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Your fat belly may kill you. Today,a majority of people have excess abdominal fat, and if people have any concern about it at all, it is generally a concern about the looks of it rather than the dangers of it. While a big belly is indeed ugly, it is a very dangerous condition with regard to your health. Fat anywhere on the body is unhealthy, however, this is particularly dangerous, because the fat cells are so easily assimilated into the body from the belly. What makes a big belly? A fat belly can result from two types of fat: One is subcutaneous which lies between the skin and the muscles. While it is the least dangerous of the two, it is indeed dangerous. The other type of fat is visceral. This fat lies under the muscle in the abdomen and surrounds the organs. This type gives the "beer belly" appearance. This type also feels the firmest if you push on the belly. What are the risks of belly fat? Whether visceral or subcutaneous,it greatly increases the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, and debilitating diseases. You should develop a great concern,and be aware that reducing your abdominal fat should be one of your top priorities. The cosmetic advantage is simply a bonus to the health advantage. The risk of doing nothing about it is shortness of life. How can you get rid of your fat belly? Is there such a thing as a diet targeted to this area? Perhaps the most difficult thing for people to accept is that there is no quick solution. There are no pills that will cause you to lose your fat belly faster. The fat loss industry with all its pills, ab rollers, and rockers, has made millions at the expense of gullible souls looking for an easy way out. Spot reduction just doesn't happen without surgery. The only solution to losing the weight here, and keeping it off is a lifestyle combination of sound diet with a strategic exercise program geared to stimulate a metabolic response in your body which burns the fat. Burning the fat and not the muscle is the key to an effective diet. Diet only, is much slower producing the results you want, than the diet and exercise combo.

Exercise, and specifically the right kind of exercise, is the real key to losing your fat belly. Most people who exercise do not do exercises that are effective enough to stimulate the loss of stubborn abdominal fat. Most people do cardio routines or a little weight training, and crunches, and wonder why they do not get results. Actually the most effective program to date consists of very little abdominal exercise. It simply targets and stimulates the body's metabolic system to get rid of its fat.

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==== ==== 5 Odd Foods that KILL Abdominal Fat? See some odd fat-fighters... ==== ====

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