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Middle School News

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News from the Head of School St. Paul’s is proud of its dual accreditation with 2 independent associations. We are accredited with the Southwest Association of Episcopal Schools (SAES) since 2003 and the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS) since 1983. To be accredited St. Paul’s must meet the criteria for good practice in our educational philosophy and our commitment to high educational values. In addition, SAES requires high standards in Episcopal philosophy and identity. Both associations evaluate our program given information regarding our curriculum, governance, faculty development, student enrollment, Episcopal identity, financial stability, emergency procedures, and campus improvements. St. Paul’s sends reports updating information every 2-3 years and a very detailed self-study in year 9 with the associations doing a site visit in year 10. This February our 5 year Interim report was accepted enthusiastically and with praise from both associations. ISAS noted some of our accomplishments in the last 5 years including: •  Thoughtful attention to the relationship between School and Church •  Execution and completion of a strategic plan and work initiated in a new strategic plan •  A new playground, outdoor classroom, Innovation Station, and Lower School building As we continue to grow together as a community, I congratulate all of us at St. Paul’s for an outstanding program of academic excellence! Sincerely,

Charleen Schwank

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Lower School News Pre-K Dr. Seuss One of St. Paul’s favorite traditions is the annual class assembly. This is a chance to highlight each class and let them share their learning with the school. It is an important part of the education here. Giving students a safe forum to stand up in public is crucial in the development of wellrounded citizens. This year the Pre-K class decided to honor a favorite author during his birth month. On March 2, 2017, Theodore Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, would have been 93 years old. We love his books so much. They are filled with the most whimsical illustrations and word play. We love all of the rhymes and funny names that he makes up! To honor him and all of his books, each student picked a book or a character to base their costume on. Then each child memorized a quote from one of his books. We had so much fun sharing them with the whole school! It is always amazing to see the four and five year olds walk up to the microphone and speak confidently in front of over 200 people! The Pre-K Teachers

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2nd Grade Famous Americans 2nd Graders had a famous American fair, and sold their movie they produced. The class donated the proceeds, $380 to a non-profit of their choice. The students selected ARNO (Animal Rescue New Orleans) since it is a no-kill shelter, and the students want to save ALL the animals!

3rd Grade Jean Lafitte Third grade took a field trip to Jean Lafitte National Park on Thursday, March 30th. Yes, that very rainy Thursday! But it worked out well. We were able to have a covered venue, where the ranger made sure we had the right movie to watch, “Swamp Critters.� Afterward we viewed the various wetland displays, during that time Ms. Durand reviewed what she had taught the students in science class. And while the inclement weather prevented us from actually walking the trail, we were able to have our lunch in the education building atrium. Everyone had a safe, eventful, and informative trip. Thank you to all of our volunteer drivers.

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Middle School News 5th Grade Osprey Fifth grade was approached to partake in the assembling and raising of an Osprey nest for the Nature Conservancy. When Amy Kyle, a St. Paul’s parent who works with the Nature Conservancy in New Orleans, kept seeing Ospreys hanging around outside her office, she knew she needed to do something and reached out to us. It just so happens that our 5th grade class was studying ecosystems and habitats in science class. We began to research things such as their habitat, nesting, and diet. We learned how to make a perch, a drainage system for rain, and many other things. With funding from the Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation, we began planning the construction of our very own Osprey platform. Luckily, there was an open field next to the Brown Foundation building which would be a perfect spot for us to build. With the help of a contractor, we began constructing a 40X40 platform which would stand 30 feet in the air for the birds to build their nest on. On the day the platform was being raised, we took a field trip with our first grade Panther Pals to watch. We look forward to checking in via webcam to see if the Osprey will build their nest on our platform.

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Middle School Science 6th Grade Coastal Roots After a year of growing bitter panicum in our garden, the 6th grade Earth science class along with Mrs. Schwank, Mr. O’Brien, and Coach Dale ventured to Grand Isle, LA on March 16 for our annual planting of Coastal Roots (bitter panicum) at Grand Isle State Park. Students spent an hour on the Grand Isle beach digging and planting nearly 400 bitter panicum plants. Dr. Pam Blanchard was on hand from L.S.U., the sponsors of the state-wide Coastal Roots Program. Besides planting the coastal grasses, students participated in a tour of the Grand Isle Coast Guard station. Dr. Pat Ragland, board member and former parent of two St. Paul’s alums, allowed all attendees to rest and relax at his beachfront camp, Patina Beach. Students swam, roasted marshmallows, and played all afternoon into the late evening. All were treated to grilled burgers and a pancake breakfast. Thanks, Dr. Ragland! Students returned to St. Paul’s a little weary-eyed from a lack of sleep, but each came back with a sense of pride and determination to help save our coastline. Our 6th graders are saving our coast one seedling at a time!

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Isobel Ramsay 6th Science Coastal Roots Coastal Roots is an important program. It could save our coast and every creature that lives on it. Every year, about 2000 miles of coastland is eroded and carried away into the ocean. That means a football field worth of coastland disappears every hour! Before we headed to Grand Isle, we prepared the bitter panicum by keeping it healthy and getting rid of all the weeds in it. When we got there, Dr. Blanchard was pleased with how healthy we had kept the bitter panicum. She said they were “perfect for planting.” Then, she told us about how important it is to keep helping our coast. She said that if enough was eroded, there would be very few barrier islands, which would put cities like New Orleans in danger if there was a hurricane. After learning about bitter panicum and how it could save our coast, I realized how important it is to protect it. Page 6 of 23

Coastal Roots Essay By: Lauren Crowell I feel that Coastal Roots and other organizations that support coastal restoration really saved the island of Grand Isle. From the beginning, I knew that being a part of Coastal Roots would help save the coast, Grand Isle, and overall, the state of Louisiana. Our class has been weeding, trimming, and re-soiling the bitter panicum plants all semester. I am sure I can speak for everyone when I say that this was a job that everyone enjoyed. When we met Dr. Pam Blanchard, I felt proud that our class had made it this far in helping to stop beach erosion. We were given our groups, and then we began to walk along the shore. It was an amazing sight! There had to have been thousands of bitter panicum plants. The view of the beach was astonishing as well. I had never seen so many pelicans or dolphins before! Our group planted over sixty of the four hundred plants we had brought to Grand Isle. I learned that when planting any plants, always pat the soil evenly around the plant or else the plant will drown. Overall, I loved every second of the Coastal Roots trip, from the weeding and trimming of the plants, to the actual planting of the bitter panicum on the coast of Grand Isle, Louisiana. I would definitely do this again! P a n t h e r P i c a y u n e | I s s u e 3 Vo l . 1 0 

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Coastal Roots By: Harriss Thorne The Coastal Roots program is an important project which helps the eroding barrier islands, by planting bitter panicum. Preserving the barrier islands is important so that they still exist for future generations. By protecting the barrier islands, we are also protecting the coastlines because the barrier islands, which reduce the amount of flooding in South Louisiana, take the brunt of tropical storms and hurricanes. This year the St. Paul’s sixth graders were lucky enough to be able to go on a sunny Coastal Roots trip to Grand Isle. In preparation for the trip we trimmed the bitter panicum in our school’s garden so it wouldn’t get too tall. Finally, after a lot of anticipation, it was time for the trip! When we got there, we picked up our (holey) bags and walked until we got to the end of the beach. Once we reached the end of the beach, we split into groups of three and started planting. It was an hour and a half of back-breaking work, but when we finished, we had the satisfaction of knowing we had helped to protect Louisiana’s coastlines for generations to come. The rest of the trip was basically a vacation enjoyed by all, especially me.

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7th grade: Physical Science 7th grade Physical Science students culminated their Chemical Reactions unit with projects, posters, videos, and live demonstrations. Various substances were used to depict such exciting chemical reactions as Elephant Toothpaste, Glow in the Dark Slime, Fire Hands, an explosion of Ketchup & baking soda, Carbon Snakes, as well as Bath Bombs. Students presented each reaction to the class. Their results are posted in the science hallway. The videos were posted on the Middle School televisions. Take a peek when you have time. Ron Carrier

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8th grade Life Science 8th grade Life Science students recently completed their study of the Plant Kingdom. 8th graders were given problems to choose for the project. Each student or group had to use the scientific method and set up an actual experiment to depict the growth of various plant types. Project boards were completed and students presented each to the class. Crane and Andrew determined the effect of gravity on plant growth. Kaylee and Rachel determined the effect of light color on seed germination. Olivia discovered the type of liquid which best encouraged seed germination. Ava and Erica researched the effects of caffeine on plant growth. Grant informed us how light affects plant growth and Bailey and Antonio researched marigold seed germination. You can see the results along the science hallway. Ron Carrier

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Science Olympiad Congrats to the St. Paul’s Episcopal School - Lakeview Science Olympiad team who placed 1st in the Regional Science Olympiad tournament at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, LA on Saturday, March 11. This is the third consecutive first place win for the Science Olympiad team. Our team placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in 20 of 23 events. St. Paul’s placed 2nd overall in the State Competition at Southeastern University on Saturday, April 8. Geaux Panthers! Ron Carrier Event





Anatomy & Physiology Dr. Doug Bostick & Dr. Gene Antenucci



Janey & Liam

Bottle Rocket

Mr. John Ulz



Josh & Henry

Crime Busters

Dr. Rebecca Lillis


Andrew & Crane

Dynamic Planet

Mrs. Charleen Schwank


Antonio & Erica

Experimental Design

Mr. Carrier


Antonio, Erica, & William

Fast Facts

Mrs. Laura Akers


Ava & Janey

Food Science

Dr. Gillian Eggleston



Mr. Tim Crowell


Invasive Species

Mrs. Heather Farnsworth



Mrs. Gwen Bostick


Microbe Mission

Hannah Albritton


Mission Possible

Mrs. Susan Malone


Reach for the Stars

Mr. Jeremy Parks



William & Liam

Road Scholar

Mr. Chris Chopin



Grant & Andrew

Rocks & Minerals

Mr. Steven Thompson


Ben & Henry


Mr. Joe Hermo


Antonio & Henry


Dr. Gerald Myers



Ben & Andrew

Wind Power

Dr. Gerald Myers



Ben & William

Wright Stuff

Mr. Rusty Gutierrez



Josh & Crane

Write It, Do It

Mrs. Sylvia Parks & Karol Tassin



Ava & Kaylee



Final Team Rank P a n t h e r P i c a y u n e | I s s u e 3 Vo l . 1 0 


Janey & Rachel Josh & Liam


Crane & Antonio Grant & Isobel


Isobel & Rachel Crane & Erica

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Little Saints News Each One, Teach One It is spring time which means the Little Saints three-year old class has begun one of their favorite activities: Each One, Teach One! Every student in the class has a chance to get in front of their peers and teach the class something on which they are an expert! So far we have learned about race cars, dinosaurs, how to take care of a puppy, and more! Each lesson lasts about ten minutes and some friends choose to bring in props, posters, or a slide show to enhance the lesson. Once the lesson is over, the “teacher” asks for questions from his/her peers. We absolutely love this part of our curriculum because it gives the kids an opportunity to feel empowered sharing information in front of the class. It is such a wonderful experience for both the “teacher” and the students, and we love the sense of confidence and pride each child has when it is his/her Each One, Teach One turn. If you would like to stop by, the lessons begin promptly at 8:30 a.m. in the Dunn Building.

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St. Paul’s International Visitors St. Paul’s welcomed 25 international visitors from different countries including Iraq, Libya, Croatia, Senegal, Sudan, Japan, Costa Rica, and many others on Thursday, March 30. The visitors were all English language teachers interested in enhancing their understanding of American culture. St. Paul’s students were thrilled to learn about the visitors’ homelands. Students met in small groups and were able to ask the visitors pressing questions such as, “What do you like to eat for breakfast?” Lower School students presented each visitor with welcome cards and enjoyed singing a song for them. Students were able to learn first-hand about different cultures, and the international visitors developed a better understanding of life and values of school children in the United States. We thank the New Orleans Citizen Diplomacy Council and the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program for providing us with this enriching experience. Thank you to Laura Akers, Melinda Benson, Lisa Plaia, and Nicole Hazard for showing our visitors around campus and providing them with refreshments. For more information about the New Orleans Citizen Diplomacy Council, please visit their website. NOCDC’s mission is to promote citizen diplomacy-- the notion that the ordinary citizen can help shape foreign relations-- “one handshake at a time.” -Heather Farnsworth

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Alumni News Alumni Spotlight

De’Anne Lucario What year did you graduate? 1993 Where did you go to high school and college? De La Salle High School and University of New Orleans - Bachelors in General Studies- Concentration in Family and Child Development. What is your current job and position? Associate Manager for USG Services LLC.

De’Anne Lucario ‘93

What is your fondest St. Paul’s memory? I remember being in the choir with Mr. Hatfield as our director. We would go sing at different places during the Christmas holidays, making the public joyful with holiday spirit. What is a life lesson you learned from St. Paul’s? To be kind and respect others .

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Alumni - Congratulations!

Congrats to our past panthers for their match in medical residency! Jacob Veith UT Austin – Surgery

Derrick Dwight Mouney LSUNO – Psychiatry

Jonathan Chawla LSU – Pediatrics

Xinya Chuong UT Houston – Pediatrics

Congratulations to Katie Wester – Neal ’94 for completing her PhD in Teacher Education! P a n t h e r P i c a y u n e | I s s u e 3 Vo l . 1 0 

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Alumni Social

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2017 Gala St. Paul’s spring gala was a 55th birthday party for the school, celebrated on April 1st. With the traditional 55th anniversary gift being an emerald, the event theme was “Paint the Town Green.” The gala was held off campus at Generations Hall in the Central Business District. Over 200 guests attended the event, enjoying a selection of over 100 silent auction items, a Restaurant and Wine Pull, and live music by the Creole String Beans. 6th grade parent, Jude Carbo, was a spectacular and lively auctioneer!

Thank you to all the donors, bidders, and sponsors! Gala Sponsor – Gazebo Café Patron Party Sponsors – Malin Construction, Delta Flooring, Inc., and Techniques International Patron Party Food Sponsored by Pigéon Caterers Beverage Sponsors – Crescent Crown, The Bulldog, and The Velvet Cactus Band Sponsor – Louisiana Medical Management, LLC Photo Booth Sponsor – Dr. Daniel Harris Door Prize Sponsor – St. Paul’s 2nd Grade Class Thank you to the wonderful gala committee – Sarah Abbott, Gaby Buller, Jenn Harris, Jenni Hart, Lisa Plaia, Eliska Porretto, and Kat Rito. The evening was a success grossing over $57,000!

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Gala Sponsor

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Endowment Fund - Funding the Future St. Paul’s Episcopal School is working toward a half million dollar goal to begin our Endowment. We invite you to consider a gift (cash, securities, real estate, insurance, planned gifts, or annuities) to the Endowment, and joining us in the “Funding the Future” Campaign. For more information, please contact Kelly Nelson, Director of Development, or (504) 488-1319 x119.

Men’s Club This year is just flying by, and we are nearing the close of the school year. I just want to thank everyone for their support with the Gala. It was a great event and a fun time for all. Thank you to the people that stayed after the event and helped get all the items picked up and loaded. The annual Men’s Club Canoe Trip was held on April 22nd. Thanks to Eric Gernhauser for putting this event together. Even though the water was high and we couldn’t make it under a bridge, we still paddled our arms off to get back to the start. I still enjoy talking to everyone and as always welcome any ideas or events the Men’s Club could help with. See everyone around school! Mike Swiatkiewicz, Men’s Club President

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Parents Association Fundraisers • Purchase gift cards for shopping or giving as gifts from your favorite retailers through St. Paul’s SCRIP program. • You get the full value of the card you purchase while each card earns rebates for St. Paul’s.

• Orders can be placed in the SCRIP drop box at Ms. Micki’s desk. • Orders submitted by noon Friday are available for pick up the next Friday. • Need a SCRIP card sooner? E-Cards (paper) are available within 24 hours of ordering. (See order form for list of E-Cards.)

• Want to go GREEN? SCRIP card Reloads are also available. (See order form for list of Reload cards.) • CONTACT:

St. Paul’s Episcopal School is on Amazon Smile!

Log into, choose St. Paul’s Episcopal School as your charity of choice. You must be on the Amazon Smile website for the purchase to qualify for a donation. You can still use your regular Amazon account, and Amazon Prime. With every eligible purchase made on Amazon Smile, Amazon will donate 0.05% of the total sale to St. Paul’s! This is a great way to give a little more to your school, while shopping as you already do, with no additional charge!

Be sure to keep clipping those Box Tops! The collection bin can be found in the Glass House near the stairs. P a n t h e r P i c a y u n e | I s s u e 3 Vo l . 1 0 

Thanks to you, we were able to raise $2,702.80 with this first-time event!

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Panther Picayune Volume 10 Issue 03 St. Paul's Episcopal School Lakeview

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