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lifestyle photography In a nutshell, lifestyle photography captures you and your family acting like you and your family. You can think of it as action photographs, not posed photographs. However, it should not be thought of as random photographs. Instead there is planning, direction and thoughtful execution. Utilizing my preparation, experience, and creative vision, you will receive images revealing the essence of your family that is artistic, beautiful and unique. A couple of things to note about my style: . I like traditional and non-traditional compositions. . I combine details with set-the-scene photographs. . I love capturing time of day and season of the year. . I process color as well as black and white photographs. . I prefer a variety of perspectives. I will get down on the ground. I will climb up to gain height. . I am not opposed to smiles, but it is not the only thing I am looking for. Serious, calm, silly, pensive, sad, grumpy. I am satisfied with photographing any kind of emotion.

what to expect I want our photography session to be a collaboration. I will not show up and direct you on where to stand or how to act. On the other hand, I am not going to be a complete fly on the wall, expecting you and your family to know what to do. First: I want to hear from you: your suggestions on what you would like to receive. Are there specific activities your family loves to do? Is there a place your family loves to hang out? What do you want as an end product after the session? Answering these three questions will help me organize our session. If you are not sure, no problem. I have plenty of suggestions that we can discuss before the session. Second: I will prepare ideas for the entire session. Starting with your suggestions and adding my experience, I will have a game plan for several different scenarios. Typically, I will start with some group shots and become comfortable with all family members. I will initiate a small ice breaker activity to get everyone comfortable. Then we can move into specific event or activity. The beauty of lifestyle photography is, if something is not working, I will direct the action into another scenario. I always have a back-up plan! Throughout the session, my vision and camera will be constantly ready to capture the scene and interaction. We will work together on four key components before we meet in order to create your customized session: clothing . timing . location . activity.

clothing Even though this is a lifestyle session, clothing choices impact the final images. This should be something you consider, but not stress about. As with lifestyle photographs, what you and your family wear should reflect your personality. It should be something commonly, and comfortably, worn. Keep in mind, avoiding characters, text, flashy prints makes more pleasing photographs. My recommendation is to select clothing that pairs a pattern with a solid color. In other words, you should not plan on everyone wearing jeans and a white button down shirt...unless your family always wears jeans and white shirts! With photographs of my children, I adore the photographs of them when they are wearing outfits that I love. If you are curious about clothing, please do hesitate to ask as I am more than happy to provide examples or specific recommendations. For example, refer to my portfolio for a selection of clothing.


The time of day makes a huge impact on the lighting of the photographs. Photographing in the early morning or evening is ideal. However, family schedules, including bedtimes, have a greater impact on when to schedule a session. As long as my schedule allows, I am willing to photograph at any time of the day, keeping in mind the following suggestions: . Mid-day sessions will have harsher shadows restricting some locations. . Evening sessions will have a beautiful warm glow. . Silhouette photographs require a setting sun and a specific location; inquire if you are interested. For example, refer to my albums: morning and evening.

location Inside or Outside? At your home or at a park? Or have a specific location in mind? Where your photography session occurs is completely to your discretion. Here are a couple of items to consider. If the session is in your home, it is important to have a clean home, at least in the rooms you plan on utilizing. By clean, this simply refers to toys and stray items picked up and out of the way. Rooms with minimal visual clutter typically photograph the best. This advice goes for outside of your home as well. If you are interested in location other than your home, parks, historic sites, farms, or fields are another great option. If you know you would like to shoot somewhere other than your home, but are unsure of another location, let me know. We can find the perfect spot for the session! For example, refer to bedroom for interior photographs and Ashland Park for exterior photographs.


If you have a particular activity in mind you are interested in having captured, simply make the suggestion. Participating in a specific event, not only brings the family together, it creates a memory captured on film. Activities can be informal, such as practicing soccer in your backyard, or formal, such as going to a pumpkin patch in the fall. Does your family love to make chocolate chip cookies on the weekend? Go hiking at a nature preserve? Take afternoon walks around your neighborhood? I believe photographing these moments will create the long lasting memories you are looking to preserve. For example, refer to my pumpkin patch album.

portfolio session special I am currently offering free sessions in exchange for a signed model release. Signing a model release enables Stacey R Wiseman to use any photographs taken during your session for marketing materials which includes but is not limited to my website, blog, facebook fan page and printed materials. Your session includes: . 1-2 hours at a location of your choosing, . my time, equipment, editing and crafted artistic vision . an online (password protected) gallery of 20 edited photographs (color and black & white) . 3-5 selected images critiqued by photographers . a cd of selected photographs, watermarked and sized/sharpened for the web: facebook or blog (not suitable for printing) . 4x6 high quality lustre prints of selected photographs (maximum of 20 prints) . one (1) full resolution digital photograph if desired . a 50% discount on any a la carte items A signed model release is required to reserve your session.

2012 price information family session . 250 dollars . 1-2 hours at a location of your choosing . my time, equipment, editing and crafted artistic vision . an online (password protected) gallery of 20 edited photographs (color and black & white) . a cd of selected photographs, watermarked and sized/sharpened for the web: facebook or blog (not suitable for printing) . 4x6 high quality lustre prints of selected photographs (maximum of 20 prints) A deposit of 125 dollars is required to reserve your session. The remaining balance is due on the day of the session. *special* The first four families to place an order in 2012 receive the portfolio session special. Book Now! referral program At the conclusion of your session, you will receive five (5) referral cards. If you refer someone who books a session with me, you will receive a fifty dollar print or digital file credit for a previous or upcoming session.

a la carte items prints 4x6 . 5x7 . 8x10 . 25 dollars canvas 11x14 . 12x18 . 12x24 . 200 dollars 18x24 . 20x24 . 20x30 . 400 dollars additional sizes and prices available upon request. 3x3 mini accordion albums . 100 dollars 8x8 session albums (printed by lotkah) . 400 dollars digital prints high resolution digital file with print release . 50 dollars each design cards 25 custom designed cards designed by Stacey R Wiseman printed on heavyweight cardstock paper with envelopes and stamps included. Each card features a photograph from your photography session. Holiday, birthday, birth announcements cards are available. 5x7 flat cards . 75 dollars

2011 price guide  

2011 price guide