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JUNE 12, 2017 

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News from the Head of School Message to the Class of 2017 from the Head of School It’s hard to believe that the time for graduation is so near and I realize I have so much to say to you. First, your class was the last 2nd grade class that I taught. Your 2nd grade picture is on my wall. I have enjoyed watching you grow, knowing you so well and have taken special interest in all that you do. You are special to me. As I thought about my wishes for your future, I am reminded of one of my first parent/teacher conferences from long ago. After talking with the parent about the struggles her child had had learning to read and how the child had felt a bit discouraged, the parent said, “I just want my child to be happy.” Over the years, parents have shared that sentiment with me many, many times and I have said that as a parent about my own children many times – all parents just want our children to be happy. That is my wish for you as you journey on – I want you to be happy. I believe the road to happiness has two paths and that you have to travel both of them. The first road to happiness I believe is found in your relationships with others. Are you a good friend? Are you kind to your brother or sister, your mother and father? Do you call your grandparents and listen to them? Do you think about and work on your relationship with God? Paying attention to your relationships and working to build those relationships will help you to be happy. Those you are closest to are the first ones you call when you are excited about something and the first to call when you need help. Don’t take those relationships for granted. The second road to happiness I believe is found when you realize what it is you want to do or become. It is realized when you find your passion in life. When I was in 2nd grade, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. I loved my second grade teacher and wanted to be just like her. After I got home each day I would play school with all the neighborhood kids, and I would always be the teacher. I knew I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up and I never really changed my mind about it until I knew I wanted to be Head of School. You might know right now what you want to do in life or you might not have any idea yet. That’s ok, but when you find it, making your goal a reality will bring you happiness. I love being with you as a teacher and as a Head of School. My wish for you is that you find your passion and that it will help bring you great joy. Now some advice on how to travel these two roads. These important words are really P a n t h e r P i c a y u n e | I s s u e 4 Vo l . 1 0 

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from Thomas Jefferson. He said, ”Nothing can stop the person with the right attitude from achieving his/her goal; nothing on earth can help the person with the wrong attitude.” Perseverance, hard work, kindness to others, and a positive attitude will help you throughout your life. Having the right mental attitude will help you build those relationships which make life meaningful, enable you to find your passion and ultimately achieve happiness. My wish for you will come true. I love you and I am proud of you. Sincerely, Mrs. Schwank

Lower School News Pre-K Saying goodbye is never easy. Whether you are four, fourteen, forty, or ninety four, it is still bittersweet to part with someone. This week, St. Paul’s said goodbye to our latest group of alums - the class of 2017. They have been wonderful leaders for the entire school, but more than that, they have been amazing Panther Pals to the Pre-K class. It is so special for the youngest children in “big school” to have a special friend to look up to all year. Sitting together in chapel, doing art projects during GLUE, or just saying hello in the halls - each of these things is so important to both the Pre-K students and the 8th graders. To honor this friendship and to celebrate their graduation, the Pre-K class invited their friends to have a last picnic lunch. It was the sweetest culmination to a fantastic year. Good luck 8th graders! Don’t forget to come visit us next year!

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1st Grade NOMA Field Trip First grade went for their last field trip to the New Orleans Museum of Art and the Sculpture Garden. This was a great place to visit after our ancient Aztec, Inca, and Maya studies. After investigating the different types of art found in these cultures, we went to see how the Maya and other cultures would have created art. We noticed that in their art, they created animals found in their environments. They carved out of wood, sculptured out of clay, wove into cloth, and painted pictures of animals, ceremonies, plants, and other people and things found where they lived. We practiced our big rule of art. We look and think and imagine, but we don’t touch. Great job first grade! Then we got to let off some steam by heading out to the Sculpture Garden. We loved seeing art out in nature. It was a wonderful field trip enjoyed by us all.

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Middle School News 5th Grade Camp Abbey Fifth grade had a great time on their overnight trip to Camp Abbey. Not only was the trip educational, but it was also a great bonding and team-building experience. After spending the day outside playing activities, we took a hike to the creek where the students had a great time putting their feet in the water. They also participated in a math scavenger hunt and had a great time running around the camp to find the hidden answers. We ended the night signing each other’s pillow cases and working on teambuilding activities thanks to Mr. Thompson! There were more team-building activities the next morning where the students enjoyed working together using problemsolving skills. The students had a great time! Thank you Coach Dale and Mr. T for joining us!

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7th Grade Yachting on Lake Pontchartrain On Friday, May 19, the 7th grade class, along with Mr. Carrier and Mrs. Olivier, took an Eco-Cruise on Lake Pontchartrain. Along with our crew were representatives with the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation who brought water testing materials for our students. Water samples were taken at 8 locations on the lake. We tested for temperature, pH, turbidity, coliform bacteria, and dissolved oxygen. We were able to see first hand the water quality in the lake. Our 7th graders are happy to report that our water is safe to swim in. A special thanks to Mr. Guy Williams, President of Gulf Coast Bank, who escorted us on his fabulous yacht, the City of New Orleans. We love this annual trip!

Click here to watch the 7th Grade Memories Video

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Middle School Science

6th grade Earth Science 6th grade Earth Science students have been studying the Solar System. Students created advertisements for their selected object in space. Students completed posters showing the slogan and important facts of their celestial object. Lauren: Saturn “You better put a ring on it” Anna: Titan “Come for the haze; stay for days” Henry: Triton “Where the cold is bold” Izzy: Mercury “Too hot to handle” 6th graders love to learn through creativity.

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7th grade: Physical Science During the 7th grade study of flight, each student was charged with designing his/her own paper airplane. 7th graders could use one sheet of 8.5 x 11” paper and creatively name the aircraft. On flying day, students were given two trials. Those flying over 20 feet were scored highly. Caroline Lavie’s aircraft was tops, flying close to 60 feet. Our 7th graders were able to experience drag, lift, and thrust.

8th grade: Life Science Our 8th grade Life Science students finished the year with a comprehensive study of the body systems. The end of the year project involved creating a brochure, pamphlet, or children’s story concerning their chosen body system.

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National Latin Exam Success Stories Every year, St. Paul’s middle school students take the National Latin Exam, and every year they do very well on it. This year was no exception. The sixth grade students took the Introduction to Latin exam. Lauren Crowell, Henry Farnsworth, Roma McAlear, Isobel Ramsay, and Maggie Willoz all received achievement awards. Alexis Akers also received an achievement award with a purple ribbon, indicating outstanding achievement! The seventh grade students took the Latin I exam. Jazzy Ferrier received a summa cum laude certificate with a gold medal, and Berit Dyer received a maxima cum laude certificate with a silver medal. Caroline Blais, Anna Rodomista, Marisol Torres, and Chloe Tufts received magna cum laude certificates, and Janey Bostick, William Coy, Caroline Lavie, and Liam McAlear received cum laude certificates. The 8th grade students took the Latin II exam, and several students received awards. Antonio Orihuela received a maxima cum laude certificate with a silver medal, and Crane Benson received a magna cum laude certificate. The 6th and 7th graders received their awards at the final awards ceremony, and the 8th graders received their awards at the 8th grade graduation. The students’ hard work in their Latin classes is clearly paying off, and St. Paul’s commends them for their accomplishments.

7th and 8th Grade Taylor Awards The Patrick F. Taylor Foundation sponsors the Taylor Awards Program for 7th – 12th grade students. In order to encourage hard work, the foundation offers complimentary membership to Audubon Nature Institute facilities and the New Orleans Museum of Art for students achieving certain GPAs. Taylor Students are those students with a 2.5 – 2.9 GPA, and they receive a one-year membership to the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, and the Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium. Taylor Scholars are those students with a 3.0 and higher GPA, and they receive a one-year membership to the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, the Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium, and the Audubon Zoo. St. Paul’s recognizes the many students who qualified for this prestigious honor. Our 2016 – 2017 7th Grade Taylor Students are Andrew Bultman and Essence Wren. Our 2016 – 2017 8th Grade Taylor Students are Henry Bourgeois and Bryce Langford. Our 2016 -2017 7th Grade Taylor Scholars are: Luke Anderson, Caroline Blais, Janey Bostick, Dylan Cook, William Coy, Berit Dyer, Jazzy Ferrier, Emory Friend, William Keegan, Caroline Lavie, Liam McAlear, Josh Moraitis, Ben Myers, Lexi Reed, Olivia Robinson, Anna Rodomista, Marisol Torres, Chloe Tufts, and Max Ulz. Our 2016 -2017 8th Grade Taylor Scholars are: Bailey Axelrad, Crane Benson, Grant Bostick, Andrew Calabresi, Kaylee Caracci, Ellie Courtney, Josh Gutierrez, Wesley Kelly, Paige McManus, Chandler Monson, Olivia Oliver, Antonio Orihuela, Erica Ricci, Ava Richard, Michael Royerre, and Rachel Royerre. The 7th and 8th grade winners received their awards at their respective awards ceremonies. St. Paul’s congratulates these 7th and 8th grade students for their hard work! P a n t h e r P i c a y u n e | I s s u e 4 Vo l . 1 0 

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Math League Recently, the middle school students at St. Paul’s participated in the Math League Contest. The Math League is a nationwide program designed to build confidence and motivation in meaningful mathematics in a fun and challenging way. It is open to students in middle school and high school. The contest consists of a 30 minute test of challenging problems taken during math class. Awards are available to students in each grade who score the highest in our school and in our region. Congratulations to the following high scorers in fifth grade: Amelia Lovelace, Wesley Ulz, and DJ Ducorbier. Congratulations to the following high scorers in sixth grade: Alexis Akers, Henry Farnsworth, Roma McAlear, Harriss Thorne, Karson Rhodes, and Petra Plaia. Congratulations to the following high scorers in seventh grade: Jasmine Ferrier, William Coy, Marisol Torres, Jane Bostick, Anna Rodomista, Caroline Blais, and Ben Myers. Congratulations to the following high scorers in eighth grade who took the Algebra I contest: Grant Bostick, Crane Benson, Andrew Calabresi, Antonio Orihuela, and Chandler Monson. Special recognition goes to Alexis Akers and the sixth grade team. Alexis was the third highest scorer in Louisiana, and the sixth grade team had the third highest team score in Louisiana. The sixth grade team made the top 22 list of schools in the Alabama-Louisiana-Mississippi Mathematics League, of which we are a part. The team ranked at number sixteen in the league. Furthermore, the seventh grade team ranked number four in Louisiana and number eleven in the league. Way to go, Panthers!

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Math Olympiads Several students from St. Paul’s Episcopal School were among the nearly 150,000 students worldwide to participate this year in the Math Olympiads program. They participated in a series of five monthly contests of five problems each, from November to March, and weekly practice sessions under the supervision and coaching of Alex Andrepont and Tania Willoz. They taught the children to solve unusual and difficult problems and to think creatively. The members of the 2016 – 2017 team are Alexis Akers, Stephen Haydel, Sam Kyle, Amelia Lovelace, George Ramirez, Karson Rhodes, Harriss Thorne, Wesley Ulz, Stella Verhoeven, and Maggie Willoz. The students responded well and were recognized with certificates for their participation. Two of the mathletes won national awards for excellence in Division E for grades 4 to 6. Alexis Akers and Harriss Thorne were awarded the embroidered felt patch, which is awarded to those in the top 50% of all the participants. A special congratulation goes to Alexis Akers who was the high scorer on the team. Each year the Math Olympiads program serves over 100,000 students on nearly 5,000 teams nationally and about 50,000 students on 1,000 teams in more than 30 other countries. Since 1979, it has provided challenging, thought-provoking problems that stretch the abilities of students in grades 4 to 8, strengthening their foundation for both assessment tests and more advanced studies. Our children have responded to the challenge with eagerness and enthusiasm.

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Little Saints News Little Saints 2s Explore Famous Artists! The Little Saints 2s spent a week exploring the famous artists Claude Monet, Jackson Pollock and Henri Matisse. After a brief discussion, the children spent time in the studio creating artwork in the style of the different artists! The first artist introduced was Claude Monet. He spent a lot of time painting the water gardens around his home. The children created their own “Monet’s” by gluing pastel strips of tissue to a piece of paper. They then painted coffee filters with pink and purple watercolors. The teachers cut the filters into flowers, and the children glued them onto their “water.” Next, we talked about Andrew Pollock. He splattered and dripped multiple colors of paint onto really big canvases. His nickname is “Action Jackson!” In order to fully paint in his style, we took this studio project outside! The children painted their “canvases” in groups of three using brushes and cups of red, blue and yellow paint. This was so much fun!! The children loved swinging the brushes to create a picture.

“Drawing with scissors!”

The last artist we learned about was Henri Matisse. In his later years he could not always get out of bed to paint so he “drew” with scissors! Matisse created beautiful, colorful pictures with cut paper. The children spent time in the studio cutting different colors of paper and then gluing the cut paper to create a picture. The children had fun telling the teachers all about their creations! In an effort to expose the children to some famous artwork, we spent one of our meetings looking at pictures of paintings by Matisse, Monet, Pollock and Van Gogh. Each child selected a picture and then described what they saw. It was so interesting to hear what the children saw in some of the abstract works! We had a fun week exploring some of the famous artists! We documented our activities, and we have some examples of the children’s creations hanging in our classroom. Stop by to meet a few of our next “famous artists!” Little Saints Teachers

The completed “Monet!” P a n t h e r P i c a y u n e | I s s u e 4 Vo l . 1 0 

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Jazz Jam St. Paul’s Episcopal School Choir and Studio Band presented the first annual Spring Jazz Jam on Thursday, May 4, 2017. The event was a great success, with a sell-out crowd of 150. This year the Studio Band and choir played a total of 17 songs! From a few old school jazz standards, to a little blues and funk, the kids did an outstanding job of showing off their talent for this wonderful evening of food and music. Some of the musical selections included the great Duke Ellington’s “Satin Doll,” a few famous songs from New Orleans’ very own Louis Armstrong, and even some of the popular Stevie Wonder tunes, since he was a Jazz Fest headliner. In every song that the Studio Band played, various instrument solos were highlighted. In fact, the piano solo in the tune “Freddie Freeloader” was played directly as recorded on Miles Davis’s famous Kind of Blue album. Many of the other solos throughout the evening were actually improvised live at the show by the students. It was indeed a wonderful evening for St. Paul’s music program as we started a new tradition. If you missed the Spring Jazz Jam, you can check out our talented young musicians by following this link: Stay tuned for next year’s show, and be sure to get your tickets early!

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Service and Sustainability As we end the 16/17 school year, we also bring to a close another successful year for our service and sustainability programs. For the third year, the school has been honored by the Louisiana Green Builders’ Association for our sustainability program. We have received a platinum award for the Louisiana Green School challenge which carries with it a $1500 gift and an Elkay Water Filtering system. Congratulations to our middle school students for their commitment to environmental, economic, and cultural sustainability. Our spring sale was a huge success! Whimsical owl garden stakes and ornaments, luxurious soaps and bath products, herbs, vegetables, and more brought in more than $700 for our sustainability program. One of the bar soaps, a lemon variety, was named “You Are My Sunshine” by the students in honor of long-time Head of School Charlie Hemenway. The students also voted to give the profits of our soap sales to the St. Paul’s Endowment Fund in memory of Mr. Hemenway. Also available in the sale were lovely hand-made cards created by students from St. Paul’s fourth grade and St. Michael’s School for Special Children during an art workshop sponsored through a grant from the Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation. Proceeds from the sale of the cards will be donated to St. Michael’s. We hope you enjoy the second edition of the Super Saver and Watt comic book series. This edition is titled Super Saver and Watt Meet the Drip and focuses on water conservation. Copies were sent home with the students the last week of school. St. Paul’s is proud of its commitment to service and sustainability and the efforts of our students. PAWS TO WORK, Coastal Roots, Garden to Garden, St. Michael’s Art Project, Osprey Project, Ronald McDonald House cooking project, and other student-driven initiatives have logged in more than 6000 collective hours of service and have given students the opportunity to work with the elderly and children with special needs, hone their culinary and gardening skills, develop products for sale, build gardens, and help save the Louisiana coastline. These programs are funded through the Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation, the Louisiana Green School Challenge, and through student-driven fundraising efforts. We look forward to another successful year during the 17/18 school year.

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We wish farewell to our longtime Panthers as they move into retirement and new life adventures. Doris Farmer Doris has been with St. Paul’s for 28 years. She started as a Kindergarten teacher and then moved to Pre-K when this class was added in 2002. Doris also helped with Chess Club in the afternoons.

Susan Malone Susan taught at St. Paul’s for 23 years as a 2nd, 4th, and 5th grade teacher, taught 6th, 7th, and 8th Social Studies, and was Baby Saints Coordinator. During her last few years at St. Paul’s she was a Pre-K teacher, the Sustainability Education Coordinator, and the “Master” Gardener.

Gina Villavaso Gina has been with St. Paul’s for 20 years. She taught 6th, 7th, and 8th Science, and was a 5th grade teacher with Susan Malone for a few years. Gina found her “true passion” teaching 4th grade, which she has been teaching for the past 15 years.

Barbara Wester Barbara has been with the St. Paul’s community for 35 years. She is a church member, was the ECW (Episcopal Church Women) President, is a parent of two St. Paul’s Alumnae, and became a full-time teacher when the Little Saints program began in 2007.

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Alumni Spotlight - Class of 2017 St. Paul’s congratulates the graduating Class of 2017. They are a testament to the academic and social excellence embodied in a St. Paul’s education, and the range of high schools they will be attending shows how St. Paul’s prepares its students for all types of high schools. Congratulations, 8th grade! Come back to visit us!

Bailey Fay Axelrad

Ellie Catherine Courtney

St. Martin’s Episcopal High School St. Martin’s Episcopal High School

Olivia O’donovan Oliver Ursuline Academy

Crane Joseph Benson

Joshua David Gutierrez

Antonio Alberto Orihuela

Benjamin Franklin High School

Benjamin Franklin High School

Benjamin Franklin High School

Grant Douglas Bostick

Wesley David Kelly

Erica Mary Ricci

Benjamin Franklin High School

Brother Martin High School

St. Martin’s Episcopal High School

Henry William Bourgeois

Bryce Jackson Langford

Ava Elise Richard

St. Martin’s Episcopal High School

Brother Martin High School

St. Martin’s Episcopal High School

Andrew Roy Calabresi

Paige Noelle Mcmanus

Michael Christian Royerre

Benjamin Franklin High School

Mount Carmel Academy

St. Martin’s Episcopal High School

Kaylee Victoria Caracci

Chandler Robert Monson

Rachel Ileta Royerre

St. Martin’s Episcopal High School St. Martin’s Episcopal High School St. Martin’s Episcopal High School

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Annual Fund Thank you to all of the faculty, staff, parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends of St. Paul’s that have donated to the 2016 – 2017 Annual Fund. We have raised over $70,000! We thank you for contributing to a variety of campus improvements and enhancing educational programs for our students! You can always contribute to the Annual Fund by making a donation.



Endowment Fund - Funding the Future St. Paul’s Episcopal School is only $147,000 away from reaching our goal of $500,000 to start an Endowment Fund. Contributions to the Endowment are an investment in St. Paul’s future, ensuring a foundation of educational excellence for years to come. To make a donation to the Endowment, please contact Jenni Perkins, Director of Development,, (504) 488-1319 x119.

Development Update Kelly Nelson, Director of Development since 2013, will be moving to Texas this summer as her husband, John, has taken a job in Kerrville, TX. We welcome the new Development Director, Jenni Perkins to our St. Paul’s family, and wish the best for Kelly and John in their next life chapter. Feel free to stop by to introduce yourself to Jenni or contact her at or (504) 488-1319 x119.

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Men’s Club As the year comes to a close, I would like to thank everyone for their support of the Men’s Club especially Chris Chopin, Forrest Willoz, Cleveland Stockman, and Steven Seipel. From meetings, golf tournament, outings, and events, it was a special time to lead the men at St Paul’s. Everyone that helped in all the events we had, it was greatly appreciated. Without the help, it would not have been possible to have such a great year! Even though I will not be the president next year, I know I will be leaving that role in good hands with Chris Chopin. We welcome him as the 2017-2018 president of the Men’s Club. I look forward to working with everyone in the future, as I will still be present and involved with school events, including spearheading the golf tournament. Any support or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Lastly, I would also like to give a big thank you to Kelly Nelson. Without her guidance and help, this year might not have turned out as well as it did. You will truly be missed around the school! I would also like to welcome Jenni Perkins as the new Development Director and can’t wait to assist her in any way possible. Thanks again for all the support everyone has shown me through the year. It has been a wonderful time! Signing out last time as president, Thank you! Michael Swiatkiewicz, Men’s Club President

Parents Association On behalf of the Parents Association, we would like to thank everyone for a wonderful 2016-17 school year. Each and every officer went above and beyond to contribute toward an outstanding year. Every volunteer made each event seamless and memorable for St. Paul’s! It is amazing what we accomplish as a team! There are still a number of opportunities to get involved for the 2017-18 school year! We are pleased to announce Lisa Plaia as the 2017-18 Parents Association President and Amy Fontenot as the 2017-18 VP. Email Lisa Plaia at or Amy Fontenot at to find out more! Many, many thanks and have a wonderful summer! Parents Association President, Becky Urrutia Parents Association VP, Lisa Plaia

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Charlie J. Hemenway Charlie J. Hemenway, Headmaster at St. Paul’s from 1981 to 2004, passed away on May 6, 2017. His vision for academic excellence introduced St. Paul’s to our two accreditation bodies – ISAS (Independent School Association of the Southwest) and SAES (Southwest Association of Episcopal Schools). Charlie is responsible for the building of Hemenway Hall, which is named in his honor and for the Dunn building, the Little Saints 2 and 3 year old building. Charlie loved every child and greeted everyone with a hug. He was well known for his many lively chapels when he would recount to the students stories of his childhood days. Below is Charlie’s speech from his final chapel in 2004.

“Charlie’s Last Chapel” Never did I give any thought to the fact that one day I would be talking with you at chapel for the last time. But that day is now here. My appointment book does not have “Do Chapel” written in any of the blank spaces between now and the end of the school year. I know there is always a last time for everything. But, sometimes, I refuse to believe this - even though I am considered by some to be old and wise. There are things in our lives that we wish could go on and on, and being with you in Chapel is one of those things. I will miss sharing with you stories of Jogi, the porcupine; of Barrington Bunny and his furry friends; playing Superman; stepping on nails; riding my sail-bike; eating sardines on crackers early in the morning; making gunpowder; freezing grasshoppers and goldfish. When I think back on the stories I have told and that you have so politely suffered through, I am reminded of a thought that Mrs. Hemenway has sometimes shared with me: “We forgive to the degree we love.” You have most kindly listened to some not so good chapel talks that I have given. And when I finished you applauded. I will always remember your forgiving me because you cared for me. Leaving Saint Paul’s is not an easy thing for me, but it is the right thing. I very much love what I do, but what I do now takes longer. Once I could wake up at 4:00 in the morning and stay awake until 10:00 at night. I no longer can do that. Once I could love you and still be able to fuss at you and endure the hurt when you were punished. But no longer can I do that. When headmasters, or teachers, let their hearts keep them from doing what they know is the best thing for the kids they take care of, it is time for them to do something else. P a n t h e r P i c a y u n e | I s s u e 4 Vo l . 1 0 

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I am going to miss watching you grow. I will miss your falling down and getting up. I will miss your making mistakes and learning from them. I will miss working with your teachers who love you more than you ever will know. But I am thinking too much about what I will miss. You have filled my life with wonderful memories. I will always remember eighth grade plays and sports championships, and becoming a Blue Ribbon school. I will always remember how special each graduation is. I will remember our Thanksgiving Feasts and how well behaved you always are and how handsome and beautiful you can be. You have always made me feel special in so many ways. And I will remember each and every one of you for that something special that you are. You might not believe that, but I will. And lastly. I will remember how wonderful you sound and how beautiful you look when you sing hymns in Chapel. Today when we sing, do it with pride and joy. And always do it this way for me. You might not know this, but I have a favorite Chapel story. It has to do with a little boy – me – and his dad. It involves fishing – my dad lets me catch more fish than he does – and it includes water in a jar, sardines, potted ham, and crackers. I have told the story many times. My dad wakes me up early in the morning. It is still very dark. Dad packs our lunch: a tin of sardines and a can of potted ham. A pack of crackers and a jug of water complete our menu. My dad ties our fishing poles to the side of the car and picks up the can containing the worms we dug up in the garden the night before. We get into the car, and I am still very sleepy. We get to where we are going. My dad plops me in a boat and starts paddling into the dark. (We had no motor.) The sun comes up and my dad teaches me how to put a worm on a hook and how to pull up on the fishing pole when the float bobs. He teaches me how to fish and a good deal more that I was not to discover until l was much older. I hope that in some ways I have helped you learn how to put the worm on the hook and when it is the right time to pull up on the line. But the best and most important lesson I hope you learn is that how many fish you catch is not that important. Eating sardines, potted ham, and crackers, and drinking water from a jug with someone you love is what life is all about.

You are my Sunshine

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Parents Association Fundraisers • Purchase gift cards for shopping or giving as gifts from your favorite retailers through St. Paul’s SCRIP program. • You get the full value of the card you purchase while each card earns rebates for St. Paul’s.

• Orders can be placed in the SCRIP drop box at Ms. Micki’s desk. • Orders submitted by noon Friday are available for pick up the next Friday. • Need a SCRIP card sooner? E-Cards (paper) are available within 24 hours of ordering. (See order form for list of E-Cards.)

• Want to go GREEN? SCRIP card Reloads are also available. (See order form for list of Reload cards.) • CONTACT:

St. Paul’s Episcopal School is on Amazon Smile!

Log into, choose St. Paul’s Episcopal School as your charity of choice. You must be on the Amazon Smile website for the purchase to qualify for a donation. You can still use your regular Amazon account, and Amazon Prime. With every eligible purchase made on Amazon Smile, Amazon will donate 0.05% of the total sale to St. Paul’s! This is a great way to give a little more to your school, while shopping as you already do, with no additional charge!

Be sure to keep clipping those Box Tops! The collection bin can be found in the Glass House near the stairs. P a n t h e r P i c a y u n e | I s s u e 4 Vo l . 1 0 

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St. Paul's Panther Picayune Vol 10 Issue 04  

Panther Picayune Volume 10 Issue 04 St. Paul's Episcopal School Lakeview

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