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NOVEMBER 30, 2017 

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News from the Head of School “Dignity: Its Essential Role in Resolving Conflicts” by Donna Hicks, is a powerful book to help people of all ages deal with conflicts. This year, St. Paul’s is using many of Hicks’ ideas to teach our students how to resolve conflicts and how to navigate the world socially. Donna Hicks, an associate for International Affairs at Harvard University, has had nearly two decades of experience in the field of international conflict resolution and has facilitated dialogue and resolution between communities in conflict all over the world. In her book, Hicks describes dignity as the inherent value we all have. In his forward of the book, Archbishop Desmond Tutu helps explain that “the concept of dignity is that inalienable God-given right of all humankind.” Hicks furthers the definition by giving us 10 essential elements of dignity and how we can use this information to strengthen our relationships and resolve our differences. We have explained these ideas to our middle schoolers during middle school chapel, Panther Pride classes, and in the classroom. If we know how to recognize these elements, then we will know more about how to avoid violating someone’s dignity and what to do if our own dignity is hurt. Damage to dignity occurs if we have had violations to the acceptance of our identity, or to being included. Other essential elements include safety, acknowledgement, recognition, fairness, benefit of doubt, understanding, independence, and accountability. During the year, we will continue to work with students to understand some of the things we often do when we feel our dignity is damaged. Hicks explains that we are sometimes tempted to do something to save face or say something to retaliate. Sometimes we respond by avoiding conflict, resisting feedback, or blaming others to deflect feeling guilty. We might also think we are the victim and not analyze our role in the conflict. Finally, Donna Hicks teaches us how to heal relationships with dignity, and we will be explaining and practicing these skills with our students. Giving our students the proper tools to handle their relationships with others is a hallmark of a St. Paul’s education, and we believe the book, “Dignity,” will help us to strengthen this important life skill. For more information, view Donna Hicks’ TED talk on Youtube. Charleen Schwank

St. Paul’s once again won 1st place in the Louisiana Green Schools Challenge

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Lower School News Pre-K Hairy Harry One of our favorite activities in Pre-K comes when our letter friend, Mr. H, is in our classroom. Known for his wild mane of hair, Mr. H inspires us to recreate his look in our own nature-loving fashion! The project begins with each student filling an old athletic sock with grass seed and soil. They then personalize their sock with pins and buttons to resemble a face. Next, they add water and place it in the sun. Then the students begin a daily monitoring of their Harry to spot signs of growth. The excitement at the first sign of grass sprouting from Harry’s head is palpable! As students watch the grass grow longer every day, we learn a great deal about the different things that plants need. Finally, after most Harrys have a couple of inches of grass hair, it’s time for their first haircut. This is always such a fun time! We make a true party of it and love to try out all kinds of different hairstyles. The best part is when the kids take them home. As long as they keep giving their Harry what he needs (water and sunlight), his hair will keep growing for them to keep cutting!

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1st Grade Fairy Garden First grade has decided to plant a Fairy Garden! We decided on a Fairy Garden because throughout the year 1st grade studies and compares different fairy tales from various cultures and countries. We made plans and diagrams of our ideas, and selected particular fairy houses after conducting research. We decided we would like a river and a mountain in our garden. Since we wanted trolls to feel comfortable there too, we made sure to get houses that they might like. We have weeded and started construction on our Fairy Garden, but we know that this time of year many plants slow down their growth and get ready for winter. In the spring, our Fairy Garden should be magnificent.

2nd and 3rd Grade Explore the Capitol As a culmination of our Louisiana unit, 2nd and 3rd grades went on a field trip to Baton Rouge. We toured the capitol building, which is the tallest capitol building in the United States. A highlight of the tour was spotting the pencil stuck in the ceiling of the senate chamber! Ask a 2nd or 3rd grader how it got there. After the capitol, we visited the Capitol Park Museum. We pretended to be on a Mardi Gras Float and read about Louisiana history. It was a great trip!

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3rd Grade Louisiana Day Third grade had a wonderful time celebrating Louisiana Day. Both 2nd and 3rd graders came together in the music room to show off their singing skills to their parents by performing, “You Are My Sunshine,” and “Down in the Twist and Shout.” We then came to our classroom and took turns presenting our Louisiana facts to our visitors. Each student picked a person, place, or topic related to Louisiana and researched it in computer class in preparation for the special presentation. We also decorated our rooms with the Mississippi River. It started in Ms. Durand’s room, traveled through the hallway, and ended in Ms. Andrepont’s room. The students had a great time decorating it with animals, plants, and other objects that are found in the river. We ended the day by visiting 2nd grade and seeing their Louisiana alphabet. We were excited to continue to learn more about our great state when we took our field trip to the State Capitol in Baton Rouge!

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Middle School News 5th Grade Reads “The Cay” The fifth graders have been hard at work on projects demonstrating what they learned while reading “The Cay” by Theodore Taylor. Students could choose from a list of projects, and most students decided to do extra projects for bonus points because they had trouble picking just one assignment! Projects included writing alternate endings or storytelling through different narrators; designing a movie poster; creating a comic strip; writing an original song or poem (some students even treated their classes to live performances); making models and dioramas; and compiling a list of songs that would make a great soundtrack to the movie.

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Middle School Science 6th Grade: Earth Science 6th grade earth scientists have been studying minerals and rock classifications and formation. Each 6th grader completed a poster on a given mineral. Independent research was performed to find the mineral’s color, luster, hardness, specific gravity, and streak. Fun facts were also listed. Did you know that the mineral fluorite fluoresces under UV light? Did you know that the “Blue Moon� diamond sold for $48.4 million dollars?

7th Grade: Physical Science 7th grade physical scientists have spent much of the first quarter studying the rules of scientific measurement using scientific notation and significant digits. The unit culminated with a science lab where the students used significant digits and scientific notation to determine the width of a piece of aluminum foil. By the way, the thickness is very, very small.

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8th Grade: Life Science 8th grade life scientists have been studying the cell, its parts, and its functions. Students were charged with designing a “Cell City,” an analogy for the cell and its parts using structures in which each student was familiar. Luke: Pelicans Arena Ben: International “Cell” Station (space station) Brandon: Cell Car William: Catan (board game)

Science Olympiad Congratulations to our newest members of the 2017-2018 Science Olympiad team. 7th graders: Emy Chopin, Stephen Haydel, Harriss Thorne, Maggie Willoz 6th graders: Maliah Ecker, Sophie Hazard, Sam Kyle, Amelia Lovelace, Andrew Perdomo, D.J. Ducobier (alternate), George Ramirez (alternate) These members join Ben Myers, Alexis Akers, Lauren Crowell, Henry Farnsworth, Roma McAlear, and Izzy Ramsay to complete our reigning Regional Championship team.

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Solar Eclipse - Totally Awesome Middle school students, faculty, and staff experienced and enjoyed the partial solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 on the turf. Each student was given the “Get Eclipsed” filtered sunglasses that conformed to the observation of the sun requirements. Middle school science students even made and decorated their own viewer boxes for this “out of this world” experience.

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Little Saints News The Little Saints three-year-old teachers noticed that the Little Saints were very excited about the new princess costumes added to the dramatic play area. This interest sparked a conversation about where princesses live and who lives with them. Some of the children began to imagine the classroom loft as a castle and therefore began to pretend to be knights and kings! The teachers decided to explore this interest with the class. In the studio, the Little Saints used tea bags to dye paper in order to make it very old and worn. They learned that people in castles used this paper long ago to send messages just like they do now in their classroom message center! Every student made a “scroll� in the message center and delivered it to a friend. They also made their very own castles. Families brought in shoeboxes that the class painted gray. They added towers, windows, and doors to their castles. In the sensory table, the class conducted a science experiment. They measured glue, paint, water, and borax. They followed a series of steps and then mixed the ingredients all together. The borax created a reaction that turned the ingredients into DRAGON GOO! During meeting time, the class learned how to draw a castle by forming different shapes. They combined a rectangle, two triangles, and a semi-circle to create a castle of their own. Please stop by anytime to read our documentation board and visit our princesses, knights, kings, and dragons hard at work!

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PAWS to Work PAWS To Work has gotten off to a fast start this year with a few new activities and a new sustainability coordinator! We welcome Valentine Poumadere to the St. Paul’s family. Valentine, a native of France, comes to us from Harvard University. She recently spent time working with the Grow Dat garden program at City Park. She is a master gardener and will be doing wonderful things with our garden and sustainability program. PAWS To Watch, our new PAWS to Work news program, was recently launched on our website and social media pages. The first installment will introduce Ms. Poumadere to the community and will feature information about the PAWS To Work initiative at St. Paul’s. St. Paul’s recently received a $3,000 award from the Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation to continue established service learning programs and to begin a new partnership. Fourth grade students traveled to the Lakeview Shepherd Center to serve lunch and entertain the day residents at the center, where they also helped celebrate a 100th birthday for one of the guests. In addition, in January, the seventh and eighth grade students will build and plant gardens at the center. This will be the fourth garden installed by the students as part of the Garden to Garden project sponsored by the foundation.

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Duke University Talent Search St. Paul’s Episcopal School is pleased to announce that several of our 7th grade students qualified to participate in the highly-selective Duke University Talent Identification Program 7th Grade Talent Search. The students qualified for this prestigious program based on their high scores on standardized tests they took in 6th grade. Students qualified based on their scores on the Stanford Achievement Test 10 or on the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test. Participation in the program helps the students’ teachers and their families determine how advanced their abilities truly are. As part of the talent search enrollment, the program will allow eligible 7th graders to take either the ACT (no writing) or SAT as an above-level test. St. Paul’s congratulates Alexis Akers, Lauren Crowell, Henry Farnsworth, Stephen Haydel, Memphis Kronlage, Roma McAlear, Madelyn McDaniel, Petra Plaia, Isobel Ramsay, Harriss Thorne, and Maggie Willoz for this prestigious honor.

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Men’s Club On behalf of the Men’s Club, I want to welcome you to the 2017-2018 school year. The Men’s Club had an awesome turnout for our first two meetings of the year. It is nice to see so many members from past years as well as newer members this year. We will have another Men’s Club meeting on Thursday, December 14 where we will discuss upcoming campus improvements and Men’s Club events. We welcome all men of the St. Paul’s community to join the Men’s Club and experience the fun and fellowship! Sincerely, Chris Chopin 2017-2018 Men’s Club President

Men’s club serves up sno-balls at the annual Sno-ball Social.

Annual Fund Each year, we count on loyal parents, alumni, and friends like you to make a meaningful gift that expresses the value you place on the educational experience offered at St. Paul’s Episcopal School. Your gift to the annual fund campaign enhances every aspect of a student’s education at St. Paul’s by

▪▪ Encouraging Leadership ▪▪ Embracing Spirituality ▪▪ Sparking Creativity ▪▪ Exploring Possibilities We hear it from our alumni: how these building blocks of a St. Paul’s experience prepare students for success in higher education and beyond. We see it in our students: the impact of a nurturing environment and the sense of connectedness that is not offered in a larger school setting. The small class sizes, talented faculty, innovative curricula, cuttingedge technology, and inspiring arts and athletics programs make our school community special and make our students St. Paul’s Strong for life. No matter the size, every gift makes a difference. Every gift makes us stronger. Give online today: P a n t h e r P i c a y u n e | I s s u e 1 Vo l . 1 1 

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Pumpkin Patch The 7th Annual St. Paul’s Episcopal School Pumpkin Patch was a huge success, exceeding our goal and raising approximately $19,000 to benefit the students and families we serve. Many thanks to all of our volunteers and shoppers for supporting this month-long endeavor that allowed us to not only raise funds for the school, but also introduce St. Paul’s to hundreds of visitors from all over the city!

Fall Fest It was a beautiful, crisp day as our St. Paul’s school community came together to enjoy fun, food and celebrate fall at this highlyanticipated event, presented by DOCO Industrial Insulators. We raised approximately $5,000 at this year’s event, with the support of our families and generous sponsors: DOCO Industrial Insulators WIN Entrepreneurs MidCity Smiles New Orleans Children’s Dental Center Lake Animal Hospital

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2017 Holiday Performance Schedule Celebration in the Oaks • Dec. 5 • 6:15 PM • Choir and Studio Band Holidays on Harrison • Dec. 6 • 5:30 PM • Choir and Studio Band 6th Grade Handbell Chapel • Dec. 7 • 7:55 AM • All 6th Graders Lower School Christmas Performance • Dec. 9 • 10:30 AM • Pre-K thru 3rd Grade Choir Field Trip - Hotel Monteleone • Dec. 12 • 12:00 PM • Choir Students (4th-8th) 7th Grade Handbell Eucharist • Dec. 13 • 7:55 AM • All 7th Graders Handbell Field Trip - The Shops at Canal Place • Dec. 14 • 1:00 PM • All 6th & 7th Graders Choir Field Trip - Windsor Court • Dec. 15 • 10:00 AM • Choir Students (4th-8th) Little Saints Christmas Performance • Dec. 19 • 10:00 AM • Little Saints 2s and 3s

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Parents Association Fundraisers • Purchase gift cards for shopping or giving as gifts from your favorite retailers through St. Paul’s SCRIP program. • You get the full value of the card you purchase while each card earns rebates for St. Paul’s. • Orders can be placed in the SCRIP drop box at Ms. Micki’s desk.

• Orders submitted by noon Friday are available for pick up the next Friday.

• Need a SCRIP card sooner? E-Cards (paper) are available within 24 hours of ordering. (See order form for list of E-Cards.) • Want to go GREEN? SCRIP card Reloads are also available. (See order form for list of Reload cards.) • CONTACT:

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