that I would never do a mass-market collection, but what intrigued me was the idea of H&M going luxury rather than Lanvin going public,” Elbaz says. “This has been an exceptional exercise, where two companies at opposite poles can work together because we share the same philosophy of bringing joy and beauty to men and women around the world.”

The floral printed and one-shoulder dresses, voluminous short skirts and pointy-toed feminine heels are only some of what you can find in this collection. Get high-fashion clothes at a more affordable price this holiday season and you’ll definitely be the talk of the town!

clothing pieces

Web Retail by Elisa Aquino Photos by Merphi Panaguiton “Why endure feeling cold and looking glum when you can be all-happy and vibrant? Dainty, chic, preloved and carefully handpicked for the trendy girl in you, our collections keep a promise of brilliance and beauty. So, lighten up, get ready, and indulge into feeling of warmth that is The Afterglow.” The Afterglow was created recently this October 2010 by best friends Carmela Maniego and Asher Dimaculangan, both juniors from the University of the Philippines-Diliman. They provide fashionistas with pre-loved clothes re-designed for their comfort and love. They provide everything from dresses, blouses, jackets, blazers to skirts. With 5 collections as of the moment and growing, no doubt that their online shop’s going to be a huge success so what are you waiting for? Go shop now and feel the warmth of The Afterglow!

Afterglow owners and best friends 4-like-ever Asher and Carmela

V-Zoo’s creative owner, Valerie

Vanilla Zoo is the artistic progeny of Valerie Villaflor, a 19-year old junior Visual Communications student from the Univeristy of the Philippines-Diliman. She explains that the name of her online shop was brought about by her love for animals and zoos while the word “vanilla” for its catchiness. She started her business as a school project and since then has created a fashion + artsy-fartsy explosion for her hand-made accessories and in addition to that, shirts! Her unique accessories that range from necklaces, rings to brooches have the very prominent and always fun mu‘stache’s in them (Hey, I know what you did there) She hand makes everything so be sure that every piece sold is created and handled with 101% love and care!

The budding photographer that is Abby Bayani.



Good question. Just kidding. Abby Bayani is a 13 year old aspiring photographer and graphic designer who likes to drink coffee, doodle and make paper cranes. She is not good at making introductions and this is proof.


The first time I’ve ever used a camera was back in 2003 and it was during a school field trip. I liked the feeling of being able to capture moments, or even just things and keeping them forever. However, the battery of the camera died so I was only able to take around five photos. So much for my first ever photography experience. Anyway, I didn’t really have a proper ‘history’ in photography. I just started taking photos one day and that’s just how it all started.


The camera that I have now, a Sony Alpha 200, is my first camera but if you meant the first camera that I have ever used, it was an old Olympus camera. My first ever photograph, I think, was a photo of some worms during a school field trip. Haha!


I used to like using actions since I was lazy and I thought they made my photos look ‘pretty’ and ‘cute’. But I eventually grew up and started thinking how over saturated and processed my photos looked so I started making my own actions from scratch. I only have two or three layers: two layers of curves, one is auto correction (I don’t even know if that’s the proper term) and the other is a curves layer that I just play with ‘til I get the tones and colours that I like. For the last layer, it’s either a gray colour fill to soften the image and give it a film-ish look or a Hue/Saturation layer to desaturate the photo. Okay, I still use actions (that I have downloaded) from time to time but only if I’m lazy and as long as they don’t make my photos look over processed/ pretty/cute.

5. WHAT DO YOU THINK MAKES YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS STAND OUT FROM OTHERS? Some people have messaged me saying whenever they see my photos, they get this warm, fuzzy and sometimes even nostalgic feeling. I guess that’s what makes my photos different.


Just simple everyday things and whatever catches my eye.


Fear and people that are a lot better than me. They’re sort of a reminder saying, ‘If you want to get somewhere in life, shoot/create amazing things like them’. It’s pretty much explains itself. I afraid of the future and I don’t want to mess mine up.


In no particular order: Ezgi Polat, Nirrimi Hakanson, Grant Heinlein, Jeannine Tan, Shalamah Tautaiolefue, Julo Cope, Afianne Cope, Judith Sombilon, Jack Toohey, Annette Pehrsson, Tricia Gosingtian, Simon Filip and so much more. It’s weird how most of them are portrait/people and candid photographers and I look up to them so much, yet here I am, taking photos of inanimate objects.


I want to shoot with so many people! But my top three would have to be Agyness Deyn, Tiffany Pisani and Nirrimi Hakanson. Why? Agyness and Tiffany are my favourite models and they simply look amazing. Nirrimi, however, is a fashion photographer who’s already doing campaigns at such a young age and I’d like to see how she works with models, takes photos, ask her some questions, etc.


I’m probably one of the least fashionable people on the face of the earth. I’m just a shirt, jeans, cardigan and Docs/Converse kind of person. I don’t wear/put on(?) make up either.


What happens in my everyday life is just the same as everyone else’s. Seriously.


Take a photo, point out all the mistakes that you see and learn from them. In my opinion, photography is a process of trial and error. Just keep on taking photos and try to lessen those mistakes one by one. And you know the people who try to bring you down by saying that your photos aren’t good enough? Prove them wrong.


Submissions? Contributions? Dream collaborations? Mail us at

by Gen Fernandez Photos by Elisa Aquino

This brunette’s timeless beauty is screaming polished perfection, her features exuding an elevated sense of youthful vibrance and glow. She is chanelling a renaissance look with a sumptuous Scarlett Johansson pout and sultry waves echoing the unadulterated old Hollywood glamour. Her remarkable personality reflects the multiplicity of her works; it mirrors the terrains of her mind- a characteristic which has drawn her quite a number of following that withstood the test of time. From the Cinnamone days on Multiply up to her dazzling Fiamette persona on Tumblr, and now continuously enchanting her patrons with Viva La Manika’s mesmeric charm. Her art puts a modern spin on romance, seduction, elegance and grandeur; it brings us all to the heart of Rue de glam. Afianne peppered her works with a saccharine-sweet spell and an indispensable spice of feminity, infusing it with cosmetic refinement and femme fatale allure. She instigate the most innovative and awe-inspiring ideas while pushing the frontiers of design with her distinct fresh style. But what makes this lady a far cry from the ordinary is her thoroughly executed craftsmanship with her highly regarded technique. She takes detail into a different level and defies conventions. It is interesting how she breaks the flatness of an image and how she goes far beyond the limits or the norm, and chose to deviates from the more common standpoints. By leering at her artwork, you’ll see how she plays with prism of shades and deliciously boisterous palette of colors, with subtle opulent detailing and superior aesthetics adorned by occasioned bouquets of vintage-style lush patterns. She brilliantly makes complex compositions that invite the viewer to think and ponder. Her creations stand out amidst a valley of standardized artworks, noteworthy is the way she embed lavish overtones of beguiling romance and grown up sophistication to each and every piece she creates. One could only imagine how she played with details and yet managed to put everything in perfect harmony, there is an exuberant blending of entries but consistency remains. Her artworks are but a vehicle for explorations into the real abstract. A broader look into her visuals would give one a better comprehension of all her composing elements and symbols. Opulent, sensual and dramatic colors and textures are all yours for the taking. This lady will surely take you by storm while unleashing her full-blown grace. Grand slam glam is the name of her game.


She’s doing good. Feeling just fine and dandy. Busier with projects than ever but absolutely happier.


I was not really the kid who knew what she wanted back in the days until I discovered Deviant Art in high school. It opened my mind to the possibility of a human being as young as 16, 17, 18 to do magic with their images. I remember religiously visiting the site and just browsing around the whole day. For the first time in my early years, I was so blown away. I knew right then I wanted SO BAD to do what these ‘deviant artists’ do and promised myself I will create art that will leave impressions someday.

WHEN WE LOOK AT YOUR ARTWORK, WHAT DO WE SEE? As I have stated in my project, Viva La Manika, I have always been so fascinated with young girls – from the manner they conduct themselves to their rebelliousness to their fashion and phantasms and so on. They have always been my greatest inspiration in terms of art. Others may find it difficult to appreciate anything ‘girly’, so they say, or teenybopper but I am one to embrace that ‘culture’ through my series of brightly colored mixed media compositions. It must have been the result of growing up with an ultra-feminine mother who’ve always groomed me to be ladylike and all (though she did not entirely succeed for I can be a slight riot at times) and 2 sisters who were very dear to me.

The loyalty of the people who DO YOU DO ANY ART-RELATED ROUTINE genuinely appreciate your style is IN PARTICULAR? I love this question a lot. Artists are anti-routine. Most of them are in love with spontaneity. I used to treat it in such a way. I only do what I feel like doing. VLM was created to stop me from being a loose cannon and start training myself to plan before publishing. There’s a lot of discipline in it, actually. Just because you’re an artist doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set regulations for yourself anymore. There is nothing practice can’t improve.

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR CURRENT PLACE IN THE ART SCENE? It is currently a struggle, to be brutally honest, but I’m happily struggling. The people who appreciate what I do (by friendship or by chance) are precious as diamonds to me. They keep me moving forward.

WHEN IS YOUR MOST CREATIVE TIME? When I am part-relaxed, part-exposed to someone’s stunning success. Everytime I see a lot of people my age who’ve already made overwhelming breakthroughs, I feel the pressure. Pressure drives creativity though it can be a traitor if over-felt (if there is such a word). This is the reason why keeping the cool is equally important.

WHO ARE YOUR ART ICONS? Edward Recife, Raphael Vicenzi, Terry Richardson, Tim Walker, Sofia Coppola, Ellen Von Unwerth.


forever a blessing. I’ve been trained by a CEO friend to always value the loyalty of one more than fame, money, number of one-time followers/clients/ friends or whatever you wish to call them because loyalty powerfully does what the other factors can’t.

WHAT ARE THE STRUGGLES YOU’VE EXPERIENCED ALONG THE WAY? To prove yourself is forever the greatest struggle. I’ve been doubted, cursed at, left behind, misunderstood, the list of bitchslapping moments is endless and I humbly accept that there will be more in the future. It is only vital to be firm and to keep in mind that I am never going to please everyone.


a) passion and b) survival

WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT PHASES YOU WENT THROUGH BEFORE BEING THE ARTIST YOU ARE NOW? The phases were not really different from every other but they have lingered for quite a time. Before being the artist I am today, I was baduy. I didn’t have taste then, my works were messy and everything. I had little-to-no high-end tools. If I could only show them to those who dream to be an artist overnight, I would. That way, it will be very easy for you to understand that it doesn’t’ work that way. Creating good art is not an immediate process. Even I myself, at this point, still don’t think I’ve done enough. I still feel the need to evolve. To make it, you should wholeheartedly devote 10,000 hours of your time to what you love, no easier way.

HOW DO YOU HANDLE STRESS? I used to be very bad at handling it mainly because I didn’t know how to say “no” before until I experienced its ultimate effects firsthand when I started working. It wasn’t good so I forced myself to learn how to weigh matters down and assert and accept only the tasks I can finish on time. That and Dairy Queen does the trick.


With this era of New Media we have no excuse anymore to not be in the know. Everything is found in www already. I would read a lot and educate myself with proper information, avoid falling in love with my first ideas, plan things out (it never hurts), push my limits, make my final ideas concrete, find the right audience, build a personal relationship with them (treat them not like they are all the same, consumers don’t like that), monitor their behavior. Regardless of how hard it is, just keep going.

ANY PARTICULAR MAGAZINES/BOOK/ BLOGS/ YOU FIND YOURSELF GOING TO FOR INSPIRATION OVER OTHERS? Independent Fashion Bloggers (, Authors Malcolm Gladwell and Seth Godin have a bunch of awesome studies that are helpful for those who wish to pursue a career in art, and Smashing Mag (

DO YOU THINK YOUR DESIGNS REFLECT THE TYPE OF PERSON YOU ARE? Yes. It will have to take LOTS of moods in order to create those digital collages. I have such moods. Lol.

WHAT TYPE OF MESSAGE/MOTIF DO YOU TRY/WANT TO GET ACROSS THROUGH YOUR PHOTOS? How bittersweet it is to be young, beautiful, in love, insane, and flawed.

WHAT ARE YOUR CAREER PLANS? So far, to recruit writers and other artists for VLM in the future and collaborate with young designers on a fashion collection.

YOU ART MANTRA? Applies not solely to art but to life in the same way:


s g n a B g i B ory e h T





Make-up: Nixon Dizon of BCG Salon Models: Angela Muhlach, Inna Naval, Luigi Martinez Styling: Esme Palaganas by Pat Nabong

RSVP Philippine

Fashion Week by Pat Nabong

From top: Axe, Jellybean, Folded and hung, Jellybean, Oxygen, Folded and hung, and Axe.


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Stache December 2011 // Maiden Issue  

Featuring Afianne Cope,

Stache December 2011 // Maiden Issue  

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