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Stacey Japhta Mrs. Mirecka, English 9, P7

Blake kneeled down on one knee and pulled out a violet box with a shiny diamond ring inside it. “I love you so much Jane. Marry me.” he proclaimed with passionate eyes. Jane gasped and shouted back, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” They kissed and that was the end of an amazing evening. What a beautiful start to such a mournful story. Both Jane and Blake, so young in age but the way they loved each other was beyond insane. Even if they held hands, you could tell they were madly in love. They were more than lovers, they were best friends. Jane has always wanted to get married, and was ecstatic that she was finally engaged. She had brought all her old friends together from high school to help her choose her wedding dress. Everyone was astonished by the gorgeous white with flower petal dress she eventually picked out. They knew that was the one. Overjoyed by such an eventful day, Jane went speeding down the free way with her little silver car, bolting along to her favorite song, not caring about a thing in the world. That was about the last thing Jane could remember. The smell of blood was everywhere and you could hear the sound of sirens going off from the distance. Tens of people arrived at the accident pushing and shoving just to get a glimpse of the scene. Jane got rushed to the hospital. Blake received a call and got the news that Jane was in the emergency room, unconscious. Blake walked through the doors that had a sign noting, “Jane Broughton, Room 53.” He wiped the tears off his face and got the courage to look at Jane. With one glance he got shivers down his back. The sight of the dark blue bruises on her cheek would take Blake very long to erase from his memory. She looked peaceful but at the same time looked different. Thinking of all the possibilities that might happen to Jane went through Blake’s head. He knew that there would be no way in hell he would be able to live without her, especially after everything they have been through. His palms started to sweat the more he got worried. Could this be the end? At that moment Blake heard a sweet voice saying, “Where am I?” He rose so quick from the chair it was as if there was a force that caused it.

“Jane,” squeaked Blake delightedly, “Thank God you’re alive!” Confusion occurred to Jane as Blake was going on about how grateful he was that she is not dead. He leaned over to kiss her. “Get away from me you freak!” screeched Jane. “Baby? What’s wrong?” Blake asked. “You wouldn’t like it if some stranger, randomly come to you and wanted to kiss you. That’s just scary,” renounced Jane. “What do you mean stranger? I’m your fiancé,” reassured Blake trying to keep Jane’s heart rate down. “Sorry sir, I honestly don’t know who you are.” uttered Jane. While Blake was trying to convince his fiancé that he was not a weirdo, Jane’s mother walked in the room. “Afternoon Blake,” greeted Jane’s mother, “What a miracle you are conscious now, Jane.” Jane slowly sat up from her lying position on the bed and stunned that her mother knows this complete stranger she questioned, “You know this horrid man?” Jane’s mother stared at Blake waiting for a response from him. “She doesn’t remember who I am,” he mumbled honestly. “Have you called the doctor to check up on her memory?” asked Jane’s mother. “Uh, no, I was too distracted at the fact that she couldn’t remember me,” whispered Blake. Jane’s mother pressed the button that had the word, “help!” on it. A nurse came dashing through the door and asked, “What’s the matter?” Blake explained the situation to the nurse and she did some tests on Jane’s brain. The nurse asked her a few questions that would help jog back her memory as she had forgotten a few facts about herself. The results came back and the conclusions from the results showed that she might only forget certain things for a while, but remember them in a few weeks. She sat Blake

down and told him that if three weeks go by, and she still doesn’t remember him, then she probably never will. The pain that Blake went through was excruciating. All the sleepless nights and non stop thinking caused Blake to go craze. After the longest three weeks of Blake’s life, Jane still couldn’t remember him. The option of getting Jane to know Blake again was out of the question, as she doesn’t want to see him again after him trying to kiss her. She told her mom that she wants nothing to do with him. Later on that night, Blake was looking through his photo album of pictures of him and Jane. Thinking about what such wonderful times they shared together got Blake upset. To try help him feel better, Blake decided to go to the bar and get a couple of drinks. He ended up being smashed out of his mind. Since he was not aware of what he was doing, he stripped down naked and ran across the road screaming, letting go of all the emotions he was feeling. A car came speeding down and knocked him down so hard, that his brain was hanging out of his head. The ambulance soon arrived and contacted Jane’s mother. She brought Jane along to the scene not telling her that Blake was going to be there and left her in the car. An officer approached Jane’s mother and gave her the sad news that Blake was dead. Jane got out the car and glanced at the dead body. She fell to the ground, covering herself in her own tears. Her mother asked, “I thought you don’t remember him.” Trying to control her tears she replied, “The sight of his body dead, just triggered off my memory.”

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Bout a girl who loses her memory

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