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ADVANTAGES OF THE PLASTIC MATERIAL IN OUR ROPES As is well known, the ropes used on public playgrounds must have an internal core made of steel cable to maintain their structural integrity through time. When the polypropylene coating that covers this steel core disappears, either as a result of wear or vandalism, the steel cables can be very dangerous

being capable of causing severe injury as they are very sharp and pointy.

The plaited cable that we use is much better than the turned cables used elsewhere, as it prevents fraying.

Plaited cable

Steel Core Textile Coating

Tract of rope with a central steel core

Tract of rope with steel cables inside


Photograph of a plaited rope (it does not fray)

Photograph of a turned rope (it frays)


This fact mandates changing that section of the rope, but oftentimes, the end section is processed by high-pressure hydraulic machines which would force a maintenance technician to uninstall the net, send it to the factory where it would be repaired and send it back to the park, which during this process was forced to be shut down, giving a negative impression to the citizenship and generating high transport and labour costs. This is the piece of net designed by GalopĂ­n in order to solve the problem caused by knots on rope nets, by preventing the users from stepping on them and thus preventing wear. Nice contact feel on the ropes

They consist of small plastic steps, which protect the rope from wear and are the result of an exclusive patented design. This increases the service life of the element, as it prevents a direct step on the rope and that way it does not fray or wear; moreover, replacement is easier. Due to a correct solution and care for details, the most vulnerable members of society are protected: the children. Any accident caused by these type of ropes, which are in turn a result of lower costs and quality, is a tragedy and a concern for all. In the case displayed to the right, we see how problems with cables that are improperly protected and fray can cause cuts on the skin.


The plastic end sections that we used, which are tested with extremely heavy loads and certified, enable us to repair a section of the rope at the park. The design of the recess that holds the end section of the rope (also called the tag-end in nautical language) resembles an organic figure (some say that it reminds them of the interior of a clam seashell) and its function is to press the rope and trap it, so that the trapping mechanisms exert force as the pressure increases. Besides the design of the end section, there is another cross that may be used on different angles as the two pieces that face each other are connected with a screw which enables its

Detail of the end section as used on a passageway.

use both in parallel or crossed in a completely perpendicular position. GalopĂ­n has once again proved that with their numerous patents not only thing about the moment of installation but also in the sustainability of the game, making the maintenance, repair and conservation works much easier for park managers and maintenance staff, therefore they see a return on the investment they have made and guarantee the safety of the users. On the other hand, our products prove that they are made to last and that they comply with the philosophy of making the world more sustainable.

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