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a campaign for

Though years may find us far apart, each gone our separate way The mem’ry of those special days will ever with us stay.

The mem’ries of the people who inspired us in our quest For truth and knowledge will, through time, inspire us to our best.

New challenges, ‘neath giant spreading trees, each day unfold,

A chance to grow, a chance to learn each lesson new and old. The games we win, the games we lose,

the times we give our all, The laughter and the tears we share through winter, spring and fall...

. . .  So to St. Anne’s-Belfield, Through life her memory will light our way. T HE S T. AN N E’S-B E LFIE LD SC H O O L S O NG, 1980

- Pat Davis

Our goal is to raise $10 million to make a St. Anne’s-Belfield education more accessible for every deserving student and to preserve the quality and vitality of the classroom experience. Our journey began over 100 years ago, and the words of our first headmistress Mary Hyde DuVal ring as true today as they did when she wrote them in 1913: “We wish our students to become strong in body, broad of mind, tender of heart and responsive in soul.” Our abiding commitment to the core values of honor, scholarship, spirituality, diversity, and community are paramount, and we are guided by a philosophy that prioritizes reason and curiosity, and cultivates integrity, understanding, and kindness. Our students and teachers have always been at the heart of everything we do.

who inspired us in our quest

photo by janet moore-coll

the people

The story of St. Anne’s-Belfield School is the story of its people.


t is a reflection of the students and teachers who walked our hallways for over a century, learned together in our classrooms, challenged each other on our fields and stages, and ventured out to our community and the world.

Over my 14 years roaming the halls of the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools,

The people with whom we share this journey of learning and growth—classmates, teachers, coaches, advisors, and fellow parents—have changed our lives. Their diverse perspectives, varied talents, and individual voices come together to form a powerful chorus that echoes throughout the School and resounds through each of our lives.

many teachers made

At the heart of today’s vision for the School is our deep commitment to our people. We invest in their hopes, dreams, and talents. Whether our steadfast commitment to attracting the very best students, ensuring access and affordability through an expansive financial aid program, or fostering deep connections forged between student and teacher thanks to a very low student:teacher ratio, we stand by our by our promise that every child is known well and every child is educated to their fullest self. This is also why we commit to myriad professional development opportunities and a culture of teaching innovation.

Brenda Lloyd, Janet Posner,

Our focus on the people of our School community is uncompromised.

lasting impressions on me: Ted Deucher, Etta Legner, Carolyn Plog,

Denny Burnette, Michael Woodfolk, Steve Deupree, Bob Troy, Janet More-Coll, Jim MacDonald and more. I carry at least one important lesson from each of them with me today, and for that I am grateful!” Bryan H. Blauvelt ’97

Fifty years ago, in 1966, St. Anne’s School launched its first major fundraising campaign: for “The Individual: Our Basic Concern.” We have never wavered from this commitment – our students and teachers are the heart and soul of this school. It is this commitment to them that inspires the Raise We Our Voices initiative today.


t this point in our School’s history, we devote specific attention to shaping, growing, and empowering our dynamic student body and recruiting, developing, and enriching our extraordinary teachers. Raise We Our Voices—an initiative inspired by the words of our School song—will ensure access and excellence for generations to come, shining a light on the powerful potential of our people. Together, we will open even more opportunities for our current students and teachers and those who will follow, allowing all to develop their gifts and find their voices in this exceptional School. This effort is devoted to those who inspire us in our quest.

“I want to honor some of the best, most enduring friendships I could have ever imagined. Thank you, St. Anne’s-Belfield School, for being the place that connected me to such amazing, talented and special people.” Pepper Lunsford Binner ’90

the times we gave our all

Our community never settles for good.


e push each other and give our all in the quest for greatness. We come together for this place and for each other. Such collaborations trace back to earlier achievements, such as the creation of the School’s first scholarship fund, The Inasmuch Fund, created in 1948 by students in the Service Council and their parents. The fund provided tuition assistance for Hazel ’54 and Joyce Tseng ’51 and was resurrected in 2004 when the Class of 1954 marked its fiftieth reunion. In celebration of the School’s Centennial in 2010, the community united in extraordinary ways, rallying behind our first comprehensive campaign and a vision to propel our already excellent school to even greater heights. In 2011, St. Anne’s-Belfield School completed The Campaign for Our Next Century, which produced not only capital accomplishments, but also a tenfold increase in the School’s endowment. The School recognized that it was in a unique position to consider crucial improvements to its academic program and community life, thereby confirming its place among the nation’s finest independent schools.

St. Anne’s was the making of me. I loved it from the moment I arrived—loved the campus, the buildings, my classmates, the honor code, the traditions. And such teachers! Elizabeth Norfleet, Pamela Malone, Kay Walker Butterfield, Emyl Jenkins, Sandra Schroeder loved and nurtured and challenged us. Learning came alive for me in their classes, and I soaked it up like a sponge. My own 45-year teaching career has been an homage to all that they gave me.” Sherley Osgood Keith ’67

I came here for academics. In the last three years, I’ve become much more diligent and hardworking. I feel better prepared for college than I would have been elsewhere, and have developed a real desire for knowledge. I love it here. It’s a great school.” Patrick, Grade 12

Guided by our current Strategic Plan (2011–2016) and with the support of our community, we have made bold improvements to the learning experience: We have expanded our curricular offerings with new and innova-

tive programs.

We have supported teacher professional growth to the fullest. We have expanded the size of the student body while maintain-

ing a small student:teacher ratio and a community that celebrates inclusivity and diversity of thought.

We have enhanced campus and community life through the

Often we hear that our faculty are our greatest

creation of student gathering and community spaces, including an expansive dining hall, a new Student Commons, and a 465-seat auditorium.

asset and one of the most

We have grown our financial aid program, moving toward our

we invest in that asset is

aspirational goal of offering “need-blind” admission.

We have attracted a strong, diverse cohort of new teachers.

From the conclusion of The Campaign for Our Next Century in 2011 to April 2016, we have raised nearly $40 million in private gifts and grants toward the goals of our Strategic Plan. We celebrate the over 2,500 alumni, parents, friends, and donors who have contributed to the School and highlight what they have done to bring us to this moment: $20+ million for endowment to fund campus improvements and

other operational priorities

$5 million for unrestricted endowment as well as need-based

significant ways in which

through the support of the continuous professional development of our teachers. In our desire to create lifelong learners, we teachers seek to model lifelong learning ourselves.

financial aid

St. Anne’s-Belfield allows

$2 million for integration of technology in the classroom

us to continue our growth

$6+ million for the Annual Fund $1+ million from three Auctions for faculty professional


$750,000 endowed and current use gifts for need-based scholar-

ships and financial aid

$625,000 challenge matching gift to establish the Computer

Science Initiative, with nearly $300,000 thus far pledged in matching gifts

$750,000 for adoption and continuation of Singapore Math

Recent major gifts for financial aid and teaching excellence mark a new turning point and a renewed focus on our people and our community as we enter into the final phase of the current Strategic Plan. Through the Raise We Our Voices initiative, we hope to build on these gifts and the momentum to ensure continued excellence in the classroom and access to our community for generations to come.

through supporting us as we journey to conferences to present and learn.” Laura Robertson, Humanities Teacher

new challenges,

‘neath giant spreading trees, each day unfold

While much has been accomplished, we are met with one great challenge.


he next big challenge we face is to ensure that we can offer the necessary resources to support the high aspirations of our students and our faculty.

Today, St. Anne’s-Belfield is a much more diverse school

Our paramount challenge is to continue to fund access to our educational program for the many talented and qualified students who require financial assistance to attend St. Anne’s-Belfield School. Delivering an exemplary 21st century education that prepares citizens to thrive and lead requires a whole community of thought and backgrounds; and it requires a peer group that is talented, broad thinking and representative of the world our children will encounter and help shape.

in every way, and I hope that

St. Anne’s-Belfield is already a leader nationally among independent schools by providing over $5 million in tuition assistance to nearly 40% of students (as compared to the 23% median for NAIS member schools). However, to ensure that our School continues to attract the highest quality students and moves further toward a need-blind, increasingly selective admission program, our financial aid model needs to be sustainable. Currently, funds to support financial aid largely come from tuition revenue and our Annual Fund, placing a huge strain on operating funds that also support many other facets of the School. As a result, we cannot meet the overall financial needs of some of our best applicants.

the School who would

We view this goal as a moral, social, and educational imperative.

our Class of 1954 Inasmuch Fund will continue to be able to bring students, of whatever background, to

otherwise be unable to attend.” Margaret Goodman ’54

Our most heartfelt aspiration is for St. Anne’s-Belfield to become, more than ever, a place where students grow into exemplary citizens in their communities and are held to the highest standards of integrity, civility, honor, compassion and kindness.” St. Anne’s-Belfield Strategic Plan 2011–2016


ur second major challenge is to preserve teaching excellence and innovation. The School’s largest investment is supporting faculty. The costs to hire and retain the most qualified people requires more from the School each year.

With primary support for faculty coming from annual operating funds through tuition revenue and our Annual Fund, we will increasingly rely on endowment and other revenue to supplement these expenses. This is especially critical for our School, which has always been defined by the power of the student-teacher relationship, the low student:teacher ratio and the very best, most dedicated teachers anywhere. For many alumni, families, and current students, this characteristic is the hallmark of the St. Anne’s-Belfield School experience. Demands of the teaching profession are only increasing, and the School is constantly assessing how to innovate, change, and evolve. We must be ahead of the curve in the design of curricular

and co-curricular programs and the delivery of those programs both on- and off-campus.

We must continue to attract and retain the very best


We must maintain our commitment to professional

development, which allows our teachers to learn and grow each year, from the standard-setting Learn to Learn program on our own campus to myriad experiences nationally and internationally. We must continue to equip teachers with appropriate tools

and learning spaces to succeed and empower them to create new curricula, such as our Computer Science Initiative and Humanities program.

“I feel so lucky to be part of a school where the faculty is encouraged every day to seek out different professional opportunities to become better teachers.” Taylor Stevens Grades 5–8 Spanish teacher on her professional development experiences traveling to Costa Rica and the Klingenstein Summer Institute

for truth and knowledge will, through time,

inspire us to our best

To continue our tradition of excellence, at St. Anne’s-Belfield School, we must be bold.


uilding on the progress of the last campaign, guided by our current Strategic Plan, core values and philosophy, and bolstered by a ten-year financial vision adopted by the Board of Trustees, Raise We Our Voices: For Access and Excellence is a $10 million initiative with a focus on opening doors for our students and teachers.

As we look forward, we know for certain that our students and teachers will be the drivers of innovation and progress, the embodiment of our values, the pillars of our vision, and the very voices that carry out our mission. This initiative is about propelling them forward and ensuring a strong St. Anne’s-Belfield for generations to come.” David S. Lourie, Head of School

Together, we will: We call on everyone in our community to pay it forward to help the next generation of scholars, through gifts for access and excellence, through your time and engagement, and by telling your story and raising your voice for our St. Anne’s-Belfield.� Rich Booth, Chair, Board of Trustees

Ensure access by strengthening our endowed funds for

tuition assistance to the extent that earnings from these funds will allow more qualified students to attend, regardless of ability to pay. We will also bolster our current funding to support annual need-based scholarships for talented students to further enrollment goals and shape a diverse and dynamic student body.

Ensure teaching excellence by building our endowment

and strengthening current use funds, providing ready resources for recruiting outstanding educators, enabling innovative curricula and state-of-the-art learning facilities, and equipping teachers with needed professional development opportunities, tools, and technology to excel in their craft.

“St. Anne’s-Belfield is a great school because of [the] individuals who continue to make a meaningful impact on so many students. Loyalty and commitment don’t pop up on campus like new buildings. Thank you for your time at St. Anne’sBelfield. Your dedication is priceless and hopefully contagious.” Nathaniel Rullman ’98

“Among all the important things I learned at St. Anne’s School, I learned humility, patience and thoughtfulness. The best part of the person I am today rose from my years at SAS. The only way I can give back is to give so others can write something like this in the future.” Brooke Henry ’65

ways to support and engage ENDOWMENT GIFTS: $5 MILLION GOAL


The long-term sustainability of the School depends on growing non-tuition revenue sources, mitigating annual tuition increases, and providing predictable, reliable funding in support of access and excellence. We are seeking gifts payable over five years that will be invested for long-term growth. Donors will have the choice to give to board designated unrestricted invested funds, general Endowed Financial Aid and Teaching Excellence funds, a specific named fund, or to create a new named fund in support of specific initiatives.

Access Funds

We endeavor to raise $5 million in new endowment funds, when added to current investments at a modest investment performance, will help grow the School’s total endowment to over $50 million by 2020.

Excellence Funds

To enable immediate access to the School for the brightest, most ambitious, most talented students in our community, we are seeking multi-year pledges in support of financial aid and need-based scholarships. While endowment funds will grow in time to yield substantial and sustainable non-tuition revenue, Access Funds will support today’s scholars. Donors have the choice to give to the general current use Financial Aid Fund, a previously established specific fund, or to create a named scholarship fund. To fuel new curricula, as well as professional development, technology, and teacher salaries, we are seeking multi-year pledges. Auction 2016, and other recent auctions, have contributed to faculty professional development, and we have received new gifts toward teaching innovation through professional devel-

opment. Donors will be able to give to “areas of greatest need,” current teaching excellence and innovation funds, a general teaching excellence fund, or to create named funds in support of specific initiatives. We seek to raise $5 million in current use gifts in addition to unrestricted Annual Fund gifts supporting access and excellence. PLANNED GIVING

Donors who wish to remember the School in their estate plans or to create charitable giving vehicles that provide income to the donor are encouraged to earmark funds toward access and excellence. Planned gifts will be valued and documented as part of Raise We Our Voices. All planned giving donors are recognized as members of The 1910 Society. We aim to triple the membership of The 1910 Society during this campaign.

So Raise We Our Voices to St. Anne’s-Belfield School More than a century after our School’s founding, we continue to be ambitious, while maintaining a sharp focus on our mission and what’s most important. We bring these aspirations to our community, and ask for those moved by the chorus of our School to come together and make these visions a reality. We are grateful to those individuals who have already contributed to these priorities. Together, let us give our ALL, provide necessary resources, and Raise Our Voices in support of St. Anne’s-Belfield School!

stab.org/support/raiseweourvoices | (434) 296 - 5106 | 2132 Ivy Road, Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

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