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it’s not just the lawyers who make the firm; it’s the secretaries too (we’re looking at you, Donna). Suits is trying to hold back feelings for that hot paralegal Rachel because it’s just not the right time yet. Suits is about what loyalty really is. Suits is about overturning the stereotype of TV lawyers just always being monotonous, melodramatic and theatrical. No, there are other things that lawyers have to deal with too—hotel mergers, stocks, intellectual property, health care benefits. But for a show that features a firm dealing mostly with corporations rather than people, it surprisingly brings out the excitement and anxiety of not only the lives inside the firm and what they do, but also the lives of these people outside of it. Stakes are higher because principles are more at risk. And perhaps this is what we all need to learn along with Mike Ross. It is hard to separate feelings from a lot of things, especially work. There will always be times when our logic won’t seem to make as much sense as our emotions do, and it will be difficult. But you cannot let them get in the way, especially when it’s not only your ass on the line but other people’s too. Good intentions and good faith can only take you so far—but to get to the answers you have to look hard enough for them, even if it means taking off your rose-colored glasses, even if it means accepting that feeling right is not the same as being right, even if it means letting go of what you want. I may hate Mike Ross and his ability to remember every minute detail that enters his realm of consciousness, but at the end of the day, aren’t we all a little like him, pretending to know our way in the big, bad world? We’re all still learning. We’re all holding on to what we do know and what we do remember so we can move along. We’re all still trying to shed the kid in us as we struggle with grown-up suits and corporate conferences. In many ways, it is comforting to see someone like Mike, a neophyte like the rest of us, trying his best to just get through the day— sometimes succeeding, but most of the time with no idea how to. After all, if there’s anything to take away from Mike being Harvey Specter’s associate, it’s this: we’re all going to get there. We just got to want it enough. And hey, at least, we can all take comfort in the fact that unlike Mike, we’re not pretending we went to college. We’re actually studying for a diploma and working our asses off and not asking someone else to take tests for us. Mike Ross can have the eidetic memory all to himself – I’ll let my actual law school knowledge back me up instead. More reason to hit the books, then.


Stache August 2012 // Issue 11  

Triple cover with The Strangeness, RomCom and Low Leaf. Long live OPM!

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