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Toning down a flabby tummy to a sexy, sleek six pack is not something that can be achieved over night; instead it should be achieved with perseverance. People kill themselves trying the latest gadgets and machines in the market or otherwise sweating themselves with sit ups and crunches. But hardly will they see any results because if you want to trim down that immovable fat you will have to have a proper diet, engage in aerobics, weight training and ab exercises. Going on and on with abdominal exercises will surely stiffen your ab muscles but they will not help for abdominal fat loss. So you will have awesome abs hidden behind a layer of fat. Therefore you first need to start burning fat. Aerobic exercises are the best to burn fat. But for best results you need to engage in them for at least 30 to 60 minutes. Because it is only then that glycogen stored in the body runs out and the fat stores take their place. Thereafter you should change gears and start ab exercises. While you are busy with your cardio exercises make sure you don't stuff yourself up with high calorie food. This will only mean that you retain the fat on your abs and your dram for abdominal fat loss will fade. Hence try and eat low calorie food; opt for natural eatables like fruits, vegetables instead of burgers and chips. By doing so you will reduce the carbohydrate intake and will therefore start burning the fat already stored in your body. This is the second step to losing abdominal fat. You should also engage in weight training because developing strong abs without buildings spinal erectors will hand you several injuries. Also engaging in weight training will also benefit in you in another way as it will raise your metabolic rate. As you know, higher the metabolism is, sooner you will burn fat. Therefore in order to have lean, sexy abs it is important to engage in weight training targeting all muscle groups. Next you need to ease up mentally. Being under stress will not help the cause as studies show that people with stress have a tendency of pilling up extra pounds on the abs while they are also on the slow side when it comes to burning abdominal fat. So stop worrying and slaving yourself to achieve a six pack, instead get the combination right and you will achieve abdominal fat loss in a few months, and it will put a smile back on your face.

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==== ==== 5 Odd Foods that KILL Abdominal Fat? See some odd fat-fighters... ==== ====

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