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Reason for the Cravings of the Season Lora Smith pg 6

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What IS An Expert Herb Johnson pg 8

Who Has Got Your Back? Dr. Jeff Dettwiler D.C. pg 10

Martial Arts for Winter Fitness


Tips for busy women trying to find balance and enjoy life’s simple pleasures pg 4

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2 - Central Indiana’s Pulse on Good Health

From the Publisher

Welcome to Indy’s Health Minute Magazine. Now is the perfect time to take charge of your health and well being. We are dedicated to presenting you with timely health information for your busy schedule. Proper nutrition and exercise are important aspects of our daily rigorous routine. We support and encourage you to be an active participant in your future health through pertinent information to improve your life. Join us on this journey into an improved state of welfare and happiness. This magazine is for you . . . Indy’s active health conscious consumer. I invite you to participate in our growth and encourage your feed back and suggestions. Let us know what you think. Email comments to

Articles 5 Tips for Busy Women Trying To Find Balance And Enjoy Life’s Simple Pleasures......................... 4 The Reason for the Cravings of the Season ......................................... 6 by Lora L. Smith

What IS An Expert.......... 8

Finding Balance Busy women across the country struggle to find time to work out. By finding activities like kidfriendly yoga or going for a hike with friends, you can get your workout in while spending quality time together.

Who Has Got Your Back?............................. 10 by Dr. Jeff Dettwiler D.C.

T-Day and Counting....... 12 by Sheila Henson

Self Delusion is Alive and Well................................ 14 by Donna Phelan


by Herb Johnson


The deadline for ad placement with Indy’s Health Minute Magazine is the 1st date of the month prior to publication. (exp: ad for January issue is due by Dec 1st). Call (317) 407-8188 for more information. Health Minute Magazine is published monthly. Health Minute Magazine is copyrighted and may not be reproduced, in whole or in part without the expressed written consent of Health Minute Magazine. Health Minute Magazine, including the publishers and designers is/are not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided or the actions of our advertisers. Health Minute Magazine strongly suggests that you consult your Physician before beginning any diet or exercise program. If you follow any of the health tips or suggestions given in this publication, you agree to do so at your own risk and assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release Health Minute Magazine from any claims.


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“There’s no tried-and-true formula for finding balance and enjoying life fully”

4 - Central Indiana’s Pulse on Good Health


Tips for busy women trying to find balance and enjoy life’s simple pleasures

(BPT) - Every woman knows that hectic schedules can make it easy to forget to stop and enjoy the little things in life. But by finding creative ways to embrace some of life’s simple pleasures, you can make sure to stay happy and content. Actress, model and celebrity mom Ali Landry says she’s found that taking the time to enjoy some of her favorite indulgences in moderation - whether it’s snacks, travel, exercise or even a night out - has been the key to being a happy mother of two. “There’s no tried-and-true formula for finding balance and enjoying life fully” says Landry. “According to a recent survey, three in five women say that eating certain foods is their No. 1 source of guilt. I disagree with this whole heartedly. I refuse to feel guilty about enjoying the things I love - like chocolate.” Landry offers five tips for striking that balance: * Ever feel like you need a vacation but don’t have the time or the budget to pull it off? Opt for a vacation activity at home instead. Head out to a nearby beach or park and pack a picnic to enjoy with the friends and family. Then schedule a night of fun at home playing a new game or enjoying a new activity. * Allow yourself to indulge with moments of moderation. Always abstaining from your favorite treats might lead you to binge after an especially stressful day. Landry allows herself a daily indulgence of her favorite snack: chocolate. “I love Hershey’s Simple Pleasures chocolates because they are individually wrapped, and they’re 30 percent less fat than the average of the leading milk chocolates,” says Landry. “I’m a woman who wants to be able to savor her chocolate without the

guilt. I’m rejoicing since I found Hershey’s Simple Pleasures chocolate - it’s a delicious chocolate you can feel great about loving.” * Busy women across the country struggle to find time to work out. By finding activities like kid-friendly yoga or going for a hike with friends, you can get your workout in while spending quality time together. * If you’re craving a night at a fancy restaurant, but can’t get away or don’t want to leave the kids, create a restaurant atmosphere at home for one special meal. Dine together with the kids and then once the kids are in bed, set aside time to read or have a drink on the porch with your spouse. * Schedule small bits of “me time” each day, even if it’s just 15 minutes to read in a quiet part of your home. Talk with friends, roommates or family about the importance of having this time to yourself and they’ll be more than understanding when they see the restorative effects that a little downtime can have on your demeanor. “I have learned that if you take some time to enjoy the things you love, and find ways to incorporate them into your everyday life, you can help reduce stress, allowing you to be happier. For busy women trying to find balance, there’s no getting around the fact that some days will be more challenging than others,” Landry says. “But women should remember to take care of themselves too, and I’ve found that working in a few simple pleasures in moderation helps me be a better friend, mom and wife.” For more on Hershey’s Simple Pleasures(R) chocolates and a full list of flavors, visit hersheyssimplepleasures.

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of the season True confessions. This time of year there is one thing I often want to do A LOT more… EAT! I always enjoy food, but my cravings for things I should NOT be eating seem to return in full force every November. Assuming I am not alone (right?) I did a little research…and it turns out there is a scientific REASON! Serotonin, produced by your brain, is the “feel-good” hormone. When your brain produces enough of it, serotonin can help you feel calm, confident, and relaxed. One of the primary factors encouraging its production is sunlight. In the bright days of spring and summer, sunshine stimulates your brain to produce plenty of serotonin. But during the short days of fall and winter, your brain needs extra stimulation to produce enough serotonin. Meaning… We crave sugar and carbs because they stimulate serotonin production. It’s not enough that your mom’s homemade calorie-laden fudge is the best thing you’ve ever tasted. At this time of year, your impulses drive you to attack holiday desserts like a brain-dead cookie monster just to get your serotonin fix! Thankfully, this doesn’t mean we are necessarily “hard-wired” to add holiday pounds, because you can increase serotonin production in other ways. Like EXERCISE! When you look at the big picture, most of the steps you can take to avoid gaining weight happen in your head, not your stomach. So Visit me here to find out more about my Reset journey! 6

you can THINK your way out of weight gain, regardless of how your brain encourages you to be bad around fattening foods. Try these 10 Tips to tame that “inner cookie monster” this time of year. • Treat yourself. Ever notice how denying yourself something only makes you want it more? So have a taste instead of eating the whole treat—or make smart substitutions. Instead of dipping chips, dip carrots. Or trade a bowl of ice cream for an ice milk fudge bar. • Take 25. It takes 12 minutes for a thin person’s brain to register that he or she has eaten. But it can take 25 minutes for an overweight person to know this. So have a sensible meal, and know that 25 minutes after your first bite, you’ll feel a lot less hungry. • Skip the dip and gravy. Gravy is made of flour, salt, turkey fat, and broth. Do you really need all that? And dip? It’s just a lot of goo. Besides, skipping these will help you leave room for a little dessert. • Change your attitude. So you slipped and ate a few pieces of that fudge. Rather than say, “I blew my diet, so why not just keep eating?” take a breath. Smile and say, “No big deal. I

Lora L. Smith Fitness/Nutrition Coach 317-431-7177 - Central Indiana’s Pulse on Good Health

can stop now and still feel good about myself.” • SLEEP. Studies show that when you’re sleepdeprived, the stress hormone cortisol is released at a higher level. This can help you feel hungry even when you’re full. • Say no to the eggnog. An 8-ounce serving contains 343 fatty, high-carb calories. And that’s without the rum. Think about how long it’d take to burn off all those calories!

to your workout. Not a good long-term plan, but it can help. • Work out. Duh. Seratonin, remember??? • Shop online. Stay home! Eat healthy things you have in the fridge instead of grabbing fast food or sweets. Put on holiday music, and save your energy for a good sweaty workout. • Find a partner. If one of you begins to blow your diet, a little friendly peer pressure can help you step back from the cookie. If you don’t want to burden a friend with this job, or you both need more help, call me!

• Write it down. It’s likely that even if you normally write down what you eat, that during the holidays your little book ends up in the bottom drawer. (“If I don’t write it down, it didn’t happen!”) But, if you write A holiday is just a day. Do you really want down the indulgences, you might find a way to undo weeks of sensible eating with a day 2011BB-HealthMinuteAd.qrk:2011BB-HealthMinuteAd.qrk 10/14/11 even9:17 if youAM to compensate for them, at least a bit. For of crazed eating? And remember, example, by eating less carbs and fat later in give in for 24 hours, it’s not the end of the the day if you swipe a brownie from the break world. Just take a breath, put it behind you, room at lunch, or adding an extra 20 minutes and read these tips again!

5 Since 197

Expert Advice Serious Equipment Real Results

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By Herb Johnson

Just because someone has trained with a 6th degree Black Belt, does not make them an authority. If this 6th degree does not teach Martial Arts as his only source of income, that means that he is teaching part time out of a garage, someone’s basement, a health club or YMCA. Although, those are great feeder programs for the more Professional Martial Arts School, they are not being held accountable by their superiors. My name is Herb Johnson, I currently hold the Rank of 9th Degree (means that I have been training for 50+ years). I have won the World Championships on five different occasions (1978,79,84,85,86) and have trained 26 World Champions, 60 National Champions, and 178 State Champions. I taught my first Karate Class in 1968 and have taught Martial Arts as my only method of income since 1974, I currently own and operate two local Studios and have trained 12 instructors who own and operate their own locations. I have trained with four of the most highly regarded Grandmasters ever. (this fact does not make me Un-loyal to my teacher Bill Wallace, he is still my teacher, but there were periods when he was off being Superfoot and he guided me to train with Glenn Keeney, Ken Knudson and Robert Trias) With all this, I still do not see myself as an expert, mostly because Grandmaster Robert A. Trias ( the guy that opened the first commercial Karate school in the United States in 1946) defined expert as ex-spurt, a former “Drip”. Therefore, I have never really wanted to be one of those. When I started teaching karate, my students were 18 to 30 year old men. 8

Most of them did not need Karate, they could already chew nails. I grew up during the “Old School” method of training. Makiwara Boards, Knuckle Push-ups, Running Barefoot in the snow, and no Women or Kids. The Japanese word for Black Belt, “Dan”, means “Man”, and the word for under Black Belt, “Kyu”, means “Boy”. My first Instructor would not teach Women. Due to an Okinawa standard, I had two Instructors that did not believe in promoting children under sixteen to Black Belt Levels. During the Mid 1970’s some of us that were teaching at Professional Martial Arts Studios realized that Women and Kids could benefit from what we were learning and we should teach them also. We fought long and hard to get our associations and instructors to let us teach and promote Women and Kids. We finally convinced those in control that Black Belts did not have to be “Men” but should be the “best they could be” among their peers. It took Years. In an Issue of “Karate Illustrated” January 78 Vol 9 No. 1, had an article titled, “Should a Women Hold a Black Belt? This article interviewed 12 Nationally Rated Men and Women, some said “Yes, of course, women should have a Black Belt”, some said “Definitely Not, I just don’t feel that Women can physically meet the standards.” - Central Indiana’s Pulse on Good Health

Even back then everyone was entitled to his own opinion. I am glad we evolved. Because of “New School” beliefs, we developed a system where we could teach and promote Women and Kids to Black Belt. I have trained Indianapolis area Women that not only earned their Black Belts, but also became World Champions, Mary Barnette, Denise Coulter, Karen Greener, Susan Schnoor,

Samantha Poliskey at age 16, and Garryn Bryant at age 14, just a few that I remember, today. During the “Old School” method, we only trained the top 10 %. My first ten years in business, due to this antiquated attitude, I ran away more students than I kept,. During the “New School” method of training, I teach everybody. During their first six months they must learn the Lifeskills of Goal Setting, Confidence and a Black Belt Attitude. I do not discourage and leave the lesser skilled behind. In fact, I have learned that the top 10% do not really need us; they are going to succeed no matter what. But the bottom 10%, they need us the most. So, when you look at a Black Belt, you need to know their background, how far have they come, do they have a physical or learning disability? Are they the “best they can be” among their peers? If I had thrown away or dismissed those not in the top 10% I would

have missed the young lady that started with me at age 12 and is now a Surgeon in upstate New York, or the young lady that started with me at age 6 and is currently on a scholarship at Harvard Med School. Both of the ladies “memorized enough techniques and paid enough money” to be 3rd Degree Black Belts. As a teacher, training a World Champion is great, but when a parent comes to you and says “Thanks” because their child just won the science fair, got all A’s on his report card, she just got her book of Poetry published, or gained the self confidence to stand up to her bully and they feel it was because of their Martial Arts Training, that is the ultimate of rewards. For me, all Martial Arts are Good, and all exercise is good, it’s just that some Instructors are better than others.

For more information on the benefits of Martial Arts training call: Herb Johnson World Champion Karate at 585-9USA or 898-4444.

KnowSweat worKoutS workout with attitude

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Who Has Got Your Back? I was recently watching one of the political debates on TV and one of the topics they were speaking about was the fact that the number of people filing for functional disability has doubled in the past 4 years. They claimed that the dramatic Jeff Dettwiler, DC increase was in Dettwiler Chiropractic large part from the over 60 population and that the number one reason these people were filing was arthritis. The reason I am writing about this topic this month is because arthritis is not a normal part of aging, it is an expected outcome of aging without taking proper care of your joints. Osteoarthritis develops from wear and tear on joints caused by abnormal motion patterns of the joints over a long period of time. In other words, if a joint doesn’t function and move properly for a period of time then abnormal stress is placed on that joint and the result is a response from the body to stabilize that joint. Your body decreases the space in that joint and lays down more bone in that area to try and stabilize that joint, the result of such action is what we know as arthritis. This process ends in decreased motion of the joint and pain. The take home message here is that joint dysfunction and abnormal motion patterns is a problem that often goes undetected and doesn’t get corrected before the body starts to


Joint dysfunction and abnormal motion patterns is a problem that often goes undetected and doesn’t get corrected before the body starts to adapt and make those degenerative changes.

adapt and make those degenerative changes. A chiropractor is trained to find and correct abnormal motion in joints, and can extend the life of properly functioning joints, allowing you to continue to do the activities you love for years. The best time to visit your chiropractor is not only when you have pain (indicating a problem has been developing for a while), it is now, before you develop pain, so that abnormal joint motion can be detected and corrected before it causes more extensive damage to your joints. For more information on how chiropractic can help you maintain healthy joint function please visit our website at www. or call our office at 317 841-1209 today to schedule your first appointment. - Central Indiana’s Pulse on Good Health

Intense, Hands-On Twelve-Week Dental Assisting Program • Limited Enrollment • Personalized Training • Latest Technology • Digital Radiography • Software Training • Advanced Products & Procedures • Accredited Radiology Program

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Lynn Uptgraft, L.D.H. Founder

Dental Office Training by Lynn As a licensed dental hygienist with over 25 years’ experience in dentistry, Lynn Uptgraft established Dental Office Training by Lynn for the training and development of dental assistants. Her program provides intense, hands-on training, as well as the study of terminology, anatomy, and technology that is vital in obtaining employment in the dental office of today. “This has been a very fulfilling journey for me, as I have been able to help individuals enter into rewarding careers in dentistry” according to Lynn. I believe that relationships play a major role in determining our pathways in life. A key component to Lynn’s program is that of developing relationships with those in the dental community. These relationships and networking opportunities lead to employment and development of your dental career. These beliefs stem from her love of family. She enjoys spending time with her husband Scott, and two children. Elle is a junior at HSE and active in choir and sports. Erik is in the 8th grade at Riverside Jr. High and loves to play golf and football. They are active in their church and love to spend time at home and with friends.

Start, change, or alter a career path.

Lynn states “I am excited that my career has given me this unique opportunity to impact the lives of others in a positive way. I love getting to know each student and providing guidance even after they have completed the Program”.

All ages welcome.

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T-day and counting: Touch downs, Turkey & Thanksgiving Day

Sheila Henson

and gravy try using chicken broth (saving a couple hundred calories). Or take a walk after that delicious meal instead of dosing off while watching yet another football game (a few more calories are burned). Do these substitutions sound doable? Managing a more involved substitution like mashing cooked cauliflower in place of the mashed potatoes altogether or participating in the annual Drumstick Dash benefiting Wheeler Mission may be other options.


November is here with other holidays soon to follow. What are your Thanksgiving plans? It may be a day you set aside to reflect on the many blessings you have and offer your gratitude for them. It may be a day of rest and relaxation with family and friends indulging in an array of food. Whatever your day holds in store for you it is the beginning of another holiday season with the calendar year winding down and the hustle and bustle often picking up. A game plan of your own is in order. Dieting and Exercise may not be in your play book, but maybe they could be. Instead of adding milk and butter to the mashed potatoes

If you are looking to have a significantly different outcome, losing 40+ pounds instead of gaining weight over this upcoming holiday season, check us out at or call (317) 4894817. You are warmly invited to attend a FREE information session at one of our convenient locations. Change your life…so you can live it! & have many more Happy Thanksgivings! Health and Nutrition Technology is a nationally recognized, medically supervised health and weight management program. The professional staff provides a comprehensive approach to health by integrating behavior modification classes along with individual support and caring.

Health & Nutrition Technology is a nationally recognized, medically supervised health and weight management program.The professional staff provides a comprehensive approach to health by integrating behavior modification classes along with individual support and caring.

Health and Nutrition Technology

For more information call (317) 758-8637 or visit us online at Carmel | Peru | Nobelsville | Plainfield

Get Donna’s new book Available at As you all know, I am very direct about what is required to live the healthy lifestyle. For those who want to hear the truth about living fresh, I am releasing my new book entitled Stop Being Fat - Lose The BS, Lose The Weight. Available at To learn more and register for a chance to win a free copy, visit

12 - Central Indiana’s Pulse on Good Health

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Self Delusion is Alive & Well

I went to an open house of a friend last weekend. The house was be-YOO-tiful, the food was great, and I am embarrassed to admit that my friend and his wife had their house more put together and organized in 4 weeks than I’ve managed to get my house in 14 years. Food co-ops provide healthy, fresh and organic food. I had the chance to meet lots of people and chat with several of them. I want to tell you about one lady in particular. She was married, 40-ish, and had three kids. She was a member of a food co-op and talked at length about the co-op. I don’t know a lot about food coops – there seems to be as many different ways to structure them as there are co-ops. This particular co-op provided many raw foods and organic foods, and fresh fruits and vegetables in season. As a member, she had to volunteer time each month to support the co-op, and, obviously, she did a lot more home cooking and prepping than the average mom. All worth it, she insisted, as nothing was more important than the health of her family. Real healthy eating habits do not cause obesity. So far, so good, right? Now for the kicker. This hard-working, health conscious lady was EASILY 60 pounds overweight. Really. What sort of selfdelusion allows someone to talk about her healthy eating habits while “wearing” a body that broadcasts the exact opposite? What is it that people don’t get? If I described someone as a chain-smoking health nut, there isn’t a single person who 14

wouldn’t stop me and point out that “chainsmoking health nut” is an oxymoron. Yet, people can be fat and think of themselves as health nuts. What the hell??? Thin does not mean healthy. Before all the fat acceptance advocates fire up their keyboards and blast me because “Thin does NOT mean you are healthy,” let me say that YES, I know that thin does not go hand in hand with healthy. I’m not talking about thin people right now. I’m discussing clearly unhealthy people who not only pretend that they are healthy, but BELIEVE they are. In addition, there is a small percentage of the population who, due to various medical reasons, find it difficult to lose weight and frequently require the help of medications and doctors to do so. So, I have to be completely fair and say that this lady may be one of those people. But, this scene repeats itself over and over in my life at a far greater percentage than statistics would predict. I couldn’t tell you how many out-of-shape, unhealthy individuals have bragged to me about their eating habits. - Central Indiana’s Pulse on Good Health

Donna Phelan is an ACE Certified Group Fitness instructor and coowner of Know Sweat Workouts in Indianapolis.

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Ultherapy UplIfTING UlTraSOUND seen on Dr. Oz, The Doctor’s, The View, The Today Show & Good Morning America Ultherapy is the first non-invasive face procedure to use focused ultrasound for skin lifting, firming and tightening. NO DOWNTIME.. One treatment triggers the body’s own natural regenerative process of building new collagen to gradually and naturally Call 317.571.0756 today for your

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Dr. Timothy Gillum

Denise Kaler

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Health Minute Magazine  

Local health print magazine in Indianapolis, In.

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