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Productivity 101:

Work Habits That Need to Go Away

Procrastination is the culprit to poor time management. In fact, many businesses are having a difficult time dealing with employees who lack either the skill or attention span to work on specific tasks. Such problems lead to less productivity, which can affect the operations. It’s important to get rid of bad work habits before they harm the business significantly.

Looking for Distractions Browsing random things on the Internet, roaming around like a supervisor, taking frequent restroom breaks or finding something to eat every few minutes are signs of procrastination. The reason behind these is usually the lack of motivation. Many employees tend to think that their workload is too much or what they did is already enough. Instead of doing more, they prefer to be complacent. To solve this, it’s best to know what drives them to work.

Spending More Time on Updates Receiving a call or reading an e-mail and text message don’t only waste precious working time, but cut the working pace of employees. In fact, even hearing the alert tone of any gadget can make someone stop for a few seconds. According to experts, people need at least 15 minutes to get back and focus on what they’re doing. Set a rule about using mobile phones and other gadgets at work. If these are necessary to the job, at least tell the workers to set the volume. Find a reliable virtual office assistant to help organize e-mail accounts. By doing this, they can check which messages are important and need immediate response.

Doing Tasks All at the Same Time People have the ability to multitask, but not all are good at it. Instead of getting things done, it will just slow down employees and pile up all the unfinished work. Multitasking divides a person’s attention span, so the work that needs the highest priority might get treated the same.

The productivity of employees can make or break any type of business. It’s ideal to set rules inside the workplace and hire the necessary services to help achieve better output that leads to success.

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Productivity 101 Work Habits that Need to Go Away  
Productivity 101 Work Habits that Need to Go Away