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Kirstie herself also won an award for Essex Business Award Winner Best New Company in 2007. Kirstie named the company after Florence and Percy Arrowsmith whom were married for 80 years and stated on her website “May the piece you purchase bring you the same luck, health and happiness they shared.”

Flow & Percy Right:‘TheMadHatterHeadband’ £185 Left: ‘The Duchess Headband’ £185

Magpie Vintage ‘Besopke Vintage’ bracelet £296

Stacey Mercer

Random Vintage

Hidden Treasures Standfirst in here Standfirst in here Standfirst in here Standfirst in here Standfirst in here Standfirst in here Standfirst in here Standfirst in here Standfirst in here Standfirst in here Standfirst in here Standfirst in here Standfirst in here. THERE IS A NEW JEWELLERY TREND hitting the market stalls, shops, fairs and boutiques of the UK. It is the antidote to the huge chains of the high street, the remedy to Primark. It is of course – vintage. Antique jewellery has exploded in popularity as of late, and vintage designers and collectors have never been so in demand. So what’s the appeal? Vintage jewellery is the art of restoring classic authentic pieces from a range eras, picked up at auctions, markets or family heirlooms, and turning them into timeless pieces of jewellery. Wearing vintage not only creates a timeless and gorgeous look, but you can be sure that you’re wearing a truly one of a kind. No wonder vintage accessories are so popular for weddings and special occasions. We have collected some of the best vintage jewellery designers around to give you a real taste of the world of bespoke vintage fashion.

Flo & Percy

Kirstie Taylor has being designing accessories since 1987 and started Flo and Percy in 2005. She designs mostly bridal accessories, like tiaras and headbands, though they would be perfect for any formal party. Their vintage styling makes them ideal for films and plays with a 1920’s-40’s style.Kirstie has a range of collections, two of which are named after Lewis Carroll’s Through The Looking Glass, with some of the pieces named after characters like The Mad Hatter and Caroll himself. Besides her unique collections, Kirstie also offers a Bespoke wedding range in which she designs one-off pieces made especially for the customer after discussing the wedding details. Many of Kirstie’s designs have been featured in ATTIRE Accessories, You & Your Wedding & Perfect Wedding magazines to name a few. Random Vintage is a beautifully unique range of jewellery, brooches, charms and more, created by Cardiff based designer Claire Weeks. It began two and a half years ago when Claire’s hobby became a full-time affair. Her inspiration stemmed from her Grandma’s old jewellery box. that she wanted to bring back to life. Collections include stunning original one-off vintage pieces and new vintage inspired pieces, giving that timeless and individual look without the hefty price tag. What’s most charming about the one-offs collection of treasures is the mixture of eras used on one piece. For instance, the seventies vintage necklace decorated with a fifties rhinestone earing (named “Keepsakes”) is an effortlessly stylish creation that would be impossible to find elsewhere. Another adorable piece is “Under Lock and Key”, a miniature vintage key necklace accompanied by a brass heart locket to give an authentic yet elegant look. Quirkier items include “A Closer Look”, an old optometrist’s optic lens hanging from a pendant.

“May the piece you purchase bring you the same luck, health and happiness they shared.”

Complete with a little rust and age spots, it’s like carrying a little piece of history with you. Random Vintage products are available at shows and events, and now in a store. A Vintage Affair is in the centre of Cardiff and is a fusion of four different vintage companies selling a range of clothes, textiles and gifts. Sammi Hacker

Magpie Vintage

You can order MagpieVintage products online at Designers Lisa Harris and Tania Borton are the team behind the wonderfully unique Magpie Vintage. Now in its’ sixth year of running, Lisa and Tania have a real passion for bringing past eras into our daily lives through carefully designed vintage jewellery and accessories. Using a dedicated team of different designers, Kirstie Taylor, you are able to choose which products you’d like, ranging from 1900’s to the 1960’s, and Flo & Percy personalise them. Each piece has been lovingly restored to their former beauty. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings are just a few of the items that are handmade and beautifully crafted. Specialising in bridal jewellery/ accessories, Magpie have an impressive collection of original antique pieces, like these 1940’s vintage rhinestone earings. Appointments can be made with Lisa or Tania to create bespoke personal pieces. They even create designs from a client’s family heirlooms or antiques. Magpie Vintage has stocked many designers including; Haskell, De Mario, Vendome, Swank Random Vintage ‘Message in a as well as several prestige boutiques. Bottle’ necklace £14

Fran Bradshaw

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This was a group project where we each had to research a shop then create a design and layout for them to be displayed.