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SLIDES on the platform, before venturing down, he enjoys a new vision of the world, grows up all of a sudden and sees things from an adult perspective. The descent is the first great notion of pure speed, that tickling that goes from the stomach to the throat. Going down a slide means to overcome an initial fear, rise to a challenge. Also, for the youngest, it is an experience of independence, of separating themselves from the adult for a moment, and immediately afterwards, going down to meet them at the bottom of the slide. And in stages of more advanced development, the slide is, inevitably, an invitation to a gesture of defiance, to test if we are capable of climbing to the top not using the ladder, but the slide itself. Although, we are told not to do it. At Galopin, we are fascinated with designing slides, because of the special challenge that means trying to introduce improvements to such an old and at the same time simple design. Obviously, a first step is always to adapt the height, the angle and the length to the age of the children, using the biometry criteria in a timely manner. Within this line of work, we try to integrate, in many cases, the elements in the sloped areas of the parks, so that the slide is an extension of the environment. As a tool, the inclined plane is one of the first discoveries of men when trying to facilitate the execution of complex work, in the field of the engineering and architecture. And without doubt, while adults took advantage of its technical possibilities, the youngest enjoyed the pleasure of sliding down a smooth surface slope. The apparent simplicity of a slide, barely a ladder to climb up to a ramp from which you slide, hides one of the most complex games and poses more challenges to a child. As soon as he/she learns how to walk, the child is climbing a ladder, a drastic change in his/her axis of usual motion. Once up,

The most common materials for the sliding surfaces are fiber glass, rotationally molded plastic and stainless steel. The advantages of the two first options are the price and the fact that they do not get hot by exposure to the sun. The stainless steel surfaces are not recommended in tropical areas or close to the Equator because even though in other latitudes the correct orientation of the slide prevents excessive exposure to the sun, in areas of continuous vertical sunlight the overheating and risk of burn injuries cannot be avoided.


POSITIONING Position the slides facing north so that they do NOT get hot and avoid obstacles where there may be possible sun glare

Slides with polyethylene sliding surfaces installed in Dubai.

As a negative aspect, it must be taken into account that fiberglass, when it chips, has very sharp and dangerous splinters. As for the rotomolding parts, they have design constraints that greatly limit the reinforcement and ribbed, which really reduces the structural strength in certain sections, increasing their weakness. This problem is increased by the fact that they cannot be repaired and are easily vandalized. Both the fiber elements and those of rotomolding can ignite easily by accumulated plastic bags or paper under them. Because of the layout of a slide they burst into flames very fast and they end up being the cause of the whole structure burning down.

Another problem is that both surfaces are electrostatically charged. Often, we see in the media complaints from parents and users about the unpleasant electric discharges that occur on these sliding surfaces. Besides, this effect causes problems for users that touch the material and have medical electronic brain implants or hearing devices with the possibility that the sophisticated electronics in these implants may be altered by the electric discharges.


Contact with materials

Electrostatic Electricity in slides

From an aesthetic and preservationist point of view, fiberglass and rotomolding are materials that are not used on the boards of the playground, so they weather in different ways and although, when they are new, the sets have the same Ral, shortly the color considerably varies resulting in a poor and incoherent aspect, chromatically speaking.

Therefore, we believe that the most advantageous slides are those with properly dimensioned stainless steel ramps. They are elegant, safe and durable and except for the issue of overheating, it is the best and most recommendable solution.

BUTTON PROBE In the areas of the elements that have forced movement the button probe test is carried out to avoid choking due to clothes or necklaces that the child may be wearing. Button probe test device.


With regard to the systematic of attaching the metal sheet to the sides, draw bolts should be avoided, because it is a very unsafe and dangerous solution. In these cases, a thin sheet of chipboard of an average density is used, reinforcing a very thin sheet of stainless steel that is screwed to the side. To make the draw bolt feasible, a soft wood that chips and an inadequate square are used to facilitate the sliding of the hand and the fist if it is necessary to stop during the descent. The welded plates are also inappropriate because when subjected to heavy use they, end up bending, stretching, bulging and drawing in, which can break the welding. The best system is the folding of the sheet and lateral attachment with through-bolts properly measured, thus ensuring the durability of the set and the security of the users.

Wide slide, ideal for children with reduced mobility

Galopin, has alternative solutions to the stainless steel slides for areas close to the equator based on high resistance thermoforming sheets reinforced with plates that join the two lateral sides and reinforce the sliding plates.

One meter slide

Way to resolve the slope in a park


Slides taking advantage of the topography of the area

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