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==== ==== 5 Odd Foods that KILL Abdominal Fat? See some odd fat-fighters... ==== ====

Getting a flat sexy stomach is something we all aspire to. While some sweat it out in the gym others starve themselves on FAD diets. The problem is that none of those seems to burn belly fat. So, what does it really take to get a flat belly? There's no "one" secret. Instead it is a combination of small things that you need to do together. Here are 5 simple tips you can start using today to help you burn belly fat. 1. Be Careful of Diet Foods We all fall prey to advertisers low fat and zero sugar products, but the truth is that these products are stuffed with artificial sweeteners and chemicals that tends to have a toxic effect on your body. Theses toxins tends to be enveloped in fat and gets stored in the abdominal area. 2. Fat Burners One of the biggest gimmicks of the last 10 years is so-called fat burning pills and supplements. Although these pills have very little scientific backing they continue to sell like hotcakes. More recently stuff like Acai came along and soon these pills are being sold all over the internet. They simply don't work - or at least not the way they get advertised. Pills can't make you "burn fat". 3. Ab machines You can barely switch on your TV these days without getting confronted with a infomercial selling you some kind of ab machine. Although the infomercials are filled with guys and girls with perfect 6 pack abs, they probably did not get it from using the machine. These ab gimmicks are nothing but gimmicks designed to make money. Avoid the temptation to buy it! 4. Boring Cardio We all tend to think that losing fat is all about killing it on the treadmill. Although 45 minutes of cardio a day is a great way to lose weight and improve your health, it is not the best way to burn belly fat. 5. Sit ups Sit ups is probably the most popular exercise in any gym. With everybody trying to get rid of their belly fat, the common reasoning is to do sit ups. Unfortunately sit ups will not make you burn belly fat. In fact, it is probably one of the least effective ways to burn belly fat. Getting rid of abdominal fat will be an uphill battle if you keep doing the wrong things. Unfortunately the most common methods that the media and advertising keeps stuffing down our throats just don't work. If you've been unsuccessful at getting rid of your abdominal fat, then it's time to try something else. Try and think outside the box and avoid all those gimmicks and cliches that just don't work.

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==== ==== 5 Odd Foods that KILL Abdominal Fat? See some odd fat-fighters... ==== ====

5 Ways to Help You Burn Belly Fat