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NOVEMBER 29, 2016 

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News from the Head of School Planning for the future is something we all do for our families’ growth and happiness. That is the exact motivation behind the newest Strategic Plan for the St. Paul’s Episcopal School family. On October 22, 25 volunteers met to brainstorm, plot, and plan the bright future and growth of our school. Among the group were Trustees, Vestry, administrators, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni, all working to ensure St. Paul’s continues to fulfill its mission to provide the highest quality education for its students. Responding to the question, “What is a challenge that is facing us as a school,” answers ranged from weather related threats like hurricanes to the economy and the cost of tuition. To the question, “What are the important strengths of the school,” respondents answered, “Great student/teacher ratio, family atmosphere that is nurturing, and educational excellence.” (This lists just a few contributed suggestions.) Also highlighted was the importance of growing the endowment to help us continue to achieve our mission. Eighth graders know our school inside and out and gave thoughtful answers to the questions. Some of their answers to “What are the most important skills and abilities students will need in the future,” included, “Communication and technology skills and to be reliable and accepting.” Many would like us to have a swimming pool, too. When asked about the strengths of our school, they said, “Rigorous academics and Singapore Math (Math in Focus).” Other students wrote, “Every student is important!” In a few weeks the goals will be narrowed, and committees will be formed to work on action items that will help us to achieve each goal. Then a timeline will be created for each goal, and the details will be shared with the community as they are created. French writer Antoine de Saint–Exupéry said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Our students and our goals for our school are every important to us. To have a plan will bring those wishes to reality. Charleen Schwank

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Lower School News 1st Grade Sea Adventure The first grade has been extremely busy this quarter on our under the sea adventures. We began our exploration by looking at the different layers of the ocean and which animals live in each layer. We found unique and interesting features in each creature we studied. We brought all our new knowledge to the stage when we produced our Under the Sea assembly. We told our whole school about ocean animals and had a great time performing, acting, and singing together. We ended our study with an aquarium scavenger hunt field trip. We had some really exciting team names like the Super Stinging Eels and the Beautiful Rainbow Dolphins. The first graders really showed off their knowledge of the undersea world and had a great time doing it. First graders agree, “Everything’s better down where it’s wetter, under the sea.” Beth Edrington

3rd Grade Assembly Third grade presented the first of the class assemblies on September 16th. In science they were studying animal classification. So instead of biographies of famous human vertebrates, they researched the lives and habits of other vertebrates. There were cats of all kinds, a snake, a hawk and an eagle, a donkey, a zebra, an elephant, a tortoise, and even a bunny! With help from home, students came dressed as their animal; and with help from Mr. Parks, each student researched facts about his/her chosen vertebrate. They even sang a tune Mrs. Davis taught them in music. Of course it was all about animals! Lauren Durand P a n t h e r P i c a y u n e | I s s u e 1 Vo l . 1 0 

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Pre-K Hairy Harry One of our favorite activities in Pre-K comes when our letter friend, Mr. H is in our classroom. Known for his wild mane of hair, Mr. H inspires us to recreate his look in our own nature loving fashion! The project begins with each student filling an old athletic sock with grass seed and soil. They then personalize their sock with pins and buttons to resemble a face. Next they add water and place it in the sun. Then the students begin a daily monitoring of their Harry to spot signs of growth. The excitement at the first sign of grass sprouting from Harry’s head is palpable! As they watch the grass grow longer every day, we learn a great deal about the different things that plants need. Finally, after most Harry’s have a couple of inches of grass hair, it’s time for their first haircut. This is always such a fun time! We make a true party of it and love to try out all kinds of different hairstyles. The best part is when the kids take them home. As long as they keep giving their Harry what he needs (water and sunlight), his hair will keep growing for them to keep cutting!! Pre-K Teachers

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Middle School News 8th Grade Leadership Inspired Leaders – Introducing the Class of 2017 At the start of the year, I met with the 8th grade class to discuss different leadership styles and the importance of their role as the leaders of the student body. After our discussion, students chose a word that they identified with, found a quote that was meaningful to them, and composed a mission statement to describe their leadership style. As advisors, Mr. Parks and I created our own mission statements as a model for the students. Collectively, these individual aspects represent the ways in which the 8th grade class plans to lead the St. Paul’s community this year. Having seen them lead the Spirit Assembly, their first of many chapels, and their Panther Pals, I am confident that this will be an innovative and successful year for us all with the Class of 2017 paving the path. Shannon del Corral

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5th Grade Panther Pals Fifth grade had a great time working with their Panther Pals recently during GLUE. They worked together to make Columbus Day pop-ups. Our first grade Panther Pals enjoyed sharing with us what they learned about Columbus and his three ships, the NiĂąa, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. The Panther Pals worked together to color, cut, and glue the pop-ups while sharing what they had learned about Christopher Columbus and his voyage across the ocean blue in 1492! Alex Andrepont and Beth Gutierrez

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Middle School Science Periodic Table Theme Mr. Carrier and Mrs. Olivier have employed the usage of the Periodic Table Theme this school year. Check out the fun, innovative ways the periodic table has been used in the science lab and Mrs. Olivier’s classroom. For the month of October, students donned masks and fun hats while holding the word BOO in periodic table form. You can see more of this in Mr. Carrier’s outside window.

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6th grade Earth Science The 6th grade Earth Science students have been enjoying the numerous lab activities on measurement. Besides the use of the scientific method in problem-solving, students employed activities using meter sticks, graduated cylinders, triple beam balances, and thermometers. Students incorporated the correct units of measurement. In the recent lab on the usage of the triple beam balance, students estimated the mass of various classroom objects, measured, then compared the estimates on a digital scale. Students also used measurements to determine the brand of gum that blew the biggest bubble. Process skills abound during our year in science.

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Little Saints News Lots of Color In both of our Little Saints classrooms, the year began with a lot of COLOR! After reading “Mouse Paint” by Ellen Stoll Walsh, both classrooms extended the story throughout different areas of the classroom. In the two-year room, the Little Saints identified primary colors. They then worked in the studio to mix the primary colors using a variety of materials. They combined shaving cream and water color, water and food coloring, and different shades of paint. They even worked with partners to combine colors. During meeting time, the two-year old class placed little mice (from the story) in different colored paint. They did a great job!! During story time, the Little Saints LOVED listening to the story using props. Many of the children used the props to retell the story during our project time. In the three-year classroom, the Little Saints acted out the story in the studio! They pretended to be the little mice and danced in paint! They created yellow, green, and even purple! Their work is displayed all around their classroom. Many of the children extended their play to the discovery area. They used light table materials to create different colors. They also worked with the props from the story and retold “Mouse Paint” in small groups. They then read “Little Blue” and “Little Yellow” by Leo Lionni. This story involved both color mixing and friendship. Please come by any time and mix colors with our Little Saints!

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Out of This World! Little Saints 3s Are out of This World! The three-year old class has blasted off into a space investigation! The teachers noticed the students were very interested in several space books in the class library. As a result, they decided to have a group discussion to talk about what the class wanted to learn and what the class already knew about our solar system. After the discussion, it seemed like many of the Little Saints were interested in the planets as well as space travel. The class recycled some old pieces of cardboard by painting them white. The teachers helped the children tape them together into the shape of a rocket ship. They then covered part of it with foil to make it shiny, and they added NASA stickers. The rocket ship lives in the dramatic play area, and the Little Saints have had so much fun pretending to take trips to the moon and other planets! In the studio, everyone mixed flour and paint together to make a textured material. They practiced painting (using this material) inside of a circle as they created moons. They added craters by stamping with a cork. Each child told their teacher how they thought the moon got its craters. “Someone took a log thing and poked some holes in it,” said Emmaline. You can see all of their explanations along with their moons hanging in the hallway outside of the three-year old classroom. They have also been learning about the different planets in our solar system and what makes each one special. “My favorite planet is Jupiter because it is the biggest,” said Ford. They even played a game where they each got a picture of a planet and had to place them in order from the sun. The Little Saints are having so much fun learning about the Milky Way Galaxy. Feel free to come stop by and explore with us!

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Accomplishments Duke TIPS St. Paul’s Episcopal School is pleased to announce that several of our 7th grade students qualified to participate in the highly selective Duke University Talent Identification Program 7th Grade Talent Search. The students qualified for this prestigious program based on their high scores on standardized tests they took in 6th grade. Students qualified based on their score on ACT Aspire test or on the OtisLennon School Ability Test. Participation in the program helps the students’ teachers and their families determine how advanced their abilities truly are. As part of the talent search enrollment, the program will register eligible seventh graders to take either the ACT (no Writing) or SAT as an above-level test. St. Paul’s congratulates Caroline Blais, Janey Bostick, Dylan Cook, William Coy, Jazzy Ferrier, Emory Friend, Caroline Lavie, Liam McAlear, Ben Myers, and Chloe Tufts for this prestigious honor. St. Paul’s Episcopal School joined The Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation and 61 schools from nine parishes to celebrate the foundation’s annual Service Learning Award event. The celebration, held on September 13 at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner, showcases student-driven projects designed to celebrate the spirit and value of service and to forge a link between learning and service. Seven students from St. Paul’s manned booths which featured the school’s service learning projects. The projects partner St. Paul’s students with the LSU AG Center’s Coastal Roots Program, a coastal restoration initiative; a partner art project with students from St. Michael’s School for Special Children to create Christmas ornaments sold at the annual Art Against AIDS Fundraiser; and a garden project partnering St. Paul’s students with students from the Joseph A. Craig Charter School. St. Paul’s eighth grade students, Rachel Royerre and Antonio Orihuela, were emcees for the presentations. St. Paul’s Episcopal School received a grant of $1,850.00 from the Brown Foundation for its Service Learning programs, and an additional $1,000.00 as a Principal’s Award to be used for school projects. P a n t h e r P i c a y u n e | I s s u e 1 Vo l . 1 0 

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PAWS to Work PAWS TO WORK – A MIDDLE-SCHOOL COMMUNITY SERVICE PROGRAM Our school’s PAWS to Work program got off to a fast start this year. All of our service groups have had a very busy first quarter. As you know, students have the opportunity to participate in every group and every rotation throughout the year. The FABLAB group which includes the senior computer class, creation station, and tech team, has been extremely busy already this year. Mr. Chopin and his student helpers have introduced the class to Microsoft Excel. The class has made a trip budget, learned to do formulas on excel, and formatting. Next quarter the group will be visiting the media lab and learning Minecraft. A class member said “I love coming to St. Paul’s and seeing the people.” The student helpers like spending time with the seniors and listening to their stories. Mr. O’Brien’ s creation station group installed wall boards in several classrooms and are always on the lookout for repair work to be done on the campus. They are also working on a “mini library” for the outdoor area. The tech team (Mr. Carrier, Mr. Parks, Mrs. Parks, and Mr. Thompson) have been documenting the work of all the PAWS teams. Be sure to check out the bulletin board in O’Ferrall Hall where Mr. Carrier’s group posts new photos every two weeks spotlighting the many activities of the various groups. Be sure to check it out. Mr. Parks and Mr. Thompson’s group is putting the finishing touches on our second Super Saver and Watt comic book, and a “special surprise” coming soon. Mrs. Parks and her group of reporters are bringing you this article and others to come throughout the year. The Healthy Commons Group, sanitation engineers, wellbeing warriors, and panther partners, is helping to keep our campus clean. Coach Dale’s sanitation engineers have been picking up trash inside and outside of school. They also cleaned and dusted the gym, a big job! Loren said he felt good about picking up the trash, but he is looking forward to moving to another group. Coach Anita’s well-being warriors were spotted cleaning and sanitizing the tables in O’Ferrall Hall. We noticed that the group was using a vinegar and water solution. When we asked about this we were told that only natural cleaning products P a n t h e r P i c a y u n e | I s s u e 1 Vo l . 1 0 

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are used in the program. Thanks Coach Dale, Coach Anita, and our healthy commons students for keeping our campus clean and sanitary. The panther partners with Ms. Gutierrez and Ms. Lavie were spotted in the pumpkin patch recently removing pumpkins that may have started to rot and helping to keep the patch orderly. They have also been seen helping to keep the library orderly and going to chapel with our Little Saints. The Green Machine recycle round-up with Ms. Davis as the sponsor, has been eagerly and busily collecting paper from the offices to be picked-up by a local recycling company, and pencil shavings that are used in composting. The group also collects printer cartridges that are sent off to a company to be refilled and reused, and they were seen crushing plastic bottles and cans from the recycle bins in O’Ferrall Hall. These cans and bottles are picked-up by a local recycling company as well. Ms. Olivier’s mud masters have been helping to produce rich organic soil in our compost bins by using coffee grounds from our kitchen, and lunch waste. Did you know we have three bins: hot compost, compost ready to use, and a prep area? Ms. Olivier’s group also cares for our worm family and makes sure we have “worm tea” to fertilize our plants. This group also maintains our hydroponics tower. They are actively looking for the right plants to grow in the tower. They are learning a lot about growing in this nutrient rich, no soil environment. We look forward to seeing what will be grown this year. Our super scientists, led by Ms. Willoz, are helping to keep our gardens in the best growing condition. They are testing soil, collecting data, looking for insects and pests, and swab-testing high-use areas. At the present time, they are researching growing tomatoes as our tomato crop was not very successful last year. Overall, they must be doing something right because the gardens look great! The garden gurus of the Green Thumb Gang have been busy planting our winter gardens. A wide variety of plants, herbs, and vegetables promises to produce a beautiful fall and winter harvest. Students, under Ms. Malone’s supervision, were recently seen removing sunflower stalks from the garden and re-potting small plants in nutrient cups to be planted in the hydroponics garden. When interviewing P a n t h e r P i c a y u n e | I s s u e 1 Vo l . 1 0 

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Ms. Malone, we were told to be watching for a solar path way in the garden. Sounds interesting! Ms. Del Corral’s panther products group is using herbs harvested by the garden gurus to make herb packs to sell. The herbs are dried and packaged here on campus. Students do all the drying, packaging, and labeling of the herbs as well as create the recipes for the blends. The group is also brainstorming to come up with new fragrances for our handmade soaps and other products. Be on the look-out for Panther Pantry and Pampered Panther sales as we get closer to the holidays. Ms. Smoczynski ‘s atelier artists are responsible for the beautiful mosaic panther in our glass house seating area. They have also been designing clay bell ornaments that will be donated to the NO AIDS Task Force for the Art Against AIDS fundraiser and also as a part of our Christmas sale. It has been a busy and productive quarter for PAWS To Work. More news to come next time! The PAWS to Work Tech Team Reporters

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Alumni News Alumni Spotlight

Emily Degan What year did you graduate? 2005 Where did you go to high school and college? I attended Benjamin Franklin High School and the University of Notre Dame, where I double majored in Accounting and German. What is your current job and position? I am the Founder and CEO of Saint Hugh. Saint Hugh provides quality hunting and outdoor leisure apparel to female hunters and non-hunters. What is your fondest St. Paul’s memory?

Emily wearing a Saint Hugh jacket

One year during St. Paul’s annual Fine Arts Week, Stephanie Kimble and I dressed up as rappers and preformed Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” to the entire student body during lunch. Unclear how much our rendition constituted “fine art,” but it was legendary (in our minds at least). What is a life lesson you learned from St. Paul’s? In St. Paul’s unfailingly supportive community, I learned that it’s okay to make mistakes.

Emily Degan ’05 and Stephanie Kimble ’05 performing “Ice Ice Baby” P a n t h e r P i c a y u n e | I s s u e 1 Vo l . 1 0 

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Board of Trustees Welcome New Trustees Sarah Abbott Sarah moved to New Orleans from Jackson, Mississippi in 2004. She graduated from Millsaps College located in Jackson, Mississippi. Sarah works as a Residential Sales Specialist with RE/MAX Heritage and as the Sales Manager for nola family magazine. Most recently, Sarah has served St. Paul’s as the Parents Association President, and she looks forward to her role on the Board this year. Her daughter, Katie Rose, is in 2nd grade. And, her son, Matthew, is in PK4. While there are many reasons this family loves St. Paul’s, one of the most important was recently stated by Katie Rose. “When I’m at St. Paul’s, I just feel like I’m home.”

Alcide Tervalon Alcide is a lifelong resident of New Orleans whose daughter (Abigail, 3) and son (Alcide, IV, 11 months) are part of St. Paul’s Little & Baby Saints programs. After graduation from St. Augustine High School, Alcide attended Florida A&M, where he received his MBA in 2003. He returned to New Orleans where he worked with Bruno & Tervalon, LLP , CPAs before joining Royal Engineering & Consultants , LLC in 2015 as CFO. He and his wife Tracie are excited to see their children learn and grow as a part of the St. Paul’s community.

Steven Seipel Steven Seipel has been a member of the St. Paul’s community since 2010, when his son Nathaniel began in the Little Saints program. He recently served as the Men’s Club President for the 2015-2016 school year. Steven has worked as a Media Specialist at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility for 9 years, documenting the new era of space travel.

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Parents Association News On behalf of the St. Paul’s Parents Association, I’d like to welcome all of our new and returning families for the 2016-2017 school year. The Parents Association provides a social network and fun activities for the entire St. Paul’s community. We encourage you to join us, as parental involvement in school life is an important factor in our success in enhancing St. Paul’s through volunteerism and events! We have countless opportunities to be involved, and any amount of time you offer is very much needed and appreciated. We invite and welcome you to our Parents Association meetings held throughout the year. The meetings are full of fun, food, and great opportunities to connect with, and get to know other parents, while sharing ideas to advance our common mission and plan. We are excited about new and old fundraisers for the upcoming school year, including Yankee Candle, Christmas Greens, Scrip Gift Cards, and Box Tops. Thanksgiving Feast is a wonderful tradition. We thank the parents and grandparents who helped with set-up and/or serving preparation. It was a beautiful event! It is a joy to see where the Parents Association fundraising dollars are used each year. With this money, we sponsor events such as Opening Coffee held the first day of school, City Park Fun Night in September, and Teacher Appreciation Week held in the spring. The Parents Association also contributed to the Middle School Playground! We are committed to help raise the funds necessary to install canopies to provide shade and sun protection for outdoor playtime. The St. Paul’s staff, parents and children create a truly extraordinary community. I am looking forward to another fabulous year. Many Thanks, Sabrina Lord Corresponding Secretary

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Men’s Club On behalf of the Men’s Club, welcome to the 2016-2017 school year. We would like to welcome all of the men of the St. Paul’s community in fellowship. Our first meeting and Saints tailgate had a great turn out. If you missed it, don’t worry, we have additional meetings and events planned, so you will have multiple opportunities to come and have fun with the men of St. Paul’s. As usual, we enjoyed meeting, talking, laughing, eating, and planning for the future of the Men’s Club and the school. If you have any questions or comments, you can always e-mail, call, or just find me around the school. I will always have an open ear. I look forward to leading the men into the remainder of the school year! And remember, everything we do, we do it for the kids. Michael Swiatkiewicz Men’s Club President

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Annual Golf Tournament The Men’s Club’s biggest event and fundraiser is the annual golf tournament. This year it was held on Friday, November 18th at the City Park North Course. It was a day for experienced golfers and once-a-year golfers to come together for a great time and a great cause. We thank all of our participants and sponsors for a successful event!

Thank you to our sponsors!

Tournament Sponsor TKTMJ Incorporated

Platinum Sponsor Safari Car Wash

Gold Sponsor

Burk - Kleinpeter, Inc. Kenner Endodontics The KL Group Fire on the Bayou Foley & Judell, LLC Delta World Tire Co Douglas Cook Enterprises

Hole Sponsor Amerimex USA Amy Falcon Insurance Agency Automotive Products of Louisiana, Inc. Bayern Construction Bayou Sports Club Bourgeois Bennett LLC Cotten Schmidt Abbott Cricket’s Daiquiri & Sports Bar - Amelia Get Online NOLA John Grout

Silver Sponsor

Lake Animal Hospital Lee Engineering Supply Co. One Cleaners Orleans Coffee Espresso Bar RCC Flooring Royal Honda Charleen & John Schwank St. Paul’s 1st Grade St. Paul’s 4th Grade St. Paul’s Kindergarten

Beverage Sponsors

Benefit Advisory Group Carbo Insurance Delta Flooring ENTU Auto Services

The Bulldog Crescent Crown Distributing Apolline

Congratulations to our 1st place team!

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Annual Fund Support of the Annual Fund has a direct impact on the quality of a St. Paul’s education and influences virtually every student and aspect of campus life. There are so many reasons to give to the Annual Fund. •

Enhancing our academic, technology, enrichment, and outdoor education programs

Attracting top faculty

Offering low student – teacher ratio

Preserving our campus, and more!


Donate Endowment Fund - Funding the Future St. Paul’s Episcopal School is working toward a half million dollar goal to begin our Endowment. We invite you to consider a gift (cash, securities, real estate, insurance, planned gifts, or annuities) to the Endowment, and joining us in the “Funding the Future” Campaign. For more information, please contact Kelly Nelson, Director of Development, or (504)488-1319 x119.

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Pumpkin Patch The school was once again covered in orange for the annual Pumpkin Patch. We enjoyed having our students, visiting schools, and the community members as guests at the patch. Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers who made this event a wonderful success!

Fall Fest St. Paul’s held their annual Fall Fest on Saturday, October 29th with activities including a bounce house, inflatable slide, petting zoo, face painting, duck pond, sack races, and many more. Thank you to the sponsors, parents, faculty, staff, and community for coming out to the Fall Fest and making it a fun day! A special thank you to DJ Chopin, the Men’s Club, and Summer Anderson for all your hard work preparing for the Fall Fest! Thank you to our sponsors. Mid City Smiles - Knocker Balls DOCO Insulators - Petting Zoo Fire on the Bayou - The Big Kahuna Tributes Salon - Bounce House

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Stephanie Chesser - Duck Pond, Bean Bag Toss, Jump Shot Contest Tona Zwanziger - Face Painting The Bulldog & Velvet Cactus - Beer & Margaritas

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Panther News Panther Cubs

Panther on the Move Congratulations to former Panther, Sarah Juedeman, who has moved to Washington and started her career as a civil engineer working with the Navy. “I graduated from Montana State University with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in May 2016. Since then, I have moved to Washington State and started my career as a civilian engineer working with the Navy.”

Jacob “Jack” Wayne Danger Whitman, born 7/25/2016 to Holly Wood Whitman ’03 and Jonathan Whitman (Dallas, TX)

One of our 5th graders won the chance to have lunch and meet RL Stine over the summer, after reading many of his books!

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A 3rd grader celebrated her birthday on the 9th. Instead of receiving gifts, she asked for monetary donations to donate to Children’s Hospital for cancer research. She donated in memory of a patient by the name of Shawn Gray who lost his battle with leukemia 2 months ago.

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Pet Blessing

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Honor Code

Yearbook Signing

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SPORTS P a n t h e r P i c a y u n e | I s s u e 1 Vo l . 1 0 

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Wednesday, December 7

Grades 6, 7 & 8

At the Home of

Jason & Laura Akers

Tuesday, December 13

Kindergarten, Grades 1 & 2 At the Home of

Peter & Lisa Plaia Thursday, January 12

Come Join Us for Grades 3, 4 & 5 Refreshments and Conversation At the home of Learn More Dave & Shannon Waguespack About your Child’s Spring Semester Thursday, January 19

Little Saints 2 &3 and Pre-K At the Home of

Rusty & Stacey Hayden

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Scrip & Box Tops





• Purchase gift cards for shopping or giving as gifts from your favorite retailers through St. Paul’s SCRIP program. • You get the full value of the card you purchase while each card earns rebates for St. Paul’s. • Orders can be placed in the SCRIP drop box at Ms. Micki’s desk.

• Orders submitted by noon Friday are available for pick up the next Friday.

• Need a SCRIP card sooner? E-Cards (paper) are available within 24 hours of ordering. (See order form for list of E-Cards.)

• Want to go GREEN? SCRIP card Reloads are also available. (See order form for list of Reload cards.)


Be sure to keep clipping those Box Tops! The collection bin can be found in the Glass House near the stairs.

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St. Paul's Panther Picayune Vol 10 Issue 01  

Panther Picayune Volume 10 Issue 1 St. Paul’s Episcopal School Lakeview New Orleans

St. Paul's Panther Picayune Vol 10 Issue 01  

Panther Picayune Volume 10 Issue 1 St. Paul’s Episcopal School Lakeview New Orleans