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JULY 8, 2019 In This Issue News from the Head of School Lower School News Pre K Botanical Gardens 3rd Grade Narnia Day 3rd Grade Roman Toga Day 4th Grade NOMA Experience Middle School News 5th Grade Overnight Trip 6th Grade Coastal Roots 7th grade Eco-Cruise Middle School Science Little Saints News Science Olympiad State Tournament STEM Grant Service Learning 7th & 8th Grade Taylor Award Winners Math League Math Olympiad National Latin Exam Honor Roll 4th Quarter 8th Grade Commencement Address Annual Fund Endowment Fund - Funding the Future Now Showing - Watch Your Favorite Panther Videos Parents Association Fundraisers

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News from the Head of School Head of School Baccalaureate speech Welcome 8th grade families and Bishop Thompson to the Baccalaureate Eucharist honoring the 8th grade class of 2019. During the year I teach a weekly class on public speaking to the 8th grade. One form of public speaking I like to practice is story telling. I believe story telling is easier and provides a good transition to giving speeches. So each 8th grader wrote a fairy tale and tried to include elements like magic and adversity. Their stories were very creative and we all enjoyed hearing them. What they didn’t know is that I wrote a fairy tale too. I wrote the story of the 8th grade. And here it is. Once upon a time there were 6 adorable and sweet little children who became Little Saints. Three of the 6 had waited patiently to become a St. Paul’s panther since either their sister, dad or mom had already been panthers in one form or another. By Pre-K they added 1 new friend with golden hair. Then 3 more friends became panthers in 2nd grade and they were all delightful! But it wasn’t until 3rd grade that their class was complete. This panther had the voice of a nightingale. They learned many things during their time at St. Paul’s like times tables, problem solving, how to work as a team and by the help of their parents and teachers they magically transformed into our wonderful 8th grade class. They had many adventures over the years but they learned that to be confident, brave, creative and true were the most important skills. They learned that when one friend needed help or was threatened in any way, another would step up and defend the friend. One day they were in the mountains of North Carolina when a giant bear came crashing out of the trees and charged the group. Bravely, they defended each other against the bear with loud noises and the bear became so frightened, he ran away. I think he is still running today. There were many mornings that their pre-k panther pals demanded immediate attention but their Panther Pals also cheered for them. Panther Pals gave them much love. Over the years they confidently tackled many objectives including very difficult exams, 4 years of Worldly Wise and numerous class projects Knowledge was their reward and many A’s were earned. This was a class of hard workers.

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One day in spring they were preparing for their 8th grade play. They were faced with many challenges of singing, dancing, and acting as they went into the woods to grandmother’s house. They were not always certain of their way. But each used their magical powers to push themselves and achieve the goal. The musical was a great success! “We have helped you to set the path straight, you know it well and who can tell what’s waiting on the journey.” They learned. But be careful not to lose the way. Sometimes people leave you half way through the wood. Do not let it grieve you. But No one leaves for good. You are not alone. St. Paul’s will always be with you as you walk the path and complete your journey, your own story. Remember what we taught you. Your story is just beginning. Hold those values and ideals high and the story will end like it’s supposed to. …And they all lived happily ever after. I am so proud of you. Charleen Schwank

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Lower School News Pre K Botanical Gardens We have had the best year in Pre-K! We celebrated all of our learning with one final field trip to the Botanical Gardens at City Park. We love learning about plants and flowers, so we were very excited to see all of the gorgeous varieties housed at the park. We found out exactly how small a world it is as well. Our tour guide was thrilled to find out we were from St. Paul’s. Her son graduated from St. Paul’s back in the 90s! I am happy to report that our students did not disappoint. They were polite and interested and answered all of her questions correctly. She told them she was so glad to know that St. Paul’s students still represent our community so well. When we finished our tour, we had a wonderful picnic on the big lawn. We love ending the year with such a fun lunch with our friends. Thanks to Coach Dale for the bus ride and all of our chaperones for joining us on this special trip! Have a great summer, love Pre-K!

3rd Grade Narnia Day Narnia Day was a very special event for third grade. All of the students acted as part of the presentation depicting the creatures of Narnia. The day began with the final battle between good and evil. The participants fought off the evil of the white witch with their virtues and shields. As they were frozen by the white witch, Aslan came to their rescue and defeated her. The creatures of Narnia were then crowned lords and ladies of Narnia. After prayers in the church, feasting began. The third graders provided entertainment for all in attendance. All in all it was a very special day. Third graders Noles Hart, Lyncoln Charles, Esme Brannon, and Charlie Montgomery submitted this article for the Panther Picayune. P a n t h e r P i c a y u n e | I s s u e 4 Vo l . 1 2

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3rd Grade Roman Toga Day After studying Rome, third graders celebrated their own special gods and goddesses by wearing togas and sharing their own stories. They each wore victory crowns of ivy. They also created mosaics similar to those they now knew the Romans had used to decorate the Roman baths. Third graders were shocked to learn the ancient Romans were among the first to have indoor plumbing with hot water piped in to communal bath houses. The Romans were an advanced culture, to be sure, for after conquering lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, they would make those people part of the empire. One of the third graders has plans to visit Rome this summer.

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4th Grade NOMA Experience Fourth grade ended their Africa unit with a trip to the New Orleans Museum of Art and the Sculpture Garden. Docents took several groups of students and parents to look in-depth at the amazing African art exhibit, bringing history right before our very eyes. In addition, the students were able to check out some phenomenal Haitian Beaded Voodoo Flags on display as well as the special neon exhibit. It was so cool to see how the early African art influenced the Haitian art. Plus, we were able to show off some of what we learned in our science unit about the elements while the docents were explaining how the artist made the sculptures have different colors. After the tour of NOMA, students got the chance to see the brand-new addition to the Sculpture Garden. The exhibit had only been open for two days when we saw it, and the classes were very excited to be the only St. Paul’s students to get a chance to take this particular field trip. We enjoyed walking from the old part to the new part. Some of us were barely able to see over the wall to see the lagoon! The new sculptures are amazing, made with several different media and in so many different styles. The class favorite was definitely “Mirror Labyrinth,” which was like being in a fun house! The 4th graders had a blast calling out to each other and trying to figure out where exactly those voices were coming from. If you haven’t seen it yet, GO!

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Middle School News 5th Grade Overnight Trip Fifth grade has been very busy this last quarter. On April 12, we had our annual Hall of States assembly. We researched and wrote about our states’ histories, major industries, and famous people, mapped their landscapes, and presented our projects to the school along with a taste of the foods our states are famous for. On the week leading up to the event, we worked on our speeches, which we presented at our assembly. It’s a big task, but fifth grade was up to the job! In May we went for our overnight trip to Camp Abbey in Covington. We did many teambuilding exercises, played games, and had a whole lot of fun. It’s a great way to celebrate being finished with our Hall of States project and cap off the year!

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6th Grade Coastal Roots After a year of growing bitter panicum in the garden, the 6th grade Earth science class along with Dr. O’Brien, Mrs. Lavie, Coach Dale, and Mrs. Parks ventured to Grand Isle, LA on April 11-12 for the annual planting of Coastal Roots (bitter panicum) at Grand Isle State Park. Students spent an hour on the beach at the Grand Isle State Park digging and planting nearly 200 bitter panicum plants. Dr. Pam Blanchard was on hand from L.S.U., the sponsors of the statewide Coastal Roots Program. Besides planting our coastal grasses, students participated in a tour of native vegetation on the island with Mrs. Jean Landry of the Nature Conservancy. Dr. Pat Ragland, board member and former parent of two St. Paul’s alums, allowed all attendees to rest and relax at his beachfront camp. Students swam, roasted marshmallows, and played all afternoon into the late evening. We were all treated to grilled burgers and a pancake breakfast. Thanks, Dr. Ragland! Thanks also to the Brown Foundation for their generous grant towards our Coastal Roots efforts. Students returned to St. Paul’s a little weary-eyed from a lack of sleep, but each came back with a sense of pride and determination to help save our coastline. Our 6th graders are saving our coast one seedling at a time!

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7th grade Eco-Cruise On Friday, May 17, the 7th grade class along with Mr. Carrier and Mrs. Olivier took an Eco-Cruise on Lake Pontchartrain. Along with the crew were representatives with the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation who brought water testing materials for our students. Water samples were taken at 8 locations on the Lake. We tested for temperature, pH, turbidity, coliform bacteria, and dissolved oxygen. We were able to see first-hand the water quality in the Lake. Our 7th graders are happy to report that our water is safe to swim in. They did and had a great time.

Middle School Science 6th Grade: Earth Science 6th graders were charged with creating an Earth science meme from topics such as weather, plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes, oceanography, and ecology using a photo of themselves in a scientific way. Technology and science certainly work hand in hand and make for a fun activity.

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7th Grade: Physical Science Physical Science students also created physical science memes from a wide range of physical science associated topics. Each student was charged with creating his/her own meme using an original photo of themselves in a scientific way. After all, what 7th grader does not like taking a selfie or two? Finished projects were displayed in the science lab windows.

8th Grade: Life Science Our 8th grade Life Science students finished the year with a comprehensive study of the human body systems including the Digestive System, Cardiovascular System, Immune System, and more. The end of the year project involved creating a brochure, pamphlet, or children’s story concerning their chosen body system. Students created body systems memes, perused Brainpops, studied diagrams, and listed functions of each system and important organs.

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Little Saints News Little Saints Each One, Teach One The Little Saints three-year-old class is so excited that it is time for Each One, Teach One! During Each One, Teach One, every student has an opportunity to give a short presentation on their favorite topic. They are encouraged to bring in props, posters, or even use our Aquos Board to show pictures or videos to enhance their lesson!

After the lesson, the rest of the class is encouraged to ask questions about what they just learned. We have had some wonderful lessons so far with topics varying from: electric guitars, making gumbo, sign language, dogs, robots, and Disney World! Each One, Teach One is an important part of the three-year-old curriculum. It creates important, meaningful conversation and play between the children in the class. If you would like to learn more about our Each One, Teach One lessons, please feel free to drop by the three-year-old classroom. We have a big board documenting all of the amazing things our Little Saints have taught us this year!

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Science Olympiad State Tournament Congratulations to our Science Olympiad members who had an impressive day at state competition on April 13, 2019 at Southeastern University in Hammond --- 3rd place Overall. We placed 3rd out of 13 teams. Our team members and alternates worked hard and had an extremely successful season. I am extremely proud. Thanks too to our coaches and parents for your support of our efforts. We could not have been as successful without you.




Anatomy & Physiology

Dr. Alistar Ramsay


Izzy & Alexis

Crime Busters

Mr. Stephen Boue


Maliah & Carolyn

Disease Detectives

Dr. Rachana Sus


Amelia & Reva

Elastic Launched Glider

Mr. Floyd Kyle


Emy & Izzy


Mr. Thompson


Henry & George

Herpetology *

Mrs. Amy Smith-Kyle


Harriss & Sam

Potions & Poisons *

Mr. Stephen Boue


Andrew & Reva

Road Scholar

Mr. Chopin


Henry & George

Solar System *

Mr. Parks


Harriss & Andrew


Dr. Bruce Lovelace


Henry & Amelia



* Herpetology 2nd year in a row!!! * Poisons & Potions 2nd year in a row!!! * Solar System: 2nd year in a row!!! P a n t h e r P i c a y u n e | I s s u e 4 Vo l . 1 2

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2019 State Competition

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STEM Grant St. Paul’s Episcopal School’s STEM program was recently awarded a grant from The Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation to enhance the school’s robotics/engineering program. The foundation awarded the school close to $10,000 to purchase additional material for the fourth through sixth grade program. The school presently uses LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 Core sets for third and fourth grade. The WeDo 2.0 program allows students to use LEGOS to build robots and program or code them to do basic functions such as turns and back and forth motions. The grant will allow the purchase of LEGO EV3 Comprehensive Solutions to be used for fifth and sixth grades. The EV3 is a higher level coding system that uses the LEGO blocks. In addition, 16 WeDo 2.0 sets will be purchased for third and fourth grades. Jobs in STEM-related fields are added to the workforce each day. Our school finds it vital to develop a cutting-edge plan designed to monitor student learning taught through real-world projects in a hands-on, engaging process that will motivate, challenge, and inspire students. The program will also help the various learning styles and academic levels of our students by moving them through an actual engineering project in which they rapidly comprehend the relevance of what they are learning. Our thanks to the Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation for sponsoring a program that recognizes the importance of quality STEM education for young students!

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Service Learning St. Paul’s Students Continue to Contribute Time and Talent through Service Learning and Community Service St. Paul’s students continued the tradition of participating in quality service learning and community service programs during the 2018/2019 school year. Programs such as Coastal Roots (made possible by a grant from the Joe W. and Dorothy Dorset Brown Foundation) and PAWS To Work help students explore the areas of environmental, cultural, and economic sustainability in a hands-on, experiential platform. The Coastal Roots program is sponsored by the LSU AG Center and focuses on coastal restoration. Sixth grade students from St. Paul’s grow bitter panicum beach grass on campus and travel to Grand Isle in the spring to replant the grass on the beaches at Grand Isle State Park. In addition, they meet with a representative from The Nature Conservancy who shares with the students information about the island’s history and culture and the importance of the island to the seafood and oil and gas industry in our state, thus bringing the sustainability cycle to full circle. PAWS To Work is our weekly middleschool program which promotes service to the St. Paul’s community. Students rotate through four service committees throughout the year. Each committee has a distinct task such as organic gardening, recycling, campus clean-up, photography and videography, business planning, building, art, product development, and computer lessons for senior citizens. PAWS To Work is a self-sustaining venture as the students earn money through product P a n t h e r P i c a y u n e | I s s u e 4 Vo l . 1 2

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sales and/or grants to continue the program. The PAWS class has been recognized by the LA Green Builders Association for its sustainability efforts. Our “Panthers” participated in a variety of other endeavors during the year as well. Students prepared dinner for Ronald McDonald House; served lunch and entertained for Lakeview Shepherd Center; made sandwiches each month for the Lantern Light Ministry; worked a service day at City Park; created Thanksgiving cards for seniors, made Easter baskets for various entities; and donated food and other items for Thanksgiving and spring food drives. In total, more than 4500 collective hours were chalked up in service learning and community service projects. Congratulations to our students for living the mission and philosophy of our school to the fullest!

7th & 8th Grade Taylor Award Winners The Patrick F. Taylor Foundation sponsors the Taylor Awards Program for 7th – 12th grade students. In order to encourage hard work, the foundation offers complimentary membership to Audubon Nature Institute facilities and the New Orleans Museum of Art for students achieving certain GPAs. Taylor Students are those students with a 2.5 – 2.9 GPA, and they receive a one-year membership to the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, and the Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium. Taylor Scholars are those students with a 3.0 and higher GPA, and they receive a one-year membership to the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, the Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium, and the Audubon Zoo. St. Paul’s recognizes the many students who qualified for this prestigious honor. Our 2018 – 2019 7th Grade Taylor Students are: DJ Ducorbier, DJ Robinette, Stella Verhoeven, and Jeremiah Vigee. Our 2018 - 2019 7th Grade Taylor Scholars are: Collier Crockett, Camryn Davison, Maliah Ecker, Max Ernst, Sophie Hazard, Carolyn Keegan, Sam Kyle, Amelia Lovelace, Deborah Nolan, Andrew Perdomo, George Ramirez, Gabby Toca, and Victoria Zwanziger-Valdes. This year the entire 8th grade class are Taylor Scholars! Wow! Our 2018 -2019 8th Grade Taylor Scholars are: Alexis Akers, Emily Chopin, Lauren Crowell, Henry Farnsworth, Emma Latham, Madelyn McDaniel, Petra Plaia, Isobel Ramsay, Anna Grace Thompson, Harriss Thorne, and Maggie Willoz. St. Paul’s congratulates these 7th and 8th grade students for their hard work!

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Math League Recently, the middle school students at St. Paul’s participated in the Math League Contest. The Math League is a nationwide program designed to build confidence and motivation in meaningful mathematics in a fun and challenging way. It is open to students in middle school and high school. The contest consists of a 30 minute test of 35 challenging problems taken during math class. Awards are available to students in each grade who score the highest in our school and in our region. Congratulations to the following high scorers in fifth grade: Jonathan Burge (18), James Price (13), Ollie Evans (12), Elliot McPherson (11), Nathaniel Seipel (11), Quinn Lovelace (11), and Heather Willoz (10). Congratulations to the following high scorers in sixth grade: Jonathan Shi (19), Chloe Burst (19), Gabriella Villemarette (16), Henry Gernhauser (16), and Reva Sus (16). Congratulations to the following high scorers in seventh grade: George Ramirez (19), Maliah Ecker (19), Max Ernst (16), Sam Kyle (15), Camryn Davison (15), and Andrew Perdomo (15). Congratulations to the following high scorers in eighth grade who took the Algebra I contest: Alexis Akers (17), Henry Farnsworth (14), Maggie Willoz (13), Isobel Ramsay (11), Madelyn McDaniel (11), and Lauren Crowell (11). These contests were very challenging, and we are so proud of all of our students!

Math Olympiad Several students from St. Paul’s Episcopal School were among the nearly 150,000 students worldwide to participate this year in the Math Olympiads program. They participated in a series of five monthly contests of five problems each, from November to March, and weekly practice sessions under the supervision and coaching of Beth Gutierrez and Tania Willoz. They taught the children to solve unusual and difficult problems and to think creatively. The members of our team in the elementary division are Jonathan Burge, Charlee Joseph, Mariana Penton, Jonathan Shi, Reva Sus, and Heather Willoz. The students responded well and were recognized with certificates for their participation. Three of our mathletes won national awards for excellence in their prospective divisions. Reva Sus was the high scorer on our team and was awarded a trophy. She was also recognized as scoring in the top 25% of all participants. Jonathan Shi was recognized as scoring in the top 40% of all participants, and Jonathan Burge was recognized as scoring in the top 50% of all participants. Reva, Jonathan, and Jonathan received an embroidered patch for their accomplishments. Metairie Park Country Day School hosted a local tournament on Saturday, April 6. Our mathletes represented our school proudly. Congratulations to Jonathan Shi who was the high scorer on our team. Each year the Math Olympiads program serves over 150,000 students on over 5200 teams nationally and about 30,000 students on 1000 teams in more than 35 other countries. Since 1979, it has provided challenging, thought-provoking problems that stretch the abilities of students in grades 4 to 8, strengthening their foundation for both assessment tests and more advanced studies. Our children have responded to the challenge with eagerness and enthusiasm.

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National Latin Exam Every year, St. Paul’s middle school students take the National Latin Exam, and every year they do very well on it. This year was no exception. The 6th grade students took the Introduction to Latin exam. Asia Brown, Lilly Mayes, and Jonathan Shi all received achievement awards. Reva Sus and Gabriella Villemarette also received achievement awards with purple ribbons, indicating outstanding achievement! The 7th grade students took the Latin I exam. Amelia Lovelace received a maxima cum laude certificate with a silver medal, and Camryn Davison, Carolyn Keegan, and Andrew Perdomo received magma cum laude certificates. Sam Kyle also received a cum laude certificate. The 8th grade students took the Latin II exam, and several students received awards. Henry Farnsworth and Isobel Ramsay received maxima cum laude certificates with silver medals, Lauren Crowell received a magna cum laude certificate, and Maggie Willoz received a cum laude certificates. The 6th and 7th graders received their awards at the final awards ceremony, and the 8th graders received their awards at the 8th grade graduation. St. Paul’s commends these students for their hard work and accomplishments.

Honor Roll 4th Quarter Katie Rose Abbott Alexis Akers Jess Akers Grace Anders Liam Bailey Menasah Benoit Joseph Betsill Avery Sue Bock Stevie Boue Asia Brown London Brown Jonathan Burge Chloe Burst Addie Calatayud Topher Chopin Jac Clary Wick Courtney Lauren Crowell Allie Davison Camyrn Davison Leah Dupclay Maliah Ecker Ollie Evans

Henry Farnsworth William Fontenot Henry Gernhauser Tomas Gonzalez Xanna Higgins Sophia Hutchison Jaylah Isabel Carolyn Keegan Scout Kithas Sam Kyle Emma Latham Jermaine Lawson Lindsey Lord Amelia Lovelace Quinn Lovelace Anders Maitrejean Colin Maitrejean Lilly Mayes Maddie McDaniel Sarah Blair Montgomery Sophia Napoli Mariana Penton Carolina Plaia

P a n t h e r P i c a y u n e | I s s u e 4 Vo l . 1 2

Richard Ponsaa James Price George Ramirez Izzy Ramsay Marc Robert Mya Robert Jackson Rovetto Ernesto Schweikert Nathaniel Seipel Hayden Sentino Jonathan Shi Reva Sus Anna Thompson Gabby Toca Claire Touzet Gabriella Villemarette Arjun Walvekar Oliver Weinstock Lacy Willoz Maggie Willoz Victoria Zwanziger-Valdes

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8th Grade Commencement Address by Isobel Ramsay Good evening St. Paul’s community! From our first days here, all the way through to encountering bears and Memphis scares, thank you for taking this journey with us and being here tonight for its glorious end! And to my classmates, we made it to graduation! I think we can all agree that our 8th grade year has been the most challenging and exciting one yet. There are so many other highlights to this year - where do I start? Let’s start at the beginning of the year. I remember being told to cherish my time then because it goes by in an instant, and I didn’t believe that until now. I can still remember the first day of 8th grade like it was yesterday. I can also remember being a Pre-Ker and looking at my big 8th grade Panther Pal, one day aspiring to be like them. And now we’re up here graduating? WHAT?! I also remember counting down the days to our first big 8th grade trip - the North Carolina trip. I remember not being able to sleep the night before we left out of excitement and how the 14 hour bus ride went by so quickly. A big thank you to Maggie for keeping me constantly entertained and laughing on the bus ride there. Now I can’t say too much of what happened in NC, just in case there are any 7th graders in here, but I remember being SO excited to do the ropes course. Not everyone was as excited to get up in the trees (Maddie, Anna) but we all gave our best effort and EVERYONE completed it! And of course, the famous quote that appeared many, many times in our video, “Nervous but excited!” Then the hiking and nights in the mountains came! We weren’t expecting a bear to show up three times, but even though it gave us a scare, it’s a memory that I’ll never forget and wouldn’t trade for anything. Thanks, Anna and Maddie, for huddling together and holding hands with me that night so we wouldn’t be so scared! That trip brought our class even closer together than we already were. Thanks to Emma and Emy for always being there for us, especially in tough situations where we were taken

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out of our comfort zones, especially in NC - you are some of the sweetest people in the world! Also thanks to Lauren, Petra, and Alexis for warding off the bear! This year has been the most memorypacked one by far. We finally became the big brothers and sisters at the school and all the challenges to come with that. Thanks to Harriss and Henry for being able to put up with nine girls the whole year. You took it like champs! Our teachers have given us opportunities that opened our eyes to the world around us and gave us memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you to Ms. del Corral, Mr. Parks, and Mr. Thompson for giving us the opportunity to go on such amazing trips - and especially the famous restaurant in Memphis- Central BBQ, Mr. Parks. We’ve also learned to get along with each other in any circumstances even being together nonstop for a whole week- night and day! Reminiscing on some team sports, I think we’ve done pretty well. I’ll never forget the moment when we won the tiebreaker at the volleyball championships in October! I was so excited that I got lightheaded! Thank you to Coach Angela for being the best coach we could ask for! Also, thank you to Mr. Thompson for giving some of us the opportunity to be in our studio band and giving me memories and friends that I will cherish for a long time. As we came to the end of our school career at St. Paul’s, my class and I finally realized how quickly this year went by and how much we’ve grown together. I’m sure none of us will ever forget Henry finally deciding to be rebellious on the last day of school! As we turn the page to a new chapter in our lives, I especially want to thank our teachers for making us the class we are today. For Mr. Parks and Ms. del Corral, who were amazing 8th grade advisors and taught us to think critically, and for Mrs. Lavie, who taught us to be aggressive learners! For Mrs. Willoz, who taught us to apply what we know to our work and for putting up with everything we do in class, including chairs in the recycling bin, and for Mrs. Olivier, for teaching us to always be kind and forgiving, and for helping through the bear encounter in NC! For Father Rob, Mother Liz, and Mother Gina for helping us grow in our faith and love throughout the year. For Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Parks, and Ms. Barbara for helping us with our 8th grade play. For Mr. Chopin, for always giving us our favorite snacks on our birthdays and always being there to lend a hand, and for Dr. O’Brien, for letting us ring the derivative bell and giving us our popsicle sticks so we’ll never forget you and your shenanigans in Latin. Thank you to Mrs. Schwank for teaching us how to speak publicly and even writing a fairy tale about us at the Baccalaureate Eucharist! For Coach Dale, who was a great P.E coach and reminded me to do my math homework and study every single day, and last but not least, Mr. Carrier. I know you might be mad at me for not mentioning you yet in this speech, but thank you for keeping our whole class entertained, and for the many jokes that we can’t make in other classes. Although we may not show it, we really appreciate you. Sorry for pulling so many pranks on you. P a n t h e r P i c a y u n e | I s s u e 4 Vo l . 1 2

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But the people I want to thank most of all are my classmates. Alexis- always there to help us or lend a hand whenever we need it. Emy- always able to make us feel better in whatever situation. Emma - who’s always there to encourage us and keep us going. Henry- who was able to stay sane with 9 girls for almost 10 months. Harriss- singing Hamilton through the halls with me. Petra- never failing to make the class burst out in laughter at any given time. Anna- being there to talk to whenever we need it or when we need a laugh. Maggie- never failing to make us laugh when we’re down. Maddie- ranting with you at 12 AM and studying with me until the early hours of the morning. And for Lauren- staying up late talking to me or studying and bursting out into song spontaneously in class. I want to thank each and every one of them for making this year the best one yet and giving me lifelong memories. We’ve grown together as a class. From fighting off bears to our Memphis trip, you name it, we’ve probably done it. From our very first day of 8th grade to our last school day, I’ve considered these 10 people up here my best friends in the entire world and I know that they will succeed and prosper wherever they move onto next, thanks to St. Paul’s. Here’s to these amazing and unforgettable last ten years! THANK YOU!

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Gala auction item fulfillment was a fun time for all! Our Star Student, Sip and Print, Coach for a Day, Chef for a Day and Mrs. Schwank’s waterslide party were a hit!

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Mrs. Schwank received the Outstanding Principal’s Award which recognizes principals who provide outstanding support and encouragement for Girl Scouting in their schools. Father Rob & Mother Liz received the Outstanding Religious Leader Award which recognizes religious leaders who provide outstanding support and encouragement for Girl Scouting in their religious community. These prestigious awards were presented at the Girl Scouts Louisiana East’s 2019 Council Annual Meeting & Adult Volunteer Recognition at First Community Antioch Baptist Church in Lutcher. Congratulations!

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Annual Fund Thank you to all who contributed to our Annual Fund this year. Not only did we achieve our goal of $65,500, we surpassed it making $68,789! Our Annual Fund is such an important investment as it bridges the gap between what tuition pays for and additional operating expenses. It helps pay for the advanced curriculum, classroom supplies, faculty salaries, technology, studio band, chapel, athletics, visual and performing arts and much more. We thank you for the “A+ 100% Participation!” from the parent, faculty and staff community! This fully tax-deductible gift to St. Paul’s Annual Fund helps provide professional development for faculty, quality technology, low student – teacher ratio, and enhances academics. We can’t say thank you enough!

Endowment Fund - Funding the Future Gifts to the “Funding the Future” Endowment Campaign live in perpetuity for the benefit of St. Paul’s Episcopal School. The interest from these endowed funds is used to support a variety of projects including facilities and academics. Endowed gifts are a wonderful way to support the school and ensure the stability of St. Paul’s for generations to come. We welcome your support and focus on the donor’s interest.

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For more information on the “Funding the Future” Endowment Campaign, please contact Tiffany Tandecki, Director of Development, or (504)488-1319 x119



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St. Paul’s is on Amazon Smile!

• Purchase gift cards f from your favorite retailers through St. Paul’s SCRIP program. • You get the full value of the card you purchase while each card earns rebates for St. Paul’s. • Orders can be placed in the SCRIP drop box at Ms. Micki’s desk. • Orders submitted by noon Friday are available for pick up the next Friday. • Need a SCRIP card sooner? E-Cards* are available within 24 hrs of order. • Want to go GREEN? SCRIP card Reloads* are also available. CONTACT: * See order form for list of Reload & E-Cards.

Log into, choose St. Paul’s Episcopal School as your charity of choice. You must be on the Amazon Smile website for the purchase to qualify for a donation. You can still use your regular Amazon account, and Amazon Prime. With every eligible purchase made on Amazon Smile, Amazon will donate

0.05% of the total sale to St. Paul’s! This is a great way to

give a little more to your school, while shopping as you already do, with no additional charge!

Be sure to keep clipping those Box Tops! The collection bin can be found in the Glass House near the stairs.

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