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Missouri Police Chiefs Newsletter-October 2013 Quick Links Missouri Police Chiefs Membership Dear Missouri Police Chief Members, Below are some updates, articles, events, and more! To the left side you will find quick Missouri Police Chief links and REGISTRATION, tentative schedule, and additional information for the 2013 ANNUAL Legal Defense CONFERENCE. You won't want to miss out on this Program information.


The Informant

Nominate TODAY!2013 Awards

Article Headline15 Maps That Show How Americans Use Drugs Illicit drugs are most popular on the West Coast, Colorado, and the Northeast according to 2010-2011 surveys from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Read more...

2013 Missouri TJ Maxx partnership with DARE America Police Chiefs DARE America has developed a partnership with TJ Annual Maxx. They are now selling clothing with the DARE Conference! name on it and should you walk into a store please don't be surprised! Please share this information to other colleagues.

You will find strong educational programs, great speakers, exciting

Crime Scene Investigation Guide

exhibitor profiles, opportunities to interact with law enforcement professionals, further develop your network connections, unite with old friends, and make new ones. You will have the chance to make unforgettable memories in just a few days with an amazing agenda made just for you.

Developed by crime scene experts, this comprehensive, step-by-step guide leads law enforcement through the crucial, first phase of the justice process. Free for download as a PDF or for your favorite e-reader. Read more...

LED Light Bars

The St Louis County Police Department has seventy (70) Code 3 2100 LED light bars that we would be happy to donate to any Missouri department that may need them. The light bars will be given away on a "first come/first serve" basis and must be picked up at our radio shop in Maryland Heights Missouri. Can you place this information in your next newsletter? CLICK HERE Any interested departments can email or call me for for Delegate further information and pick up location/dates. My Registration & contact information is below.

Tentative Schedule

CLICK HERE for Vendor Registration & Tentative Schedule

Thank you for your assistance with this and please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information. Michele Ryan Supervisor, Vehicle & Supply Unit St Louis County Police Department 7900 Forsyth Blvd St Louis MO 63105 314-615-5333 Office 314-615-7249 Fax

Technology Improves Delivery of Information to Community Scott County Sheriff's Office is pleased to announce the release of a Smartphone app which will allow the community to have access to real-time detention center information with mug shots, charges, and offender information.

Keeping communities safe and informed by improving communication between sheriffs' offices and the communities they serve. Download app...

DNA Collections - SID Message Response The Soon there will be new information available on SID number messages related to the DNA collection requirement of certain individuals in custody. RSMo 650.055 requires certain arrested individuals and those convicted of specific offenses to provide a DNA sample prior to release. Once fingerprints taken by the Livescan device have completed searching AFIS, the individual's eligibility for DNA collection will be verified. If the individual is arrested for qualifying arrest charges, the following response will be included in the SID message: DNA collection of this individual is required and must be obtained prior to release. Complete the offender DNA collection kit and return to MSHP. If the individual arrested for non-qualifying charges but has a prior qualifying conviction, the following response will be included in the SID message. This individual requires DNA collection based on a previous offense. Complete the offender DNA collection kit and return to MSHP. If collecting a DNA sample based on previous offenses, it is beneficial to indicate on the DNA collection card that the collection is for a prior offense. Individuals who already have DNA on file or do not have qualifying DNA charges, the SID message will indicate that DNA collection is not required;

therefore no sample should be taken. If you have questions, please contact Rachel Mengwasser at 573.526.6134 ex. 2545.

Need Holsters? The Lee's Summit Police Department has some previously

worn Raptor holsters that are available if anyone is in need. Open inventory... If you have information, announcements or regards for assistance please contact Sheldon Lineback

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