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Help the March of Dimes $50 at a Time! E&A Credit Union has partnered with the March of Dimes in its “Get $50, Give $50” program. From November 29 until February 14, 2011, E&A Credit Union will give $50* to anyone who opens an E&A Velocity Checking Account. And in the spirit of giving, E&A will also donate $50 to one of six local charities in the Blue Water Area and new account holders get to choose which one! How you can help Let others know that the March of Dimes is part of the program and ask for them to select us if they open an

the Checking Account that Gives to You and the Community!

account. The more people that select us, the greater the donation to the March of Dimes. Earlier this summer, E&A Credit Union launched Project 100 in the Blue Water Area. It’s a program designed to promote giving throughout our community. For the past few months, they have been giving away 100-dollar bills to 100 random people without any strings attached. The success of Project 100 has encouraged E&A to launch the next phase of the project, the “Get $50, Give $50” program. Be sure to check out all of the Project 100 charities at And if you’d like more information about a checking account that earns dividends and gives to the community, just visit E&A’s website at For ideas on how to get involved in your community, please visit Project 100’s Give section at

*For more information and complete program details, please visit

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March of Dimes Port Huron  
March of Dimes Port Huron  

Help the March of Dimes $50 at a time with E&A Credit Union's "Get $50, Get $50" program.