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Volume 1012

Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care

by Dr. Jeff Dettwiler D.C. pg 8

Are You An Expert?

The Physician Approved Weigh 10 Years Strong

by Donna Phelan pg 14

Is It Time for a RESET?

by Shelia Henson pg 12

by Lora L. Smith pg 10

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Tips and tools

to save money this open enrollment season

for health insurance pg 4

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2 - Central Indiana’s Pulse on Good Health

EEne FTRake O

Volume 1012

ma gaz ine .com

From the Publisher

Welcome to Indy’s Health Minute Magazine. Now is the perfect time to take charge of your health and well being. We are dedicated to presenting you with timely health information for your busy schedule. Proper nutrition and exercise are important aspects of our daily rigorous routine. We support and encourage you to be an active participant in your future health through pertinent information to improve your life. Join us on this journey into an improved state of welfare and happiness. This magazine is for you . . . Indy’s active health conscious consumer. I invite you to participate in our growth and encourage your feed back and suggestions. Let us know what you think. Email comments to

Articles Tips and Tools to Save Money This Open Enrollment Season for Health Insurance............. 4 Cooking Greek Fruit Bundles ......................................... 6 by Kaherine Haidar

Is It Time for a RESET?...................... 10 by Lora L. Smith

The Physician Approved Weigh - 10 Years Strong.12 by Sheila Henson

Are You an Expert?....... 14 by Donna Phelan

Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care................................. 8

Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care by Dr. Jeff Dettwil

Are You An Expert?

er D.C. pg 8

by Donna Phelan pg 14

The Physicia n Approved Wei gh 10 Years Stro ng

Is It Time for a RESET?

by Shelia Henso

by Lora L. Smith pg 10

n pg 12

Tips and tools

to save money this open enrollment

for health insuseason rance pg 4

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with HMM! /HealthMinuteM ag




Tips and Tools to Save Money This Open Enrollment Season for Health Insurance Set aside enough time to review your health insurance options. It’s important to review each of the health insurance plans that your employer offers. Remember that there’s more to each plan than co-pays and premiums. EDITOR / SALES DIRECTOR Arthur Sanford PHOTOGRAPHY Portraiture Studios. Amy Harnish GRAPHIC DESIGN & LAYOUT Stacey R. Davis WEB SITE DESIGN Arthur Sanford

by Dr. Jeff Dettwiler D.C. The deadline for ad placement with Indy’s Health Minute Magazine is the 1st date of the month prior to publication. (exp: ad for January issue is due by Dec 1st). Call (317) 407-8188 for more information. Health Minute Magazine is published monthly. Health Minute Magazine is copyrighted and may not be reproduced, in whole or in part without the expressed written consent of Health Minute Magazine. Health Minute Magazine, including the publishers and designers is/are not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided or the actions of our advertisers. Health Minute Magazine strongly suggests that you consult your Physician before beginning any diet or exercise program. If you follow any of the health tips or suggestions given in this publication, you agree to do so at your own risk and assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release Health Minute Magazine from any claims.


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Tips and tools

to save money this open enrollment season

for health insurance

(ARA) - The leaves are changing colors, children are back in school, and football rules the weekends once again. But don’t forget another annual fall tradition - benefits open enrollment. This is the time of year when millions of employees across the country have a chance to review their benefits provided by their employer and decide what programs to enroll in or change for the following year.

the coming year, making sure their doctors are in their insurer’s care provider network or evaluating prescription drug coverage.”

As open enrollment season draws near, it is important to understand your health insurance options, as it’s one of the biggest benefits provided by your employer. Most companies typically set aside a two-week period between September and December for open enrollment. So be prepared, because if you miss this window of opportunity you likely cannot enroll in or change your health coverage until next fall.

1. Set aside enough time to review your health insurance options. It’s important to review each of the health insurance plans that your employer offers. Remember that there’s more to each plan than co-pays and premiums. For example, some plans offer vision exam coverage and different prescription drug coverage, while others may offer wellness programs that can lead to discounts on your premiums. Also keep in mind that health reform has changed insurance coverage in recent years. As part of the new law, children under age 26 can be enrolled as dependents on their parent’s plan, and many preventive care services, such as children’s immunizations or mammograms, are typically covered by health plans at no cost to you.

“When reviewing their health coverage options, 50 percent of people spend only an hour or less reviewing their choices,” says Rebecca Madsen, senior vice president of UnitedHealthcare. “But in many cases, consumers who spend quality time reviewing their health plan options can find ways to save money - whether it’s through selecting a plan that better fits their expected health costs in

Madsen suggests the following tips and tools to help prepare for open enrollment: Three tips to help consumers select the best health plan:

2. Make sure your doctor is in-network - it can save you money on out-of-pocket costs. Even if you don’t plan to make any changes to your health insurance this year, it’s always good to ensure that any doctor you see regularly - or plan to visit in the coming year - is in your plan’s care provider network. If you plan to visit a doctor or hospital outside of the network, be sure to understand how your costs will differ from an in-network care provider. 3. Look for incentive-based wellness programs. Many companies are promoting wellness programs that reward employees for making healthy choices and being more

4 - Central Indiana’s Pulse on Good Health

engaged in their own health. These plans could save up to $1,000 or more on annual premiums. Incentive-based programs, such as UnitedHealthcare’s Personal Rewards, provide financial rewards for things such as meeting specific cholesterol or body mass index targets, or even signing up for a telephonic or online health coaching program. Three health tools designed to help consumers learn more about their health benefits and save money: 1. Use a health care cost calculator or estimator. Health cost calculators enable you to estimate the prices of medical treatments and services between different physicians and hospitals. For example, UnitedHealthcare’s myHealthcare Cost Estimator provides a retail-like “comparison shopping” experience for more than 300 procedures and services by revealing side-by-side quality and estimated cost information for doctors and hospitals. Using a planning tool is particularly important if you are expecting any significant health events in the next year, such as having a baby or undergoing surgery.

can be especially challenging to understand what a formulary is or how a Flexible Spending Account differs from a Health Savings Account. UnitedHealthcare’s UHC. tv is an online educational resource where anyone can watch short videos on a variety of health insurance and wellness topics. Some videos include comedic skits as well as national health personalities. Similarly, is a virtual community that explains a variety of different health benefits and wellness-related topics while interacting with the townspeople, such as shopkeepers along Main Street or entertainers at the community Wellness Fair. Consumers usually have more than one option when it comes to choosing a health insurance plan, so it is important to fully understand your options and choose the plan that is best for you and your family. This year, don’t miss any opportunities to save some money while taking steps toward better health.

2. Take advantage of mobile apps and online tools to engage in your own health. Many health insurers have created apps and Web-based tools to help people locate a doctor, review claims, ask questions about their benefits and find more information about their health plans. For example, UnitedHealthcare’s Health4Me mobile app helps plan participants easily find physicians, compare treatment costs, check the status of a claim or speak directly with a nurse for medical information at no additional cost. 3. Use reliable online resources for a “Health Care 101” lesson. Many people don’t understand terms like co-pay and deductible, so it

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COOKING GREEK Non-Inflammatory Recipes For Those With Food Allergies. Katherine Haidar is Indianapolis’ renowned monthly contributing chef.

Fruit Bundles Fruit, fresh, jar, canned about 12 oz Puff Pastry defrosted

½ cup brown sugar 1 tsp cinnamon 1 cup chocolate chips

Pre-heat oven 400°. Take apple slices & put in bowl. Add brown sugar and cinnamon. Mix thoroughly. Take one square of puff pastry about 4x 4 . Place about 3 apple slices onto dough center & add about 1 tsp choc chips. Take alternating corners and bring together, pinch together to form a small pouch. Place onto a greased cookie sheet and bake for about 15 min. or until golden brown.

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and Chiropractic Care

Jeff Dettwiler, DC Dettwiler Chiropractic

Studies have shown that women who receive chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy have shorter and less painful deliveries with fewer complications and fewer interventions.

So let us take a look at why a pregnant woman can benefit from chiropractic care throughout her pregnancy. One of the first, more obvious, reasons is the rapid change in weight that a pregnant woman goes through. This increase in weight, in combination with postural changes and changes in sleeping positions changes the stress or load on the joints in the low back and pelvis, often resulting in back pain and dysfunction especially late in pregnancy. Dietary changes and nutritional habits can also affect pain and dysfunction. There is also a loosening of ligaments to allow for growth and labor. The loosening of ligaments along with weight gain can cause pronation of the feet (flat feet), and pronation of the feet changes your center of gravity, again causing abnormal and undue stress on the joints of your spine and pelvis. A chiropractor can help to maintain proper motion and alignment of

your spine and pelvis, ultimately reducing the stress on the joints so mom can focus her energy on taking care of herself and her baby as opposed to being consumed by pain and discomfort. Anyone who has had a child or been there to experience the miracle of childbirth can attest to the fact that the body is incredibly intelligently designed. To meet all of the needs of your growing baby it is important to have a properly functioning nervous system, free of interference from spinal misalignments. If you have ever read what goes on from week to week in fetal development, you realize that the body can do incredible things as long as it is allowed to function the way it was designed. Since the nervous system controls and coordinates all of the functions of your body and the spine’s only functions are movement and to protect your nervous system, then it stands to reason that if you maintain the proper motion and alignment of your spine your nervous system can function the way that it is supposed to. For more information on how a chiropractor can help you or your loved ones please visit our website at www. or give our office a call at 317 841-1209 to schedule your appointment today.

Get Donna’s new book Available at As you all know, I am very direct about what is required to live the healthy lifestyle. For those who want to hear the truth about living fresh, I am releasing my new book entitled Stop Being Fat - Lose The BS, Lose The Weight. Available at To learn more and register for a chance to win a free copy, visit 8 - Central Indiana’s Pulse on Good Health

Intense, Hands-On Twelve-Week Dental Assisting Program • Limited Enrollment • Personalized Training • Latest Technology • Digital Radiography • Software Training • Advanced Products & Procedures • Accredited Radiology Program

Become a highly skilled dental professional!

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Lynn Uptgraft, L.D.H. Founder

Dental Office Training by Lynn As a licensed dental hygienist with over 25 years’ experience in dentistry, Lynn Uptgraft established Dental Office Training by Lynn for the training and development of dental assistants. Her program provides intense, hands-on training, as well as the study of terminology, anatomy, and technology that is vital in obtaining employment in the dental office of today. “This has been a very fulfilling journey for me, as I have been able to help individuals enter into rewarding careers in dentistry” according to Lynn. I believe that relationships play a major role in determining our pathways in life. A key component to Lynn’s program is that of developing relationships with those in the dental community. These relationships and networking opportunities lead to employment and development of your dental career. These beliefs stem from her love of family. She enjoys spending time with her husband Scott, and two children. Elle is a junior at HSE and active in choir and sports. Erik is in the 8th grade at Riverside Jr. High and loves to play golf and football. They are active in their church and love to spend time at home and with friends.

Start, change, or alter a career path.

Lynn states “I am excited that my career has given me this unique opportunity to impact the lives of others in a positive way. I love getting to know each student and providing guidance even after they have completed the Program”.

All ages welcome.

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We Accept GI Bill Benefits

Location at I-69 & 96th St in Fishers This institution is regulated by: State Workforce Innovation Council Office of Career and Technical Schools 10 N. Senate Ave, Suite SE 203 Indianapolis, IN 46204 317 234-8338 or 317 234-8339

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Is it time for a RESET? Imagine your body had a Reset button…like the one your computer has. A button you could just hit, and it would clear away the toxic junk that’s been slowing your system down. How great would that be?

We may not have an actual button, but there is a program that can restore the body to its original “factory settings” … without drugs, without fasting. And from August 15 – September 4, I gave it 110% to see what would happen. My personal experience was nothing short of…amazing! So this month I want to share with you the “Top 10 Reasons to do the Ultimate Reset.” 10. Take a 21-Day BREAK from intense exercise. If you don’t exercise…you won’t need to start. And after it’s over, you’ll feel like exercising. 9. Eat fresh, whole, delicious, real FOOD. 8. Become a better cook! 7. Educate your whole family about healthier foods and eating. 6. Get in tune with your body…your senses, energy levels and moods and how those things change based on what you eat. Visit me here to find out more about my Reset journey! 10

5. Kick your cravings! Change your relationship with food and know what the difference is between real hunger and just wanting to eat. 4. Remove toxins from your body and clutter from your life. 3. Lose weight! It’s not the primary goal of the program but if you have weight to lose you will lose weight, and that’s always a nice bonus. 2. Be empowered to make better food choices for LIFE! Lora L. Smith Fitness/Nutrition Coach 317-431-7177 - Central Indiana’s Pulse on Good Health

1. Improve overall health…feel better, sleep better, more energy, greater focus, better skin, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, improved digestion…getting the picture? So…who do you know that is feeling tired, run down, or just plain lousy…who may be having trouble with digestion or difficulty losing weight… someone who’s body just isn’t working the way he or she wants it to? Is it YOU? Maybe it’s the perfect time for a Reset.

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The Physician Approved Weigh – 10 years strong Health and Nutrition Technology (HNT) is a medically supervised RD behavior modification Sheila Henson program that assists interested individuals achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Try to say that fast 10 times. More than a mouthful, those words capture what we are. Having been in Indianapolis and surrounding counties for a decade now does not mean you have heard or understand our approach. We would love the opportunity to meet you in person soon at one of our FREE information sessions! Until then hopefully this brief introduction clarifies who, what, where, why HNT may be what you are looking for. We just hadn’t crossed each other’s path yet. Physician approved-partnering the right weigh directs your initial weight loss motivation into a new healthier way of life (average 16% loss maintained years out). A weight loss goal needs shaped and developed to be sustained. Finding a reputable, effective, rapid result approach (exceedingly more than just weight loss) is where we come into the picturebehavior modification. We help you reach YOUR goals by establishing a comprehensive skill set: Mental, Emotional, and Physical. No weight loss goal is too small or large (5-500lbs). Unfortunately this is often a misunderstood aspect; however, it is completely understandable when only viewing healthy cooking and eating for

dieting purposes and not as a skill. HNT’s staff of Registered Dietitians helps enhance your current skill level, whatever that may be. By using a highly effective tool in Health One we can help you create variety, texture, enjoyment, simplicity and most importantly experience weight loss without hunger. HNT provides the support and tools needed for initial and long-term success by preparing you for all transitions encountered with effective meal planning. Dawn Ayers MD-Endocrinology is the medical director of HNT; serving in this role since opening in Oct 2002. We have partnered with many local providers by offering this valuable specialty care. (Not to be a replacement, but used in conjunction with good medical practices.) We do offer our services in five convenient locations: Monday evenings at Carmel St Vincent Hospital professional building suite 275; Tuesday evening at Riverview Hospital (4 TCU classroom); Thursday evenings at Community Health North 7250 building suite 100; Also on Thursday evening at American Health Network Peru, IN; And weekdays and Tuesday evening in Plainfield, IN 1201 E Main St suite B. Learn how to end the cycle of dieting and achieve long term success through a partnership with HNT. Change your life…so you can live it!

Health & Nutrition Technology is a nationally recognized, medically supervised health and weight management program.The professional staff provides a comprehensive approach to health by integrating behavior modification classes along with individual support and caring.

Health and Nutrition Technology

For more information call (317) 758-8637 or visit us online at Carmel | Peru | Nobelsville | Plainfield

12 - Central Indiana’s Pulse on Good Health

I’ve trained with a 6th degree black belt and former international karate competitor for some time now. Prior to that, I trained for several years at a local martial arts school. While I liked the owners and students at the local school, and the workout was challenging, it didn’t take more than a few weeks of training with my current instructor to realize I was dealing with a totally different standard. He is an “old school” instructor – training is as much about skill, discipline, and proper technique as it is about learning the simple mechanics. When you visit a karate class, you will find the instructor addressing rows of students all dressed in their “gis” or traditional karate uniform. At a glance, the students all look the same. Soon you notice the pecking order. The black, brown and higher belt ranks stand in the front row; the newest students, white belts, stand in the back. Intermediate belts line up in-between. This arrangement is as true in the old standard, as it is in the new standard. The difference with the old standard was that a black belt actually meant something. It signified an elite level of skill, training, and discipline that was earned and worn with pride. Nowadays, a black belt indicates nothing more than a student who has memorized enough techniques and paid enough money. To be certain, there are schools which still operate under the old standard, as there are still students in new standard schools who set their own bar and strive for a higher level of skill. But, it is fairly easy nowadays for a karate black belt to masquerade as an expert – there are just too many schools which allow it. 14

This is simply not true with weight loss and fitness. When the topic of my occupation comes up in social situations, I’m amazed by the number of fat, out of shape people who launch into a litany of how healthy they eat and how much they work out. I simply nod politely and interject the occasional “is that so?” After all, if an individual is perfectly content with herself, it doesn’t bother or concern me in the least. Just like today’s karate black belt, however, she is masquerading as an expert. Unlike today’s karate black belt, she can’t hide the deception by dressing a certain way or by standing in the front row. If you are on a weight loss and fitness program it is easy to become discouraged when the fat does not drop off and the muscles don’t bulge as quickly as you would like. The day will come, however, when you receive your first unsolicited compliment: “Hey, you’ve lost weight! Looking good!” Smile and enjoy it. It means you are at the front of the class achieving an A+ in your new field of study. You are recognized as an expert at being thin by actually being thin. There is no way to deceive anyone on this. Stop Being Fat! - Central Indiana’s Pulse on Good Health

Donna Phelan is an ACE Certified Group Fitness instructor and coowner of Know Sweat Workouts in Indianapolis.



9:17 AM

5 Since 197

Expert Advice Serious Equipment Real Results

Carmel / Westfield US 31 & 146th 317-848-8999 Castleton On East 82nd 317-845-7700 Greenwood US 31 & Stop 12 Rd 317-881-2410 Statewide 800-852-4168 Treadmills • Home Gyms • Elliptical Cross-Trainers • Stair Climbers • Bikes • Pilates Rowers • Free Weights • Benches & Racks • Exercise Flooring • Accessories

Residential • Commercial • Sales • Service

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® seen on Dr. Oz, The Doctor’s, The View, The Today Show & Good Morning America Ultherapy provides non-invasive facial tissue lifting with consistent, natural results providing results similar to a mini-face lift. NO DOWNTIME… Requires only 1 treatment. You will look and feel refreshed immediately after your treatment with dramatic results realized in 2 to 3 months.

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13431 Old Meridian St. | Suite 110 Carmel, IN | 317.571.0756

Dr. Timothy Gillum

Denise Kaler

Double Board Certified


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