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Our rather beautiful brand guidelines

Why we have brand guidelines… Differentiation Consistency Efficiency We now have a fantastic, unique and OWNABLE proposition that we are proud of and want to shout about. But (and it’s a big but!) it will only work if it is communicated properly. It should be Simple

/ Visual / Impactful & most importantly…

Spread some feelgoodness!!!!

So, here they are!

The next few pages contain our golden rules for making sure we communicate all this good stuff


Our Name… We are… THE FEEL GOOD DRINKS COMPANY (when we are talking about our business)

We sell… FEEL GOOD DRINKS (when talking about our lovely brand & drinks)

Our lovely logo… Pantone ref: 187 c Usage: We would like you to use this logo on all posters and flyers and in brochures

Our logo… Should have a gap of at least 1cm between it and any other image… we don’t want to get lost in the crowd! Sometimes you might see our logo represented as a stamp rather than a solid colour – we use this in some of our internal design work Both of our logos can be found on the server: T: \Useful Stuff\Brand Guidelines\Team Brand Guidelines\Logo\2010

Our handwriting‌ we use 3 fonts Blockhead Blackface Blockhead Uplugged Berlins sans When to use‌ Blockhead Blackface should be used for all headings Blockhead Uplugged should be used in bold as the primary font Berlin sans should be used in all word documents, for example product brochures

If you need to replicate any of our fonts we can supply details on where to find them

Colours... Red & Black o  Red should be used for headings and highlighting key messages Pantone ref: 187 c

When we do any work on Windows we use this red… it’s easy to find –2 up 2 in! :

o  Black should be used for everything else o  All stock used for printing should be offwhite in colour and pre approved by us!


All of the doodles found on the packaging are

yours to play with, however they must be used in relevant situations. …should be used in communicating the good stuff in our Still & Sparkling Juice Drinks

…should be used in communicating our Kids Juice Drinks … used in communicating the recyclability of the Feel Good Drinks range

… used in conjunction with our URL address and ‘enjoy some feelgoodness @’ tag line … used in communicating the product attributes of our 400ml Juice Drinks

Say hello @


We also have beautiful shots of the Feel

Good Team in action!

Lifestyle shots can be used in presentations to liven up a boring slide – think of the shots as Felix replacements! (just make sure the images are always in a box, red looks great but black is fine too!) There are 10 to choose from: o  5 of the team and our gorgeous drinks o  4 of the team with a piece of fruit o  1 of the team on the beach in Biarritz!

Bringing feelgoodness to life!

A few examples of why and how the new brand guidelines will work‌

On pack...

On stationery‌

In Creative‌

On trade posters & flyers‌



Brand guidelines for healthy drinks company.