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What Makes the Philippines a Perfect Place to Hire Virtual Assistants?

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Among the many countries with a huge number of citizens who can speak English, the Philippines is the best choice for foreign investors when it comes to outsourcing virtual assistant services. With the growing number of foreign businesses outsourcing different all kinds of processes to the Philippines, there’s no doubt Filipinos are reliable and efficient workers. The past decade saw the Philippines become a leading outsourcing destination for international companies. In 2011, revenues from the BPO industry reached an unprecented$11 Billion. According to the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP), the industry employed 638,000 in 2011. The organization expects the number to increase by 20 percent every year. Here are some of the best reasons to hire virtual assistants from the Philippines.

A Rising Tiger The Philippines is now one of the leaders in Southeast Asia in terms of economic growth. Improvements in the quality of education and rise in the number of foreign investments contributed to this development. Because of this, Filipinos have become significantly more knowledgeable about global business standards, and are ready to welcome new employment opportunities from foreign investors.

Home of Skilled and Dedicated Workers Filipinos are popular for being hard working and dedicated to their jobs. Other than the fact that a significant percentage of the country’s population can speak English, Filipino workers have good work ethics and enough skills to perform a variety of tasks assigned to them. They value their work and always find ways to get the job done right.

An Increasing Number of Service Providers Because of the competitive salaries and benefits offered by multinational outsourcing companies, more people are entering the BPO industry. Many companies provide trainings to improve the Filipino VA’s communication and problem solving skills. Hiring skilled and experienced VAs from the Philippines is a way to ensure business success. Entrepreneurs may contact leading virtual assistant services providers to get started.


What makes the philippines a perfect place to hire virtual assistants?  
What makes the philippines a perfect place to hire virtual assistants?