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News from the Head of School For St. Paul’s students and their families, excellence in education and building relationships are intertwined. We believe that as we build relationships, our children’s needs are easier to communicate and to meet. If we build relationships the children will grow academically stronger and with confidence, and at the same time, the whole community grows together socially and spiritually. To communicate our fantastic curriculum to St. Paul’s parents, this year we added the Mid-Year Parent Night for each class from the 2 year olds to 8th grade. These nights were important for a variety of reasons. Not only did our teachers relate the spring semester highlights including curriculum, projects and field trips, but these nights provided parents of multi-grade levels to interact, ask questions of each other, and build connections with each other and with our teachers. Grades 6th, 7th and 8th met in December at the home of Jason and Laura Akers. Peter and Lisa Plaia hosted the meeting for kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades, also in December. In January, Dave and Shannon Waguespack’s home was the gathering spot for grades 3rd, 4th, and 5th and our final meeting was held at Rusty and Stacey Hayden’s home for the 2yr. class, 3yr. class and Pre-K 4 class. I send a very heartfelt thank you to these volunteers who shared their homes so graciously with us and to all parents, teachers and staff who attended these meetings. This is just another way of how we work to fulfill our mission of providing excellence in education in an environment that is familial. As we nurture each child’s development, we build cohesiveness and community. Charleen Schwank

Lower School News Pre-K Nutrition During the month of January, Pre-K learns about human needs and the importance of exercise, healthy foods, rest, and shelter. Recently, we were treated to a visit by Dr. Jean Burge, Jonathan (3rd) and Simon’s (K) grandmother. Dr. Burge is a nutritionist, and she came to tell us about the importance of eating healthy foods. She helped the children make healthy food plates using pictures from all of the food groups. Dr. Burge brought a beautiful “rainbow” plate of fruits and vegetables for the children to taste. Each child could pick a food they liked and a food they would like to try. Carrots and pineapple were definitely the favorites! Thank you, Dr. Burge, for spending time with us and for teaching us how to keep our bodies healthy by “eating the rainbow.” Of course, we can still have a little piece of king cake on the side! Pre-K Teachers P a n t h e r P i c a y u n e | I s s u e 2 Vo l . 1 0 

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Kindergarten 5 Senses Fair Kindergarten held their annual 5 Senses Fair as part of their unit on the senses. We began the fair with singing a song and reciting a poem about the 5 senses. The parents rotated through five centers and participated in hands-on activities using each of their senses.

Sense of Sight

Harper, Athena, James, and Jaden demonstrate how to play the sense of sight game. Use your sense of sight to find the missing object.

Sense of Touch

Lia, Josiah, and Luke explain how to play the sense of touch game. Use your sense of touch to find the match.

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1st Grade 100 Days of School First grade had a fantastic 100th Day of School. We enjoyed all of our presentations of our wonderfully creative projects, counted out ten of ten different treats to make a delicious 100th Day trail mix snack, counted hundreds and hundreds of pennies for our donation to the Le u ke m i a / Ly m p h o m a Society, made 100 Day hats with 100 stickers on each hat, and if there was any energy left at all, we also had our 100th Day challenge in PE. Each student was given a list of exercises to complete 100 times. We hula hooped, did jumping jacks, balanced on one leg, jumped rope, dribbled balls, and many other athletic endeavors. We all gave it our best shot. Our day ended with Ms. Clark twirling her fire baton 100 times. WOW! What a day!

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2nd Grade Hoedown 2nd Grade celebrated their unit on Westward Expansion with a hoedown. Our parents came and watched us perform a square dance to “Sweet Betsy from Pike.” Our parents even had a chance to try it! We acted like pioneers and made our own cornbread and butter and added those to our feast of beef jerky and cowboy beans. We learned that pioneers often lived in sod houses on the prairie. We made our own version of a sod house and displayed them at our hoedown. We had a rootin,’ tootin’ time, and if you want to know the many ways a cowboy uses his bandana, just ask a 2nd grader! Yeehaw!

3rd Grade Visits Gallier House Third grade visited Gallier Historic House in the French Quarter, Thursday, January 19th. Everyone enjoyed viewing this lovely, well-kept reminder of an earlier time in the city. While studying the early colonial times in North America students will be comparing Gallier House, early colonists’ log dwellings, and Laura Plantation. Some of the observations about the Gallier House included statements such as, “Everything there was very, very old. There were slave quarters. There was a wooden ice box. There was the first indoor toilet and tub. The first manufactured stove and faucets and hot water heaters were there.” The students were impressed by signs the family was wealthy as indicated by mirrors, fireplaces, and marble in every room. There were even closets built in. These were impressive due to their rarity in those times. There was a toy bird in a cage which when wound would move and sing. It was a fun, fast field trip.

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Middle School News 7th Grade Assembly The annual 7th grade assembly, The Cajun Night Before Christmas, was another memorable journey through the bayous of south Louisiana. The assembly started off with a Cajun rendition of “Zydeco Christmas” by members of the studio band (Josh Gutierrez, Lauren Crowell, Grant Bostick, Erica Ricci, and Ben Myers) and our own Zydeco singers (7th grade class and 2nd grade Panther Pals). Holiday jokes were performed by the ever humorous pair of Brandon Campbell and William Keegan. Then, our own Pantherette dancers performed a dance customized by them to “Jingle Bell Rock.” Lexi Reed, Chloe Tufts, and Essence Wren also performed a dance to “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” A piano performance by Janey Bostick and Jazzy Ferrier added to the spirited atmosphere of the season. Then, the moment all were waiting for, a reading of The Cajun Night Before Christmas by Maw Maw (William Coy) and Paw Paw (Lexi Reed) Boudreaux. Santa (Ben Myers) made his grand entrance pulled by a sleigh of eight reingators. Santa threw candy to the audience. Our 7th graders wished everyone a Merry Christmas as the assembly ended and sang “Rudolph” with their Panther Pals. Ron Carrier

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7th Grade Latin Field Trip As part of a unit on glassmaking in the ancient world, the 7th grade class recently visited New Orleans Glassworks. Upon arriving there, the students watched artisans make and form glass using a variety of methods. They saw the workers heat the molten glass in 1100 degree furnaces and blow the glass into various shapes and sizes. They also saw how glassmakers can use molds and forms to make glass into a variety of shapes and sizes. The students were especially impressed by how the artists could pop popcorn inside a piece of glass still being formed! The students also had the opportunity to do some hands-on torchworking. Using table top torches, the students were able to melt small rods of glass and, using tools called mandrels, create small decorative glass beads. The field trip was an exciting mix of work and play, and the students learned about the science and artistry that goes into making glass.

5th Grade Renaissance Fair As the 5th grade studied the Renaissance in Social Studies, on November 17, the class went to the Renaissance Festival in Hammond. We had a great time visiting all the artisans, such as the glassblowers, blacksmiths, and puppet makers. We saw amazing entertainment such as a jousting match, and a juggling show. Students’ favorite activities at the festival were the magical moving puppets, and the handmade items, especially the soaps. They also enjoyed the many fun man-operated rides. It was a great day!

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6th Grade Roman Saturnalia On Tuesday, December 13, St. Paul’s 6th grade celebrated Saturnalia as part of their Latin class. In ancient times, Saturnalia was a Roman holiday festival honoring Saturn, the god of seed and sowing, and celebrated near the winter solstice. This was a fun time at the end of the year for Romans to unwind, relax, and enjoy the company of their friends and family. It soon became the most popular holiday of the Roman year. To celebrate this occasion, our 6th grade students celebrated Saturnalia with an authentic Roman feast. Each student brought in Greek and Roman foods like bread, honey, fruit, olives, nuts, and grape juice. As students dined in the Outdoor Culinary Center, they were treated to authentic Roman music played on a lyre. Saturnalia has become a timehonored tradition for 6th grade, and we look forward to many more in the future!

Middle School Science 6th grade: Earth Science Mr. Scott Wainwright, a local geologist, visited the Earth science classes in December to discuss Rocks & Minerals. He brought his collection of over 100 rocks and minerals. Students learned about mineral hardness and rock classification. Our 6th graders ROCK!

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7th grade: Physical Science During the study of elements, 7th grade Physical Science students created visuals to represent various elements of the periodic table. The elements were used to display in the science lab. The visuals made it easier to study and describe the elements. Visuals were presented to the class with emphasis on the uses of that element. 7th graders were also asked to create a video, “The Atom’s Family” to the tune of the Adams Family television theme song. Students used their creativity to come up with props and movements to the catchy tune.

8th grade Life Science As 8th graders studied Cell Division, each student created a visual poster using twizzlers and gummy bears depicting the Cell Division Cycle including Interphase, Mitosis, and Cytokinesis. Mitosis and eating candy makes learning fun! Life Science students also have been studying Genetics and Heredity. In culmination of the unit, students explored how traits are passed from parents to offspring by creating a family of “paper pets.” First, each student created their own “paper pet” by choosing its characteristics such as color, gender, eye color, nose shape, and teeth shape. Secondly, Mr. Carrier paired each student so that each had a mate for their pet. The groups were then to determine the characteristics of six offspring. Creativity and science work so well together. Ron Carrier P a n t h e r P i c a y u n e | I s s u e 2 Vo l . 1 0 

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Little Saints News All Aboard The Little Saints Polar Express arrived in the 2’s classroom at the beginning of December! All of the children were showing a great deal of interest and enthusiasm about our train table. The children were playing with and talking about trains. Their play involved connecting trains together, “fixing” pieces of railroad tracks, and identifying certain trains. Based on these observations, the teachers decided to bring the Polar Express to the classroom! We began by adding a snowy train scene to the block area. The scene included: trains, tracks, trees, mirrors, and little people. We added books about both trains and Christmas. The Little Saints helped paint all of the pieces and parts of the train so we could convert a piece of the classroom furniture into the Polar Express! The children really enjoyed sitting on the train with “hot chocolate” and stuffed animals. We also added conductor hats to our costume collection and train puzzles to our fine motor area, and we worked with train counters throughout the room. During our meetings we played many fun games involving the Polar Express. The children identified items to take on the train. They counted “money” to buy tickets, and they identified letters on tickets and matched the letter to a letter on their seat. We identified colored trains by placing them on a track, and the children added a certain number of marshmallows to “hot chocolate” to drink on the Polar Express. We even had the children deliver “tickets” to their friends using the name symbols. The teachers added a ticket booth by the Polar Express along with a cash register, play money, and golden tickets. The Little Saints had so much fun buying and selling tickets for a ride on the Polar Express! We incorporated trains into our songs, and we sang “Going on a Train Ride” and “Wheels on the Train.” Other classroom activities included adding marshmallows to cups with tweezers and making edible trains with graham crackers, gum drops, and icing. These trains were a special treat! We listened to the book The Polar Express, and we enjoyed watching a short video of the ride on the Polar Express. At the end of our investigation the children all arrived to school in their pajamas!! Each child waited in line to purchase a ticket to board our classroom train. After receiving a ticket, they each took their seat. Hot chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers were served as they “rode the train.” What a special day! P a n t h e r P i c a y u n e | I s s u e 2 Vo l . 1 0 

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PAWS to Work The PAWS to Work program continues to keep the middle school students busy on Friday mornings. Two committees were particularly active during the second quarter. The Tech Team from the FabLab group spent their Friday mornings putting the finishing touches on the second of our comic book series, Super Saver and Watt. In this issue the super heroes do battle with the dreaded Drip. Through the comic book series, students are taught the importance of energy and water conversation in a kid-friendly way. Be on the look-out for the new book, Super Saver and Watt meet the Drip! Another fun project from the group will be the school’s PAWS to Work music video. Students wrote lyrics to a popular song, created a story board, videoed students doing PAWS projects around the school, and recorded the song in the school’s media lab. The recording and video will go public soon. The hope is that these projects will help the school win another LA Green School Challenge Award. The holidays were very busy for the Panther Products group of the Green Thumb Gang. From organizing recipes, to gathering herbs and vegetables, to packaging and labeling, the group kept jumping for the holiday markets. They produced aromatic spice packets, rich soaps such as pumpkin spice and vanilla latte, bath bombs, bath sprays, shaving creams, and dehydrated fruits and herbs. Products were sold at the LCIA Holidays on Harrison festivities and at the school’s mistletoe market. Close to $900 was collected between the two sales and the profits are put back into the program. Through this part of the PAWS program students learn about economic sustainability as they work on design, marketing, and price per unit. The goal of the PAWS program is to teach environmental, economic, and cultural sustainability while creating a program that is itself self-sustainable. Through product and P a n t h e r P i c a y u n e | I s s u e 2 Vo l . 1 0 

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t-shirt sales and grants and awards, we have created such a program. We continue to look to create new and innovative activities and to find funding sources for the program. FabLab Reporters

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Alumni News Alumni Spotlight

Katherine Klimitas What year did you graduate? 2003 Where did you go to high school and college? Benjamin Franklin High School, Loyola University New Orleans, graphic design. What is your current job and position? I am an artist and graphic designer, and own my own business, KAK ART & Designs, LLC. (

Katherine Klimitas ‘03

What is your fondest St. Paul’s memory? There are so many! I think what makes St. Paul’s special is the family atmosphere it creates between its students and teachers. Chapel was where we came together as a community, recess was where we could let off steam and play with our friends, and the classroom was where we learned together and prepared for our futures. Whether it was hanging out with Mr. Chopin in the computer lab at lunch, giving Mr. H. a high five in the hallway, telling Mrs. T. your life’s problems, or playing with the class pets in Mrs. Malone’s classroom, I always felt accepted and included in every aspect of the school. Even coming back to visit almost fourteen years post-graduation, I get a sense of “home” as soon as I come through those doors. What is a life lesson you learned from St. Paul’s? St. Paul’s continually threw me challenges, and taught me that with a little hard work and perseverance, I could overcome those challenges and make the life I wanted for myself. The continual support and encouragement from the St. Paul’s community not only became my foundation for my future education, but ultimately for my career as a graphic designer and artist. I began my journey in art with Chris Guarisco, the extremely gifted art teacher at St. Paul’s when I was in lower school, and haven’t looked back since. Artwork by Katherine Klimitas ‘03 P a n t h e r P i c a y u n e | I s s u e 2 Vo l . 1 0 

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Middle School Discovery Day

Men’s Club The Men’s Club has been rocking and rolling especially at our annual Rock N’ Bowl event. It was great seeing everyone there having fun getting strikes, spares, and the infamous gutter ball. The Men’s Club Canoe trip is planned for Saturday, April 22. Be on the lookout for an email and sign up for the trip! Lastly, the Spring Gala will be held on Saturday, April 1st at Generations Hall. The Men’s Club assists with set up and tear down. Contact Kelly Nelson, , if you are able to volunteer. Any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to stop me and ask. I am always looking for new ideas and enjoy visiting with everyone. Best, Mike Swiatkiewicz Men’s Club President

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Parents Association News Happy 2017! We’d like to start off the New Year by thanking all the parents, alumni and sponsors who have supported St. Paul’s Episcopal School and the work of the Parents Association so far this school year. We had a very successful Christmas Greens Fundraising Campaign! Proceeds from these events bring us one step closer to procuring playground canopies for our kids. Thank you to all parents for making Teacher Appreciation Week a memorable and exciting week. Thank you to the chair, Nicole Hazard, for coordinating the week’s events. Without the committed and caring teachers & school staff, our school would look and feel VERY different. Exciting activities on the horizon include: • The launch of our first Yankee Candle Spring Fundraiser. Sale dates will be March 6-31. The candles, priced from $6 to $28, are a delightful purchase for anyone who has a personal interest in your child and our school. The school receives a 40% profit to re-invest in St. Paul’s. • 2017 Spring Gala, on April 1, will commemorate the school’s 55th Anniversary, with the theme of “Paint the Town Green.” The gala will be held at Generations Hall. Sponsorship and ticket information is available by contacting Kelly Nelson at • The Book Fair opens at the end of April. A sign-up for volunteers to assist with set-up, sales, and tear down will circulate in early April. Please consider volunteering a small amount of your time for this cherished event. Other ways to support St. Paul’s are the scrip and box tops programs. With the scrip program – you purchase gift cards for businesses you use routinely. You receive full face value of the card and the business donates a percentage of your purchase to St. Paul’s! It’s a win-win. Check Ms. Micki’s desk for a hard copy of the vendors and cash back contribution. Simply drop your order in the collection box or pass it along for ordering. Box tops is equally easy. Many common grocery items (like ziplock bags) have two box tops for schools coupons. Just clip the coupons, drop them in the designated box outside O’Ferrall Hall. We welcome all to learn about upcoming events by attending the Parents Association meetings on March 14 and April 11. Social begins at 6:30 p.m. followed by the meeting at 7:00 p.m. Free childcare will be provided. We will have important information, tasty treats, and a door prize! We very much look forward to the rest of this very exciting year! With Warm Regards, Becky Urrutia

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Annual Fund Support of the Annual Fund has a direct impact on the quality of a St. Paul’s education and influences virtually every student and aspect of campus life. There are so many reasons to give to the Annual Fund. We have raised $53,000! Our goal is $81,000 and we are over half way there. Consider making a gift TODAY!


Donate Endowment Fund - Funding the Future St. Paul’s Episcopal School is working toward a half million dollar goal to begin our Endowment. Thank you to our most recent donors Dr. Lizheng Shi and Ms. Huahong Quiang, who donated in honor of their families to name the Admissions Office. We invite you to join over 60 donors who have donated more than $300,000 in securing the legacy of St. Paul’s Episcopal School. For more information, please contact Kelly Nelson, Director of Development, or (504)488-1319 x119.

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2017 Gala St. Paul’s Episcopal School is celebrating our 55th Anniversary, The Year of the Emerald, with a big 2017 Spring Gala,

“Paint the Town Green!” Reserve your tickets today at

April 1, 2017 Generations Hall (310 Andrew Higgins) 7:00PM Patron Party 8:00PM – 11:00PM Gala Entertainment by the Creole String Beans

Gala Sponsor

Fine Arts Week

Panther News

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Panthers Care

Students preparing a meal for Ronald McDonald House!

Students donated $210 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in honor of Little Saints 2 student, John Robert Tubre. Funds were collected from 100th Day penny drive and a Holiday Dress Down Day!

Royal Panthers

Students donated goodies to the NOPD Mounted Division for Sweet Friday during the holiday season.

Candace Nia Smith, Class of 2012, 2017 Queen of Young Men Illinois Club 2017

P a n t h e r P i c a y u n e | I s s u e 2 Vo l . 1 0 

Betsy Bradshaw, Class of 2010, 2017 Queen of the Krewe of Caesar

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Panther on the Move


Amanda Figueroa Anthony ’02 graduated from Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX, and is now an Assistant Director of Financial Aid at the university. Amanda got married in October 2015, has two fluffy cats, and is working on her masters in College Student Development at St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX.

Congratulations to our three middle school students who earned spots in Louisiana Music Educators Association District Honor Choir. They will participate in several rehearsals preparing for the February 5th performance at Roussel Hall on Loyola University campus.

Students display at the Jefferson Parish Garden Society Exhibit. The 5th and 1st grade Panther Pals began publishing after Christmas. We are all very excited. The first graders write a book a week, and the fifth graders come once a week to help them edit and publish their books. It is a fun weekly project for all!

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St. Paul's Panther Picayune Vol 10 Issue 02  

Panther Picayune Volume 10 Issue 2 St. Paul's Episcopal School Lakeview

St. Paul's Panther Picayune Vol 10 Issue 02  

Panther Picayune Volume 10 Issue 2 St. Paul's Episcopal School Lakeview