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“A slice of America in Hanoi!”

About Us St. Paul American School Hanoi, Vietnam serves the educational needs of international students from more than 20 countries. About 20% of our student population is from Vietnam. Located in one of Asia’s population with families that work for large companies, embassies and as entrepreneurs. The school has a Pre-Kindergarten to 12th grade St. Paul American School Hanoi has just under 400 students. The in the spring of 2013. St. Paul American School Hanoi also holds membership in the College Board. In 2015 St. Paul American School Hanoi is accredited by AdvancEd. We work hard to prepare students for professional success in the global community. Our unique internationally-focused curriculum equips students to become culturally literate by developing critical thinking and communication skills as they gain a strong sense of personal and social responsibility.


Mission Statement St. Paul American School Hanoi works to prepare students for professional success in the global community. Our unique internationally - focused curriculum equips students to become culturally literate be developing critical thinking and communication skills, as they gain a strong sense of personal and social responsibility.

Strategic Direction 1. Students will demonstrate proficiency in academic curriculum by - Exhibiting the ability to integrate knowledge and experience in all disciplines while applying their learning to real world situations. - Producing high-level, interdisciplinary, content-based academic work that prepares them for higher education and professional life. - Directing their own learning and understanding the value of its intrinsic rewards. 2. Students will develop and refine their critical thinking skills by - Demonstrating effective problem-solving using various strategies. - Illustrating proficiency in gathering and applying information based on prior knowledge, empirical research, and diverse worldviews - Using critical analysis and comparative thought to formulate educated positions. 3. Students will demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively within an intercultural context by - Advancing skills in oral and written language. - Expressing thoughts and ideas with clarity and purpose. - Recognizing, analyzing, and evaluating various methods of verbal and nonverbal communication. 4. Students will exhibit personal and social responsibility by - Practicing personal and academic integrity. - Accepting, appreciating, and understanding human diversity. - Developing cultural competencies and a culturally relative perspective. - Understanding the impact of individual and collective action. - Cultivating leadership skills in preparation for success as global professionals.


Studying at St. Paul Hanoi comprises the best research and practice from the US educational systems, while utilizing the wealth of knowledge and experience of the international faculty. Elementary school curriculum includes: Math, Science, Social studies, Language Arts, Music – Arts – PE. Secondary school curriculum includes: Math, Science, Social studies, Language Arts, Music – Arts – PE/Health, Foreign Languages, Information Technology. AP Courses that are offered: Calculus AB, Chemistry, Statistics, Art History, Biology, English Literature and Composition, Chinese & Spanish. All other AP courses are available online. St. Paul American School Hanoi is accredited by AdvancEd which took 2 years to achieve. The school offers an American school and American-styled program, including curriculum and international programs, which allows students to access an American education in a variety of countries and cultures, all within the same PreK-12 educational system. We aim to convey our high quality Americaninternationalized education to all students, preparing students of all ages for success in an ever-increasing global community. An enriched American educational experience, which is provided at St. Paul Hanoi, fosters artistic, independent and critical thinking through integrated instruction. Sports and arts are as appreciated as academic subjects. We acknowledge and thrive on the diversity of our staff, students and community. St. Paul Hanoi breeds students who adhere to a diverse set of values and traditions, and at the same time provides students with an American education that prepares them to cope with the challenges of a rapidly changing future.


Students in grades 9-12 pursue rigorous college preparation courses, applications to top universities and engage in SAT and ACT preparation, as well as participate in at least one sport and one service learning project. By engaging in American curricula, students develop their skills and knowledge in each core content area. Each student will be required to complete and present an assessment based portfolio demonstrating academic growth during High School. Students in grades 9-12 will work with an academic advisor to research, create and present their portfolio as a capstone to a committee as a prerequisite for graduation.



Your child, our privilege. As a school we value the commitment and trust from parents and invite regular feedback to promote shared dialogue and forge strong and lasting relationships.

“ What do you like best about your child's school?” tandards maintained and all the staff at St. Paul American School show a passion, commitment and have a deep love of learning.” “I love the beautiful new campus and it always feels so welcoming, my children are excited to go to school everyday. All the staff are so helpful, considerate and approachable.” “My child is appreciated as an individualand we feel privileged to be part of the St Paul community, where personal relationships with students and their families are nurtured.” “We appreciate the strong after-school program with lots of options to choose from including music and sports programs” “The school bus system works well and the administrative staff mirror the high and supportive values of the leadership and teaching staff.” “A slice of America in Hanoi!”



Pre-K/ Kindergarten Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students are dropped off at school between 8:00am and 8:20am for an 8:30am registration. There is a short break in the morning and, at midday, the students have lunch in their own dining room. Staff are on duty during lunchtime to help students and they also supervise outdoor playtime. Afternoon lessons

Based on what we know about children’s brain development during these crucial years, Pre-Kindergarten has become just as necessary become familiar with books, beginning English vocabulary and ways to use the language, numbers and problem solving strategies. They also learn the social skills they need to succeed at school, how to pay attention in space how to interact with their peers.

they are expected to know the names of all letters (upper and lower case), letter sounds, how to blend and segment simple words, be able to write sentences, identify and write numbers 1 through to 20, count objects up to 20 and add and subtract numbers 1 through to 10.


Elementary The elementary education curriculum is intended for all children between the ages of seven and twelve years old. From Grades 1 to 5, the program supports each students’ individual and academic growth by focusing on each students’ physical, emotional, and intellectual needs. The St. Paul Hanoi Elementary School program comprises of the best research and practice from the US Educational System (Common Core State Standards in Minnesota), which utilizes the wealth of knowledge and experience of an American teaching faculty. It is mandatory for students in Grade 4 and above to take music lessons during the academic school year, with the requirement to master at least one musical instrument prior to their graduation. Our Curriculum consists of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, PE, Art, Music, and IT.


Secondary Our Secondary Curriculum is designed to provide a solid, broad-based education that will prepare students to become successful, contributing members of a global society. Teachers and facilitators use a combination of traditional classroom teaching and project-based teaching techniques.

Graduation Requirements St. Paul American School’s graduation requirements are designed to meet American accreditation standards and entry requirements for a wide range of colleges and universities. Students are required to attend eight semesters of high school in ninth through to twelfth grades and complete a minimum of 48 Semester Credits for Graduation. These 48 Semester Credits must also


Language Arts Math Social Studies Science Physical Education Health Fine Arts/Performing Arts Technology Foreign Language Elective

8 semester credits (I must be in Speech) 6 semester credits 7 semester credits (in geography, civics, U.S & world history, and economics) 6 semester credits (2 must be in biology) 2 semester credits 1 semester credit 2 semester credits 1 semester credit 6 semester credits (4 must be in the same language) 9 semester credits


Results University of Minnesota

Brighton University, UK Birkbeck University Of London

City University of London SOAS, University of London Metropolitan University, London London Campus

Michigan State University

Iowa State University New York University Stony Brook University Cornell University University Of Nevada (Reno) Washington University St. Louis Georgia Institute of Technology UCLA Letourneau University University of Houston Arkansas State University

Korea University

Yonsei University Sogang University

Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology

Public Examination This has been another excellent year for academic results: 44% of all MS/HS students were graded at A+ to A- (3.6 -4.0 in GPA) and 21% of students were awarded the B+ to B- grade (3.0 – 3.5 in GPA). 65% of our MS/HS students were graded above B-. At M.A.P (Measures of Academic Progress)test, 43% of elementary and 78% of secondary students were graded above grade level at 60th to 99th percentile range in the area of mathematics in comparison with 2,700 other schools in population, and 14% of elementary and 8% of secondary students stood above 40th to 59th percentile in the same area in 2015. Students taking the college entrance examination gained academically excellent results. 40% of senior students taking the SAT Exam scored higher than 2,100 on SAT, typically placing our students in the top 5% of college candidates worldwide. Students taking the AP (Advanced Placement) Examination gained an average point score of 4, making this the 2nd year running that the average points score has exceeded 3 points. In 2015, our students took AP exams on the following subjects; economics micro/macro, psychology, chemistry, calculus AB & BC, U.S. history, and statistics.


University of Technology, Sydney

40% of our students received a full scholarship from the universities and colleges they applied. 100% of our senior students successfully enrolled in universities all around the world, including Washington University (St. Louis, United States), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong), Cornell University (United States), University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, United States), University of Nevada (Reno, United States), and Yonsei University (South Korea).


ATHLETICS St. Paul American School Hanoi. There are beautiful outdoor tennis and basketball courts bordering the playground These playgrounds host baseball, soccer and basketball practices and games. St. Paul American School Hanoi is games with local teams and teams from other countries. weightlifting, agility and speed workouts. All of these areas allow students to develop a lifelong appreciation, from every grade level and ability level can participate and compete in a wide range of sports, including baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, swimming, cross-country running, badminton and table tennis. We offer physical education to our students every day at elementary level while we purposefully design our must take physical education and health courses during their Middle and High School experience. We emphasize

BEYOND Activities St. Paul American School Hanoi recognizes the importance of promoting the arts, athletics and clubs for the purpose of a well-rounded education and the development of desired artistic skills along with promoting teamwork and leadership skills. A mandatory after-school program named BEYOND is for students to participate in music, include sports, weightlifting, agility, running and speed workouts. The competitive sports allow for participation and competition and these include baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, swimming, cross-country running, badminton and table tennis.


Admissions Procedure Important Deadlines for New Applicants We want to make your admissions process as simple and straightforward as possible. Students are accepted at the beginning of each quarter. Please take note of the following important dates and deadlines. Candidates are invited to a day of admission testing in both English and mathematics, one month before the end of each Quarter. These tests are on the WIDA, M.A.P. and a personal face-to-face interview. Short-listed candidates are References are then requested from the candidates’ current school. Candidates are usually accepted at St Paul American School based on a number of criteria including assessments.

Visiting Campus

Starting date of each Quarter of 2016-17 school academic year: Quarter 1: August 15, 2016 Quarter 2: October 31, 2016 Quarter 3: January 23, 2017 Quarter 4: April 10, 2017 Deadlines for application: Application will be closed at a minimum of 2 weeks before the starting date of each Quarter


Addre s s : N ew Urban Cit y - Nort h An Khanh ( Sp lend or a) , Km 10+ 60 0, Th an g L on g Avenue, An Khanh C o mmune, Ho ai Duc Dis tr ict, Hano i, Vietn a m Em ail: info@st P h on e : +84 4 3399 6464 Webs i te :

tour. You can schedule an appointment through the website note: • Campus tours may be regularly scheduled Monday through Friday between 9 a.m and 4 p.m. • School holiday appointments may also be available by appointment. • Weekend appointments are not available.

St. Paul American School Hanoi - Brochure 2016 - 2017  
St. Paul American School Hanoi - Brochure 2016 - 2017