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Spotlight Summer 2011

Welcome to Spotlight on St. Anthony’s

Events Antonian Alumuni

Head Teacher Introduction Welcome to another edition of “Spotlight”. As I write we welcome back M Shepherd students from Headteacher an exciting ski trip and city visit to California and a History visit to Berlin. Our choir are preparing for a fabulous “Summer Soirée” and a Music tour to Paris, including a performance at the Madeleine. This term we are delighted to welcome back Ashleigh Stamp to speak at our Y11 and Y13 Leavers’ Presentation. Ashleigh left St. Anthony’s with an impeccable sporting and

academic achievement record, both as an England netball player and a straight A student. After studying Dentistry at Newcastle she is now a practising dentist. Our Presentation Masses for Y11 and Y13 are held in May this year and are an excellent preparation for the examination season, which ends with our annual Leavers’ Ball for Year 13 students at St. Anthony’s and St. Aidan’s at Hardwick Hall on July 1st. We wish all students, staff, parents, governors and friends of the school a happy and restful Summer break and a successful expedition to those assisting with our work with Manzini Youth Care in Swaziland this Summer.

Business Solutions Awards of Achievement Congratulations to Mrs M. Wright from St. Anthony’s award-winning Catering Team. This follows their success with the National School of the Month prize awarded by the School Food Trust last year. Marie Wright has been awarded the ‘High Achievement In Hospitality’ award from the City of Sunderland College at an Awards Dinner held at the Stadium of Light.

M Shepherd Head Teacher

Marie and other St. Anthony’s Catering Staff have been acquiring additional Catering qualifications, supported by the school, as part of our staff development programme.

M. Shepherd Head Teacher

School Planners 2011/2012 Due to rising costs students will now have to contribute towards the cost of their planners. Students who haven’t already paid for their planners will need to bring in £2.00 on the first day back to school. Please take £2.00 to O’Connell office.


St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011

Welcome to our new ‘Spotlight’ feature, celebrating the achievements of former St. Anthony’s students. In this edition we celebrate the work of Pam Jackson (a partner with Price Waterhouse Cooper). Pam was named the 2010 Woman of Achievement at the Women in the City Awards earlier this academic year. She is a partner in the Mergers and Acquisition Tax team at leading city firm PWC. This prestigious award recognised Pam’s achievement in the field of Accountancy. Pam was presented her award at a gathering of 300 of Britain’s top businesswomen

Ian Powell (Chairman and Senior Partner at PWC) said, “Pam has a remarkable record of achievement and contribution to our business and I’m delighted with this recognition for both her professional contribution, and her personal commitment to helping more women progress in business.” Candidates for the Women in the City Awards work in London’s main business hubs of Canary Wharf, the City and the West End.

Pam Jackson – When she was at the end of her Sixth Form in St Anthony’s Girls’ School

Pam receiving her Award for Business Woman of the Year 2010

Pam studied at St. Anthony’s in the 1970’s and began her Accountancy career in Sunderland, qualifying as a chartered accountant in 1981.

Pam has been an active Staff, students and the member of PWC’s women’s whole community are very network and is a founder proud of her success. member of the firm’s Female Partner and Director Group.

Pam works and commutes to Dubai and New York Middle East Senior Partner Accountancy - Price Waterhouse Cooper

St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011


Parent Information Assessment & Monitoring in St Anthony’s: Explaining MIDYIS, YELLIS & ALIS St Anthony’s Girls’ School has for many years subscribed to a system of assessment and monitoring provided by The Centre of Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) based at Durham University. CEM is the largest independent provider of educational monitoring systems in the world and has been running for 25 years. It is also the largest provider of computeradaptive assessments outside the United States, offering a suite of information systems for children aged 3-18 both in the UK and internationally. The systems we use, ALIS+, Yellis and MidYis, are used by thousands of schools to assess the progress made by over a million children every year.

Action Research The tests are comprised of Vocabulary, Maths, Nonverbal and Skills sections. The Additional Test provides extra Writing Speed and Listening Comprehension sections. All sections contribute to an overall measure of ability that strongly predicts subsequent achievement. Test results can be used to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses, inform teaching and learning, identify gifted students and help identify students who may need more support. Non-verbal measures are particularly important for students for whom English is an additional language. Value-added feedback is provided at the pupil, subject, and school level for any pupil who subsequently takes KS3 Teacher Assessments and/or GCSE examinations.

Key Stage 4 Yellis (Year 10) (Year 11 Information System) is a value-added monitoring system that provides a wide range of performance indicators and attitudinal measures for students in the last two years of compulsory schooling When does it happen? (i.e. aged 14-16). The Yellis Baseline Test, which has We will be administering ALIS, Yellis and MidYis to all been in use since 1992, is currently used in nearly 1,000 students in Years 7- 12 in the first week of term in schools. The results from this baseline test are reported September. The students will be guided through the to the school together with detailed GCSE predictions process and supported by experienced staff,. However for each student. Later in the cycle we provide schools as is described below, the tests are not content-specific with their value-added analysis - a fair comparison of and so there is nothing that they can do to revise or the progress made by our students with that made by prepare for the tests. Students should be encouraged all other students participating in the Yellis project. to just do their best with the tasks placed before them. Key Stage 3 MidYis (Years 7-9) The MidYIS Tests are primarily designed to be taken by students entering secondary school. Tests are available for Years 7, 8 or 9. All tests are designed to fit into a period of about 1 hour and are strictly administered to ensure that all students are exposed to the same instructions, explanations and examples, ensuring fair, high quality, reliable data. The tests are designed to measure, as far as possible, ability and aptitude for learning rather than achievement. MidYIS is not an IQ Test as it is designed to provide a measure of ‘typical’ performance so that teachers can judge how much ‘effort’ will be required to take students to external examinations.


St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011

Research Backs Single-Sex Teaching ‘We decided to give it a twirl’: Single-sex teaching in English comprehensive schools. Warrington M, & M Younger, University of Cambridge, UK. Summarised by Dr G. Emery (Action Research Coordinator, St Anthony’s School) The study was funded by the (then) DfES. It explored the experiences of single-sex teaching in thirty-one co-educational (mixed) schools. Many schools in the study reported seeing greater confidence amongst girls, and five commented that boys developed a better work ethic and greater motivation without the distraction of girls. The study found that single-sex teaching provided girls with a calmer space and there was improved confidence and participation among girls in Science.

Unexpected Destinations of Action Research

Sixth Form ALIS (Year 12) The Advanced Level Information System (ALIS) provides performance indicators for Post-16 students. ALIS analyses a wide range of qualifications, including A / AS levels and vocational qualifications. ALIS covers over half of all A-Levels in the UK and international schools annually.

The committed teachers we have here at St. Anthony’s are naturally reflective learners who will adapt accordingly, we strive to help our students achieve their best; why not make the most of an opportunity to have your commitment recognised?

ALIS uses GCSE data and its own alternative baseline tests (TDA) as ranges of ability, against which to measure. This enables ALIS to provide predictive data and value-added analyses specific to each student and each subject studied. Whilst GCSE is a very good indicator of future attainment, GCSE grades depend on prior teaching and learning as well as the student’s ability. For this reasons, ALIS provides the alternative baseline tests alongside GCSE data to provide a greater understanding of the student’s ability.

The only difference is you have to spend some time writing your work up and gathering some evidence for the effects of your teaching upon learning. Furthermore, the reaction of the students can be

Engaging in an Action Research Project enables you to achieve recognition and accreditation for the work you are doing anyway!

This supports earlier findings that single-sex teaching encourages able girls to become more involved in lessons and boost their confidence, especially in Science. The study also found that different Teaching and Learning styles had better success with either boys or girls. Strategies successful with girls included: • • • •

Longer (more open) tasks; More reading and writing; Being left to get on with a task; and Co-operative activities.

The researchers also found that: • Behaviour of both boys and girls improved in some schools; • Attitudes to work improved amongst boys and girls • Many of the schools reported greater confidence amongst girls; and • In some schools there was increased participation in lessons for either boys or girls or both. really worthwhile as they feel proud that they are part of a project which you are taking the time to do for and with them. In April, I received Stage Two Accreditation for my research project on the effects of Philosophy for Children upon KS4. I was also awarded an additional qualification of a Diploma in Educational Studies and was invited to receive this at The College of Teachers’ Awards Ceremony in London. It was a great honour to be presented with this and to receive an additional, qualification as a result. I encourage anyone to take part in Action Research for your own development, for collaborative opportunities, for enhanced pupil engagement and to be rewarded for your own commitment.

St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011




Art & Design This year started with The Northern Saints Exhibition in Durham Cathedral run by the Art departments in the Catholic Partnership Schools. The opening on a cold January night was a magnificent event and very atmospheric. Our work from all Year groups was excellent and many congratulations go to all of our artists who took part. The work travelled the county, going to County Hall in Durham and the St. Cuthbert Centre in Crook. Mrs Manning attended the opening in Crook and found it quite strange being in rooms where she had been taught as a junior school pupil! Year 12 visited the London Galleries in February going to the National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, The Tate Britain and the Victoria and Albert. We also saw “Wicked” at the Victoria Palace Theatre after a meal in Planet Hollywood. We returned inspired by what we had seen to get down to some hard work for the exams. Our Summer Exhibition on June 20th was a great success this year with many students, parents, grandparents, staff and friends filling Somerleyton and enjoying not only the work (on superb new display boards) but the Italian food. Thank you to all who visited this year and gave students your support. Thank you also to Mrs. Cowie who works so hard for the Art and Design department.

Our students continue to work hard and produce work of an exceptional quality. Congratulations to Art Prize Winners: Beth Rowe and Shawnee Quinn (Year 13) and Judy Anne Cuya (year 11)

Year 12 will be experiencing a life drawing weekend at Osmotherley Youth Hostel.

As chaplains, we are responsible for the spiritual life of the school. Since January we have lived up to our responsibilities with our weekly Masses and devotions, Lenten sessions, Staff Benediction, Holy Week assemblies, Yr 7 retreats, God Camp, out-of-school services, Holiday of Obligation Mass, Preparation Liturgy for the “new” Mass, Personal Development Day and Staff Leavers’ Mass. However, the word “chaplain” means “friend” and so, in addition to the above activities, we have also joined in friendship with many events in the various school departments and extracurricular groups e.g. •

• Drawing on the bridge at Osmotherley

Singing with the choir and playing in the orchestra at the Summer Soiree and the Paris Trip (Music Dept) Collaborating with the Business studies Dept to raise money for St. Cuthbert’s Care Supervising a project for the refurbishment of the chapel (Technology Dept)

Working with the Catering Staff on the “Lunch for the hungry” campaign

Helping the different Pastoral Progression Leaders with both our presence at, and provision of resources for, assemblies and Masses, doing a “taster session” for Year 6, arranging for The Little Sisters’ Visit

Making the Teachers from Spain feel welcome when the MFL dept organized an exchange experience

Attending the Opening of the Northern Saints exhibition at Durham Cathedral (Art Dept and Partnership)

Supplying resources for other diocesan chaplains and postgraduate students

Giving and supervising lessons where a spiritual presence was required.

And, of course, we have been praying for the whole school Community, including you: Parents and Carers of our girls. God bless you all. Srs Francis and Adrienne

Year 9 students will spend a week at Biddick Art Centre working on: sketch booking, portrait, still life and landscape drawing. They will be working with Professional Artists as part of the collaboration with other students in the Catholic Partnership. Year 10 are going to the new Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in July. We are all looking forward to this and to being inspired by Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore who are great Northern Artists .


St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011

Life drawing Laura Alderson and Joanna Lindley

St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011


Business, WRL and Economics Year 7 – Valentines’ Apprentice Challenge In January, Year 7 students were invited to participate in the ‘Valentines’ Apprentice Challenge’. This challenge highlighted the entrepreneurial skills of our Year 7 students and their eagerness to participate in the event. There were 76 students enrolled for the activity and they were split into 22 groups. Their challenge was to sell the Valentines’ goods that they were provided with. 22 companies made up of 76 Year 7 students took part in the Valentines’ Apprentice Challenge. The students were given different products each week to sell, with all proceeds going toward the school’s Manzini Youth Care Charity. Within their companies, the students were able to develop their enterprise and creative skills as they came up with different marketing and selling strategies in order to raise the most money, by selling products such as: red roses, cards and teddy bears. Students sold the products both inside and outside of school and overall were able to raise £389.40, within the month that the competition took place. The company that was able to raise the most money was called ‘Cupid’s Hearts’ and consisted of: Nadine West, Charlotte Lightfoot and Becky Flannigan, and although they were late arrivers to the competition, they were able to raise £58.57. The team that came second were ‘4 Little Love Birds’ which consisted of; Giulia Trivero, Claudia Howe, Lucy Brown and Nina Large, who raised £36.60. The third team, ‘Golden Roses’ was made up of ‘Rhiannon Mc Creedy, Heather Wilson, Georgia Steabler, Olivia Johnson and Jennifer Szandrowska who raised £35.80. All students who participated did an excellent job with all of their efforts and we will be looking to see how well they do in future enterprise competitions.


St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011

Business, WRL and Economics Year 12 and 13 – St. Cuthbert’s Care Enterprise Competition

Year 8 – Young Business Minds Competition Two year 8 groups have taken part in the Young Business Minds Competition, run by Mrs. Carol Scott of the Enterprise in Education Project of the Sunderland Working Neighbourhoods Strategy. Each team was given £30 each to invest in various enterprise activities to raise as much money as they could for the school charity, Manzini Youth Care. The students organized activities such as: a sponsored litter pick around the school, cake sales, guess the sweets in the jar, raffles, gardening, name the teddy, lucky dip and a jewellery sale.

The students will be representing the school in the final on the 28th of June 2011 against other local schools, where they will present to a number of entrepreneurs. They will be able to develop their enterprise and creative skills, communication skills, team working and leaderships skills. So far the students have been excellent ambassadors for the school. The two teams are: Team A: Italia Hall, Rebecca Dixon, Madella Junia, Abigial Middlemass Team B: Anne Andreas, Emily Woodley, Nicole Wilkinson, Lille Borresen

St Cuthbert’s Care launched a competition which was open to all Catholic Sixth Form students in the area. The competition involved £250 seed money being donated to each group that entered, by St Cuthbert’s Care, and the challenge was for each group to make as much money as possible to be donated back to the charity, using any method of their choice. We entered two groups into the competition, one from Year 12 and the other from Year 13. Both teams were very enthusiastic from the start, the Year 13 group doing a sponsored walk and cake sale and raising a fantastic £320.36. The stars of this competition were the Year 12 group, who, using a range of fundraising methods, including car washing, children’s parties, cake sales, own clothes day and DVD viewings – managed to raise an amazing £1,996.51! This team will attend the award ceremony to be held at the Live Theatre, Newcastle on Wednesday 6th July, where the announcement will be made and prizes awarded to the team that managed to raise the most amount of money. We have already been informed that the Year 12 team are placed in the top 4 and we are hopeful of the girls winning the competition following their hard work and commitment. The girls involved in the activities were Carmel Devlin, Rachael Lloyd, Sarah Colborn, Laura McDonald, Lydia Akrami, Hannah Dugan, Claudia Newton, Helen Scott, Rachel Dent & Rebekah Watson.

St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011


Business, WRL and Economics Year 10 and 12 – Grace House Fund Raising Enterprise Competition Local entrepreneur Simon Berry has been working with the Grace House Charity to provide one Year 10 team and one Year 12 team with £100 each to be used to develop enterprise and business ideas to raise money for The Grace House Appeal. The students are competing against Durham Johnston and St. Leonard’s schools in Durham, to try and raise the most money. The students will have to create a detailed report outlining all of their activities and include accounts of where the money has been used and how much each investment has generated. The students have organized: a lunch time cinema for lower school, cake sales, car wash events and raffles. The students have approached different companies for raffle prizes which including a Pandora bracelet and vouchers for a weekend stay in the Crowne Plaza, Dubai, and Crowne Plaza, Abu Dhabi. The Year 10 team includes: Mary Querry (Task Manager), Sophie Mc Nally (Project Manager), Portia Gingell (Accountant), Jordan Harford, Isabelle Jackson and Alice Fairweather. The Year 12 team includes: Carmel Devlin (Task Manager), Claudia Newton (Project Manager), Laura Mac Donald (Accountant), Rachel Lloyd, Sarah Colborn, Helen Scott, Hannah Davison and Francesca Kelly


St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011

Business, WRL and Economics

Year 10 The Year 10 Business Studies Class took part in the Young Entrepreneurs Competition run by Mrs. Carol Scott of the Enterprise in Education Project of the Sunderland Working Neighbourhoods Strategy. The students spent the day at the Marriott Hotel and took part in an enterprise competition, where they competed to produce a confectionary product. The students had to present their ideas to a large audience and explain the finances, marketing and production issues that were associated with their products.

Year 9 and Year 10 Lion Heart Challenge In March this year, the Year 9 and Year10 Year cohort competed in the Lion Heart Challenge, which is a national competition in which 30,000 school children participate. The first stage of the competition was an in-school workshop, during which the students developed their decision making, leadership, communication and team working skills among others.

Also as part of the day, the students were interviewed by local entrepreneurs about their own personal enterprise and extra-curricular activities that they take part in, both inside and outside of school.

Overall the students worked very hard throughout the day and were excellent ambassadors for the school. The girls who participated in the day were: Laura Bateman, Jordan Harford, Samantha Hesslewood, Isabelle Jackson, Abigail Mahan, Sophie McNally, Kiera Redman, Abbie Robson and Rebekah Self.

Their participation in the competition provided all students with an insight into Enterprise and the world of business. A Year 10 pupil, Demi Pearson, was selected as one of only 500 from the 30,000 participants to progress to the Area finals, based on her outstanding individual efforts alone. Year 9 Winning Team: Sarah Hill, Ruth Scollen, Olivia Lovstad, Sophie Bell, Jasmine De Sinno, Michaela Delosreyes, Milla Falkner, Francesca Shanks, Grace Todd, Francis Colgen, Jodie Tyrrell Year 10 Winning Team: Demi Pearson, Kate Lockyear, Rhain Jobling, Robyn Jurdison, Chloe McDonald, Amanda Longville, Billie Hopkinson, Abbie Cuthbertson, Leah Cowie

These included such things as running their own small business, having a Saturday job, doing charity work and also participating in sports events. From this Kiera Redman and Rebekah Self both won a prize, where they will go and work with one of the local entrepreneurs for a day.

A winning team from Year 9 and Year 10 then went on to represent St. Anthony’s against other local schools in the Area Final, held at the Marriott Hotel, Seaburn. Both teams were excellent ambassadors for St. Anthony’s and narrowly missed out on reaching the regional finals that were held in York.

The competition involved each group being provided with a demanding, interactive Student Project Diary which included a series of tasks which involved pace, business analysis, decision-making and ultimately the delivery of a range of Final Business Outcomes to a Panel of Judges, before the entire assembled Year Group Cohort and Senior School Staff. The students thrived on the challenge they were given and displayed a range of strengths throughout the event in the successful completion of their task.

St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011


Design Technology and ICT Catholic Partnership Annual Rocket Challenge at English Martyrs’ School, Hartlepool The Rocket Challenge was a one day project where Ann Andreas, Charlotte Matlock and Lille Borresen were chosen to represent St. Anthony’s for their skills in previous tasks and work in Product Design. They went to English Martyrs’ School and had to compete to design and build the best rocket and produce the best poster.

The team name was ‘One Shot’! They had a quick lunch then returned to vote for the best and second best poster and then they went outside for the launch. To the right you can see the scoring. Each section was ten metres with bonus zones. In total the girls scored 20. In the end St. Anthony’s team came sixth, after a very enjoyable day, and received a certificate. It was a very good opportunity to learn, and all the competing schools will undoubtedly have had as good a time as Ann, Charlotte and Lille..

‘Little Goblins’ Since September the Year 5 students from our feeder primary schools have been taking part in a Race Car competition called ‘Greenpower Goblin Car’. The schools involved are:English Martyrs, St. Anne’s, St. Benet’s, St. Cuthbert’s Grindon, St. Joseph’s, St. Leonard’s, St. Mary’s Medowside, and St. Patrick’s Ryhope.

There are four Year 7 teams taking part in the challenge this year- best of luck to our new designers!

F1 Schools Technology Challenge. The F1 in Schools Technology Challenge is an International event where teams of students have to design, make and race model racing cars. The event is supported by Formula 1 teams, many engineering companies, Formula 1designers and also the Bloodhound Supersonic Car project.

The day started with an introduction brief, and demonstration, so the specification for the rocket became clearer to the students. Ann, Charlotte and Lille then spent the morning working to make and design three rockets and a poster.

Primary Links – Design Technology.

Design Technology and ICT

They are Rachel Stewart, Victoria Quinn, Chloe Quinn, Beth Buckingham and Rebecca Morris. They then worked with the primary students in teams of 4 to 6 to design a race car and logo which tested their creative and team working skills. After a very nail biting competetion the overall winning team are ‘Rocket Racers from St. Mary’s Primary School.

More information about the challenge can be found at This is a challenge which the Technology department have competed in with great success in the past, winning several Regional Awards and competing in the National Finals on several occasions.

A major part of the challenge is for the teams to find sponsors willing to support their teams either financially or by providing or loaning equipment or expertise. In return for this support, the sponsor will gain, in the first instance, local coverage in the newspapers, radio and possibly television. If the teams are successful in reaching the National Finals of the competition then there is the possibility of exposure through National television coverage of the competition. If you are a local company willing to support any of the teams in this venture I would be very grateful if you could contact me, Mr. Holgate, at and I will pass your details on to the teams concerned.

ICT Department - What a year! The ICT Department has undergone many exciting changes this year, with the introduction of a new GCSE in Y10, a new GCE for Y12 next year and a new Head of Department. Under the guidance of

Mr. Jordan ICT has now been incorporated into the Technology Faculty. There have been many excellent results and opportunities this year and lots of fun along the way.

Since winning the competition the team have been designing and making the final race car over the past few weeks at St. Anthony’s ready for the race on July 6th 2011 at Croft Race Circuit in Darlington. Good Luck!

Five, Year 12 students from St. Anthony’s have visited the primary schools each week and introduced the competition to them.


St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011

St Anthony’s Newsletter June 2011



World Book Day Studying English is very exciting at St. Anthony’s Girls’ School Both students and staff at St. Anthony’s shared their love of reading on Thursday 3rd March as part of the celebrations for World Book Day. This is an example of a class being taught English on World Book DayWhat fun! There were some strange looking characters at school to begin with, as many teachers across the curriculum and some Year 12 students were dressed up as book characters. Can you guess the teacher and whose character they were dressed up as? Avid Year 12 readers also read an extract from their favourite novel at each Year Assembly – Assembly readers were: Rebecca Adams, Christie Bainbridge, Collette Cutter and Laura Welch.

English the library, presenting a beautiful display. Winners of the competition each received an Easter Egg – winners were: Mia Littlewood (1st prize); Samantha Scott (2nd) and Alexia Adams (3rd) Every pupil received a voucher which could be exchanged for a ‘free’ World Book Day book or used in part exchange for any other book. It was lovely to see girls bring in their World Book Day books and enjoy reading and sharing them.

The school dining halls was also involved on the day – a themed Harry Potter lunch was in evidence, with the canteen decorated appropriately. Steaming hot Hogwart’s Soup of the Day, Hippogriff Roast Lamb, Bertie Bott Braised Sausage and Onion, Muggle Pasta and Remus Lupin’s Syrup Sponge & Custard were just some of the gastronomic delights available. A number of girls in Year 11 also displayed their ‘artwork’ of some Harry Potter characters (a special thanks to Abby Dent, Laura Ashbridge and a Shannon Henderson) and a story from Harry Potter could also be heard whilst enjoying lunch. Drawing by Abby, Shannon & Laura Finally, a HUGE thank you to everyone who supported World Book Day – a world of adventure was definitely opened from all the books read that day – can’t wait for World Book Day next year…

Some of the beautiful butterflies produced by Year 7 Students

Lots of competitions were held in English lessons, and, in the school library, students could be seen designing a book cover. All Year 7 students also took part in a competition to decorate a paper butterfly; in each wing of their individual butterfly, the girls put information about their favourite books – the beautiful and very colourful display adorned


St Anthony’s Newsletter June 2011

St Anthony’s Newsletter June 2011




BOOKS!!! If you need a friend Or a broken heart to mend

Extended Prroject Qualification ‘Tangled’ up with ‘Pirates’!

Extended Project Qualification

Year 10 Media Studies students have had an exciting time this year as they have headed down to the Empire Cinema in Sunderland twice to see two Disney Blockbusters.

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a skills based AQA qualification and is specifically designed to aid transition to higher education by stretching and challenging A-level students.

When you’re feeling lonesome Or sitting on your ownsome If you’re disappointed Or your world has grown disjointed When you’re feeling lazy Or your intellect’s gone hazy If you’re seeking treasure Or a quantity of pleasure

Students get to present their completed projects at a presentation evening in October which offers them an opportunity to share their research experience with an audience. The presentation forms a compulsory part of the EPQ qualification, but it is also a chance to celebrate the students’ achievements.

When you want to laugh or smile Or simply to relax a while You need A read Of a book! A. Elliott

It’s Oscars Time Again… It hardly seems like a year since the very first nominations were winging their way to the Catholic Partnership Oscars’ judging panel, but it’s that time of year again. St. Anthony’s Media Studies students have once again excelled themselves in all categories; we have nominations for: Best Music Video, Best Radio, Best Magazine, Best TV Advert, Best Children’s Comic and Best Promotional Campaign.

The EPQ offers an opportunity for students to produce an extended piece of work, either in an area that they are already studying or in which they have a particular interest. In the process it also equips students with the research, reflection and independent study skills they will need to succeed at university. The EPQ does carry UCAS points and a lot of universities are beginning to take a keen interest in the qualification.

EPQ Students are required to:

They were enchanted by Disney’s ‘Tangled’ and were then swept away by the latest ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ swashbuckling adventure. With the latest 3D technology to add to the excitement, students and staff enjoyed both screenings and will take their knowledge back to the classroom as they continue their study of Disney films.

Select a topic / area of interest

Justify their choice and identify the aims of their project

Plan, research and carry out their project

Provide evidence of all stages of the project in a project log

Deliver a presentation to an audience

The EPQ course will begin again in June and this year we have around 25 students and 12 members of staff taking the role of supervisors. There are a huge range of topics once again this year, including fashion, architecture, history, economics, medicine, astrophysics and photography. As part of the course, students take part in a series of teaching activities and will visit the Sunderland University Murray library where they are shown how to make use of the facilities. Projects are completed over the Summer, presented in October and submitted in November, so it requires a great deal of dedication from students to complete everything on time. However, if previous years are anything to go by, their enthusiasm for their chosen subject gives them the determination to succeed.

Let’s hope we are successful again this year. Look out for more news in the next edition of ‘Spotlight’.


St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011

St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011


Geography Department

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Geography Key Stage 3

Key Stage 5

Year 7 students in May enjoyed undertaking their first full geographical enquiry using a range of portable weather recording equipment to investigate the School’s microclimate. Their results would indicate the importance the buildings have in determining the variations in the weather around the School.

In May, Year 13 students benefited significantly from participating in a Sixth Form Conference run by the Chief Examiner for our AS/A2 level specification. This was organised by the Catholic Partnership and held at St Bede’s School in Lanchester. The students gained an invaluable insight into how to be successful in specific modular examinations.

Year 9 students are completing their final assessments so that they can be awarded their levels for the end of the Key Stage in July. Initial indications are very encouraging as it would appear that a vast majority of students have exceeded their Minimum Target Grades for the subject. Such pleasing results would also help to explain the very healthy option numbers for Geography for next year.

Future Developments

Key Stage 4

The Autumn Term will be extremely busy for Year 10 and Year 11 students as both will be undertaking field visits to facilitate their learning. Year 11 will be collecting data for their GCSE coursework and Year 10 will be investigating the impact of tourism at a honey pot site in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Both Years 10 and 11 are entered for modular examinations in June which count towards their final GCSE grade. The Geography Teaching Staff have been offering additional lunchtime revision sessions to prepare the students for these examinations. These sessions have been well attended and well received by the students. It should be noted that the GCSE coursework produced by Year 11 students was excellent and hopefully this should help to boost their final grades.

The retirement of Mr Preston after many years of service has meant that the School has had to appoint a new Geography teacher for September. Miss Sarah Grasso will be joining the Department from Benfield School in Newcastle and will be teaching in each of the Key Stages.

Most exciting is the prospect of an overseas trip in the New Year. This is still in the planning stage but we are sure it will be extremely popular. More details to follow.

Full Steam Ahead for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme The Year 10 and Year 11 Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award groups are now well on the way to completion. Thirty students have now taken part in a practice expedition involving two days walking and camping in the beautiful Esk Valley, carrying all of their food and equipment. On their route, they visited Goathland, where the TV series ‘Heartbeat’ was filmed, saw steam trains and some have even seen several of the local wildlife as some deer made an unexpected appearance. Despite blisters, sore legs and tired backs from heavy backpacks, all of the girls can feel a sense of achievement in having worked hard on this activity which was a new experience for the majority of them.

Faye Havelock setting up camp

We are hoping to get all of the girls, and any Year 10’s who have not yet been able to complete their practice expedition through their final expeditions in September and October. From then on, they can start looking toward their Silver Award. Abigail Hampton hiking with fullbackpacks

As well as the expeditions, participants have been volunteering everywhere from youth clubs and reading clubs to old people’s homes. The girls have taken part in a wide range of sports activities: from running to rowing, archery and dance, and developing skills in an area they have each chosen as an interest. Congratulations to all of the girls for their hard work and commitment! We hope to see lots of you completing your award before Christmas.

Faye Havelock, Bethany Hutchinson cooking outside


St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011

St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011


Child Development

Petruska at Portland School with the Birmingham Royal Ballet

Year 11 Child Development Easter Activity

On 23rd – 25th March 2011, six Year 9 students took part in the Petrushka Dance Project at Portland College.

As part of their ‘Development Task’ the Year 11 Child Development Class organised an Easter Party for Elim Toddler Group. The Task consisted of the girls planning the event, making items, shopping and costing for food and preparing the venue for the Event.

The students learned how to lead groups of students from Portland school in workshops based on the Dances of the Russian Folk Tale of Petrushka. They led four classes with about twenty five young people in each class. The Year 9 students worked with famous Dance Artists: Lee Fisher and Jenny Murphy from the Birmingham Royal Ballet. The workshops then culminated in a Dance performance – using the original themes and music from the tale. Congratulations to Caitlin Connor, Elizabeth Oxenham, Nina Walsh, Bethany Armstrong, Katie Simpson and Amy Wigham for their hard work. The girls said “This experience had a big impact on us, giving us the feeling of responsibility and trust. The students at Portland School have taught us never to take anything for granted and that everyone is truly special in their own way”.


Health & Social Care

St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011

Pat Bulmer, Toddler Group Leader, said “The mothers and carers said how impressed they were and how much effort the girls had made………The food was well thought out……The streamers and the party bags were a great idea……The children loved the Pass the Parcel…They all deserved a pat on the back”. The girls were delighted when Pat informed us that the Toddler Group had decided that any fees that they would normally take on that day would be donated to the Tsunami Disaster Fund, which raised £100.00.

Charlotte, Abby and Lucy have all worked very hard at this placement and it was wonderful to observe the relationships they have built up with staff and residents. They are to be congratulated and I am confident they have benefited from this challenging experience.

Health and Social Care. Residential Care Home Activity. Year 10 students have to complete two work placements as part of their coursework for this subject.

Well done girls!

On 16th June 2011 a group of students took part in an activity afternoon at Hylton View Care Home in Sunderland. The students, Charlotte Anderson, Abby Dixon and Lucy Duncan completed their usual morning placement and then helped staff prepare for the activity after lunch. One of the rooms had a display of memorabilia from Beamish museum that included ration books, gas masks, food labels and equipment such as miners’ lamps and boots. There was a selection of clothing that people used to wear and photographs of the Women’s Land Army and the Home Guard. These items are invaluable in reminding residents of their past memories and encouraged conversations between people. The students enjoyed finding out how life has changed since the Second World War. After the students helped the residents to be settled in the lounge, a singer from an entertainment agency sang a selection of songs, some from old time musicals and some more modern. Some of the residents joined in with the singing (as did Mrs. Jackson and Mrs. Cushlow!)and one or two of them danced with staff. Everyone enjoyed this activity although we failed in our attempt to get the girls to demonstrate their style of dancing! One of the residents, Ella, is 102 years of age and she loved having the students to talk to.

Politics European Union “Question Time” Event Year 12 Politics students were invited to attend a “question time” style event at Durham Town Hall on Friday 24th June. The panel consisted of North East Region's MEPs, Martin Callanan, Fiona Hall and Stephen Hughes and the debate was chaired by BBC North East’s Politics Show presenter Richard Moss. The debate centred around key issues such as the Greek financial crisis, the UK’s financial contribution to the EU, the environment and opportunities for students to study at universities in other European Union countries. St.Anthony’s own Collette Cutler ended the debate with her insightful question as to how much impact on the North East members of the European Parliament actually have.

While the singer had a break the students served afternoon tea to the residents and made sure they were all comfortable. During this time we were asked to give our opinion of the local services offered. This was to be forwarded to local councillors so they can consider provision for the future.

St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011



Learning Resource Centre World Book Day

History Department On Tour! Berlin Visit A large party of thirty six Year 11 and 12 students visited Berlin during the Easter holidays as part of their GCSE and A Level examination courses. They enjoyed the sights and the sunshine of Germany’s capital city Berlin. They visited: Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, the TV Tower (368 metres above ground!), Jewish Museum, Olympic Stadium, Holocaust memorial, Sony Centre, Topography of Terror and Sansoucci Park in Potsdam. They also experienced: An underground bunker tour, sported their skills at a Bowling Alley, enjoyed a boat journey down the River Spree and of course fitted in some shopping on Kurfürstendamm! Everyone had an excellent time and they were a real credit to the school.

To celebrate World Book Day 2011, Miss. Summerside entertained the Reading Club girls by reading an excerpt from Roald Dahl’s ‘ The Witches’. On the lunchtime, we had a competition in the library where the girls had to create a Book Jacket. We had some fantastic entries and after much deliberation, the winners were:

They did not even complain about walking around all day after thirty six hours journey and no sleep! Students said they really enjoyed the experience and they even managed to catch some of the Royal Wedding in their limited spare time! The History department will also be heading out on more educational visits before the end of the school year, visiting Beamish for our greatly anticipated Suffragette rallies with Year 8, which get louder and more enthusiastic each visit. We will also be taking Year10 History students to Segedunum Roman Fort as part of their GCSE Controlled Assessment. This is a great opportunity for girls to experience the story they learn about in class and see the relics and remains. The History Department has held revision classes for all girls who have sat examinations this summer. They have been well attended and have helped girls prepare for their exams. We wish all of our students the best of luck in their exams and hope they get the grades they have worked so hard towards.

Shauna O’Neill 7STa

Celine santiago 9SCo

Reading Club The Year 8 Reading Club girls were invited to attend an Author/Illustrator session at English Martyrs, Hartlepool. Liz Millions told the girls how she had become an illustrator and what it entailed. She demonstrated how to create illustrations and the girls had a go at designing an illustration of their vision of a library.

Laurie Brickle, Holly Carruthers, Melissa Chapman, Shola Cooper, Amber Dodds, Rachel Gillespie, Kasie Hill, Amie Easterbrooke-Smith, Tiegan Hutchinson, Eve Jurdison, Jessica Lloyd and Sarah Riddell.

Pupil Librarian Scheme This years Pupil Librarians have now completed their training scheme and, to celebrate, attended an award ceremony which this year was held at Thornhill School. The guest speaker was the well known author Alan Gibbons and all the girls received a certificate, and a signed copy of one of Alan’s books was given to the library. Well done girls!


St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011

Louise Smith 9SMo, Megan Bennett 9SHa, Olivia Lovstad 9SMa, Charlotte Fraser 9SCa Ruth Scollen 9SMa, Gabrielle Davison 9STa, Micheala Venner 9SRo, Rachel Lim 8SAo

St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011


International Links

Maths Intermediate Maths Challenge Results

Following the very successful visits by five teachers from the IES Alonso de Covarrubias in Torrijos, Spain, to St. Anthony’s in 2009 and 2010 to develop their English and study teaching methods, the schools arranged a very successful exchange of students in February / March 2011.

Over 200,000 Year 9, 10 & 11 students from across the UK entered the Mathematics Challenge in February 2011. 176 girls from our Maths Sets 1 & 2 performed extremely well achieving 1 Gold Certificate, 12 Silver and 24 Bronze. Congratulations to all students.

Since this was the first exchange for many years the school decided to start with a small group of six students: Four Year 11 and two Year 12 and one member of staff, Mr. M. Flores.

Year 11 Best in School Faye Havelock

Spanish Exchange Visit February 2011

The students enjoyed a very varied programme of events while in Torrijos with visits to Madrid and Toledo. They also spent a number of days in school with their Spanish partners and enjoyed the opportunity to sample life with a Spanish family for a week. They took part in a very lively social programme organized by the Spanish students and made many good friends. The Spanish students visited Sunderland in early March accompanied by two members of staff. They visited Durham and Newcastle and enjoyed a tour of the Stadium of Light as well as a bracing evening walk along the seafront to eat fish and chips!

Gold Faye Havelock Silver Agnieszk Lewandowska Corine Andrews Elena Gabriel Emma Marshall Hayley Boal Kate Rutherford Bronze Sarah Collins Zeinab Zarara Paige Greener Jessica Robinson Laura Straughair Holly Dugan Kirstie Green Olivia Dodds Abigail Smith Katie Barraclough Rachel Moore Anna Chisholm

Year 8 Best in School Emily Chishlom Gold Emily Chishlom The students ready to board their flight to Madrid from Heathrow Airport. From left to right: Olivia Dodds, Elena Gabriel, Rebecca Simpson, Rebecca Finlayson, Eszter Soos and Elizabeth Bradford.


St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011

Silver Eve Watson Ann Andreas Savannah Lawrence Gabrielle Kay Jessica Alldis

Year 10 Silver Elyse Lawrence Bethan Ford Madeline Murphy Caroline Barker Bronze Rebekah Montgomery Alice Spain Hannah Darby-Hall Anna Lockey Emily Jackson Amy Bold Katie Lockyear

Junior Maths Challenge Results Over 235,000 Year 7 & 8 students from across the United Kingdom entered the Challenge in May with roughly 6% achieving a Gold Certificate, 13% Silver and 21% Bronze. 122 St. Anthony’s girls from Sets 1 & 2 performed extremely well achieving 1 Gold certificate, 15 Silver and 21 Bronze. Test yourself on the sample questions from this year’s Junior Maths Challenge, below:•

All old Mother Hubbard had in her cupboard was a Giant Bear chocolate bar. She gave each of her children one-twelfth of the chocolate bar. One third of the bar was left. How many children did she have?

The world’s largest coin, made by the Royal Mint of Canada, was auctioned in June 2010. The coin has mass 100Kg, whereas a standard British £1 coin has mass 10 g. What sum of money in £1 coins would weigh the same as the record-breaking coin?

The students in Year 8 are holding a mock election. A candidate receiving more votes than any other wins. The four candidates receive 83 votes between them. What is the smallest number of votes the winner could receive?

Year 9 Silver Annabell Joyce Rachel Parker Bronze Rebecca Burnett Patricia Shattock Katherine Hanratty Kate Lormor Alexa Clark

Jessica Phipps Bethany Richardson Carmel Moran Rachel Lim Sophie Jackson

Faye Huntley Lille Borresen Lucy Clark Sarah Krajovska Alex Peace

Bronze Certificates Elloise Applegarth Georgia McCluskey Megan Price Rebecca Dixon Emma Hughes Courtney Knowles

Year 7 Silver Certificate Anna McKie Anya Mason Bethaney Miller Jennifer Szandrowska Stephanie Wilson

Bronze Certificates Sarah King Sam Chapman Sadie Morron Eleanor Duncan Bethany Grieveson Georgina Buck Aimme Murphy Olivia Johnson Rebecca Walley

St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011


Maths Regional Final of the UKMT Team Maths Challenge 2011 On March 29th the Regional Final of the UKMT Team Challenge took place at Durham Johnson School. The challenge aims to offer the students another way to express and develop their enjoyment of Mathematics. St. Anthony’s were represented by Ann Andreas and Jessica Alldis Year 8 and Annabelle Joyce and Rachel Parker Year 9. The girls really enjoyed taking part and even though they didn’t win first place, they were a credit to the school. Well Done!

Maths The prize in Year 11 is awarded in 2011 to Faye Havelock, a gifted Maths student who has worked diligently in her 5 years at St. Anthony’s. Faye arrived at St. Anthony’s from St Leonard’s RC Primary School and has impressed us all in her Mathematics lessons. Her teacher Miss June Brown writes: “My first choice for the Yr 11 Maths prize this year is Faye Havelock she has stood out consistently since I've taught her class from Yr 9. Throughout her time at St Anthony’s Faye has shown an excellent commitment to her studies in Mathematics both inside the classroom and out. In her GCSE module exams she has gained top grades so far and she is predicted to obtain an A* in GCSE in the summer. Faye really enjoys Mathematics and she plans to continue her studies into Sixth Form. Congratulations Faye.”

Year 11 Mathematics Revision Conferences In two half day sessions before and after Easter a group of thirty Year 11 students attended a GCSE Mathematics Conference at the Marriott Hotel, organised by St Anthony’s to help the students to achieve a Grade C in GCSE Mathematics exam in June. The first half day covered topics from Algebra while the second covered Geometry. Asked for comments about the conferences one student said “ I’ve learnt more today than in all the revision that I did in the past month”. All the students agreed that it was a worthwhile and positive experience had helped them move towards their target of a Grade C in Mathematics.

Anyone interested in AS or A2 Mathematics or Further Mathematics at St Anthony’s is asked to contact Mr M McDonagh at any time.

Year 11 Maths Activities for Success Awards for Mathematics The Mathematics Department awards two prizes for the Year 13 Mathematician who is not only academically good at Mathematics or Further Mathematics, but also has contributed to the school through their Mathematics. In 2011 Sarah Baker is presented the Kathryn Dodsworth Award for Mathematics, while Anna Murdy receives the Further Mathematics Award.


St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011

During the past two terms there have been a number of activities run by the Mathematics Department to support Year 11 exam preparation. Revision sessions took place with class teachers on Tuesday from February up to the examinations. This was well attended by students in all classes. Well done Year 11! A number of students also took advantage of extra oneto-one tuition in the mornings, with staff and Sixth Form students. A big thank you to all involved, in particular to the Sixth Form helpers Rachael Gough, Georgina Currie, Alex Bailey, Hannah Potts, Claire Skea, Aleena Thomas, Shona Macleman, Bethany Guy, Lauren Casson and Bethany Rockett. Also to Mrs Dugan for co-ordinating and running the sessions. We wish all Year 11 students success in the future!

St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011


Modern Foreign Languages

Year 12 Young Language Leader Award

Year 13 Study Visit to Paris During February, Mrs Ward, Mrs Collins and 4 Year 13 students took part in a very enjoyable study visit to Paris. The students were able to practise their language skills and experience French culture by visiting many of the popular Parisian sites including the Champs-Élysées, Sacré Coeur, Notre Dame and the Jean Moulin museum. They also visited the Impressionist Art Museums – Musée d’Orsay and the Orangerie, to see the works of Monet, Manet, Renoir and other Impressionist painters.

Modern Foreign Languages

Sixteen Year 12 students successfully completed their Young Language Leader Award this summer term. The course, which has been running since September in enrichment curriculum time, the students have looked at: Lauren Charlton, Ashleigh Collins, Amy Burlison, Cat Cooke and Mrs. Collins at the Louvre.

A Level French and Spanish Taster Day

the qualities of a good teacher

how to set up and deliver a lesson

how to teach younger students about the culture and customs of other countries.

Throughout the year they have taught lessons in local Primary schools and at the end of the course they successfully organised and ran a Language Festival for Year 5 and Year 6 students in Grange Park Primary School.

St. Anthony’s Girl’s School and St. Aidan’s Catholic School hosted a joint ‘A’ level Taster Day on Wednesday 9th March 2011.

Nicole Jagonese and Rebecca Finlayson Y12

Rebecca Finlayson, Grace Clark and Rebecca Smith Y12.

The activities the students offered included: Students attended four language lessons where they learnt about the content of the AS course and the teaching and learning approaches involved in the study of languages at A level. A Business representative and student ambassadors from Newcastle University gave presentations on the importance of language skills in the world of work and about the range of language courses available in Higher Education. We are delighted that many of our students indicated that they intend to carry on with their language studies at A level.

St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011

face painting

food tasting

language games

making sock puppets.

The afternoon was a great success and all of our students passed the qualification with flying colours!

Jennifer Old and Emma Marshall hard at work


The course was led by Mrs Collins and Miss Cockburn and will be offered to Year 12 students again in September.

Nicole Jagonese and Grace Doneghan Y12

Spanish Play Students in Years 9 - 11 enjoyed another fantastic play by the Onatti Theatre Company in March this year. The play, called ‘Horóscopo’, centred on a girl obsessed with her horoscope and trying to get the attention of the mysterious new boy living next door. The play was performed completely in Spanish by two native Spanish actors. The girls said that they found the play entertaining and very funny and that it had helped them greatly with their Spanish listening skills.

St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011


Music Music Events Christmas 2010 The traditional Christmas Concert was replaced this year with a formal Advent Service of Reading and Carols with Fr. M. McCoy Senior Choir in Christmas Advent Service as celebrant. The service consisted of a selection of traditional musical items and readings from the Bible as well as selected poems. All the readings were by students and members of staff. All present agreed that it was a very moving service that captured the true spirit of Christmas and made us reflect on our spiritual values. The beautiful musical programme included not only traditional carols but also works by Bach and Schubert and involved both junior and senior choirs who sang the often complex works beautifully. This service was also significant because it marked the retirement of Mr. Paul Dewhurst who has led the school’s Music Department for 8 years and has been part of the department and school community for 15 years.

School Choir News July 2011 The school choir has a very busy month in July and has been working very hard for two very special events. On Friday July 1st it took part in the Hexham and Newcastle (South) Catholic Partnership Concert at the Sage in Gateshead. The choir sang a medley of show tunes from classic American musicals. Later in the month it undertook a tour of France based in Paris. It sang High Mass at the great Chartres Cathedral, world famous for its remarkable state of preservation and especially for 13th century stained glass windows. It also contributed to the liturgy of the Sunday Mass at the Madeleine, the iconic temple-like church in the very centre of Paris. It rounded off the tour with a concert in the City of Orleans famous for its links with St. Joan of Arc. More details of these two events and photos will be provided in the Christmas 2011 edition of ‘Spotlight’.


St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011

Music Summer Soirée St. Anthony’s celebrated its third Summer Soirée on May 12th 2011. Over 200 guests sat in a beautifully decorated Our Lady’s Hall and enjoyed two hours of music and dance. There was a licensed bar, and a selection of hot finger food and dessert canapés were served by the school’s kitchen staff. The school senior choir performed three sets of songs. Common to each set was an excerpt from a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta to highlight the school’s long attachment to the work of these two talented individuals. The choir also sang a varied selection of British folk songs and show tunes from musicals. The junior choir, the Westburn Singers, also took part with some lovely selections from “The Sound of Music” and some traditional sea shanties. The dance troupe “De Cool Ice” performed a lively dance routine that had won them the chance to audition for a national T.V. programme in a regional dance event.

Lizzie Fetherston and Clara Shepherd perform Gilbert and Sullivan excerpt in Summer Soirée

The evening ended with a touch of the last night of the Proms – a stirring rendition of “Rule Britannia” led by Abena Ansah with the audience joining in the chorus. A lovely night was had by all and over £2400 was raised to help fund the choir’s 5th overseas tour, (Paris), in July 2011. School Choir performing in the Summer Soirée

St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011


Pastoral News

Pastoral News Year 7

The Westburn Singers Well done to the ‘Westburn’ singers who took part in the Summer Soirée. They did an amazing job and impressed all of the staff and guests who attended the evening. A fantastic achievement! Ampleforth Retreat A lucky group of Year 7 students were able to go to Ampleforth on an overnight Catholic Partnership Retreat in May. The girls had a fantastic time and have produced prayer boards which are to be used in Year 7 assemblies this term. A big thank you to: Mrs Richardson Dunn and Mrs Perrett for accompanying the girls on this trip. Disco 12th July 2011 There is to be a joint St Anthony’s and St Aidan’s Disco on Tuesday 12th July 2011. The disco is to be held at St Anthony’s School in Our Lady’s Hall and all profit will help us to continue supporting the Manzini Youth Care project. Keep your eye out for further discos during the next academic year. Youth Mission Team Retreat On the 16th May, Mrs Dugdale, Miss Wilson and Miss Higgin took a group of thirty five Year 7 girls to the Catholic Youth Village for a three day Retreat. We were also joined by a group from St. Aidan’s Boy’s School. The girls were divided into mixed groups with their own group leader and enjoyed a wide range of activities which were both fun and challenging.


St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011

The activities ranged from team-building games, relays, memory challenges, obstacle courses and mini-Olympics and larger challenges such as building a parachute to stop an egg from cracking as it fell from a balcony! Students were encouraged to think about the importance of team-work and to see how they all have an important part to play, no matter how big or small it may be. After a lot of energy was burned off and the students had been well-fed, they were allowed to reflect on what they had learned, and to consider how they all have an important role to play in life, the importance of the actions they make, and how deeply they are treasured by God. The group leaders helped us all to reflect on the value of our lives and the importance of learning from our mistakes, and we had the opportunity to watch some video clips to put this message into context. On the last night, before returning to the lovely chalets, we shared in a beautiful Mass which was a perfect end to the retreat. The girls took great enjoyment from the trip and got actively involved in all activities, and we hope the important message of the retreat will stay with them forever.

Year 8 Visit by the Little Sisters of the Poor It all began when Year 8 girls were told the life story of St. Jeanne Jugan in assembly: how one winter evening, Jeanne opened her home and her heart to an elderly lady who was in great need of help. This was just the beginning of her special work of caring for elderly people. The girls then received a talk from Father Russell about the work of the Little Sisters and around 80 girls volunteered to do something to help. Since the girls were too young to help in the Little Sisters’ Home, Year 8 girls wanted to help by raising money for the Little Sisters in Sunderland and this became our Christmas Charity 2010. The girls put forward so many different ideas to raise money – every form group did its part – from baking and selling cakes, making Christmas cards, organising raffles to wearing Christmas hats and novelties on the last day of term – staff included – and paying for the privilege! The girls raised £300 and the cheque was presented to the Little Sisters by Aimee Easterbrook-Smith on behalf of the Year 8 girls. Award Assembly At the end of the summer term Year 8 will again celebrate their achievements in a combined Academic and Pastoral Awards Assembly. Mrs. Burns (Pastoral Deputy Head) will present the Academic Awards for Achievement and Effort across the school curriculum. Certificates for Attendance, Punctuality and Contribution to the Life of the School will be presented to the girls by their Form Tutors. Mrs. Gordon and the Year 8 Pastoral Team wish the girls a happy and safe holiday. We wish them every success when they return to Year 9 in September.

St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011


Pastoral News

Pastoral News

Year 10

Year 9 Year 9 Charity Work Since December the girls in Year 9 have been working hard to raise money for different charities. They have carried out various activities such as: Sponsored Silences, Cake Sales and collected money for Lenten Alms. The girls have been supporting many different charities and have been very generous in their contributions. Help the Heroes St Cuthbert’s Care Cafod Total

£35.00 £339.68 £140.70

Achievements Year 9 girls took part in an Inter Schools Challenge team building competition with Miss Horner. They worked brilliantly together and were a credit to the school: Evadne Nelson, Elizabeth Cole, Emily Harrison, Catherine Taylor, Chloe Donoghue, Alex Miller, Kathryn Burke, Charlotte Potts, Sarah Keegan and Chloe Connelly In March all students in Year 9 took part in the Lionheart Challenge. For the challenge they worked in teams to Design a Product to make People Healthier. They had to work out the finances of making the product, consider ways to advertise their product and present their ideas to the rest of the year. During the day, the girls developed their: communication, team, enterprise, creative and general presentation skills. The Winning Year 9 team qualified to take part in the Regional Final at the Marriot Hotel, Seaburn. The students were a credit the school and themselves. Elizabeth Cole won a Sunderland Young Achievers Award for Service to the Community Award for the work she does both at school and at home. Well Done Elizabeth!

St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011

It is often a great achievement to receive an award and demonstrates the caring nature of the Year 10 students. This year the Awards will be presented by Mrs. M. Burns (Deputy Head Teacher) and celebrates the contribution that many students make to school life. In March Year 10 were given the opportunity to participate in the Lion Heart Business Challenge. This involved the students in Year 10 completing a range of challenging tasks including business analysis, decision-making etc. The Year 10 students really rose to the challenge and produced some superb work.


Well Done Girls!


At the end of the Summer Term Year 10 we will again celebrate the achievements of our Year 10 students. We have always celebrated the Pastoral and Academic achievements of our students and again will vote for our ‘Angels’ of the Year 10 tutorial groups. These special Awards are voted for by the Tutorial teachers and students.

The winning year 10 team were invited to the Marriot to take part in the Area Final. The students were a credit to Year 10 and the St Anthony’s School community. Special congratulations must go to Demi Pearson who was selected as one of only 500 from the 30,000 participants across the country based on her outstanding efforts and enthusiasm. Well done Demi and Year 10. Year Ten Lenten Alms Well Done to Y10 for raising £160 for Saint Cuthbert’s Care during Lent this year! The girls organised a raffle for Chocolate Easter Eggs and had several cake sales to raise funds. A special thank you to Hannah Haley and Kelsey Calvert, our most dedicated cake makers and to all the students who sold, bought and dutifully ate cakes too! We appreciate your dedication!

Year 10 Examination Achievements Miss McGarey and the Year 10 team would like to congratulate Year 10 students who entered their GCSE Maths examination early. The following students received some excellent module results with the class a 100% A* - C pass rate with 28 students receiving either an A* or A grade. Superb effort by all involved. Caroline Barker Amy Bold Katie Campbell Jessica Colborn Aimee Darby-Hall Hannah Darby- Hall Shannon Doherty Bethan Ford Hannah Haley Jennifer Haley

Charlotte Hixon Billie Hopkinson Laura Hughes Emily Jackson Jasmine Kaur Elyse Lawrence Anna Lockey Kate Lockyear Rachael Matthews Victoria Measham

Rebekah Montgomery Hannah Murphy Madeline Murphy Nicole Pilkington Chantelle Richardson Sarah Smith Alice Spain Caitlin Strong Rebecca Toomey Kate Trimble

Sophie Turner Anjana Varghese

St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011


Sixth Form

Pastoral News Year 11 Congratulations to the Year 11 Award Winners 2011from Mrs Morrison, Mrs Charlton and the Year 11 Team. Pupil Rachel Allan Laura Ashbridge Corine Andrews Katie Barraclough Hayley Boal Grace Bowmaker Nikita Cain Jessica Cauchi Anna Chisholm Sarah Collins Judeanne Cuya Alex Dalton Lois Dylan Anna Finuliar Jennifer Hair Faye Havelock Sophie Henderson Agnieszka Lewandowska Emma Marshall Lindsey Marshall Isabella Palacz Jessica Robinson Laura RoutledgeKate Rutherford Abigail Smith Jessica Smith Hannah Spooner Siobhan Stobbs Laura Straughair Alin TojiZeinab Zarara


Awards Head Teacher’s Award Work Related Learning Music Product Design, Geography, RE , Head Teacher’s Award Head Teacher’s Award Media Childcare ICT, PE (Community Coach), Head Teacher’s Award DT Food, Head Teacher’s Award Business and Economics Art Head Teacher’s Award Sociology Health and Social care Business and Communication, Head Teacher’s Award Maths, Head Teacher’s Award Head Teacher’s Award Science, Head Teacher’s Award French, Head Teacher’s Award Head Teacher’s Award DT Textiles Head Teacher’s Award DT Food , Spanish, Head Teacher’s Award Business Studies, RE, Head Teacher’s Award PE(Sports) PE(Community Coach) English Head Teacher’s Award Head Teacher’s Award Head Teacher’s Award Head Teacher’s Award

St Anthony’s Newsletter July 201

Special congratulations to the following Year 11 students who have had 100% attendance in each year. Laura Routledge Years 7,8,9,10 ,11 Amelia Grieves Years 7,8,9,10 Emma Mullin Year 7,8,9 Anna Chisholm Y7,11 Alex Edminson Y7,8 Anna Finuliar Y8,11 Lindsey Marshall Y7,8 Maria Payumo Y8,9 Danielle Rayne Y9,11 Kate Rutherford Y7,11 Amanda Skrzypczak Y7,11 Rachel Allan Y8 Jessica Cauchi Y8 Leanne Clark Y8 Rebecca Corner Y11 Georgia Cutler Y7 Judeanne Cuya Y7 Danielle Davies Y8 Alex Earl Y7

Reagan Fascia Y8 Lauren Finn Y8 Elena Gabriel Y8 Jennifer Hair Y11 Beth Harrison Y7 Faye Havelock Y11 Poppy Hunter Y8 Nikki Javilagon Y8 Ammi Kirtley Y8 Elizabeth Knox Y7 Helen Lynch Y8 Caitlin Mc Caig Y8 Kathryn Miller Y7 Hannah Morris Y8 Jennifer Old Y7 Emily Robinson Y9 Abigail Smith Y7 Gabby Shek Y8 Alin Toji Y8 Amber Wharton Y7 Amanda Wilson Y10

Mrs Morrison , Mrs Charlton and the Year 11 Team are extremely proud of the choir who sang ‘Vair me o’ really well at the Year 11 Presentation Mass on 13th May. The girls will also perform ‘Vair me o’ and The ‘Waters of Tyne’ at the Year 11 Leavers’ Ceremony on Wednesday 6th July. Well done girls, you are a credit to Year 11 and St. Anthony’s School.

The Sixth Form Many congratulations to our students in Year 13 from last year. 94% of the year went on to university or other forms of education. Particular praise goes to Faye Maughan, who is now studying Economics at Cambridge, and Sophie Quinn, who is studying French and Spanish at Oxford. The range of subjects studied at university reflects how multi-talented our students are: from Medicine, Chemical Engineering, Law to Journalism and Interior Design and every subject in between. This summer term is now nearing its end. Year 13 are heaving sighs of relief at having finished their exams and are now looking forward to the delights of the Ball and their Leavers’ Presentation. They have been an exceptional year and we thank them for all they have done for the school, in particular: Sixth Form Council, Head Girl: Katherine Bulmer and Deputy Head Girl: Abena Ansah. We wish everyone success and happiness in the future. Year 12 are also congratulating themselves on having finished their first year in the Sixth Form. We add our congratulations to our new Head Girl Joanna Lindley and Deputy Head Girl Jeni Joseph. Members of the Sixth Form are multi-faceted like diamonds. One finds them ‘shining’ in all parts of school life. Sixth Form activities are mentioned throughout ‘Spotlight’ and, consequently, we shall just highlight a few here. Find the rest throughout ‘Spotlight’! Since January there have been many events organised to help Year 12 to make the all important decision of which course to study at university.

We have had various academics from the local universities come in and talk to students about a range of course options such as Midwifery, Nursing, Law and Primary Education. Students have also been given the opportunity to attend master classes in Biomedical Sciences and Dentistry at Newcastle University and a Bar Council event at Northumbria University. Many students took the opportunity to shadow an undergraduate for the day, which gave them a real taste of what studying at university is really like. The whole of Year 12 also travelled to Teesside University to take part in a ‘Discovery afternoon’ where our students were given the opportunity to participate in a master class in a subject area of their choice. The Sixth Form has also been very busy fundraising for various charities. At Christmas they produced a Treasure Island chest (literally) full of goodies for the SVP appeal for toiletries and warm hats. During Lent, fasting was difficult in Gabriel House due to the tempting displays of cakes on sale! The girls raised £724.02 for St Cuthbert’s Care (over a third of the whole school total) and two went as representatives to the Good Shepherd Mass held at St Aidan’s. The girls are very inventive when it comes to raising money. Year 12 recently held a Vintage Sale (posh ‘jumble sale’!) for Year 7 which clearly everyone enjoyed. We are looking forward to an even more exciting year next year and we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone, “A very, happy holiday".

St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011


PE and Sport

PE and Sport

City of Sunderland U14 Basketball LeagueRunners up Year 8 Emma Morton, Della Sabu, Samantha Davenport, not pictured Alisha Johnson Year 9 Alex Morton, Alex Pearson, Lucy Kay, Charlotte Potts, Sophie Moon, not pictured Arsha Mathew Congratulations to the Under 14 Basketball Team, who played against Houghton Kepier in the City of Sunderland Final. After a hard and well played match they lost by only 1 point to get Silver medal place. Well done, girls.

City of Sunderland Tennis Champion

City of Sunderland Trampoline Finals

Congratulations to Amanda Longville. She is St. Anthony’s undefeated tennis champion for the fourth year in a row.

Carmel Moran, in Year 8, was successful in the City of Sunderland Trampoline finals at Sand Hill View. Her success guaranteed her a place in the Tyne and Wear Trampoline Finals. In October she gained bronze place in the finals. Well done!

Well done, Amanda.


St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011

Condover Hall 2011 The Year 7 and 8 Netball Teams travelled to Condover Hall in Shropshire to participate in a two day netball tournament which also included a few outdoor and adventourous activites. The girls performed extremely well against teams from all over the country. We are hoping to make this an annual sports visit. Year 7: Sasha Atkinson Emily Cauchi Dana Laws Bethany Miller Josie Porter Livia Scott Jennifer Smith Olivia Smith Hannah Waggot Tayla – Rae Wilkinson

Year 8: Lucy Tilbury Beth Richardson Megan Quinn Ann Andreas Emily Chisholm Heather Boal Olivia Chisholm Jennifer Connolly Elouise Humble Georgia McCluskey Emma Morton

Cross-country Success! Well done to the Cross-Country teams, they’ve had a great season. They are the City of Sunderland Champions and are also Individual School champions. Many girls from the team were selected to represent Sunderland in the County Cross-Country Championship. Jennifer Welsh, Sophie Burnett, Lucy Ellis, Alix Waites and Emily Hope were triumphant when they won the Ashbrooke Road relay for the first time in 52 years, with Sophie achieving the fastest lap for the Year 8 team. Special congratulations to Sophie and Lucy who qualified and took part in the English Schools CrossCountry Championship in March. Here’s hoping for the same success in 2012; keep training hard girls!

St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011


PE and Sport

PE and Sport

Sunderland Schools Sports Partnership Dance Competition. The following girls: Judeanne Cuya, Nikki Javilagon, Krisnel Payumo, Mikaela Delos Reyes, Seth Tolentino, Trish Goddard, Kayne Gupit, Erica Gupit, Anna Finulair & Taryne Gaddi achieved first place at the Sunderland Schools’ Sports Partnership Dance Competition. They went on to represent St. Anthony’s and Sunderland at the Tyne and Wear Dance festival, which was a great success. They performed at the Sage, Gateshead, which was an amazing opportunity for them. The girls performed an exceptional dance piece and were an asset to the school. Well done, girls! The girls also performed at St. Anthony’s Summer Soirée and auditioned for a well known T.V. channel earlier this year. Well done girls and thank you for all of your hard work and commitment.

English Schools Swimming Gala, Judo Neptune Centre, Middlesborough

The following girls competed in the Division 1, English School Swimming Gala on Thursday 18th November 2010

Rebecca Burnett continues to excel in Judo. Over the last year she has won several competitions and has recently been invited to a England squad training camp as part of the preparations for the European Cadet Championships. This is an amazing achievement and opportunity. We would like to wish you the best of luck Rebecca. Well done!

Sports Ambassadors Miss Hanson would like to congratulate Jessica Cauchi and Jessica Smith on a successful year as Sports Ambassadors. They have visited cluster Primary schools, presenting the values of the Olympic Games in 2012 to students and staff. They are an asset to the school and have since organised a mini-Olympics with St. Aidan’s Ambassadors. This event was a great success. Well done girls for all of your hard work and support this year. Sarah Forrest and Alex Rackstraw are representing St. Anthony’s at the ‘first’ school games in July. They have volunteered their help and support over the last year in school and we wish them every success in their roles as umpires during the event. Sarah Forrest has spent the last three years at St. Anthony’s as a Sports Ambassador. This year she became a gold ambassador for the City of Sunderland. She has delivered at school sports conferences and has been selected to apply for one of the sixteen ambassador roles in London. This involves being on the steering group committee for the London 2012 Olympics. Sarah, we wish you every success in your application. Congratulations to the Year 7A Netball team. The girls’ were runners-up at the Catholic Partnership Netball tournament and were winners of the City of Sunderland Netball League. The girls’ enjoyed a very successful netball tour to Condover Hall. They won all of their Year 7 matches and came 4th overall. The trip was a great success. The girls’ were a credit to the school.

Year 7 – Amy Henshaw Year 8 – Emma Talbot, Molly Curle Year 9 – Olivia Moore, Dana Lim These girls finished 26th in the Medley Relay and 22th in the freestyle relay Year 10 – Kate Lockyear, Jennifer Haley Year 11 – Jennifer Tatters, Lauren Clark These girls finished 9th in the Medley Relay and 10th in the freestyle relay Year 12 – Charlotte Mould, Sarah Forrest, Anna Patterson Year 13 – Evie Gray These girls finished 8th in the Medley and freestyle relay.


St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011

Congratulations to the Year 7 Yellow Team. The girls in 7SH won the Intra-schools Football Competition that was hosted by the Year 11 BTEC girls. Well done!

Alex Rackstraw successfully achieved her beginners C umpire award. She has umpired at several Sunderland Schools events, Tyne and Wear events and the recent school games qualifier. She is a credit to the school. Thanks to Alex and Sarah for their continued support and help at St. Anthony’s.

Hannah Waggot Dana Laws Sascha Atkinson Tayla Wilkinson Josie Porter

Livia Scott Emily Cauchi Jennifer Smith Olivia Smith Bethaney Miller

St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011



PE and Sport

Sunderland School Sports Partnership dance festival. The following girls’ represented St. Anthony’s at the Sunderland School Sports Partnership dance festival. This event was held at Venerable Bede with over 20 schools competing. It was a great event and the girls performed exceptionally. Well done girls

Year 7 Sports Hall Athletics Congratulations to the Year 7 Sports Hall Athletics team who have won the Sunderland Schools’ championships. The girls progressed to the County finals where they represented the City of Sunderland and finished a creditable 4th place.

Year 9 Tree Planting At the end of November a group of students began working with the Woodland Trust to plant trees at Low Burnhall, just on the edge of Durham. They planted native species of trees. The snow then arrived, so the next two groups did not get their chance to plant until March. Thanks to all those girls who took part and to Mr. Hermon. This linked to work from the Year 9 Schemes of Work on Deforestation and Energy topics. The girls will be able to return to the site in a few years and see just how much the trees have grown. They should be proud that they have done their bit for tackling climate change and enhancing the local environment.

Pictured from right to left; Livia Scott, Dana Laws, Jennifer Welsh, Zoe Jones, Shania Kelly, Lucy Cassop and Chloe Bamlet.

Thank you The PE Department would like to thank all the students and their families for donating school sports vouchers. So far we have managed to purchase :Compasses for the Year 9 pathways & BTEC PE Needles for the inflatable pumps Bean bags 2 waterpolo nets for the year 9 pathways 1 I-pod docking station to help with Dance Club Badminton shuttlecocks Spot markers

Year 12 Geology Educational visits Year 12 carried out field work at Cullernose point near to Craster on the Northumberland Coast in March. They were making measurements and observations on Carboniferous rocks on the sea shore. They also spent a day studying the rocks in the Trow point and at Frenchman’s Bay and at the Whitburn section of the South Shields coastline.

We are still receiving the vouchers so will be purchasing more equipment soon


St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011

St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011




Sounds Fantastic!’ Physics? On 16th December 2010, the Department of Physics at Durham University played host to a lecture, attended by a group of Year 12 Physics students. During this talk, entitled ‘Sounds Fantastic!’ presented by Professor Brian Tanner and his assistant, demonstrations and interactivity were used to reveal the science behind musical instruments. A particularly interesting part of the talk was a demonstration in which an oscilloscope and microphones were set up on the wall of the hall to record the sounds produced in the lecture hall. Four Year 12 Chemistry students, Bethany Guy, Avalin Mathew, Alex Ferguson and Aleena Thomas, represented St. Anthony’s in the Wearside & Durham 2011 Heat of the National Schools Analyst Competition sponsored by the Analytical Division of the Royal Society of Chemistry. The heat was hosted by Sunderland University at the newly refurbished Sciences Complex. Students were invited to refreshments at the University’s Gateway Centre before attempting the investigations in the laboratories of the Fleming Building. Flame photometry, mass spectroscopy, and quantitative titrations were some of the techniques that the students had to employ in order to solve the scenario set by the University Professors.


St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011

This engaged student participation, and even resulted in a ‘clapping war’ between the schools in attendance.

A-level Biology: World Café to Investigate How Students learn Best

Key findings were: •

During the lecture, we learned how different shapes of sound waves are produced (demonstrated by the use of slinkies). Various instruments were also used to show the change in pitch and loudness of sounds and generally how different sounds are made in relation to the harmonics produced – this was put in context as it was directly applicable to Unit Two of AS Physics.

That the students learn best when time is built into lessons for them to review and revise key materials

As part of my MEd disertation I conducted a ‘World Café’ with Year 12 and Year 13 students to investigate how they learn best. A world café involves creating a relaxed, informal environment where group discusions centered on key questions can occur.

Group work and project-based activities enhance learning

The students love learning outside the classroom and would like more educational visits!

The use of ICT, particularly video and animation in lessons, helps them learn.

Attending Durham University meant we were also able to experience the teaching methods of Higher Education, as well as to view the campus. St. Anthony’s students found the lecture informative, entertaining and greatly beneficial to their studies. By Erin Hutchinson, Yasemin Kolsuz and Ashleigh Simpson.

The prize-giving was preceded by a tour of the ultra modern research and development facilities within the Faculty of Pharmacy, Chemistry, & Biomedical Sciences. The quantity and quality of accessible high-tech and exorbitantly expensive analytical instruments reflects Sunderland University’s massive investment in technology and expertise, and their commitment to excellence.

In this case the students were asked to focus on what experiences they had had in their secondary school careers that had really helped them to learn. They were then asked to suggest improvements and changes they would like to see in school. The students were provided with tea, coffee, biscuits and sweets to help create a café environment. Paper table cloths were provided for the students to summarises their ideas and suggestions on.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience (especially the refreshments!) and the findings have been reported back to them. The next stage of my dissertation is to act on these findings to further improve the teaching and learning of A-level Biology.

Human Dissection Educational Visit A group of Year 12 and Year 13 A-level Biology and Human Biology students accompanied Mrs Dugdale and Dr Emery on a visit to the Human Dissection rooms at Newcastle University. The visit allowed students to observe human specimens and entire human cadavers. Students were given the opportunity to handle the specimens and discuss the anatomy with postgraduate students from Newcastle University. What a fantastic opportunity this was for young scientists! Another session will hopefully be available in November 2011.

St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011


Religious Education

Religious Education

Holocaust Memorial Day 2011

Mary Foley’s 15 year old daughter, Charlotte, was murdered in 2005. I took 13 Year 11 students to hear Mary’s story about how she came to forgive her daughter’s killer. Mary was speaking at St. John’s RC School in Bishop Auckland as part of ‘The Forgiveness Project’, which is an international project which aims to: “Build a future free of conflict and violence by healing the wounds of the past.”

Mary Foley: “I knew that if I didn’t forgive, anger and bitterness would turn me into a person Charlotte would not have liked.”

Part of the Projects’ work is for people to share their stories of forgiveness in the face of unimaginable pain in the hope that this will empower others to move towards forgiveness and explore alternatives to revenge. I and our Year 11 girls were incredibly moved and humbled by Mary’s story: one girl said while we were leaving, “Listening to her makes me want to be a better person.” For more information about The Forgiveness Project and to read about some of the wonderful true stories of forgiveness please go to

Students commemorated this annual event in their RE lessons around the 27th of January 2011. They reflected on the ‘Untold Stories’ of the Holocaust, and considered the religious persecution that is still ongoing in some parts of the world today. Students discussed the importance of learning lessons from the past in order to create a safer, better future.

Manzini Fundraisers

Our Muslim Neighbour

Well done to our Sixth Form Students who have raised a further £188 this term for the McCorkindale Orphanage, our adopted charity in Swaziland. All proceeds from drinks and snacks in their RE lesson ‘coffee break’ go towards this great cause. Many thanks girls!

In Tutorial time Year 8 students had the pleasure of the visit of Syed Shuheb, the Imam of Sunderland Chester Road’s Mosque. The girls had prepared questions for Syed about Islam.

Refugee Week 2011 Students in Years 7 and 8 celebrated Refugee Week on 20-25th June in their RE lessons. They learned lots of new and interesting facts about refugees and their contributions to British culture and traditions. For example, did you know that fish and chips were first brought here by a Jewish refugee? Or that Bob Marley was a refugee? The toilet roll was also introduced to this country by a German refugee!

Back row: Stephanie Cann, Lauren Dodds, Leanne Clark, Laura Ashbridge, Ally Tamburino, Lauren Finn Front Row: Demi Boys, Leanne Hunter, Elizabeth Knox, Miss Carroll, Bethany Molloy.


St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011

The students discussed stereotypes and attitudes towards those seeking refuge in our towns and cities, and the need to show compassion and concern for anyone in need. After all, people fleeing their homelands only do so because it is not safe.

Syed prepared answers before the session and gave a talk about the various Muslim beliefs, practices and the Islamic prejudice he faces everyday. The talk was very successful in highlighting how important his faith is to him and the Islamic community in Sunderland and the girls learnt a lot from the experience. The questions the girls asked were very insightful; one girl asked, ‘How do you manage to pray five times a day?’ Syed answered; ‘We carry our prayer mat wherever we go, I often stop at petrol stations and set my mat down which attracts strange glances from lorry drivers!’ The girl’s were enlightened by the experience and will get the chance to visit the mosque next year on Chester road.

We should all think of our responsibilities and duties as God’s people and as citizens of the Global Community. Events occurred up and down the country to mark this annual event and students were encouraged to participate in anything happening near them. Watch out in the next issue of ‘Spotlight’ for further details of these events.

St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011


Ski Trip

California Girls! The annual Easter Ski Excursion had California as its destination for 2011. An excited group of 63 students and staff headed off to the USA, landing at San Francisco then travelling across the plains, past Sacramento, over the Sierra Nevada mountains and then down towards Lake Tahoe where the Hotel, ‘Inn by the Lake’ sits opposite the lake shore. With over 7 metres of snow the Sierra Ski Resort provided many hours of fabulous skiing on wide, virtually empty pistes – or ‘trails’ as the Americans call them. Back at the Inn there were many ‘Apresski’ activities including swimming in the pool, soaking in the hot tub, visiting the ice-cream parlour or the ‘Blue-Dog’ Pizzeria, ten-pin bowling, shopping in Heavenly Village and walking by the lake and admiring the views. The girls particularly enjoyed their evening visits to the Horizon Casino Buffet, Hard Rock Café, Cinema and Games Arcade where they arrived in style in fabulous stretch Limos! Our six days by Lake Tahoe were over far too soon but then came the second part of our adventure with three days to explore San Francisco.

Ski Trip

The first stop was at Union Square where the St. Anthony’s girls did their best to pull the American economy out of recession by shopping and spending as if their lives depended on it! After checking into the Radisson we walked to the Historic Quay where we were able to explore a WWII submarine and hear the stories of it’s missions in the Pacific and how it rescued British and Australian prisoners of war. Veterans were on board to give first- hand accounts of life as submariners.

Our final day was Easter Sunday and we celebrated Mass in St. Mary’s Cathedral – an amazing modern building at the top of a hill with views out across San Francisco. We must have been rather noticeable in our matching blue ski fleeces for the Deacon enquired where we were from and then we were formally welcomed during the announcements and received a round of applause from the congregation. After Mass we headed off to the Golden Gate Bridge for group photographs and then to Lombard Street and the ‘Painted Ladies’.

That evening we dined in Bubba Gump’s at the end of Pier 39 with the sun setting over San Francisco Bay and a view of the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance.

With time running out we finally had to head for the airport for our night flight back to the UK. The students and Staff had an amazing time and I’m sure the memories will last a lifetime.

Next day required an early start as we sailed across to Alcatraz for another fascinating glimpse of recent History. The Audio tour is extremely thought provoking but the highlight turned out to be the lecture in the old Dining Hall being given by one of the last inmates of Alcatraz when it closed as a federal penitentiary. Several girls asked questions at the end of the lecture and they all later agreed that the visit was really special. After free time for sightseeing on Pier 39 we ended the day with dinner in the amazing Rain Forest Café complete with snakes, monkeys and thunder storms.

Thank you to the students for their exemplary behaviour, humour, patience with delays, and for brilliant singing and lyrics to ‘California Girls’. Thank you to the Staff for their hard work and care for the girls and to Mrs Shepherd for her support for Ski Club, but especially Thank you to the Parents for giving your daughters such a fabulous opportunity. I’m sure they appreciate it! Mrs. V. Taroni

Friday Night Ski Club Ski Club has had another successful year with over 100 members skiing regularly on Friday night. The new beginners last September are now extremely proficient at snowplough turning and stopping. Many have reached the dizzy heights of the ‘top of the slope’ and can race down scaring the life out of their watching parents. During the Summer break the girls will still be able to Ski as the Ski Slope is offering UNLIMITED recreational Skiing from the 23rd of July until the 4th of September for one payment of £20. Family members will be able to learn to Ski with 10 hours of Ski tuition available for £25, during these dates, (0191 5535785, for details). We thank the management of the Ski Slope for these very generous –and exclusive to St Anthony’s offers. Normal Ski Club will resume in September with the excitement of the next Ski trip to Europe to look forward to.

Taking in the scenery at Lake Tahoe

Staff and students visiting the Golden Gate Bridge,San Francisco, USA


St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011

St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011


Swaziland 2011

As this ‘Spotlight Magazine’ goes to print, our Year 12 and Year 13 students are completing their AS/A2 exams. Just as soon as they have finished these very important exams, they will be packing for their trip to Africa. Our annual visit to Manzini in Swaziland departs Friday 8th July.

This year our journey takes us from Newcastle to Dubai, then to Johannesburg and finally arriving in Matsapha airport some 24 hours later! Friends, many who are cared for and others who work with Manzini Youth Care , like us, are excited about being together again. During our stay we hope to visit and develop projects we have already established and if there is time, catch up with ‘old friends’ in and around Manzini.

Activities whilst in Swaziland July 2011 Day and Date




Friday 8th July

Flight N’Castle-Dubai

Flight Dubai-J’Burg


Saturday 9th July

Settle In Flight J’Burg-Manzini Arrive–13.30 + Shopping

Meal out (Manzini)

Sunday 10th July

Mass McCorkindale


Eat in Team building

Monday 11th July

Mantenga Cultural Village

Market Swazi Candles

Eat in Primary Ed Training

Tuesday 12th July

Enjabulweni School McCorkindale

McCorkindale Enjabulweni School

Eat in Games

We have donated a total of £9,130 to Manzini Youth Care (MYC) this year. Taking into account of GiftAid and the current Sterling to Rand exchange rate, MYC will have received in excess of £13,000. We would like to take the opportunity on the behalf of MYC and everyone here at St Anthony’s, to thank you all for your continued support with this project. We are also supporting an exciting new project

Mantenga Cultural Village

which starts in September 2011, the refurbishment of one of the boys’ homes. We are contributing in a number of ways to changing this boy’s home into a home for abused girls between the ages of 8-14. This home is due to open in January 2012. MORE information about this project in the next edition of ‘Spotlight’.

Some of the girls at McCorkindale Children’s Village.

Wednesday 13th July

Enjabulweni School McCorkindale

McCorkindale Enjabulweni School

Eat in Yoga

Thursday 14th July

Market Hlane Safari

Gone Rural Market

Take Away

Skills Centre Jewellery Factory

Bag Packs to raise funds for Manzini

Friday 15th July

Hope House Jam Factory Honey Factory

Swazi BBQ

The Swaziland Team and Mrs. Charlton in particular would like to thank the staff and customers of the following supermarkets who allowed us to hold bag packs in aid of Manzini Youth Care in their stores.

Saturday 16th July

McCorkindale Market

Sunday 17th July

Mass McCorkindale

Monday 18th July

Packing and Goodbyes

Tuesday 19th July

Flight Dubai–N’Castle

We will be also visiting:Hope House a individual housing development designed for the terminally ill and their carers. Also visits to: Jam, Honey and Jewellery making factories, local markets to stock


Swaziland 2011

St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011

Eat in McCorkindale Market Activities Eat in Market Girls choice Depart – Flight Flight Manzini-J’Burg Home


up on gifts and personal mementos to bring home. We will also enjoy traditional African singing at Swazi Mass at the Cathedral.

In the Autumn term we held two bag packs at Marks and Spencers in High Street West, raising £1367.63. In March it was the turn of Asda in Grangetown, raising £921.52. Just before Easter on a lovely sunny day in Seaburn we were able to collect £567.06 in Morrisons, giving us a grand total of £2856.21.

Choir and Marimba Band

Again – thank you for the generosity of the customers - many of whom had connections to the school and for the support of the store staff. If anyone would like to make a contribution/ donation please contact Miss Brown, Miss Summerside, Mrs Charlton or Mrs Laydon by email at Cheques for donations payable to: Swaziland St. Anthony’s School. Please indicate if you would like your donation to be Gift Aided.

St Anthony’s Newsletter July 2011


Important Key Dates 2011 25th – 26th July

Y6 Summer School 10.00am – 4.00pm

18th August

A2 and AS-Level Year 13 from 8:30 am Our Lady’s Hall Year 12 from 1:30 pm Our Lady’s Hall

25th August

GCSE Year 11 from 10:30 am Our Lady’s Hall Year 12 from 1:30 pm Our Lady’s Hall Year 9 will be in Form Registers at the start of term

26th August

Year 12 Registration Day

6th September

Years 7 – 12 return to school

7th September

Year 13 return to school

St Anthony’s Girls School, Thornhill Terrace, Sunderland SR2 7JN Tel: 0191 553 7700 Fax: 0191 553 7699 Web: Email: Twitter: St_anthonys3

Spotlight Newsletter (Summer 2011)  

News and photographs of St. Anthony's School in Summer 2011

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